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DYM Chapter 270

Two days pa*sed in a flash, although nothing happened in two days, Ye Mo still didn’t dare to leave his sister Tang Beiwei alone. However, he was finally relaxed, and when it was over, Ye Mo planned to ask the Earth Demon carefully what kind of organisation it was.

When Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei arrived at the entrance of the division, Qiao Gang had been waiting for him for a long time, but Ye Mo anxiously felt that Qiao Gang’s attitude towards him was not quite the same, as to what was different, he could not say, it seemed that Qiao Gang was much more restrained. Could it be because of the last time the Earthquake, the matter?

Ye Mo also knew that now was not the time to ask questions, he would ask Qiao Gang after today’s race was over.

Although Qiao Gang was a bit formal, he was happy to see Ye Mo, only that Ye Mo noticed that he didn’t bring his bodyguard with him today, Ye Mo understood on second thought that his kind of bodyguard was just a decoration for the killers of Earth Fury.

“Brother Ye, the car is ready, it’s at the race course, let’s go there now.” What Qiao Gang drove over was just an ordinary Mercedes Benz SUV.

After inviting Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei into the car, Qiao Gang himself was the driver and started the car before saying, “Brother Ye, let me tell you the situation first, the other three invited people are all international racers, and one of them even won a championship in Formula One racing had won a championship.”

Ye Mo asked somewhat strangely, “Young Qiao, since the others have hired international racers, why would your Qiao family hire me? I’m not a racer.”

Qiao Gang immediately said after hearing Ye Mo’s words, “Brother Ye, you’re too modest, I’m sure even an international racer in an Audi wouldn’t dare to say that he would lose my Porsche to the point of being out of sight in just a short time, but Brother Ye, you can do it, I think highly of you. Besides, this mountain track racing and international formula racing are simply two different things. Even if Schumacher came over, he wouldn’t be able to claim any advantage, and bringing in human racers is just messing around.”

“I have a map of the venue here, Brother Ye, take a look.” After saying that, Qiao Gang casually took out a map and handed it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took the map of the racing route given by Qiao Gang, and only then did he realize that the racing venue was under a mountain peak in Guixiang Daling. The racing route was very winding, to put it bluntly, it was two sections of mountain road, one going up and one coming down. It can be said that this race is a bit dangerous, if one is not careful, it is not racing, but falling directly into the cliff, even the gods can not save.

Although Tang Beiwei had confidence in Ye Mo, she was a bit worried when she saw the map in her brother’s hand.

Seeming to see Tang Beiwei’s worry, Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “You don’t need to worry, I’ve walked this road before, it’s nothing.”

Ye Mo did not lie, he had walked it, it was just that it was Wen Dong who drove it in the first place, and the section of road that Wen Dong drove in the first place was just about the same as the road on this map, it was all part of the pan mountain road.

Qiao Gang said somewhat apologetically, “I guessed the race would be set in this place, and it really is here. If you drive l step carefully here, you will fall off the cliff, so if Brother Ye is not willing to participate, we have other people.”

Ye Mo waved his hand, “Young Qiao, if I don’t participate, it’s definitely not because it’s dangerous, but because I don’t have the time.”

Seeming to know that Ye Mo was telling the truth, Qiao Gang nodded and said, “Actually, I am familiar with that section of the mountain road, because usually some of us racing enthusiasts choose this place to race when we have nothing to do, so I have run that section of the road many times.”

Ye Mo knew what Qiao Gang meant when he said that it was simply a place where some bored gentry usually had too much energy to vent.

Despite the speed of Qiao Gang’s car, it was already more than an hour later when he arrived at the outer racing base of Guixiang Daling.

The entrance to this section of the mountain road had already been closed off, and at the foot of the mountain was a large cāo field, on top of which there were already fifty or sixty people. The track at the foot of the hill was spacious enough for seven or eight cars to go side by side. The unusual thing about this track is that you can choose your lane when you’re on the side of the hill, and the lane in the middle is about 30 or 40 miles long, but if you can get around the 30 or 40 miles to overtake, you win. …,

But once you choose to go around, you are going to have to travel more than ten miles more than others, but the racing rule is that no matter what you use, as long as your car is the first to go around the mountain and return to the same place, you win.

When the three of them got out of the car, there were immediately many eyes looking over. Ye Mo looked up and saw several rows of racing cars parked at the huge lawn, each row was guarded by a man, it looked like each family’s cars came separately, it was the first time he saw so many modified brands. Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Lotus, Porsche, Bugatti and other tuning brands, Ye Mo was a little dazzled by them.

Qiao Gang led Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei to the Qiao family’s place, where four cars were also parked.

People from the Qiao family came over to exchange pleasantries and Ye Mo just casually greeted them, he only came over to help because he had promised Qiao just now, but did not have the heart to befriend the Qiao family.

