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DYM Chapter 272

Dong Qin froze for a moment, she obviously did not expect Ye Mo to bring Tang Beiwei on board, originally Tang Beiwei was her target, but now since she was brought on board by Ye Mo, it seemed even easier. Dong Qin breathed a sigh of relief, although the top said that Ye Mo was tricky and sent two people over at once this time, she now felt that the top was making a bit of a fuss. Perhaps this mission was the easiest one she had ever carried out.

As the red light in front of her turned green, the black rider from the Zhang family was the first to cross the start line, while Qiao Gang was the second to do so. The two riders from the Yun family were the third and fourth to rush out, and Ye Mo drove out fifth, knowing that if he didn’t go out, Zhang He wouldn’t go out, in Zhang He’s heart he reckoned that his ‘xìng’ life was more important than the ‘blood ‘sè coral’.

Ye Mo’s prediction was correct, the last to go out were the two drivers from the Cha family, including the a*sa*sin.

Zhang He did, unsurprisingly, stop in front of Ye Mo. This mountain road racing, just the beginning section of the road was spacious, but the road behind was getting narrower and narrower. There were places where only one car could even be allowed to pa*s, and two cars could not even pa*s side by side.

Zhang He’s car was also fast, he was clinging to Ye Mo’s Mercedes Benz, and he was driving a Lamborghini.

Ye Mo laughed coldly in his heart, he never lost Zhang He even though he was following the two drivers of the Yun family closely. He didn’t know when that ‘Earth Fury’ a*sa*sin would press the button for the time bomb, and he wanted to see how powerful the bomb would be.

Although it was an extremely dangerous hill-parking course, several riders were very fast, and that black rider from the Zhang family was far ahead. However, Qiao Gang was slowly being overtaken by a driver invited by the Yun family, and by now the mountain road had already been driven a tenth of the way.

Seeing that the car had entered the most treacherous section of the mountainside, Ye Mo’s speed steeply increased. Zhang He, however, intended to ‘bī’ Ye Mo off the cliff at this place.

Ye Mo knew that when he and Zhang He grabbed each other’s lanes, that should be the time when that killer was going to make his move.

Zhang He gripped the steering wheel tightly, his mouth sneered, “To fight with Lao Zi, you didn’t know where you were when Lao Zi was ‘hún’ at this Panshan Circuit.” After muttering these words to himself, Zhang He slammed down on the gas ‘mén’ and charged straight towards the rear of Ye Mo’s car, he was sure that he would squeeze Ye Mo into the cliff, he himself There was no problem whatsoever.

Zhang He’s calculations were accurate, he calculated that there was a turning place in front of him, as long as he increased his speed, he could completely topple Ye Mo’s car off the cliff before Ye Mo had time to turn, while his own car made a big turn immediately after receiving this resistance, without being affected in any way. With his years of ‘hún’ racing on mountain roads, of course he knew how strong this rush was.

He also knew that the force could not be too great, but it could not be too small either. If it was too great, his car would follow him into the cliff, and if it was too small, he would not be able to wash Ye Mo’s car down. It was a little difficult, but Zhang He believed that with his skills he was completely sure.

“Boom” Zhang He’s Lamborghini engine roared, bringing up a cloud of white smoke, and blasted at Ye Mo’s car as he was about to turn, while being ready to turn in time. As soon as his car touched the rear of Ye Mo’s car, he immediately hit the steering wheel.

The driver and a*sa*sin of the Cha family behind Zhang and the one behind him also looked stunned, this was clearly wanting Ye Mo’s ‘xìng life’, and surprisingly coincided with their thoughts.

Almost at the same time, that ‘Earth Fury’ a*sa*sin almost wanted to detonate the bomb, but thinking that someone had helped him to kill Ye Mo, he saved himself the trouble, he could just detonate the bomb in Qiao Gang’s car later.

After Zhang He stepped on the gas ‘mén’, he occupied Ye Mo’s car space almost in an instant. Zhang He didn’t have time to rejoice before he felt that something was wrong, his car occupied Ye Mo’s space, there should be a collision next, then Ye Mo’s car was toppled down the hill, and he himself needed to make an emergency turn at this time.

But how did he find that Ye Mo’s car seemed to have suddenly disappeared, and his own car rushed through without being affected in any way? No good, Ye Mo wanted to die together, he actually gave up his car completely out of the track. This is a place where only one car can pa*s. Since he has given way, it means that he has already fallen off the cliff. He had to turn quickly, and when Zhang He thought of turning, he unexpectedly found that his car had already gone off the cliff.

