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DYM Chapter 260

“Qianhe, what do you want by bringing me here? I know you have a lot of energy, but I, He Qi, won’t be afraid of you either.” A voice that sounded familiar to Ye Mo came from him.

Ye Mo turned around but saw that the girl who wanted to use him had actually been brought here as well, and from the sound of this girl’s voice, she seemed to have some energy. But didn’t this person just say that his name was Nie Wu Bian? How did he become Qian He?

“Qianhe, you ……” He Qi walked in before she saw that Qianhe, who had a lot of energy in her mouth, was actually standing down with his eyebrows lowered, while the one sitting at the top was surprisingly not Qianhe.

Ye Mo took a look at Nie Wu Bian, long hair, white face, beardless, eyes very demonic, looks like he is only in his thirties, surprisingly has the cultivation of the peak of the early Xuan level. To be honest, people with Xuan level cultivation inside the city, apart from that Ou Xuhu that he met last time, he really hadn’t found anyone else.

“Qian He? Haha, he’s just one of my dogs. You’re He Qi, you’re not bad looking, it’s your good fortune to be here. Tang Beiwei, you’re even better. Last time someone said you were the number one flower in Tandu, I didn’t believe them. You are indeed the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and you are still pure yīn, not bad, not bad. Even more beautiful than my senior sister, well, Qian He, that’s why you’ve done a great service, it’s good to leave a beautiful woman like that to me at the end of the month.” Nie Wu Bian seemed to be talking about an insignificant matter in general.

Only then did He Qi see Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei and said in surprise, “How did you guys get here too?”

Ye Mo didn’t answer He Qi’s words, he carefully scanned the place, there were thirty-six men and women within the range of his divine sense, apart from Nie Wu Bian who had the highest cultivation, that Qian He was even at the middle Yellow level. Although it was only a short time. Ye Mo was already sure that this was not a place for ordinary rich people to play with women. This Nie Wu Bian was a bit weird, he just didn’t know what he wanted so many girls for.

He Qi stopped after just one sentence, she also seemed to understand that there was something wrong with her situation, since Qian He was all just a tu-runner, then this young man with the demonic eyes might have come from a bigger source.

Nie Wushuang coldly glanced at Ye Mo, “I really admire your guts, do you think you can run roughshod over everything just because you learned a few three-legged kung fu moves? Today I’ll show you what kung fu is. Bring the two up.”

Ye Mo didn’t say anything, he was tempted to kill them right now. But with Tang Beiwei here, the scene would be too bloody and he was afraid that his sister wouldn’t be able to bear it. If he used fireballs, and this He Qi was here, he would inevitably not be able to expose his skills in front of her if he didn’t want to kill He Qi.

As he was hesitating, Ye Mo saw that the long-faced man and Er Tie, who had gone to catch him at the Xilong Restaurant, had already been brought up, and these two had pale faces, and even their little tushes were shaking. Obviously, the two of them had not expected to be punished when they returned.

Nie Wu Bian walked in front of the long-faced man. With a slight smile, he said: ”You guys are not bad, to come back and say how great the others are and not even dare to come forward. What do I need dogs like you for, a waste of food.”

“Master Nie spare your life ……” The long-faced man and Er Tie could no longer stand up straight. They fell straight to their knees, their teeth chattering.

“I told you, I don’t use rice buckets.” Nie Wu Bian finished speaking and raised his palm with two hand slashes.

Two streams of blood spurted out as high as they could, and the blood splattered all over Nie Wu Bian, making him look even more hideous. But he actually tiǎned the blood from the side of his mouth. There was even a kind of aftertaste in it, at which point the two heads only gurgled and rolled out as far as they could.

“Ah ……” He Qi, who originally thought it was nothing, could no longer endure the brutal bloodshed in front of him and “flopped” onto the ground, surprisingly fainting mí.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. Ye Mo hurriedly ordered her dizzy xué with his hand and helped her to lean with He Qi.

“Not bad, it’s some guts. No wonder you dare to kill my people.” Nie Wu Bian glanced at Ye Mo indifferently, the sneer at the corner of his mouth thickening.

Ye Mo had already noticed that although this Nie Wu Bian was at the early Xuan level, his internal qi was already about the same as the middle Xuan level, otherwise these two palms, cutting off the heads of two people purely with his internal qi, were really something.

“I think, do you still want to fight me now? Or have you already chickened out?” Nie Wu Bian looked at Ye Mo as if he was an eagle looking at a small chicken.

Ye Mo looked at Nie Wu Bian and sighed, and also smiled slightly before saying, “I agree with your words, if you think you can flaunt your power after learning these few tricks of kung fu, I’m really too sorry. What I want to say today is the same as you, that is, to show you what real kung fu is.”

After saying that, Ye Mo raised his hand and slashed his palm continuously to the left and right, there were a total of eighteen people inside the hall, and Ye Mo almost slashed sixteen times at the same time before stopping.

