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DYM Chapter 29-30

Chapter 29

Under his exhaustion, Ye Mo didn’t notice that Yun Bing had woken up once, casually pulled a sheet over Yun Bing’s body and said, “Today is a bargain for you, originally, with your attitude towards me, I didn’t even want to save you, but who let me be in a good mood today.”

After saying that Ye Mo closed the door of the room, picked up Zheng Wen Qiao and the middle-aged man outside once again, opened the door and went away in a big way.

He stripped Zheng Wen Qiao and the middle-aged man naked, cleaned them up, and kicked their bottoms out with his feet. The two men were then thrown on top of each other in the back seat of the car, stacked together, before the BMW was driven away. The car has been driven to Century Square, parked in a conspicuous place in the square, and did not forget to open all the windows when leaving.


The first time Ye Mo went out was a whole day, Ning Qingxue stayed in the courtyard a little anxious, originally intended to go to get a marriage license today, but Ye Mo has not returned so far, seems to have forgotten what he promised himself.

Xu Wei was a bit embarra*sed when she met with Ning Qingxue in the morning, Ning Qingxue was such a pretty girl, I wonder how Ye Mo found her, and also what she was thinking. She actually lived with someone as poor as Ye Mo unmarried first, really people can’t be seen. Although in Xu Wei’s impression, Ye Mo was still considered a nice person, but Ning Qingxue seemed to be a little too good.

Ning Qingxue’s mind was similar to Xu Wei’s, she was wondering in her heart why Xu Wei was with Ye Mo, and it seemed that Ye Mo had a hidden illness. But of course it was not good for her to ask this out, the two thought they were thinking the right thing.

Seeing that Xu Wei had already gone to work, Ning Qingxue felt a little uncomfortable in this strange courtyard by herself. But after waiting for a long time, she saw that Ye Mo had planted some flowers and plants in his courtyard, which she originally thought was done by Xu Wei, but the planting place seemed to be on Ye Mo’s side.

Ning Qingxue went to look at the flowers and plants, among them was a gra*s with a silver leaf in the middle that seemed to be taken care of by the person who planted it, and there were no other flowers and plants next to it, instead it took up a large piece of space alone.

After looking around inside the courtyard, Ning Qingxue returned to her room. Ye Mo’s room was very simple, apart from a bed, there was only a table. The only thing that was a little unintelligible was that there was also a small box and what seemed to be a jar for cooking medicine. As for what was inside the box, Ning Qingxue had no idea, but she didn’t have the ** to open it and take a look. She didn’t like to pay attention to other people’s **. For that strange jar, Ning Qingxue had even less ** to observe it.

She suddenly felt as if Ye Mo was not quite the same as what Mumei had said, but it seemed to be the same as what Li Mumei had said, and this feeling made her very strange.

She didn’t know how Ye Mo knew Su Jingwen, and Su Jingwen seemed to have a good opinion of him. When Ning Qingxue thought about when she first saw Ye Mo and saw his silent understanding when he and Su Jingwen were dancing, and when he gave something to Su Jingwen, she even had a little lump in her heart, and she couldn’t help but secretly laugh.

Now that she saw with her own eyes that Ye Mo was living with the girl next door, her mood was flat. Thinking about the fact that Ye Mo had accepted her $500,000 card without hesitation, it was really just like what Li Mumei had said, and some of the remaining guilt towards Ye Mo disappeared without a trace.

She could only wait now, when Ye Mo returned, to get a marriage certificate with him, and then have Li Mumei send out a copy of her marriage certificate, as well as photos of her private life with Ye Mo. If this doesn’t get rid of the Song family’s entanglement, she doesn’t know what she should do anymore.


When Ye Mo returned to the small courtyard of the residence, Xu Wei and Ning Qingxue had already gone to sleep. Ye Mo looked at the two rooms and saw that the lights had been turned off, so he did not enter the house. He returned to the backyard under the big tree to continue his cultivation.

