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DYM Chapter 261

“Ah ……

Nie Wu Bian didn’t expect that Ye Mo would be so kind as to let him go out and kill someone, so wouldn’t he be able to take the opportunity to escape?

“If you want to escape, you can just run away.” Ye Mo’s voice was icy cold.

“No, I definitely don’t dare to escape.” Nie Wushuang hurriedly retreated, he didn’t dare to bargain because he knew that this matter might be done faster by this young man in front of him, he only thought that if he obeyed, this young man might be able to spare him in the end.

When Qian He saw that Nie Wushuang had gone out to kill someone, his tuǐ trembled even more.

“You’re arrogant, aren’t you? How dare you be a dog even so fast? Say it, how many more people are in the altar capital with Nie Wushuang.” Ye Mo thought that it would be too cheap for this guy called Qian He to kill him with a single slash.

Qian He only settled down a little at this time, hearing Ye Mo’s question he hurriedly said, “Nie… all of them are here because, because he is going back once after the end of the month, what’s going on I don’t know ……”

“Since you don’t know anything, go to hell.” Ye Mo casually hit a fireball, but this fireball was from the inside out.

Qian He was surrounded by Ye Mo’s fire ball, yet he couldn’t die for a while, he could only hiss inside, but no matter how much he hissed, he couldn’t make a sound.

Only a short time later, Nie Wu Bian had already finished killing all the people and moved in one by one. When he saw Qian He, who was gradually despairing in the middle of the fireball, he had the feeling of a snake bite on his back. This man had actually controlled the fire to such a terrifying extent that he had burned Qian He to death inside the fireball alive.

Nie Wu Bian could not hold back any longer, so he pulled up his tu and ran. He would rather kill himself than be slowly burnt to death by the fire like Qian He. This young man in front of him was not a human being, he was a devil. He had killed countless people, but how could he have met such a devil.

But he had only escaped to the doorway when a fire burnt up from his dantian and he felt as if his entire internal organs were going to be burnt. He finally understood what Ye Mo said, Qian He was burning from the outside to the inside, but he was burning from the inside to the outside. Nie Wu Bian could no longer endure this torment directly lifted his hand and slapped it on his head.

Ye Mo no longer looked at Qian He, who was no longer breathing, picked up his sister, then carried He Qi, walked out of the villa and smashed several fireballs into the outside of the villa with his hands.

The fire gradually got bigger and bigger, and Ye Mo sighed in his heart that he had destroyed the villa here twice in a row.

However, he knew that after the fire got bigger, someone would come over soon. Fearing trouble, he took his sister and He Qi and left the place extremely quickly. When he was close to the city, he tapped He Qi awake, and before she could react, he took Tang Beiwei away again.

“Is brother out already?” When Tang Beiwei woke up, she found that she was already in the city. She knew that Ye Mo should have settled everything over there and brought her back again.

Ye Mo nodded: “It’s already settled do you still have anything at school, if not, Lou’s leaving now, I’ll take you to the race and after the race we’ll go to Yanjing. If there is, go and get it.”

Tang Beiwei knew that what Ye Mo said was settled was probably a very thorough kind of settlement, and put her heart down “I still have some odds and ends, and I have to say goodbye to the dormitory at the same time. Also I have a cla*smate living inside the hospital, after she borrowed the phone to call me, she was injured by Qian He’s people, I haven’t been able to go see her.”

“Good then we’ll go to the hospital first and I’ll help your cla*smate get some treatment.” Tang Beiwei’s cla*smate had been injured because of her, so of course he had to go and help.

Tan Hong Hospital.

Soun Yuan Yuan stared at the Tianhuā board with a bewildered face, she didn’t know what her future was. She had only borrowed a phone for Bei Wei to use, and then both her tuǐs were broken, and three of her ribs were also broken. The hospital examination concluded that she would need to have her limbs amputated and that she would even be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

She was unwilling to let her life be ruined because she was only in her twenties. But she didn’t dare to go to the police because she knew it would be worse. That power is not a simple power, and Xi Xi was forced to jump off a building. She regretted lending the phone to Beiwei but she didn’t blame Tang Beiwei because she knew that she would probably end up worse off than her.

Soun Yuan Yuan’s mother was already crying her eyes red, her father just said that he was going to call the police and was similarly beaten up, although it was a light injury, but Soun Yuan’s family already knew that they simply couldn’t fight others.

“Yuan Yuan, how are you doing?” Tang Beiwei pushed open Sister Soun Yuan Yuan’s hospital room, seeing a blank-eyed Yuan Yuan, her heart was a pang of guilt, if it wasn’t for her, Sister Soun Yuan Yuan wouldn’t have ended up in this situation.

If it wasn’t for her, Soun Yuan Yuan wouldn’t have ended up in this state. Soun Yuan Yuan froze and only after a few seconds did she react: “Bei Wei, why are you here?

Why don’t you run away when you’re out and stay here? Who is he?” Immediately after Soun Yuan Yuan finished speaking, she saw Ye Mo behind Tang Bei Wei, and she immediately thought in her heart that Ye Mo was spying on Tang Bei Wei.

Tang Beiwei’s eyes reddened “Yuan Yuan, he is my brother Ye Mo. I’m sorry, I’m the one who dragged you into this.” Ah, you’re the one who said that your brother could save you when he came? He really rescued you?”

