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DYM Chapter 262

“Purring, what a laugh, a rǔnish guy who doesn’t know how many textbooks he’s read.

How dare he say that he can cure necrotic bones and crushed xìng ones at that. Why are people so pompous and unrealistic nowadays?” Director Liu of the orthopaedic department was still indignant when he returned to the department, it was obvious that he was infuriated by Ye Mo.

“Young people nowadays are all like this. Old Liu, ah, to use my daughter’s phrase. You’ve lost if you take it seriously, haha,” said a middle-aged female doctor sitting in the corner, laughing.

Director Liu patted his head “That’s true, the ignorant are fearless, what do I have to be angry about with such fearless youngsters, it’s just making the patient suffer.”

“Sir, you can’t move the patient.” A nurse came over and hurriedly stopped Ye Mo from doing anything.

Ye Mo casually pulled her aside and the golden needle in his hand had already landed on Soun Yuan Yuan’s tuǐ as if it was a shadow, the nurse who was stopping Ye Mo just now was already dumbfounded by Ye Mo’s action.

The nurse who was stopping Ye Mo just now was already dumbfounded by Ye Mo’s movements. The Tan Hong Hospital also had a Chinese medicine department, and even their director was an old Chinese medicine doctor, and an old Chinese medicine doctor with very harmful skills. She had also seen old Chinese doctors use acupuncture, but there was no such speed, it was like running water. After the shock, she even doubted that this young man was really capable.

But after a moment she reacted again, whether this person was really capable or not, this matter was not up to her, she must tell the hospital in the shortest possible time. It was no small matter that an outsider was helping a patient inside the hospital.

No one paid any attention to the nurse who ran away. Tang Beiwei knew that her brother was capable, but Soun Yuan Yuan and her mother were already looking dumbfounded. This kind of speed, even if they didn’t apply needles and just waved their hands around the patient’s tuǐ, they wouldn’t be able to do it that fast.

Soun Yuan Yuan could only feel the needles going in and out of her tuǐ bone so quickly that she could not even feel when they went in and when they came out.

She only felt a hot force moving around her tuǐbone, and she could even feel that force making her very comfortable.

Even when Ye Mo’s hand was in her xiōng mouth helping her broken ribs to recover with true essence, she forgot to shy away from it, it was unbelievable.

The nurse had just run out of the door when she saw the old dean accompanying a middle-aged fù woman dressed in luxurious clothes down from upstairs. She rushed up and said, “Dean Hu, there is a man treating a patient in our hospital, not a doctor from our hospital, but a family member of the patient.”

Hearing this, Dean Hu’s face immediately looked bad, and immediately said, “Go and tell the security guards to stop him immediately, messing around, what is he doing now?” “He is now using acupuncture to help the patient in the code room to treat his tuǐ injury, but, but he is moving the needles very fast and quick, I couldn’t see clearly in time.” The nurse said in a hurry.

“Acupuncture? Milk? Is that the daughter of the lady who was crying at my office door last time?” Dean Hu remembered that this woman had cried in the hospital back then because her daughter’s tuǐ had to be amputated and she couldn’t bear it.

“It’s her.” The nurse immediately replied.

“Oh, wait a minute, I’ll go check it out first. Oh, never mind, I have ku love.” Dean Hu seemed to remember the middle-aged fù woman next to him.

This flamboyantly dressed middle-aged fù woman, however, was thoughtful, but when she heard Dean Hu’s words, she smiled and said, “This person is really interesting, I’d like to go and have a look too.” Dean Hu had wanted to go and see how this man helped the patient with acupuncture, and now when this middle-aged fù woman said that, she immediately agreed and said, “Good, in that case, let’s go.” Ye Mo knew that two people had come inside the ward, he didn’t know that this man was the dean, and even if he did, he wouldn’t say anything as long as he didn’t stop him from treating.

Hu Yang was stunned as soon as he saw Ye Mo’s movements, he himself came from a Chinese medicine background and could be said to be very proficient in acupuncture. However, he had never seen a person who could use acupuncture in the same way as Ye Mo, with both hands swinging in almost a staggering manner. The needles in his hands were constantly being inserted and pulled out again, and inserted again, at such an incomparable speed that even he could not see clearly where they were inserted, let alone identify the xué channels.

The one hundred and eight golden needles in Ye Mo’s hand were constantly moistening and repairing Soun Yuan Yuan’s tuǐ bones, as well as her xiōng ribs, with the aid of his true qi. Once he found the ones that had shifted, he immediately used his divine sense to mobilise his true qi to restore them, and then ran his true essence to repair and stabilise them.

As Ye Mo treated her, Soun Yuan Yuan was more and more surprised, her own feelings were the deepest, the numbness and pain gradually disappeared, and the feeling in her two tuǐs became more and more obvious, she even felt she could now get down to the ground.

Although Ye Mo was already at the peak of the third level of Qi training, he was still a bit unable to add up to this level of depletion of true Qi, and water continued to seep out of his forehead, and Tang Beiwei picked up a handkerchief and carefully wiped away the sweat from Ye Mo’s forehead.

The middle-aged nobleman who came in with him had already looked dumbfounded, they knew they had seen a high level person today, a real high level person. Even Soun Yuan Yuan’s mother knew that Ye Mo should be capable of great things.

