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DYM Chapter 271

Qiao Gang froze for a moment and immediately replied, “It doesn’t matter if it’s a silent one, but then, wouldn’t you be at a disadvantage, Brother Ye? Of course the lighter the weight the better the racing car, sometimes just a little weight can affect the race.”

“Yes, brother, why don’t I wait here for you?” Tang Beiwei immediately persuaded.

Ye Mo shook his head, “No, I want to bring you along, otherwise I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving you here alone.”

“In that case, Brother Ye, you go and try the car.” Qiao Gang saw that Ye Mo was somewhat sure of what he was saying, so he stopped persuading.

The four cars of the Qiao family were also guarded outside, people who were not from the Qiao family were definitely not given to come closer, but Qiao Gang was a racing driver and so was Ye Mo, they came over and the guards immediately gave way.

Ye Mo took Tang Beiwei into the modified Mercedes and drove two laps. Tang Beiwei, however, asked, “Brother, did you find something?”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Well, I found two a*sa*sins from the ‘Earth Fury,’ they came down two at a time, they must be coming for us. Leaving you here, I’m not quite at ease.”

Tang Beiwei had some understanding in her heart when Ye Mo said he was not comfortable leaving her here alone, and now that Ye Mo said that, he immediately knew how serious the matter was and really sent someone to keep an eye on it. ‘Earth Fury, would never give up.

“So what now? Why don’t you send me to the Ye family, brother?” Tang Beiwei had already understood Ye Mo’s bitterness at this point, if she followed him, she could only drag Ye Mo’s rear tuǐ, although she didn’t want to go to the Ye family, but in order not to drag her brother’s rear tuǐ, it was better to be condescending.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “Bei Wei, you’re thinking simplistically, if the ‘Earth Demon, organization is really targeting the two of us, it would be futile for you to go to the Yanjing Ye family. But you don’t have to worry, I do have a place to send you to, and then bring you back after I have completely destroyed the ‘Earth Fury’. It’s just that the place I’m going to is very cold and I’m afraid you won’t be able to bear it.”

Tang Beiwei nodded firmly and said, “Brother, you don’t need to worry about me, just send me there, I’m not afraid.”

“Good, wait for me to break through, then I will make the ‘Earth Furies, pay the price, to dare to set eyes on me.” Ye Mo’s tone became stern.

“Wait, you sit in the car and don’t move, I’ll get out and take a look.” Ye Mo suddenly stopped the conversation and frowned, the coldness in his eyes grew thicker and thicker.

Tang Beiwei looked at Ye Mo strangely and said, “What’s wrong brother?”

Ye Mo didn’t answer, he stopped the car, a stealth spell had come under the car and removed a time bomb, fortunately he had checked his divine sense very carefully just now, he didn’t expect that the car had even been placed with a bomb.

These people were really capable, the fact that there was a time bomb under this car of his meant that there were also time bombs under several other cars. It looked like the people from the ‘Earth Fury,’ were really xiōng with a plan, not only did they put a time bomb underneath the car, they also sent two people over.

Ye Mo was sure that the bomb was either put down by the driver of the Jiangnan Cha family or the female a*sa*sin, Zhang He was not so capable of placing a bomb under the nose of the Qiao family.

After removing the bomb, Ye Mo got into the car and drove the car inside the parking space.

“How’s the car?” Ye Mo had just stopped the car when Qiao Gang had come over and asked with a smile.

Ye Mo nodded, “Not bad, this car has a good xìng performance after modification. Right, young Qiao, go get me a bottle of water, I’m a bit thirsty.”

After sending Qiao Gang away, Ye Mo quickly stealthily entered the ground of the other three cars of the Qiao family, and really took out three more time bombs.

Ye Mo didn’t dare to keep the bombs on his body, although he was sure that the ‘Earth Fury,’ people would detonate the bombs in the middle of the race, but who knew if they would go crazy and detonate them now.

He had just put the bomb away and returned to the car again when Qiao Gang came over, he handed Ye Mo a bottle of water and said, “Brother Ye, let’s go in and take a rest, there’s still a while before the race starts.”

“Brother Ye, when the racing starts later, I suspect the Zhang family will make a yīn move, when the time comes I’ll keep an eye on Zhang He that kid, you pay attention to that guy next to him, it is said that he is a top cla*s driver in Japanese  adventure racing, the places they race are all kinds of dangerous places, so this kind of place must be like a fish in water for that guy. There is also the Yun family to watch out for, the Cha family is nothing to worry about, looking at the people they sent out, they shouldn’t have much hope for this race.” As soon as the few people entered the lounge, Qiao Gang immediately spoke out his analysis.

Ye Mo kept an eye on the four racing cars with his divine sense while he was afraid that someone would do something else. However, although Ye Mo did not agree with Qiao Gang’s words, he did not bother to refute them.

The truth was the opposite of what Qiao Gang said, the most amiable Cha family was the most dangerous character, while the truly dangerous Zhang family was far less dangerous than the two harmless drivers of the Cha family.

