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DYM Chapter 268

Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei both spoke for almost the whole night, and it was only towards dawn that Tang Beiwei drifted off to sleep, while Ye Mo refined a string of defensive bracelets and wore them himself. Although this defensive bracelet was useless against the attacks of ancient martial practitioners, it could still defend against ordinary a*sa*sinations.

Even without the defence bracelet, Ye Mo believed that he would not be afraid of a*sa*sination, but sometimes since he could defend himself without doing anything, why not do so?

When Tang Beiwei woke up, it was already lunch time. After washing up, Ye Mo took Tang Beiwei to the street to buy some common things and went to the school to retrieve some of Tang Beiwei’s sīn items.

Although Tang Beiwei didn’t know where Ye Mo had put these things to, but she knew that her brother was magical in many places, and she didn’t bother to ask. Although she was curious, she also knew the importance and knew that sometimes it wasn’t good to ask what her brother didn’t want to say. In fact, Ye Mo didn’t think too much about it, many of his skills Tang Beiwei knew, a storage device he didn’t hide from Tang Beiwei, seeing that she had some doubts, so he directly showed her the ring.

When Ye Mo brought Tang Beiwei to Tan Kang Hospital, Pang Haixiang and President Hu Yang were already waiting at the entrance of the hospital.

When he saw Ye Mo coming, Pang Haixiang immediately greeted him with a relieved look in his eyes. Although Lin San had called Hu Yang and told him that Ye Mo had gone out, she was still uneasy until she saw him.

“Divine Doctor Ye, are you alright yesterday. You were taken away by the police, Dean Hu and I were worried.” Pang Haixiang’s expression had stormed l that she was indeed worried.

Ye Mo nodded and had some good feelings towards this Ms. Pang. She didn’t come up and say how her husband was, but asked about Ye Mo’s well-being, whether she was worldly or otherwise, it at least showed that she was good at being a human being.

“Thanks for your concern, I’m fine. Your husband should already be at Tan Hong Hospital, right?” Helping Pang Haixiang’s husband with his treatment was a completely unexpected thing, so Ye Mo just wanted to cure him and leave sooner.

“Yes, please trouble Divine Doctor Ye.” Although Pang Haixiang couldn’t wait for Ye Mo to help treat her husband right away, she couldn’t afford to seem too eager.

Hu Yang finally found the time to jack in and said, “Divine Doctor Ye, let me take you there.” What he had in mind was to see how Ye Mo would treat Pang Haixiang’s husband later.

Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei were personally led by Dean Hu Yang to the VIP ward on the third floor.

“Who is this young man? Dean Hu actually treated him with such respect and called him a divine doctor? It’s a bit outrageous, isn’t it.” A nurse asked in a whisper.

Another nurse next to her said, “This young man is the one who cured Soun Yuan Yuan’s tuǐ yesterday, his medical skills are quite impressive, you didn’t see the way he used acupuncture, the movement of his hands was just like lightning, I saw it with my own eyes.” The nurse who answered was the same nurse who had taken care of Soun Yuan Yuan yesterday.

A middle-aged female doctor, who was already preparing to leave work, was a bit surprised to see this scene and looked back at another doctor and said, “Director Liu, the person you said yesterday who doesn’t know the sky is not him, is it? Did he cure Soun Yuan Yuan’s tuǐ?”

At this moment, Director Liu was already red with shame, he had said yesterday that this young man was ignorant and fearless, and now Dean Hu was directly calling someone a divine doctor. Moreover, yesterday, Ye Mo’s use of acupuncture to cure Soun Yuan Yuan’s tuǐ had spread throughout the entire Tan Kang Hospital, and no one didn’t know about it. This was simply a barefaced slap in the face, and a slap in the face.

“What is Dean Hu doing bringing him up there?” Another doctor asked.

“I heard that a patient was urgently transferred from Hong Kong Mary’s Hospital today, it was said that Mary’s Hospital was no longer able to treat him, and yesterday I heard that that divine doctor Ye was very good at healing, so he was specially transferred here today.” That nurse immediately replied, it was obvious that she had inquired about yesterday’s incident very clearly.

“There’s actually such a divine doctor, huh? I’m going to have a look, it’s good to learn even a little bit of the skin.” That doctor immediately followed in a hurry after saying that.

“I’m going to have a look too ……” The middle-aged female doctor also followed.

Seeing that two more doctors had followed, Director Liu settled down and also quietly followed. The only thing is that Zhaoyuan was discharged from the hospital yesterday and he could no longer find her in person. Now it was just the right time to go up and see if it was a fake.

But wishes are good, reality is cruel. Apart from Pang Haixiang and Dean Hu, Ye Mo only brought Tang Beiwei into the ward, others had to wait outside. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had offended the ‘Earth Furies’, Ye Mo might have let Tang Beiwei wait at the school.

Although he wasn’t afraid of this, if these people made a move on Tang Beiwei, there was nothing he could do at all. The only way could only be to take Tang Beiwei with him, and in a few days if these people weren’t as scary as Qiao Gang had said and didn’t lay their hands on his sister. He was then prepared to take Tang Beiwei to Yanjing to see her mother, and then after settling the matter with the Song family, he would send Tang Beiwei to Luo Cang.


