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DYM Chapter 266

After a slight sweep of Ye Mo’s divine sense, he saw an Audi parked not far away, and this car seemed to have followed Qiao Gang. A sturdy man got out of the car, and it looked like he was quite skilled. However, in Ye Mo’s opinion, this man was not yet an initiate, meaning that he was not even a Yellow level martial artist.

Seeming to see Ye Mo’s intentional gaze, Qiao Gang smiled to himself, “Actually, that man at the back is my bodyguard, although I don’t like it, but the old man must want me to be like this, hehehe.”

He Qi walked over to Tang Beiwei and asked quietly, “Is that Ye Mo your boyfriend? How did he get Qian He to let us out today?”

Tang Beiwei, like Ye Mo, also disliked this He Qi, although He Qi was good looking, she was a bit arrogant and self-serving. however, now that she had taken the initiative to come and ask, Tang Beiwei couldn’t pretend not to hear, so she had to say, “I don’t know, I was out when I woke up.”

“Is that so?” He Qi muttered to herself, then asked, “How come I’ve never heard that you have a boyfriend? He seems to have some skills, how do you know him?”

Tang Beiwei grew to dislike He Qi more and more in her heart and said casually, “That’s my business.”

It seemed that she could see Tang Beiwei’s boredom, and although He Qi was annoyed in her heart, there was nothing she could do. If it was in the past, even if Tang Beiwei was prettier than her, she would not bother to pay attention to Tang Beiwei. But now she was getting more and more interested in Ye Mo, one how Ye Mo had brought her out today she was curious to know. The second was that he knew Qiao Gang, and Qiao Gang was even polite to him, not to mention that he even dared to beat up a police officer and was still fine afterwards. Who was this Ye Mo? He knew that Qiao Gang’s father, Qiao Shenghu, was the vice governor of Huzhong Province, and the Qiao family was also very powerful.

When He Qi saw that Tang Beiwei was not paying much attention to her, she had to go around to the other side of Ye Mo and was just about to squeeze in between Qiao Gang and Ye Mo, ready to ask Ye Mo. A dark light shot towards Qiao Gang’s eyebrow as if it was lightning.

This speed was too fast for Qiao Gang himself to react, not to mention the bodyguard behind him. When he felt the dark light, his heart immediately sank and he knew he was too late to do anything.

Ye Mo instantly knew that someone was trying to a*sa*sinate Qiao Gang, although he didn’t know why someone would want to a*sa*sinate such a gentry, but since he knew Qiao Gang and Qiao Gang was a good person, he had a reason to help out, besides, this favor was done casually and didn’t take too much effort.

When the dark light was almost at Qiao Gang’s face, Ye Mo had already reached out and squeezed the light with one hand. With a sweep of his divine sense, he found that it was actually a thin dart. Such a dart struck out at such a speed was definitely not thrown out casually, it must have been shot out with a kind of crossbow.

Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept to a corner a few dozen metres away, there was a man holding a small crossbow, he didn’t even think about it, this dart was thrown out by him. The dart, as if it had eyes, shot directly into the brow of the man holding a pocket crossbow a few dozen meters away, and the man fell to the ground dead without even grunting.

“Also ……” Qiao Gang reacted at this time, he had just been a*sa*sinated, his bodyguard also reacted at the same time and immediately rushed over.

“Brother Ye, thanks a lot, I owe you a life.” Qiao Gang heartily mōd his eyebrow, if it wasn’t for Ye Mo’s hand just now, his eyebrow would have been shot by a dart.

After saying that, he also reacted that not only was Ye Mo not ordinary, he was even more powerful than he thought. He was so powerful just now, that speed was probably not worse than a bullet, but he was able to catch it and return it.

He could have caught it and returned it? Thinking of this, Qiao just wanted to say something, but Ye Mo said, “That person who a*sa*sinated you has already been killed by me, behind the bin on the left front.”

Qiao Gang immediately said to the bodyguard, “You go and bring the man here immediately.” After saying that he picked up the phone again and dialed out, with some tension and worry in his eyes.

If there was anyone who saw Ye Mo’s movements the most clearly just now, it was He Qi, she was behind Ye Mo, and she saw Ye Mo’s hand clearly when he reached out, that movement was like a shadow, it was simply too fast. Until now, she hadn’t even reacted to the fact that that movement was made by Ye Mo.

He really wasn’t an ordinary person, He Qi was even more shocked in her heart, she even suspected that Ye Mo had brought her out after he had knocked Qian He down.

After this kind of incident, one was no longer in the mood to go to dinner. Qiao had just finished his phone call, and his bodyguards had already carried the Sǐ person over. It was a good thing that the place chosen by the killer was a bit remote, so no one noticed it for a while.

When he saw his wrist, his face immediately changed and he was stunned for a few seconds before he turned back to Ye Mo and said, “I’m sorry, Brother Ye, I’ve dragged you into this.”

“What’s wrong?” Ye Mo also saw that Qiao Gang’s face was ugly and even worried and nervous.