An hour later, Ye Mo breathed out and took out a pill and handed it to Soun Yuan Yuan “”It has been cured, take this pill.”

Surprised, Soun Yuan Yuan took the pill and swallowed it without thinking.

“Yuan Yuan, how do you feel now?” Soun Yuan Yuan’s mother asked impatiently.

Soun Yuan Yuan tried to move her tuǐ and even lifted it up and immediately said with surprise, “Mum, I feel like my tuǐ has completely healed and I can even get off the ground and walk. And my xiōng mouth isn’t stuffy anymore, it seems that the injury in my xiōng mouth has also healed.” Only when she said this did she remember that just now Ye Mo had performed needles on her xiōng mouth and had some shyness.

Ye Mo smiled faintly “It is not yet possible to walk on the ground, it must take a week before you can get off the ground.” He had used his true essence to moisten Soun Yuan Yuan’s broken bones, and in a week’s time, with the cooperation of his true essence, her tuǐ would definitely recover.

Soun Yuan Yuan’s mother was jīt to kowtow to Ye Mo, Ye Mo hastily pulled her back.

“Thanks for talking to you, big brother, if my Yuan Yuan’s tuǐ was really amputated, I don’t even know what I should do. Thank you, thank you! The doctors in this hospital all say rice buckets and amputate limbs at every turn.” Soun Yuan Yuan’s mother didn’t even see Hu Yang standing behind her, wiping her eyes as she casually cursed.

Hu Yang didn’t even care about what Soun Yuan Yuan’s mother said, but watched in shock as Ye Mo put away the golden needles and looked at Soun Yuan Yuan, who had lifted her thunderbolt. I have seen Yuan Yuan’s condition, I know it best, and you have completely cured it in such a short time. Even if I say divine doctor, I can’t express your medical skills, I, Hu Yang, have finally opened my eyes today, it’s true that there is still a mountain high, the medical path has no end.”

Ye Mo looked Hu Yang up and down for a while before saying, “Who are you?”

Hu Yang immediately took out a business card and handed it to Ye Mo with both hands respectfully, “I am Hu Yang, the director of Tan Kang Hospital, may I ask your surname?”

At this moment, Hu Yang no longer dared to treat Ye Mo as a rookie, in his heart Ye Mo was a god, if he could keep a god doctor like Ye Mo in his hospital, Tan Hong Hospital might soon become a world famous hospital.

“Oh, my name is Ye Mo.” Ye Mo took the business card and swept it, he could see what Hu Yang was thinking from his eager eyes, but that was simply impossible.

It seemed to see that Ye Mo wasn’t very enthusiastic about Dean Hu, but the middle-aged noble fù beside Hu Yang carefully walked up.

“Hello Mr. Ye, I am Pang Haixiang from the Hong Kong Grand Emperor Group, and I was really amazed to see your medical skills today. I wonder if I could have the honour of inviting you to have a meal with me.” The middle-aged noble fù next to Hu Yang was as lù eager, but her eyes were more eager, and the business card she held out was surprisingly made of pure gold.

Ye Mo smiled faintly “Sorry, there is no time, I have things to do.” After saying that Ye Mo turned back to Soun Yuan Yuan and said, “Yuan Yuan, let’s have dinner together in a few days when you are free, thank you for helping Bei Wei.”

“Yes, brother Ye Mo, thank you, if it wasn’t for you, I really don’t know what Ann should do.” Sister Soun Yuan Yuan’s tuǐ was cured and her xìng mood was once again back to her previous cheerfulness.

Sister Suyuan’s mother was even full of feeling jī, she just didn’t know what words she should say to feel for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo had just said to himself that he didn’t have time for dinner, and now he was saying in front of them that he was going to invite Sister Swan to dinner, causing Hu Yang and the middle-aged noble fù to have an embarra*sed face.

However, the middle-aged noble fù did not care at all, but once again went forward and said very earnestly and respectfully: “Mr. Ye, I am sorry, I know it is very presumptuous of me to do so, because my husband has been bedridden, seeing that I came to Tan Kang Hospital this time originally to ask President Hu to borrow a Chinese herbal medicine, but I did not expect to meet you, I know you are a high achiever, so I want to invite you ” After finishing her sentence, this middle-aged noble fù’s eyes even got red, it looked like she was very nervous about her husband.

Ye Mo frowned, he really wasn’t interested in seeing a doctor. It was because he couldn’t bear to see Soun Yuan Yuan’s despair just now that he immediately helped her with her treatment, he should have known that he should have closed the door behind him.

Seeing that Ye Mo did not say anything, the middle-aged noble fù even more carefully stepped forward and said, “As long as my husband is treated, I am willing to pay any price.”

Ye Mo sighed, he was not a hard-hearted person, this middle-aged fù woman had said so, it would be too inhumane if he refused again.

After thinking about it, he said, “Alright, this will not be the next time, you can have someone send your husband here immediately. I will come the night after tomorrow to help him with his treatment.”

This middle-aged noble fù immediately said with surprise, “Thank you, many thanks to divine Doctor Ye, I will contact immediately.” Ye Mo nodded and was just about to speak when a siren call sounded and five police cars drove straight into the hospital, a dozen of 〖Police〗detectives rushed out of the police car and surprisingly surrounded towards Ye Mo’s side with guns!