Ye Mo noticed Zhang He, and when Zhang He saw Ye Mo coming over, a fierce smile flashed in his eyes. Beside him was another racer, less than thirty, with a cold and stern expression.

Behind Zhang He were two people but there was a black racer. When Qiao Gang saw Ye Mo looking at the black man, he immediately said quietly to Ye Mo: “That’s Martin, the international racer invited by the Yun family, the Yun family is very interested in the Scarlet Coral, and has put down a lot of money this time. We suspect that the Yun family was the one who did the killing last time, they are the most mysterious family. When you get in the car later, pay attention to this Yun family, and that kid Zhang He, that kid is very shady.”

Ye Mo nodded and swept his gaze towards the last two, Qiao Gang immediately said, “That’s someone from the Cha family in Jiangnan, I heard that the Cha family is a semi-hidden family, but they are very nice people. I feel that the most amiable of these families is the Cha family, the person they invited is also not well known, and they have not made any demands for the Scarlet Coral.”

After listening to Qiao Gang’s introduction, Ye Mo took a look at the two racers from the Cha family, and indeed they were both sunny looking, very decent kind of people. Ye Mo couldn’t help but smile slightly, maybe it was because Qiao Gang’s words had an effect, he could actually see other people’s looks without danger.

He turned back and said a few words to the receptionist from the Qiao family, and Qiao Gang immediately jacked in and said, “Brother Ye, go and choose a car.”

Ye Mo was just about to go and choose a car when he felt a chill, he subconsciously wanted to turn back, but he immediately restrained himself and immediately used his divine sense to carefully sweep behind him.

In Ye Mo’s opinion, what could make him feel a chill was definitely a killing machine. Just now, Zhang He’s gaze was not good when he came, just how could Zhang He, this second generation ancestor, have this kind of killing chance? Whether it was him or not, if he wanted to do something in the middle of the race, then he was looking for a surrender.

However, Ye Mo noticed that Zhang He was not looking at him, but was talking to the racer next to him about something. Ye Mo’s heart moved and immediately swept over to the two racers from the Yun family, and there was still no sign of anything strange. He rested his divine sense on the two racers from the Jiangnan Cha family again, only to find that one of the racers glanced at him intentionally or unintentionally.

Ye Mo was sure that if he didn’t have his divine sense, he would never have been able to detect this racer’s gaze, which had surprisingly completely disappeared that sunny flavour and carried a flash of killing intent.

Surprisingly, it was the most decent Cha family that Qiao Gang said? Ye Mo frowned as the racer who had just shown a hint of killing intent to Ye Mo’s back once again regained his good appearance of a sunny young man, his mouth full of a good-natured smile.

He himself and the Cha family didn’t even know each other, so why should they have killing intent towards him? The Jiangnan Cha family? Ye Mo suddenly remembered that Monk Wuguang had mentioned to him back then that it was a semi-hidden clan.

No matter who it was that had murderous intent towards him, he would never let it go. Ye Mo once again swept his divine sense onto this rider’s body, and anxiously Ye Mo was stunned for a moment, on the hidden inner side of this rider’s wrist, there was a tattoo with a blade tip on both ends.

Earth Fury, the killer? No wonder he felt a killing intent just now, he was actually an a*sa*sin, but this a*sa*sin’s grade was still very low, the killing accident leaked, although the surface was well disguised, but this instant was clear to Ye Mo. According to Qiao Gang’s description, this killer’s tattoo had two blade tips, indicating that it was a human-grade killer.

Ye Mo coldly snorted in his heart, since he had found the Earth Fury, the a*sa*sin, it meant that this a*sa*sin should be coming towards him, if he was coming towards Qiao Gang, it would not be now. Rather, it was before Qiao Gang came to the race track, and since Qiao Gang had already come to the race track, it meant that they would probably have their main target on themselves now. Of course, it could not be ruled out that they would kill Qiao Gang in the process.

Having found a killer, Ye Mo immediately became cautious and his divine sense began to sweep non-stop towards the people present. Each person he carefully checked if they had a tattoo on their wrist, and soon Ye Mo once again found a woman from the venue who also had a knife tip tattoo on her wrist.

He was not afraid of the Earth Demon, he was worried about his sister Tang Beiwei. If these killers were only after him, he wouldn’t care, but if they were also after Tang Beiwei then what should he do? No matter where he took Tang Beiwei, it was not safe.

“Brother Ye, go and choose a car.” Qiao Gang saw Ye Mo hesitate a little, but reminded him.

“Okay.” Ye Mo randomly chose a modified Mercedes, then looked at Qiao Gang and said, “It doesn’t matter if I bring my sister in the car with me when we race later, right?”

Ye Mo had already decided that if he left his sister Tang Beiwei here alone to face that female a*sa*sin, he would rather not help Qiao Gang in the race.