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DYM Chapter 264

Liu Fang felt a pang of regret, but there was no medicine for regret. Ye Mo, I knew his name was Ye Mo at the beginning, why didn’t I think of it? Apart from Ye Mo, who else would dare to mess with that Nie of Tandu?

Ye Mo looked at Liu Fang and smiled coldly, “I said I wouldn’t mess with you, why would you come and mess with me?

You think the one surnamed Nie can help you? He’s already turned into dust. Don’t you bring out that whatever mayor of yours, he’ll soon be just like you, idiot.”

If regret and vision could kill, Liu Fang would have killed Wu Zhenfei countless times.

This b*****d Wu Zhenfei, who doesn’t want to mess with Ye Mo? Nie Wubian was even killed, such a big man was killed by Ye Mo’s words, he wanted to kill himself, a district director, just by casually lifting a finger.

Liu Fang regretted it even more. If he had known that Nie Wubian had been killed, he would not have come out. If Nie Wubian had been killed, he would have gone to help a dead man to find out what happened, Liu Fang’s intestines were turning blue with regret.

He no longer dared to treat that Mayor Yu as a back up, and it was too ridiculous to treat a mayor as a back up in front of Ye Mo. Just now he said that if it wasn’t for Han Zaixin’s sake, Han Zaixin? Just from Liu Fang hadn’t cared, now he finally remembered who Han Zaixin was, his face had become stuck white.

“Instructor Ye, the recording equipment is ready, I will personally take the statement, you can interrogate now.” After Lin San’s shock, he immediately understood that the opportunity had come, his chance had come, this kind of opportunity was too rare. It was conceivable that with the help of Ye Mo’s hand, he could directly kick Liu Fang out, Ye Mo had just said that you his vice word could be removed, surprisingly that was what he meant.

And that’s not even the main trick, the main thing is that one can get rid of the mayor who supports Liu Fang directly through Ye Mo’s energy. And his own top could advance another step, maybe his top would frustrate his opponent very much with this matter, Lin San’s eyes almost narrowed at the thought of this.

Although he didn’t understand these matters in the official world, he could see clearly that Lin San wanted to use him.

Lin San felt Ye Mo’s gaze and winced, as if anything he was thinking in his mind was being understood by the young man in front of him.

“I just hope that what should be done after this matter is l revealed? If someone dares to use me as a front don’t blame me for being ungracious.” Ye Mo looked at Lin San and said indifferently.

At this point, Wu Zhenfei already knew that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person, and although he had not seen that little blue book, he knew that there was a license to kill that was a blue sè book. When he thought of what Ye Mo said he had just said about killing him, cold sweat immediately came down. He looked up at Liu Fang, but Liu Fang could hardly protect himself, so how could he care about him, not to mention that Liu Fang was now angry at Wu Zhenfei.

Ye Mo did not need to do anything to Wu Zhenfei, just that dull oppression made him drenched in cold sweat did not dare to hide a word, all told, he seemed to know that he was finished even Liu Fang did not let go all confessed.

There were many things that Lin San did not know, and now that he had heard Wu Zhenfei’s full account, he was shocked.

He was shocked that a chief had helped to protect a hooligan leader who was searching for beautiful women, and had even forced a student to die at school. This was not all, but he hadn’t heard the slightest whisper, had no one called the police?

Liu Fang finally couldn’t hold on and sat down, if it was someone else he might have resisted but he knew that if he resisted in front of Ye Mo, he would probably be killed immediately and he wouldn’t even have a chance to turn over. When Ye Mo got rid of the Ou family, he was in Yanjing and knew better than anyone.

When Wu Zhenfei finished speaking he seemed to let out a sigh of relief and his whole body sat down.

“Cuff him.” Lin San listened to Wu Zhenfei’s confession and then looked at the paralyzed Liu Fang, he was secretly pleased and did not hesitate to have Wu Zhenfei roared up.

Ye Mo ignored Lin San’s words and instead looked at Liu Fang and said, “It’s your turn, don’t get lucky thinking that the Lord Mayor behind you can help you.”

Liu Fang wouldn’t even bother to doubt Ye Mo’s words if someone else said that he could disbelieve it, but Ye Mo said it and he had to believe it he knew Ye Mo had the power.

Liu Fang’s confession even involved more forces, but this no longer had anything to do with Ye Mo. As for whether Lin San could make good use of this confession or not that was not something he wanted to care about.

“Take it away and lock it up first.” After saying that, Lin San had already started dialing the phone.

Mo stopped the two 〖Police〗detectives who wanted to take away Wu Zhenfei, and casually took out the pistol that Han Zaixin had given him at the beginning and said, “I said I would kill you, consider this as revenge for Xi Xi.” Lin San was in a hurry and said, “That, Instructor Ye, do you think they should be locked up first, this is not the right time to execute them, he will be justly punished. The first time I saw him, I was very grateful for your help, but I said I would kill him, so if there is anything wrong, you can report it.” After saying that, Ye Mo swept a glance at the two 〖police〗s that came in with Wu Zhenfei and now roasted him up and said, “I know that the back of your a*ses are not clean, if you don’t wipe them clean soon to meet my hands, I will kill them anywhere and everywhere as usual and bring my words back.”