Ning Qingxue heard the ringing of the courtyard door and knew that Ye Mo had returned, wondering if he made it this late every night. After a while she seemed to hear another rattle from Xu Wei’s room next door.

The cultivation time pa*sed quickly, and it was only after Ye Mo stood up in the morning and did a set of boxing and washed up that Xu Wei got up. She greeted Ye Mo with a slightly strange expression on her face, but she quickly returned to normal and hurriedly finished packing up and left the courtyard to go to work.

Ning Qingxue, who had originally woken up long ago, heard Ye Mo and Xu Wei’s voices in the courtyard and held back from coming out until after Xu Wei had left.

When Ning Qingxue saw Ye Mo fiddling with the flowers and plants, she said to herself that he really did make these flowers and plants. He was a big man who actually liked these things, I don’t know if he had a delicate mind or if he really had some problems.

“Oh, you’re awake ……,” Ye Mo looked back at Ning Qingxue and said one sentence before stopping. After another moment he continued, “Why does your face look so bad? Did you not eat yesterday?

Ye Mo originally saw that there was some dullness between the two of them, which was why he took the initiative to find a word to say. But to his surprise, Ning Qingxue really shook her head and said, “I’m not hungry, I didn’t eat yesterday.”

Didn’t eat for a day? Ye Mo was a bit speechless. If it was him who hadn’t eaten for a day it wouldn’t have mattered, but not Ning Qingxue, she wasn’t a cultivator, no wonder her face looked so ugly.

“You should wash up, we’ll go eat later.” Ye Mo finished and continued to fiddle with his Silver Heart Gra*s, which was his treasure.

After Ning Qingxue got everything right, Ye Mo took Ning Qingxue to a nearby snack shop and got a bowl of thin rice and a few steamed buns to eat.

Watching Ye Mo eat two bowls of rare rice and five steamed buns in the morning, despite not having eaten all day yesterday, Ning Qingxue just barely ate half a steamed bun and half a bowl of rare rice before she was full.

“Why do you have to marry me, you know ……” Ye Mo did not finish his words and was interrupted by Ning Qingxue again.

“You don’t need to ask so much, you just need to know that this is a deal for us.” Ever since Ye Mo accepted that card without hesitation, as well as knowing about him and Xu Wei living together, Ning Qingxue’s mood had somehow become worse, and she suspected that the breezy Ye Mo she saw at Su Jingwen’s birthday party was simply pretending.

If Ye Mo had asked such a question when she and Ye Mo first met, perhaps she would have told Ye Mo that she only wanted to get rid of the Song family. But now, she did not want to say anything more to Ye Mo in the slightest. She paid and Ye Mo carried out his mission, it was just a simple deal. After the deal, she would be her and Ye Mo would be Ye Mo, and the two would simply have nothing to do with each other.

Seemingly sensing the change in Ning Qingxue’s tone, Ye Mo smiled blandly and did not care. He was not going to bother with a woman, besides, so what if he was married? It didn’t affect him, Ye Mo, in the slightest.

The marriage certificate was simple, as long as there was an ID card and then the two of them took a photo together. Ye Mo secretly sighed at the complexity of getting married in his previous life, but he didn’t think it would be so simple now. However, he saw that it seemed to be even simpler to get a divorce, so simple that he didn’t even have to come in person to get a divorce.

Ye Mo didn’t have time to sigh, he and Ning Qingxue had just received their marriage license when Li Mumei came over.

She wanted to help Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue both take a few life photos.


Chapter 30

“Why do we still have to wear pajamas?” Ye Mo asked in a somewhat depressed manner, thinking, “Do you still want to get some lacy photos?

It seemed to understand what Ye Mo was thinking, but Li Mu Mei said, “Even Qing Xue is not afraid, what are you afraid of? You really think you’re the main character of the You really think you’re the protagonist of the raunchy door.”