Soun Yuan Yuan looked at Ye Mo in amazement and uncertainty, she lived in the same dormitory as Tang Beiwei, so of course she knew about Tang Beiwei’s affairs. She also knew that Tang Beiwei had found her brother and that her brother would come to take her away.

Ye Mo walked over, “Hello Yuan Yuan, I’m Bei Wei’s brother Ye Mo. I’m sorry that Beiwei got you into trouble.” This girl had very white skin and although she was average looking, her round face was very pleasing to the eye.

Soun Yuan Yuan’s eyes looked gloomy for a while, then he said, “Maybe it’s my fate, this matter can’t be blamed on Bei Wei ……” Although he saw some regret in Soun Yuan Yuan’s eyes, but Ye Mo still felt very much for this girl, a girl who was in the same dormitory with Tang Bei Wei The girl in the dormitory can do this, she is already very remarkable. Maybe she understood the consequences of borrowing the phone before she borrowed it, but she still lent it to Tang Beiwei.

“Yuan Yuan, you don’t have to worry, my brother said he could cure your tuǐ,” Tang Beiwei said in a small voice as she walked up to Soun Yuan Yuan1 and comforted her.

Soun Yuan Yuan was stunned, but she quickly reacted and grabbed Tang Beiwei’s hand, saying with some trembling, “Beiwei, you said my tuǐ can still be cured, is that true?”

“It’s true, I’m sure I can cure the claimed tuǐ, and it’s even healthier than before you were injured.” Ye Mo jacked in and replied.

Although Soun Yuan Yuan got the report of bone crushing necrosis, she believed that Bei Wei would not lie, having been cla*smates with Tang Bei Wei for so many years, she had a lot of trust in Tang Bei Wei’s character. Although it was impossible to completely cure this condition, that desire to be healthy made her rather believe that what Tang Beiwei and her brother were saying was true.

“Yuan Yuan, Director Liu has come over, he is the orthopaedic department ……” a haggard fù woman said as soon as she pushed open the door, but when she saw Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei, she immediately stopped and stared at Ye Mo with some alertness.

Soun Yuan Yuan became a bit more cheerful because Ye Mo said that he could treat her tuǐ injury, so she hurriedly said, “Mom, she is my cla*smate Tang Bei Wei, and this is her brother Ye Mo, her brother can help me treat my tuǐ injury.” The haggard-looking fù heard that it was Tang Beiwei, and her face immediately looked a bit unpleasant, her daughter had gotten into this state because of her, but she didn’t say anything.

It was the Director Liu who gave Ye Mo a glance with a twinkle in his eye, “You don’t know the sky is high, it’s the first time I’ve heard someone say that a tǐ in this condition can still be completely cured. Cla*smate, you should have just received your diploma.” It was obvious that this Director Liu had already treated Ye Mo as a rookie who had just graduated.

“What do you mean, can’t my brother be cured of a disease that you can’t cure? You underestimate people too much.” Tang Beiwei xìng was soft on the outside and tough on the inside, besides, Ye Mo was now an unshakeable presence in her heart, this doctor dared to chide her brother.

Ye Mo waved his hand, stopped Tang Beiwei’s anger and looked at Director Liu and said, “Just because you can’t cure it doesn’t mean others can’t cure it, but I haven’t got my graduation certificate yet.”

Director Liu’s face immediately became unsightly and he gave Ye Mo a cold look “Very well, then you treat it. Sister Fu, it’s not that I’m not helping, there are already more senior doctors to help your daughter now, goodbye.”

The mother of Zhaoyuan Yuan Yuan hurriedly followed him. She had easily spent a lot of money to hire a specialist doctor, but she was told off by this young man who didn’t know what he was doing in a few words.

Half a day later, Zhaoyuan’s mother walked in alone with a somewhat ugly face, she was very uncomfortable in her heart, not to mention that her daughter had been implicated by Tang Beiwei, and now the attending physician she had hired for her daughter had also been P*ssed off by Tang Beiwei’s brother, it would be strange if she could be happy.

“Mom, big brother Ye Mo can really help me with my treatment, I don’t want to amputate my leg, I believe in Beiwei.” More than anything, Soun Yuan Yuan did not want to have her leg amputated, once it was amputated, she would truly be an invalid. As for trusting Ye Mo, it was better to think about delaying Lou’s limb.

Soun Yuan Yuan’s mother sighed, she knew what was in her daughter’s mind, but there was nothing she could do about it.

“Auntie mother, I’m sorry about Yuan Yuan, but please don’t worry, don’t say she’s like this because of Bei Wei, even if it’s not because of Bei Wei, she’s Bei Wei’s cla*smate, I will still help her to be completely cured, please don’t worry auntie mother.” Ye Mo took the initiative to say, although Soun Yuan Yuan’s mother’s face was rather ugly, but he could also understand.

“Sigh,” Soun Yuan Yuan’s mother sighed, but stopped speaking.

Ye Mo walked up to Zhaoyuan Yuan Yuan’s sick-chuáng and said to her, “You don’t have to worry, I can help you heal right now.”

Several people looked at Ye Mo in a daze, what kind of treatment would be used now, Ye Mo didn’t have any tools in his hand?

Ye Mo smiled faintly and took out a box of golden needles as if by magic, then told Tang being Wei to help lift the quilt!