“Will not, will not ……” Lin San in his heart secretly screamed, this Ye Mo as Liu Fang said in general, too arrogant. However, there was nothing he could do, if he didn’t kill Wu Zhenfei, he was a bit more talkative and had more cards in his hand, but Wu Zhenfei was killed by Ye Mo without hesitation, and he could only watch.

When Liu Fang watched Ye Mo really kill Wu Zhenfei in front of him, he was even more alarmed, he even knew that if Ye Mo killed him, it would be the same for nothing. But fortunately, he saw Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei go out and surprisingly ignored him again, so he finally breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

He had provided though. The confession, but to save a life should be possible, and in his heart, he could not help but secretly thankful that all these things were done by Wu Zhenfei, and had no direct relationship with him. However, he didn’t even know that Ye Mo had already done something to him and only had six months to live.

Although Lin San and Liu Fang knew where Ye Mo came from and that he had the arrogance, those 〖Police〗surrounding them were frozen. Even if Wu Zhenfei was a criminal, this was the first time they had seen something like shooting him dead in public and walking away.

“Brother, if you killed that Wu, would you” Tang Beiwei didn’t think that Ye Mo would dare to kill someone in the police station, even if that 〖police officer was the most evil, this kind of thing was still outrageous.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “If I hadn’t taken a statement, I would probably have been wanted for killing the one surnamed Wu, but it should be fine now. That guy surnamed Wu even dared to lay his hands on you, if I don’t kill him myself, my cultivation will stagnate. As I said, no one dares to mess with my Ye Mo’s sister, not anyone.”

“Brother,” Tang Beiwei subconsciously pulled Ye Mo’s hand tighter, her heart warmed, but she didn’t know what to say for a moment.

“Let’s go to your school first.” Ye Mo stopped a taxi.

The Yiding District Police Station was not far from the Tandu Divisional University, and the taxi only took ten minutes to arrive already. Ye Mo had just gotten out of the car when he was stopped.

“I finally found you, you saved me today, right? Thank you, you’re amazing.

My name is He Qi, and I’m kind of cla*smates with Bei Wei, I want to treat you to a meal, you won’t refuse, right? And I’ve already told my dad about today.” He Qi had been waiting at the entrance of the division for quite some time, and as soon as Ye Mo came down, he immediately went up and stopped him.

When Ye Mo heard He Qi’s words, he immediately knew that she shouldn’t know that the villa had been burned by him yet. However, going to dinner with a woman like He Qi did not interest Ye Mo in the slightest. He immediately refused, “No need, Beiwei and I are leaving after a bit of business.”

“Is Tang Beiwei your girlfriend? She’s so pretty, the prettiest girl in our school. You’re really lucky, but don’t worry, that Qian He is even more powerful, I told my dad, he wouldn’t dare to do anything about it.” He Qi was obviously interested in how Ye Mo brought her out of Qian He’s place, it was just not good to ask now in front of the school.

Ye Mo didn’t argue either, if He Qi said that his dad’s official position could suppress Qian He, he would definitely not believe it.

Nie Wu Bian’s energy was not something that could be managed by a district cadre in the city.

“Surprisingly it’s you again, Qian He’s woman, you dare to touch her too, you really have the guts.” A yīn cold multi-voiced voice came, as soon as Ye Mo heard it, he knew that that Zhang He had come. These two he’s from Tandu were really annoying.

He Qi immediately glared and said, “Zhang He, please get out of the way, there is no business for you here. The two wo of Tandu will soon be one less, how dare Qian He take me into custody, I have already told my father, he will soon be out of luck.”

“Qian He has arrested you, and you can still come out?” Zhang He immediately said in surprise, but immediately after saying that, he knew that what he said was a bit inappropriate and stopped the conversation in a hurry.

To say that He Qi’s father could do anything to Qian He, Zhang He absolutely did not believe it.

Ye Mo coldly swept a glance at Zhang He, this son of a b*tch might also be related to Nie Wu Bian, it looked like he would have to find an opportunity to f*ck him up.

“Believe it or not, I’ll beat you up right away, call the police and eventually have you arrested.” Seemingly somewhat scornful of He Qi, Zhang He coldly stared at Ye Mo and said, he was extremely upset with Ye Mo. I wonder why Qian He didn’t come out when Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei were together. If it wasn’t for Qian He, Tang Beiwei would have been targeted by him long ago.

Ye Mo walked up and raised his hand and slapped Zhang He twice on the face, directly spinning Zhang He around a few times before he flopped on the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood and a few teeth.

“Now you can call the police.” After Ye Mo finished speaking, he took out another handkerchief from somewhere and wiped his hand still before he stilled the handkerchief on the ground.

“Boom,” Ye Mo had just thrown the handkerchief on the ground when a beautiful sports car with a treasure blue sè drove over, circled in place and stopped in front of Ye Mo’s few people.!