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DYM Chapter 265

Zhang He watched Ye Mo’s movements and the handkerchief he threw to the ground, how could he not know that he had done it on purpose. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and his face turned blue with anger, he now knew that although he had a few strokes, he was definitely not Ye Mo’s opponent. Without even thinking, he took out the phone and immediately called the police.

“Brother Ye, what a coincidence, I didn’t expect to see you as soon as I arrived, my luck is really good this time.” Qiao Gang exaggeratedly got down from the top of the sports car and shook Ye Mo’s hand as soon as he could. Ye Mo had a good feeling about this young master Qiao, he didn’t take it too hard and wasn’t arrogant, which was rare. Judging from his words and demeanor, this young Qiao’s origin was probably not very simple either.

“Young Qiao has spoken too highly, this is something I have promised and have taken your money. Since I have the time to come, of course I will do my best.” Ye Mo smiled lightly.

Qiao Gang immediately said, “For Brother Ye to say that is to shame me, those few dollars are not enough to stuff Brother Ye’s teeth, if it wasn’t for coincidence back then, I really wouldn’t have had this opportunity. The first time I saw Brother Ye, I knew that you were not a simple person, hehe, my vision is always correct, this time I can put all my treasure on you.” Before Ye Mo had time to speak, Zhang He, who had fallen to the ground, had already climbed up and looked at Qiao Gang with some surprise, “Qiao, young Qiao, you’re here too, what a coincidence…?

He was already looking at Ye Mo as a dead man, and was trying to do everything he could to harm him. However, he did not expect that Qiao Gang knew him and was even very nice to him, what was going on?

Only then did Qiao Gang see Zhang He, who was crawling up on the ground, and somewhat surprised and exaggerated, he pointed at Zhang He and said, “Young master Zhang, why are you rolling on the ground? People say I’m a dude, I see you’re much more of a dude than me, to even play with this.” Ye Mo smiled slightly, he didn’t believe that Qiao Gang couldn’t see that Zhang He was beaten by him, Qiao Gang must have said that on purpose.

Zhang He smiled awkwardly, “Young Qiao has overstated his case, I’m not so bored.” After saying that, he coldly stared at Ye Mo, no matter what kind of person Ye Mo was, even if it was Qiao Gang he couldn’t afford to mess with, this Ye Mo he wouldn’t let go.

“Young master Zhang He, don’t hit my brother Ye, if you dare to touch Ye Mo, don’t blame me for not being polite ah.” Qiao Gang of course saw Zhang He’s hateful gaze staring at Ye Mo.

“Young Master Qiao, this matter has nothing to do with you. If you must interfere in this matter, I will have to tell my cousin.” Zhang He knew that he was no match for Qiao Gang, and he was just a branch of the Zhang family, although he could still speak in Tandu, but when placed in the Central Lake Province, he could not speak at all. However, his cousin Zhang Dian was the first grandson of the Zhang family, and he was also the fourth generation heir, so his position in the family would not be lower than Qiao Gang’s in the Qiao family.

As expected Qiao Gang’s face was a little ugly when he heard Zhang He’s words, but he still snorted coldly, “Ye Mo is my Qiao family’s VIP, my Qiao Gang’s friend, if you dare to make a move against Ye, don’t blame me for being rude, even if your family’s old man comes, there’s no reasoning to be done.”

Distinguished guest? Zhang He’s heart twitched, he looked at Ye Mo carefully and suddenly thought, with the Qiao family’s status no less than the Zhang family, why would they let a guy as young as Ye Mo be a VIP? This was odd, was it?

Zhang He suddenly understood and surprisingly laughed, “So your Qiao family wants him to represent your Qiao family in the competition, haha, I finally understand.”

Qiao Gang’s face changed, he did not expect Zhang He to be so shrewd, he had only said one sentence and Zhang He had guessed his purpose. It looked like and guy wasn’t a straw man either. But even if he knew, so what? Thinking of this Qiao Gang sneered and said, “Not bad, I just want to ask Ye Mo for help to compete, what can you do about it?”

“Not much, but I will also go to the competition, don’t let me meet.” Zhang He sneered and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, Ye Mo, a nameless person, dared to hit him. He didn’t know why this b*****d Qian He “Post Qijang Text” didn’t find him in trouble, but even if Qian He didn’t find him in trouble, he, Zhang He, would make him regret it when it came to racing.

A police car honked and a police car drove over quickly. Two police officers jumped out of the police car and saw Zhang He, who still had blood on the corner of his mouth, and their hearts were just aghast. The two policemen jumped out of the police car and saw Zhang He with blood on the corner of his mouth.

“Young Zhang, who did the hitting.” The tall policeman in front of him immediately knew that if this matter was not handled properly, he would be finished.

“Who else could it be, it was him, I obeyed the law and now he beat me up, you guys see what you can do.” Zhang He had a cold smile at the corner of his mouth, that is, I can’t mess with you Qiao Gang, but I can let Ye Mo in for a bit either, to disgust you.

Sure enough Qiao Gang immediately knew Zhang He’s idea, although he could bail Ye Mo out, but as long as he let Ye Mo in, he would lose this round. Moreover it was a matter of losing face, he, the eldest grandson of a direct line, couldn’t even get a dude young master of one branch of the Zhang family, he, Qiao Gang, was also someone who wanted to save face.