“Haha …… arrogant generation, how dare you learn from me to use internal qi ……” Nie Wubian said here his voice stopped abruptly, then he looked at the sixteen men to his left and right with a face full of shock and horror.

A gush of blood spurted out as if it were a slaughterhouse, sixteen heads fell to the ground diagonally along with their arms, and then the sixteen men to the left and right fell down at the same time. It was as if they had been trained to do so, and they all fell in the same direction.

Nie Wu Bian had been completely stunned, “Dreaming, this must be a dream ……” he kept explaining to himself, but he knew it was not a dream, it was real.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

Fear had finally appeared in Nie Wu Bian’s eyes. He had never known what fear was until now, but today he finally knew what fear was. Just now, he had killed two of his waste men, even in a bloody and incomparable way, as a kind of vicious intimidation. He wanted to make a fool of the young man by scaring him, but scaring was scaring one, it just stunned He Qi, and nothing seemed to happen to the young man.

Not only did nothing happen, but what he did next was even bloodier than himself, and this kind of bloody scene was something he had never seen before. It was certain that this young man in front of him had also done it on purpose, this was sternly slapping him in the face.

Ye Mo slowly walked up with Tang Beiwei in his arms, Nie Wu Bian subconsciously moved out of the way and kept backing up. Ye Mo ignored him and sat directly on top of the chair Nie Wubian had just been in, looking at Nie Wubian coldly.

“You, who are you ……” Nie Wubian came over in shock, he already understood that this young man was far more capable than him, and was even an earth level existence, he didn’t know which nerve was wrong, why did he mess with such a ruthless person?

Ye Mo smiled coldly: “I have seen many experts like you who have learned for many days, and you are not alone. Not long ago there was a man called Lone Wolf, who was said to be an expert and was killed by me with three slashes. There was also a sect called Broken Fist Hall, their sect master Zheng Chengfa led the sect’s men to surround me and I killed them all. You seem to have a few days less training than them, why are you so arrogant now?”

“Senior spare my life ……,” Nie Wu Bian could no longer hold back his inner fear and fell to his knees in a flash. What kind of person is this in front of him, how can he kill all the earth level experts, this point of his own ability is not enough for him to see. Qian He’s face was even more stuck white, he knew that this time his master had hit the iron plate.

“Do you know why I’m still not killing you right now?” Ye Mo looked at Nie Wu Bian and said coldly.

Nie Wubian was already trembling at this point, he now knew what it was like to face death, he used to always watch others plead for mercy in front of him, but now he was actually kneeling in front of others to plead for mercy as well.

Ye Mo swept a glance at Qian He, “How dare you hit my sister’s attention, you have a lot of guts. Do you know why I didn’t kill you again?”

Qian He was already trembling, unable to utter a single word, although he was very tough, there was no way for him not to tremble when faced with such a bloody scene.

Ye Mo stopped paying attention to him and looked at Nie Wu Bian and said, “A year ago, this place was blown into ruins by me and everyone here was killed by me, I didn’t expect to have to come here once more a year later, it looks like I’m fated to be here.”

Nie Wu Bian already regretted out a stomach full of bitterness, if he knew that he would offend such a ruthless person, he just wouldn’t have chosen the altar capital over any random city.

“Senior, spare my life ……” Nie Wu Bian didn’t want to die, his cultivation qualification was number one among the sect, how could he die, but now he didn’t know who could bail him out, maybe even if his master came he probably couldn’t.

Ye Mo casually sent a dozen fireballs flying out, and the dozens of corpses on both sides, including even the two people Nie Wubian had just killed, had been turned into flying ashes.

Nie Wu Bian had been completely frozen, he was still thinking in his heart if he could find a chance to escape in case this senior didn’t spare him, but now he knew that there was no way for him to escape. This man was even able to send out fireballs, he had never heard of anyone being able to send out fireballs to attack the enemy in all the years he had cultivated in the Hidden Sect, he was too heaven defying.

When he saw Ye Mo’s eyes getting colder and colder, he couldn’t contain the cold sweat on top of his head and took the initiative to say, “Senior, I am a disciple of the Sichuan Nine Months View, and I originally came to the altar to condense yīn fury because I had advanced to the Xuan level. So it required a lot of virgins, but I didn’t even kill them, I just took them ……”

“Hmph, to have such a vicious sect. Your sect wouldn’t need to exist without killing them, what’s up with my sister’s cla*smate Xi Xi?” Ye Mo’s eyes suddenly turned cold, he was not a defender, but this kind of vicious sect, even he could not look at it.

“Yes, yes ……” Nie Wubian was drenched in cold sweat.

Ye Mo walked next to Nie Wubian and lifted his foot to stomp on his xiōng mouth. Nie Wubian only felt a flame-like heat surge into his dantian all of a sudden, and it ended up residing in his dantian, not moving.

Although he knew it might not be anything good, Nie Wu Bian didn’t dare to resist.

“You go and kill all the remaining eighteen people and bring the corpses back.” Ye Mo’s expression was bland, he wouldn’t show mercy to the people in here!