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DYM Chapter 263

As Ye Mo watched the police officers surround him, he knew that these people were coming for him, but he didn’t care. Ye Mo guessed well, and soon he and Ye Beiwei were both surrounded by a dozen police officers.

“What’s wrong with you guys?” Hu Yang immediately stepped forward and asked.

The middle-aged policeman walking at the front pushed Hu Yang away with a leathery smile, “President Hu, I know you are a highly respected doctor in Tandu, but please don’t obstruct us from carrying out our official duties. We suspect that these two people have something to do with the arson case at Tandu’s Bamboo Lake Villa, please move aside.”

“Officer Ng, I was even protected by you when I came here, and I am grateful to the Tandu police, but you turn around and say that Dr. Ye Shenhua is a suspected arsonist, this is too outrageous. If Divine Doctor Ye is so skilled in medicine, does he need to commit arson?” Pang Haixiang immediately stood out, whether Ye Mo was a suspect or not, she couldn’t let Ye Mo get hurt, it was her husband’s xìng life at stake.

However, Officer Wu’s face was a bit ugly as he looked at Pang Haixiang and said, “Ms. Pang, you are a VIP of Tandu, but please don’t hinder our work.”

Pang Haixiang’s face was ugly, but there was no way to say anything else.

Ye Mo didn’t want to make a big deal out of things at the hospital, that is, if there was something going on, he didn’t want so many people watching, and this officer surnamed Wu was obviously in cahoots with Qian He. I don’t know if he would still be so arrogant after he knew that both Qian He and the boss behind him had been killed by him.

“In that case, I will go with you, Sister Huang, I will come here tomorrow night, you just send your husband over, don’t worry about me, and you don’t need to do anything, I will definitely come on time.” Ye Mo finished and looked at this Officer Wu and sneered, “You’ve done this to yourself.”

“Hmph, coming over on time, you’re dreaming.” Officer Wu grunted.

Watching Ye Mo dragging Tang Beiwei directly into the police car after he finished speaking, the officer surnamed Wu’s face was ugly. This guy was so arrogant, he knew that there was a boss behind Qian He, and that boss didn’t dare to do anything to him even if it was Chief Liu, not to mention Qian He. Now that the Bamboo Lake Villa where Qian He lived had been burnt, even if Qian He was killed, he had to take the man by force, otherwise how could he talk to that boss behind him.

Watching a few police cars taking Ye Mo away, Pang Haixiang looked anxious, but Hu Yang said comfortingly, “You don’t need to rush, I know Deputy Director Lin of the Tandu Yiding District Police Station, I’ll give him a call later.”

Several police cars whistled all the way to the Tandu Yiding District Police Station, Officer Wu and two policemen brought Ye Mo into the station and immediately picked up the phone above the desk and dialed to say a few words, nothing more than what people had been brought in and so on.

“You are arrogant, but you can’t be arrogant even if you fall into the hands of me, Wu Zhenfei.” The officer surnamed Wu put down the phone and glanced at Ye Mo with contempt, the expression that he could pinch you with one finger was obvious. If Ye Mo dared to resist a little, he would immediately shoot.

Tang Beiwei, however, stared at this Officer Wu with hatred, she knew that he was the one who dealt with XiXi’s call to the police in the first place, and as a result, XiXi still did not escape her fate, so it could be seen that this man definitely had collusion with those rubbish.

Ye Mo, however, looked at the two policemen at the door with guns, and then said to Wu Zhenfei, “Am I to a*sume that you are threatening me? And still threatening me as a police officer?”

“Haha ……” Wu Zhenfei laughed, “Good, I’m threatening you as a policeman, so what?”

“Not much, if I wasn’t afraid that Han Zaixin would have a hard time, I would have killed you right away. But I’ll still kill you later.” But before I kill you, I need to wait for someone to take a statement, otherwise it would be difficult for old Han to behave.

Ye Mo was indeed thinking this way, for Wu Zhenfei he was already bound to kill. But to kill a policeman, even a policeman with some position, in this situation now was indeed too reckless. Although he was conceited, he was not conceited enough to fight against a country. Besides, he still had some family members living here, and he did not want to go so far.

Another thing was that he was good at killing people, not someone without a brain, could he just take his loved ones around with him? He didn’t believe that the most powerful person in the country was ‘Flying Snow’ Han Zaixin was an old fox, there was absolutely no way he would tell him the country’s bottom card.

There was also the fact that over twenty years ago Ou Xuhu had exterminated a family was someone lending a knife to kill someone, Ye Mo was not sure. The Song family could even find a late Xuan level partner like Li Mingqiang, a country that couldn’t find an Earth level expert to work with, just say what you will, Ye Mo wouldn’t believe it. Perhaps, it just hadn’t reached that level yet.

“Hum ……… a cold hum came in from outside the door and in walked a middle aged man, “Really arrogant, how dare you talk about killing a police officer at the police station, this is the first time I’ve heard of it from Liu Fang.”