Besides, these two policemen definitely didn’t know him, Qiao Gang, and probably wouldn’t even bother with him, by the time he finished his call, Ye Mo would have already been taken away and probably given a lecture.

“Don’t worry, Zhang Shao, this is a society of the rule of law, we will definitely not let such gangster hooligans go.” After the tall policeman finished speaking, he came straight towards Ye Mo, and even took out his handcuffs, clearly not intending to let Ye Mo tell the difference.

Qiao Gang was anxious in his heart and tried to block this policeman while reaching for the phone.

Ye Mo, however, stopped Qiao Gang, “No need to rush, I don’t think they dare to take me away yet.”

Qiao Gang froze for a moment, this policeman had the backing of the prince of Tandu, Zhang He, so how could he not dare to take you away?

The tall policeman had just walked up to Ye Mo, before his handcuffs were raised, he was kicked in the xiōng by Ye Mo, and took a dozen steps backwards, and crashed into Zhang He’s body again, and both days fell to the ground together again.

“You dare to a*sault a police officer?” Ye Mo did not use much force in this kick, the tall policeman only felt some tightness in his xiōng mouth, but he quickly got up. Immediately, he picked up the handcuffs again, while placing his hand on top of the pistol at his waist.

Zhang and Qiao Gang were frozen, and even He Qi next to them did not react. It was already outrageous that Ye Mo knew Qiao Gang, but he dared to attack a police officer on the street. You should know that even a gentry like Zhang He, when he was not happy with the police, would not dare to beat them up in public, even if he wanted to teach a lesson, he would have to find a place where no one was around.

“a*saulting a police officer? You think highly of your own, are you qualified to be a police officer? Did you ask me, the party in question, when you came here just now? You just listened to one party and immediately had to come and handcuff me away, it’s still easy to kick you, if you still don’t put the pistol away, don’t blame me for not being polite.” Ye Mo said as he stared coldly at the tall policeman.

The other policeman’s hand had just pressed the gun handle when he had already recognized it was Ye Mo, and he broke out in a cold sweat of fear and hurriedly put his hand down. He was about to remind his colleague that the taller policeman’s hand had already been let down, and he was equally frightened, and he “posting Qijang text” also recognized that it was Ye Mo, the one who was not in trouble after killing Wu She at the police station.

This person said not polite, is really not polite, if angered him, the consequences are really unpredictable. This tall policeman secretly hated himself for not even seeing clearly who this man was just now, because one of the double sums, Qian He, Wu Shuo had already been killed, and now one of the double sums, Zhang He, had messed with this Ye Mo, if he didn’t know to retreat now, he really went looking for death.

Thinking of this, this tall policeman hurriedly stepped forward and said: “Sorry, just now I just listened to the words of one side and caused a mistake in judgment, I…? Halfway through, this tall policeman looked at Zhang He, this he couldn’t afford to mess with either, and couldn’t help but curse his bad luck.

But if they really had to offend, they would rather offend Zhang He, offending Zhang He would at most have their clothes stripped off or suffer some flesh and blood, offending Ye Mo would not be so simple.

Ye Mo could see how difficult it was for these two policemen, and he knew that he couldn’t blame them all, with the power of a gentry like Zhang He, how could a policeman dare to confront him. He waved his hand and said, “You guys go away, the matter here is already taken care of.”

When the policeman heard Ye Mo’s words, he was like listening to immortal music, he hurriedly got into the car and disappeared in a flash.

Zhang He looked at the police car that had already disappeared, but he didn’t react for a long time, what kind of world is this? He had beaten up the police and dared them to speak, did the words of his Grand Duke Zhang not count now?

“There you are, Brother Ye, even I wouldn’t dare to do that, you’re a bully. I knew that Brother Ye was from an extraordinary background, let’s go, today my brother is treating you, let’s go and have a meal together.” Qiao Gang was in a good mood as he watched Zhang He get defeated. But at the same time, he was secretly shocked, this Ye Mo’s origins were definitely big, not even ordinary big.

Ye Mo patted Qiao Gang’s shoulder, “Okay, let’s go and have a meal.”

“I’m going to eat too, young Qiao, you won’t not welcome me, right?” He Qi didn’t have the chance to jack in until this time.

Qiao Gang seemed to have only just seen He Qi and hurriedly laughed, “Of course not, I didn’t expect Miss He to be there, what an honour for me Qiao Gang, haha.”

Zhang He saw a few people leaving and was as uncomfortable as if he had eaten a fly. He immediately took out the phone and dialed out, “Dad, it’s me, well, I just saw Qiao Gang come to Tandu, yes, he found a driver, but I don’t know how good his driving skills are. This driver’s name is Ye Mo, he’s very arrogant, he actually slapped me just now and hit me so hard that he even knocked one of my teeth out.”

“What? How dare you be so arrogant? Even he, Qiao Gang, can’t be so arrogant as to dare to slap you at the entrance of the division gate. Even if Bandit Qiao steps in, I won’t let this arrogant brat go.” Zhang and an angry voice came from inside the phone, Zhang Quanqian was really angry, even if he was more cultured, a mere rider dared to slap his own son in a public place and knocked his son’s teeth out. This spread out in, he Zhang Quanqian money still have no face.

Zhang and the corners of his mouth l l showed a cold smile, “Dad, I have a way to let him die without a burial place in three days.”