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DYM Chapter 267

Tang Beiwei, however, was silent, not saying yes or no. However, Ye Mo already knew that she was mostly not very happy with her proposal, he was a bit helpless, if it wasn’t for the fact that he had messed with the ‘Earth Demon’ he would have let Tang Beiwei go.

Just as Ye Mo was about to persuade him, Tang Beiwei said, “Brother, I don’t quite want to go to the Ye family, and you’re not a member of the Ye family, so I have even less to do with them, so I don’t want to go there.”

Ye Mo froze for a moment and immediately understood Tang Beiwei’s concerns, which was true when he thought about it. At best, he only had a slightly better relationship with Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng in the Ye family, if he were to leave Tang Beiwei in the Ye family, she would be a real parasite and would have to rely on the Ye family’s power to shelter her.

The first time I thought about it, I said, “I’m sorry, Beiwei, it’s my brother who didn’t think it through, I’ll think about it again.”

Hearing Ye Mo retract his earlier words, Tang Beiwei immediately smiled sweetly and said, “In fact, brother, if they really want to lay hands on me, it would be just as useless for you to send me to the Ye family. Besides, it might be safer for me to be by your side.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Good, that’s it, I’ll see how bold this organization is, if he really dares to lay his hands on you, don’t blame me for not being polite.” Ye Mo was now in debt, he had an enemy with ‘Bei Sha, and now he had offended a family of siege offended already, there was no use worrying about it anymore.

That night the two did not go to stay in a hotel, just go to Tang Beiwei’s home to deal with a night. The home of Tang Beiwei was indeed shabby, Ye Mo did not see any valuable household appliances, so it could be seen that she and her mother were living a very sour life.

Seemingly seeing Ye Mo’s gloom, Tang Beiwei was not so distraught. On the contrary, she was rather happy that although her mother was gone, she had a brother again, and only regretted that her mother could not be with her. She would never have agreed if she had been allowed to go and live with that Song Qiming as well.

“Brother, I wonder if that Song surname is coming to take my mother away because he knows you are going to the Song family. But, I really don’t want my mother to be hurt, brother, if you go to the Song family, just, just” Six Tang Beiwei knew that Ye Mo and the Song family were deeply involved, and for a while she couldn’t find the right words to make Ye Mo let the Song family go.

Ye Mo sighed, he knew that Song Qiming’s purpose had been achieved, and it was indeed a little difficult to let him kill Song Qiming in front of his mother who had raised Tang Beiwei for more than twenty years. But to just let Song Qiming go like that, he would never do that. Perhaps, in the past few days after arriving at Tandu, he hadn’t even thought about going to the Song family, or maybe it was because of Tang Beiwei’s relationship.

He would never let go of Song Qiming, but the big deal was not to let Tang Beiwei’s mother see him when the time came.

Xuanjiang is a provincial city with a population of nearly 40 million.

The Zhang family can be said to be the number one family in Xuanjiang, and the Zhang family is also one of the five great families of China, and even ranks first in strength among the five great families.

However, apart from the Zhang family in Xuanjiang, a large part of the Qiao family’s power is also in Xuanjiang. It is just that the Qiao family’s strength is equal in Yanjing and Xuanjiang. Among the Five Great Families, the Qiao family ranks third, after the Zhang family in Xuanjiang and the Li family in Yanjing.

At the same time, as one of the Five Great Families of China, the Zhang and Qiao families are developing together in Xuanjiang, and the conflict is obvious. Even the juniors of the two families together are competitive and determined not to lose to each other.

Originally, the ‘blood coral’ incident was discovered by Zhang He of the Tandu Zhang clan, who had gradually faded out of the Xuanjiang Zhang family for various reasons in the previous generation, and had even become a marginal clan. However, because of the ‘Bloodshed Coral’ incident, coupled with Zhang He’s outstanding car skills, the Tandu Zhang family has once again become involved with the Xuanjiang Zhang family.

The Xuanjiang Zhang family was so strong that they wanted to intervene in the ‘blood stained coral’ matter, and the other three families could do nothing about it. After all, the Tandu Zhang family is technically a branch of the Zhang family, and the Zhang family is too powerful, with a powerful force behind it that no one knows about, so the other three families can’t just blatantly go up against the Xuanjiang Zhang family. The only thing they could do was to try to pa*s the competition and get their hands on the ‘blood sè coral.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the Xuanjiang Qiao family was not good, this meeting of the Qiao family had almost all of the elites of the Qiao family had come except for Qiao Gang’s father, Qiao Shenghu.

“Eldest uncle, Wu Chong has confirmed that the man Xiao Gang brought back is indeed a human-grade a*sa*sin from the ‘Earth Furies, and he is also using a dart crossbow that only the ‘Earth Furies, have.” The person who spoke was called Qiao Shengbao, and was Qiao Gang’s fourth cousin uncle.

The first time I heard Qiao Shengbao’s words, I frowned. “Although blood coral is precious, but because of this ‘blood coral’, offending the ‘Earth Fury’, this, is not a bit more than worth the loss.