Pang Haixiang’s husband looked very thin and his face s a little blue and purple. His breathing was so ragged that one would worry if he would pa*s out at any moment just by looking at him.

“My husband’s symptoms are very much like a heart attack, but many hospitals have tested that he does not have a heart attack. Once his face is blue to a certain level, he will faint, and now this situation has been getting worse. Ye Divine Doctor ……” Although she tried not to turn Ye Mo against her, but when it came to her husband’s safety, Pang Haixiang couldn’t care less.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept through and didn’t even need to use his hands to check his pulse to know what kind of disease this man on the sick chuáng had. He had seen it here, when Zhuo Yingqing’s grandfather was suffering from this disease, ‘Purple Jiao’ poisoning.

The ‘Purple Jiao’ is a material for training weapons in the cultivation world, and it is not very common even in the cultivation world, so could it be that there are so many ‘Purple Jiao’ ores on Earth? How come he didn’t see a single piece? Ye Mo was a bit depressed.

The man on the sick-chuáng saw Ye Mo approaching and struggled to sit up: “Divine Doctor Ye, my name is Guo Taiming, I’m really troubling you. I know my disease is hard to treat and it’s hereditary, it’s really my fate that I can’t be treated.”

Ye Mo was going to say that it was easy to treat this disease, but he actually heard Guo Taiming say that this disease was hereditary “Purple Jiao’ virus is hereditary? This was the first time Ye Mo had heard of it. Could it be that he had misjudged, he immediately frowned.

Seeing Ye Mo frowning, Guo Taiming mentally sighed, knowing that this disease of his was also a bit difficult for this divine doctor in front of him. However, he was still relatively open-minded and immediately said, “My grandfather also died of this disease, and my father died of the same disease. I don’t have a son, only a daughter, and it looks like this disease of mine has come to an end with me.”

Ye Mo didn’t answer, he took out a golden needle and stabbed it into one of Guo Taiming’s xué ducts, and with his true qi running, he immediately knew that he hadn’t misjudged, it was indeed the ‘Purple Jiao’ poison, but this poison wasn’t contagious?

Ye Mo pulled out the golden needle, looked at the expectant Pang Haixiang, and the focused Hu Yang, and said with a faint smile, “I can treat this disease, but ……”

When Pang Haixiang heard Ye Mo say that her husband’s illness could be treated, she instantly showed a look of surprise and opened her mouth for a long time before saying, “Divine Doctor Ye, as long as you can cure my husband’s illness, I can do anything I can do.”

Only Tang Beiwei heard that there was something wrong with this statement, but in her mind it was normal for a wife to worry like this when her husband was terminally ill, and it would be too cold if she didn’t.

Originally, Ye Mo wanted Guo Taiming to tell him where he had met the ‘Purple Jiao’ ore, but then he thought better of it. One he didn’t have the need to be unavailable for this kind of ore, and the second was that if he asked, Guo Taiming wouldn’t necessarily know what he was talking about.

“Forget it.” Ye Mo casually took out several golden needles and inserted them into various xué channels on Guo Taiming’s body at a very fast speed, and with the operation of his true qi, the ‘Purple Scorch’ virus within Guo Taiming’s body was pulled out by Ye Mo at a very fast speed.

Strictly speaking, Guo Taiming’s symptoms were much lighter than Zhuo Youshan’s, it was just that his body was not as good as Zhuo Youshan’s, so it didn’t drag on for as long as Zhuo Youshan’s instead.

Half an hour later, Ye Mo collected the golden needles and said, “It’s already healed.”

“Ah ……” Pang Haixiang looked at Ye Mo in a daze, this is good? She simply did not believe that it had healed like this, even the most powerful medical skills were not so fast ah, no medicine, nor any surgery, just a few needles inserted and it was healed?

“What? This is good?” Hu Yang spoke up and froze as well. If he didn’t know how serious Guo Taiming’s condition was, and if he didn’t know Guo Taiming, he would have thought that Ye Mo and Guo Taiming were in cahoots and were completely making a false impression to deceive people.

After freezing for a moment, Pang Haixiang was the first to react and rushed up, taking Guo Taiming’s hand and saying, “Taiming, how are you doing?”

Guo Taiming felt that the pain and torment inside his body seemed to disappear without a trace, and for a moment he had not reacted, but now when his wife asked him that, he remembered to move his hands and feet, and then stood up. He quickly exclaimed in surprise, “It’s really healed, my body is no longer stuffy or painful. I can’t believe there is this kind of healing art, I can’t believe there is this kind of healing art ……”

Guo Taiming muttered a few times, but still couldn’t believe it.

“Surprisingly there is this kind of medical skill ……” This time it was Dean Hu Yang who muttered, he was just as disbelieving that Ye Mo had cured Guo Taiming’s illness so quickly, knowing that it was a terminal illness.

“In that case, I’ll take my leave. Beiwei, let’s go.” Ye Mo finished speaking and was about to leave with Tang Beiwei.

“Divine Doctor Ye, please stay.” Guo Taiming suddenly reacted and immediately called out to Ye Mo!