Ye Mo really didn’t lie, he had a license to kill, and if this Officer Wu’s crime was confirmed, he could really kill him immediately. It was just that if this matter was not handled well, maybe this would be used as an excuse for others to play games with Han Zai Xin. Han was not a bad guy, he didn’t want to give his opponent some excuse in politics. For him, it was the same whether he killed him early or late, and he didn’t care about the time.

A sound of hurried footsteps came from outside the door, and once again a person rushed in, an obese middle-aged policeman rushed in and immediately said when he saw Liu Fang, “Chief Liu, Ye Mo is a friend of Dean Hu, how could he be the Bamboo Lake Villa suspect? Is there a mistake.”

“Deputy Bureau Lin, now is not a matter of mistaken or not, I just heard with my own eyes this Ye Mo’s words about killing Wu Zhenfei, such an arrogant person, I won’t doubt in the slightest what Wu Zhenfei said. If this kind of social scum who even dares to threaten the police is not brought to justice, how can we do justice to the citizens of Tandu? What do you say? Deputy Director Lin”…” Liu Fang trailed off the last four words of Deputy Director Lin.

Ye Mo smiled coldly and immediately knew that this Director Liu and this Deputy Director Lin were very much at odds, and that this Deputy Director Lin should have been entrusted by someone to do him a favour.

The fatty surnamed Lin was choked by Liu Fang and could not say anything for a long time, he subconsciously looked at Ye Mo, that means do you even say such things in public? Isn’t this making things difficult for me?

However, at this time, this Director Lin had already calmed down, and he thought that things should not be so simple. Liu Fang would not come here for a mere insignificant person, just now he only rushed in because of Lao Hu’s urgent call. Now that he had calmed down, he wanted to know what the reason was. Although he didn’t see eye to eye with Liu Fang, he wouldn’t make a mistake above such a crucial issue.

“Ringing ……” a phone ringing relieved this Deputy Director Lin of his situation.

Liu Fang walked over and picked up the phone, “Mayor Yu, yes, yes, I know, the person has been caught, well…definitely definitely.”

Putting down the phone, Liu Fang looked at Director Lin and sneered, not even bothering to look at Ye Mo, he just said to Fatty Lin, “Deputy Director Lin, just now, Mayor Yu called and said that this planning matter xìng is very bad. It must be dealt with severely and heavily. Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei, as suspects, are immediately approved for arrest, I wonder if Deputy Director Lin has any other comments?”

The fatty surnamed Lin knew it was bad when he heard Liu Fang say Mayor Yu inside the phone, he seemed to have fallen into a trap, and couldn’t help but secretly blame Hu Yang. He thought it was just a small problem, but it was surprising that even Mayor Yu was involved in the end, so this was no longer a small problem.

Just when Fatty Lin didn’t know what he should say, Ye Mo spoke up, “Director Lin, thank you for coming to speak for me, I think you can remove this vice word soon.”

Liu Fang’s face turned blue with anger, “Take the two men down and investigate in detail, make sure to investigate the results.”

Ye Mo didn’t wait for this fat deputy director to speak, then he turned his head to Liu Fang and said, “If the investigation doesn’t come up with results is it just severe torture? But that’s not necessary, I’ll interrogate him myself now. Open your eyes and see what this is, Chief Lin, prepare to record.”

“Crazy person, cuff first” …… Liu Fang gave Ye Mo a cold look and directly tried to get the two policemen behind him to do it.

Ye Mo finished taking out a blue sè book and opened it and waved it in front of Liu Fang, “Do you think I am qualified?”

“Chief Instructor Flying Snow?” Just reading five words out, the steel seal at the back directly made Liu Fang no longer have anything to say. That steel seal was definitely real, and he, a police chief, could still tell this point.

Deputy Chief Lin also hurriedly stuck his head over, he also knew the steel seal of the Special Forces General Administration, and a glint of light flashed in his eyes. His reaction was quick and he immediately stepped forward and said, “So it is Instructor Ye himself who has come over, huh, my name is Lin San, it is an honor and a privilege to meet you.” After saying that, his hand was already extended over.

“Huh, you’re Ye Mo? Yes, it’s that Yanjing’s Hall Ye…” Lin San suddenly remembered who Ye Mo was, and his speech suddenly stuck a little, surprisingly it was that legendary Ye Mo.

When Liu Fang saw Ye Mo’s certificate, he was also shocked in his heart, but not to the state of completely losing his bearings. Even if he was an instructor, he could still kill people, but he could not interfere with the handling of cases by the police authorities in other provinces. Not to mention that it was something that the mayor personally explained.

However, when he heard the word Ye Mo and also scanned the two words on top of the certificate, his mind buzzed and he could no longer contain the panic inside him.

Ye Mo’s big name might not be known to many ordinary people, but as a district police chief of a provincial capital city, how could he not know who Ye Mo was? An existence that the Song family scorned, and a ruthless man who had destroyed the Ou family with just one hand. A random person from the Ou family was a mayor, not to mention a deputy mayor.

Cold sweat began to run down Liu Fang’s back with a brush, his head pounding, he knew he was finished, truly finished. Ye Mo was not lying at all when he said he could kill Wu Zhenfei, what he said was true, he could indeed kill Wu Zhenfei casually and without any responsibility.