At this moment, a man in his thirties sitting behind Qiao Shengbao said, “Alas, this Ye Mo is too reckless, although his skills are good, but he can’t just kill people. Now, he’s going to get himself killed, and he’s even dragged our Qiao family into it. I say, Qiao Gang, next time be careful when making friends, not everyone can be a friend. You still have too little social experience, if it were me, I wouldn’t make such friends.”

Qiao Gang’s face changed and he immediately stood up, “What do you mean, George Jun? Am I supposed to be killed by a killer without fighting back? Ye Mo is my life-saver, so you mean he should be killed?”

George Jun, however, was not the least bit angry, but said indifferently, “Qiao Gang, I am just speaking on the matter, our Qiao family is a big family, if everything is as fussy as you are, and if you do not act calmly at all, how can my Qiao family still develop in the future?”

“Then how would you handle it according to you?” Seeing George Jun’s completely didactic tone, Qiao Gang held back his anger and asked, knowing that he was the heir to the family made many people unhappy.

George Jun smiled coldly, “How can a family survive if it doesn’t have a bit of gumption? If it were me, I would have immediately grabbed that brat called Ye Mo and sent him to the ‘Earth Furies’ to seek their forgiveness.”

“Bullsh*t.” Qiao Gang was extremely angry, “Should I be captured and sent to them as well?”

“Alright, no clamour at the family meeting, all be quiet.” Qiao Zhen patted the waking wood in his hand.

Qiao Gang was still staring coldly at George Jun, his eyes filled with anger.

At this moment, an old man sitting next to Qiao Zhen however coughed and said, “Actually, what George Army said is not a bad way to go, after all, Ye Mo is just an ordinary person, of course we then compensate his sister more.”

“Third grandfather just didn’t expect someone to second George Jun’s proposal, and it was an elder of the family, so he immediately felt a bit powerless. Ye Mo was his saviour, even if he, Qiao Gang, didn’t want his life, he couldn’t do such a thing.

Qiao Zhen waved his hand, “There is nothing wrong with everyone’s thoughts, after all, they are all thinking of the family. Speaking of Ye Mo, I do recall that outcast young man Ye Mo from the Yanjing Ye family, these two can’t be the same person, can they?”

“How is that possible, Yanjing’s Ye Mo is the one that even the Song family is afraid of disintegrating, how would he help someone else as a driver and agree to Xiaogang helping him with his racing. That Ye Mo I’ve heard of, xìng is arrogant and unapproachable, vengeful and decisive.” Qiao Shengbao immediately said.

“Murderous and decisive?” Qiao Zhen repeated and frowned. This Ye Mo, who knew Qiao Gang, didn’t say a word, just because this killer wanted to kill Qiao Gang, he immediately went out and killed him, what was this if not killing and decisive? And he even dared to lecture the police on the street, could it really be this Ye Mo?

“Go and bring the photo of that Ye Mo from the Yanjing Ye family.” Qiao Zhen was very decisive in his actions and immediately went to do it as soon as he thought of it.

Ye Mo’s photo was quickly brought over and Qiao Zhen handed it to Qiao Gang, “Gang’er, take a look at this photo and see if it is the same person as the Ye Mo you know?”

Qiao Gang picked up the photo and immediately said, “Grandpa, it’s him, it’s the Ye I know.”

Hearing Qiao Gang’s words, Qiao Zhen surprisingly panted, tying up this Ye Mo and giving him to the ‘Earth Furies’ was an international joke. Was this Ye Mo something that could be tied up? Although the Song family was ranked fourth among the five great families, Qiao Zhen knew that the Song family was truly the second family. Even from a purely political point of view, it was not surprising that the Song family ranked first. Even the Song family was no match for this Ye Mo, so if their Qiao family went against Ye Mo, wouldn’t they be looking for death? Besides, this Ye Mo was still kind to his grandson.

Sure enough, when they heard that the Ye Mo that Qiao Gang knew was actually the same Ye Mo that came out of the Yanjing Ye Family, all the people in the Qiao Family shut up. George Jun gave Qiao Gang a cold stare and hated him even more in his heart, not expecting that this Qiao Gang had gotten gǒu sh*t luck and could even know Yanjing Ye Mo.

Yanjing Ye Mo, even if you are more powerful, killing the people of the ‘Earth Fury’ is still a way out. George just quickly calmed down, this Ye Mo couldn’t be arrogant for much longer.

“Alright, that’s it, from now on no one inside the family is allowed to reveal l Ye Mo’s identity, three days later, Ye Mo will still represent my Qiao family and Qiao Gang to compete together.” With an order, Qiao Zhen immediately set the tone for this family meeting.

Qiao Gang had of course heard about Ye Mo in Yanjing, and he hadn’t even thought that the Ye Mo he knew was the same Ye Mo from the legend. Killing Ou Xuhu, ah, what kind of person was Ou Xuhu, as a first grandson of a family, Qiao Gang could not possibly not know. Such a powerful person had agreed to help him in the race? Thinking of this Qiao Gang was surprisingly a little proud, fortunately he didn’t hold it in front of him.

Qiao Gang also thought of the kind of bland look Ye Mo had after hearing ‘Earth Fury,’ and couldn’t help but secretly admire in his heart, perhaps only people like Ye wouldn’t put ‘Earth Fury,’ such in his eyes.