“Mumei ……” Although Ning Qingxue had a somewhat bad opinion of Ye Mo, but Li Mumei’s words made her a little embarra*sed. After all, when it comes to the Yan… The word door, however, made Ning Qingxue very repulsive.

Ye Mo had the intention to refuse, but when he thought that when he first saw Ning Qingxue, she had that melancholy look in her eyes like Luo Ying, he still agreed. Perhaps deep inside his heart, he subconsciously thought of Ning Qingxue as his master, Luo Ying, or missed Luo Ying with her. Besides, if Ning Qingxue wasn’t afraid, what was he afraid of? This kind of thing didn’t matter to him at all, a favour was no big deal.

After putting on his pajamas and leaning against the bed with Ning Qingxue, Ye Mo had a very strange feeling. The faint virgin aroma of Ning Qingxue’s body made him somewhat intoxicated. The scent of her body seemed to be somewhat the same as Luo Ying’s, but it seemed to be somewhat different, as to what was different he could not say, but Ye Mo liked the smell.

He subconsciously moved a little closer to Ning Qingxue, not paying any attention to the fact that he was putting on a show.

Ning Qingxue also sat next to Ye Mo in her pajamas, her brow frowned as if she was a little disgusted, but in the blink of an eye her expression returned to normal. Ye Mo’s body did not have the smell she hated, but was a little too fresh, that faint manly smell mixed with what seemed to be some baby body odour, making Ning Qingxue a little confused.

She seemed to feel Ye Mo leaning towards her, and subconsciously she actually ghostly did not dodge away, but leaned with Ye Mo, closing her eyes as if she was still recalling that feeling. She had forgotten that she and Ye Mo were still performing.

Ning Qingxue’s body was soft and supple, making Ye Mo feel very soothed. However, not long after he and Ning Qingxue squeezed together, he remembered that this was a photo show and there was a Li Mumei next to him, not a time for his own masturbation, thinking of this Ye Mo was startled and was about to move out of the way.

Li Mumei, however, spoke with some surprise: “You two, you can’t be into the show, right, hey, I’ve already shot, you can come down, really ……”

Ning Qingxue instantly woke up, her face immediately became sweet red, she really did not know how she got into the scene. She didn’t dare to look at Li Mumei and Ye Mo at all, instead she nervously picked up her jacket and draped it over her body.

Ye Mo laughed heatedly, rubbed his nose, put on his clothes as if no one was watching, and turned around to leave the room.

“Mumei, I ……” Ning Qingxue didn’t seem to know how she should explain how she acted just now, she didn’t know why she was attracted to Ye Mo and didn’t push away the unsuspecting Ye Mo.

“Alas, well, the photo is done. I’ll give it to Jing Wen later and bring another copy back to Yanjing. From now on, you can stay here alone for the time being, I reckon you’ll stay for at least a month or so and things should clear up, I’ll come over to see you often.” Li Mumei sighed again as she said this and continued, “Luckily Ye Mo is the one, otherwise it would be really dangerous for you two to be together, I think.”

Of course Ning Qingxue knew what Li Mumei meant by that, but she didn’t know how she should go about arguing. She even suspected that Ye Mo was a normal man, otherwise how could he live with Xu Wei? Although she thought so, she was still too embarra*sed to say it.

However, she knew how she felt about Ye Mo, and whether Ye Mo was the one or not, Mu Mei was overly concerned. It was an accident just now, and at that moment there was only tranquility in her heart, not any other thoughts.


The biggest news the next day was not the news that Ning Qingxue had gotten married, but that Century Square had been spotted with a pair of ki. The biggest news the next day was not that Ning Qingxue had gotten married, but that a pair of ki… They were still driving BMWs. Friends, but when the police intervened, it was discovered that one of them was actually the deputy mayor’s son, and both were seriously injured.

Obviously, it was man-made, and although Zheng Wen Qiao and his two men had been resuscitated and saved a small life, they had been turned into idiots. For a while, it became an unsolved case.