Qiao Gang breathed out and said, “Surprisingly, it’s someone from the ‘Earth Fury, I heard it from my grandfather. The Earth Fury, formerly known as the Earth Killers, is an international company that offers very high prices. This time, someone actually hired someone from ‘Earth Fury’ to kill me, it must be because of ……”

The first time I saw the company, I was able to get a good deal.

Although she was reluctant, He Qi knew that if she forced herself to stay here, she would already make people dislike her.

When he watched He Qi leave, Qiao Gang settled down and then continued, “I guess it’s because of the ‘blood sè coral’ because this car race is just a front, and the real source is a ‘blood sè coral’ found The one who found the ‘blood stained coral’ was not my Qiao family, among them the Zhang family and the Yun family, as well as the people from the Jiangnan Cha family, a total of four families.”

When Qiao just said ‘blood sè coral’, Ye Mo’s heart moved, he thought of a spiritual herb in the cultivation world also called ‘blood sè coral’, but shook his head in a flash, the names of many things here were different from the cultivation world, the same name didn’t mean the things were the same high. If it was really blood sè coral, he would definitely be able to advance to the middle Qi cultivation stage, that is, the fourth Qi cultivation layer, if he got it.

Qiao Gang didn’t notice Ye Mo’s expression, but continued: “There is only one Blood Coral, but there are four families coming, so our four families agreed to decide the fate of the Blood Coral through a civil race. Each family would give two drivers, the first one would score eight points, the eighth one would score one point, and the final result would be the sum of the scores of the two drivers from each family. Whoever has the highest total score will be awarded the ‘blood coral’. One of the two riders must be from my own family, because I am the best driver, so I must enter, and the other person I invite is you. These people want to kill me, so they must just not want me to enter.”

Ye Mo frowned and said, “Since you know that your car skills are the best, why did the other three choose to race this competition?”

Qiao Gang smiled bitterly and said, “Because ‘Bloodshed Coral, is what the grandsons of a few of our families found when they went out racing, so when our Qiao family proposed this race, there was no way for the other few families to refute it. That’s not what I’m worried about, what I’m worried about is that you killed the ‘Earth Fury,’ a*sa*sin, and this matter probably won’t just be forgotten.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and didn’t say anything, he wouldn’t be afraid of anything.

Seeing Ye Mo’s unconcerned look, Qiao Gang had to say again, “‘Earth Fury’ has been established for almost a century, their killers are all over the world, no one knows what their killers look like, because everyone who saw them died. This one is heard to have only missed three times since its formation, and anyone who kills them will be hunted by this one with all their might, no exceptions. Even our family wouldn’t dare to touch this, let alone an individual. So, what I am worried about is that if you kill one of their people, what will follow is their frantic pursuit.”

Ye Mo laughed coldly, “So if they want to kill someone, they can only stick their necks out for them to kill them, and they can’t resist.”

Qiao Gang, however, did not find it funny in the slightest, but nodded solemnly, “Not bad, usually the people they kill can only hide, but never have they ever dodged. But their price is not ordinary high, ordinary people can’t afford to hire them. I only identified this killer when I saw a tattoo above his wrist with a sharp knife on both sides, this tattoo of theirs means no shyte, this knife has no handle, only the tips on both sides.”

“And Chuan ……” Qiao Gang hesitated for a moment and looked at Ye Mo and continued, “‘Earth Fury, the killers are divided into three grades: heaven, earth and human, this time this one you killed is just a lowest human grade a*sa*sin. It can be said that once you kill one of their killers, from the beginning of the ink stone onwards, you are a certain enemy of the ‘Heavenly Furies’, and they will keep hunting until the other party dies, without exception. So, Brother Ye, this time it’s me who got you into trouble, you can’t run around now, why don’t you go to our Qiao family.”

After hearing Qiao Gang’s words, Tang Beiwei was even more nervous and pulled Ye Mo’s hand, she couldn’t imagine that her brother had offended such a terrifying

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Brother Qiao you don’t have to worry, a mere one I haven’t put in my eyes, in three days, I’ll be waiting for you at the entrance of the division gate on time. I reckon your Qiao family also needs to arrange some personnel, so I won’t bother.”

Qiao Gang watched Ye Mo pulling Tang Beiwei away, and felt more and more guilty in his heart, Ye Mo got into trouble because he saved him, but he couldn’t solve this matter.

“Let’s go back first.” Qiao Gang said and let his bodyguard take the a*sa*sin who was killed by Ye Mo into the car and soon disappeared.

“Brother, what now?” Tang Beiwei was the most nervous, she had managed to find a relative, but in the blink of an eye, her brother would suffer from the ‘Earth Fury,’ which made her panic.

Ye Mo patted Tang Beiwei’s shoulder, “It’s alright, you don’t need to worry, I’ll send you to Yanjing tomorrow, you and Ye Ling’s sister will be together, there should be no more problems. Once I’ve taken care of things over here, I’ll come and find you. You still don’t know what I can do, I’ve learnt Daoism, do you think a district can still do anything to me!