“The race is going to start soon, let’s go out first, I’ll try the car too.” After telling his analysis to Ye Mo, Qiao Gang stood up.

After Ye Mo brought Tang Beiwei and Qiao Gang out, he immediately spotted the not bad looking female a*sa*sin. He immediately said to Tang Beiwei, “Beiwei, wait for me by the track, I’ll drive over right away.”

Tang Beiwei had no problem with Ye Mo’s proposal, she thought that everything Ye Mo did was right. No matter how mysterious Ye Mo was, she didn’t care, as long as Ye Mo was her brother.

Ye Mo walked up to this field girl, “Hello, my name is Ye Mo, can I meet you?” Ye Mo said with a smile and extended his hand.

This girl did not expect Ye Mo to find her, although she was not bad looking in this venue, there were several girls who were prettier than her. Her first thought was that Ye Mo had already found her, but on second thought, it was impossible, she had just arrived here and no one knew her.

She put her hand out in some panic, “Hello, I, my name is Dong Qin.”

Ye Mo clearly felt her heart skipped a beat, but returned to normal extremely quickly. It looked like this female a*sa*sin still had some nèn.

Ye Mo grabbed Dong Qin’s hand and squeezed it hard, not wanting to let it down for a long time. Until Dong Qin turned red and jerked her hand outwards.

“Actually, I feel that you are a special girl, so I wanted to come and get to know you a bit. You have an aura about you that other girls don’t have, and it’s somewhat attractive. I don’t have any bad intentions, ah, but I really want to invite you to dinner. How about after racing, we go for a meal, you see …….” Ye Mo was making a divine sense mark, of course he would not let Dong Qin pull his hand away so easily, and when Dong Qin had no choice, he took the initiative to let go of her hand.

Although it was only a short time, Ye Mo had already made a divine sense mark on Dong Qin’s body. After racing, he would definitely keep following this Dong Qin. Since the ‘Earth Fury, had taken a fancy to him, he did not express his sincerity and still saw him, Ye Mo, as someone who could be bullied at will.

Qin lowered his head, said one word and his face turned red.

Ye Mo sneered, this killer really has a few moves, more professional than an actor, ah, said blushing just like that.

Mo saw that Dong Qin did not say anything, but he sighed and fixed his gaze on Dong Qin’s xiōng.

“What’s wrong …….” Dong Qin just wanted to say something, but saw that Ye Mo’s gaze was staring at exactly her xiōng, her heart froze, the information did not say how good Ye Mo was in the s? What was going on here?

Ye Mo smiled faintly and didn’t answer, he just said, “You wait for me.” After saying that, he turned around and left, but muttered the words, “If only it was bigger.”

And Dong Qin happened to hear this sentence, and she instantly reacted that what Ye Mo meant in his heart was that hers was too small. However, Ye Mo’s voice was very small, so he shouldn’t have said it on purpose to her, but she had a feeling as if her guess was wrong again.

Dong Qin gritted her teeth, even though the killer was already bōlam, she was still angry with Ye Mo, where was her own small and, did this guy have eyes. Even if she knew full well that Ye Mo was a dead man, she could not wait to rush up and grab him and ask him what was so small about himself.

As a killer she should have endured it, but as a woman, she couldn’t stand the words.

Of course Ye Mo did it on purpose, his last sentence was to make Dong Qin angry, then the divine sense mark he made gradually dissipated into her body to avoid being discovered by her. Although it was impossible for Dong Qin to find out even if he didn’t anger her, Ye Mo still felt it was better to be cautious.

After all, after he killed the other killer, Dong Qin was his only clue, so instead of waiting for this to come to him, he might as well take the initiative. Sitting and waiting had never been Ye Mo’s xìng style. If he wanted to find trouble with him, Ye Mo, he would make this memory countless lifetimes.

Ye Mo walked to the Mercedes Benz, picked up the four bombs, and then drove the car to the track next to the Cha family before opening the door and calling out, “Beiwei, come, get in.”

When Tang Beiwei got into the car, he stealthily got out again and placed all four bombs on top of the two cars of the Cha family in Jiangnan. He also placed the bomb in his car separately from the one in Qiao Gang’s car, so as not to duplicate the bomb. He didn’t believe that the Cha family had hired the ‘Earth Fury’ a*sa*sin unintentionally. If this semi-hidden family couldn’t even figure out this point, they would have been eliminated long ago by history.

Qiao Gang was driving a modified Porsche, and he was a little surprised that Ye Mo had driven his racing car to the driveway near the Cha family, but it soon dawned on him. Ye Mo must have thought that the Cha family was better off beyond, so he was not wrong in this choice.

Eight cars, only one person, Ye Mo, brought Tang Beiwei into the car, the rest were a little surprised and soon started to chatter with ridicule. This kind of racing, how dare he bring someone up there, simply does not know how to live!