After Li Mumei left, Ye Mo’s life once again returned to its original form. And he found that as long as he didn’t bring back food, Ning Qingxue basically didn’t eat.

What he didn’t know was that Ning Qingxue had only brought a card with her when she came out, and the card was given to him, while she had no money on herself. And after the last incident, she was embarra*sed to call Li Mumei for a while, besides, Ye Mo received 500,000 yuan from her, that is, the food and drinks were all Ye Mo’s. There was nothing to it.

If it was just Ye Mo alone, he could make do with whatever he wanted to eat, and it didn’t even matter if he didn’t eat, but with Ning Qingxue here, he could only bring food to Ning Qingxue every day.

However, after a few days had pa*sed, he found that every time he brought food, Ning Qingxue ate very little of it. Ye Mo sighed, he knew that Ning Qingxue’s appetite was probably a bit tricky and she was not used to eating the boxed meals bought outside.

However, he only had 50,000 yuan on him, and with the purchase of some herbs and bits and pieces, he already only had another 20,000 yuan left. After looking at Ning Qingxue’s card, he thought that now she lived in her own house and ate her own food, so it shouldn’t matter if he used her card to swipe some money. He didn’t want the extra money anyway, so he just threw it to her.

But what disappointed Ye Mo was that the card Ning Qingxue gave him could not even withdraw 50 cents, not to mention 500,000. There was no other reason than the fact that the card given by Ning Qingxue was frozen by the bank.

Although many things were not going well, the good thing was that Ning Qingxue did not resent the food that Ye Mo cooked and ate a lot of it every time. This saved Ye Mo a little bit of worry, otherwise after a month Ning Qingxue would have become someone who blows in the wind, and maybe that other woman called Li Mumei would be looking for him to fight for her life. It’s not a big deal to find him, but I’m afraid she’ll go to Ning University and play crazy.

Moreover, he had no ill feeling towards Ning Qingxue, he even felt quite good about it, and he didn’t want to see her starving.

Ning Qingxue was strange, although she ate very little of the meals Ye Mo bought back, she ate a bit more since when Ye Mo cooked his own meals instead. Perhaps Ye Mo’s cooking was indeed somewhat to her liking, and after only a week or so, she actually found that she had gained some weight.

What made Ye Mo most happy was that his ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ had finally matured and the seeds were ready to be harvested.

Ye Mo carefully collected the thirty-nine ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ gra*s seeds and filled them up in a prepared jade bottle, he did not want to continue growing them in this courtyard. Because there was no way he could continue to live here for two years, he would immediately leave Ninghai when the matter over here was over. He had a premonition that Ninghai was no longer suitable for him to stay there.

After collecting the thirty-nine gra*s seeds, Ye Mo began to deal with this ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’. This was a fully matured ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, how to make good use of it was a key, maybe he could advance to the second level with this one ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’.

The remaining 20,000 yuan was used by Ye Mo to purchase more than 10,000 yuan of herbs, and together with the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, he began to boil the soup and medicine.

Every time Ning Qingxue asked Ye Mo to help her borrow a few books from the library to come back, she rarely went out and usually sat in the courtyard reading books. She watched quietly while Ye Mo fiddled with the flowers and plants, and when Ye Mo was boiling the soup and medicine, she also watched quietly, never asking a single question about anything.

Xu Wei usually came back at night and went to work early in the morning, so apart from speaking to Ye Mo, she rarely met up with Ning Qingxue. It reminded her of Ye Mo when she first arrived, when Ye Mo was also like this and rarely met with her.

Ye Mo boiled the whole jar of soup and medicine into a bowl, which he was going to drink at night while he was cultivating.

“Ye Mo, I want to beg you for something.” Ning Qingxue, who had always rarely spoken to Ye Mo apart from borrowing books, took the initiative to speak to Ye Mo for the first time and seemed to ask him for something.