It was over, Zhang He looked up in a flash of despair, and the last thing he realised in his mind was surprisingly impossible. Ye Mo’s car only had two tyres resting on the roadside of the cliff, the other two wheels were completely suspended, how was this possible, how could this car not fall off the cliff? Absolutely impossible?

But his consciousness soon dissipated without a trace with a loud ‘boom’ sound. Zhang He drove his car off the track at the top of the track and crashed with all his men and car. Of course, this was the conclusion after the race.

Although Tang Beiwei was nervous, she was nevertheless not the least bit scared. She knew her brother’s ability, this was something she could definitely handle.

When Ye Mo saw Zhang He fall into the cliff, he sneered in his heart, even these two wanted to fight with himself. However, he was surprised that the killer did not take the opportunity to detonate the bomb.

He just sacrificed his flying sword and let it take some of the weight for his car instead of the road. It looked like only two wheels of his car were on the road, while the other side of the car would not roll over sideways because of the support of the flying sword. Although his flying sword could not support him for long yet, it lasted long enough for Zhang He to drive the car off the cliff.

While Zhang He’s car had already fallen off the cliff, Ye Mo drove the car into the track, which was when he retrieved his flying sword.

“What’s going on?” At this moment, the a*sa*sin from the Cha family who was at the back ‘róu’ had ‘róu’ his eyes, he thought he had seen wrong, he clearly saw Ye Mo drive the car off the road, how come he didn’t fall off the cliff and drove back again? This was simply impossible.

But at the moment he still didn’t know what was going on, Ye Mo’s car had already turned the corner and disappeared.

“Why don’t you detonate it yet, hurry up, we’ll retreat immediately after completing the mission.” A call from his companion came over this a*sa*sin’s communicator.

“Yes, detonate immediately.” This killer was very depressed in his heart, just now he had put his hope on Zhang He, but in the blink of an eye this hope disappeared, and Zhang He himself even took his own life.

When he saw that Ye Mo’s car was about to disappear at another turn in front of him, this a*sa*sin of the Cha family simultaneously pressed the detonation button in his hand.

“Boom …… boom ……”

With two loud bangs, the two cars of the Cha family unexpectedly tumbled down the cliff at the same time, and a ball of fire emerged without hitting the bottom of the cliff. But in the blink of an eye these two fires fell to the bottom of the cliff, and for a long time there was still some sound of explosion.

Dong Qin saw the faint flames at the foot of the cliff, and she suddenly had a bad feeling and started calling for her companions. But after calling for half a day, there was no reply.

“Not good.” As a killer’s sixth sense, she understood that this time she should have failed and that something should have happened to her companion. She remembered that faint smile of Ye Mo’s and that attitude as if she was not paying attention, and Dong Qin suddenly winced.

How could someone who could raise his hand and kill one of his companions, someone who could catch a crossbow dart be killed that easily? It was ridiculous that she had just thought that this mission was the easiest one, and Dong Qin’s back began to chill.

She subconsciously looked at the other two cars of the Qiao family, she had an urge to go and see if the bombs on top of those two cars were missing.

Dong Qin subconsciously looked at the numerous people at the foot of the hill, everyone was staring at the big screen, there were surprisingly no cameras in the few places where the accident had happened, and the big screen was only occasionally able to see who was still in first place right now.

She quietly took her phone and pretended to make a phone call while approaching the two sports cars parked off to the side of Joe’s house. By now the car race had started and no one was paying attention to the rest of the cars, all that mattered was the results.

After Dong Qin got close to the racing cars, she chose the other side and squatted down. She just checked one of the racing cars and immediately her heart just sank, it had been switched. There wasn’t any bomb under this racing car at all, the bomb had been removed and must have been placed under the two cars of the Cha family.

Dong Qin suddenly felt a chill run down her back. She had personally placed the bombs, and she had been keeping an eye on the four cars, as well as on the two cars of the Cha family, but just like that, the bombs had been removed and placed under her own racing car. And she didn’t know anything about it, what kind of skill is that? Dong Qin could no longer calm down, she had seen weird things before, but this was the first time she had seen such a bizarre situation.

Uncontrollable cold sweat ran down her back, just now Ye Mo came to shake hands with her, had he already found out her identity? In just a few moments, Dong Qin had already come to the definite conclusion that Ye Mo had 100% discovered her identity. Moreover, he had a purpose for shaking hands with her, could it be that in just a moment’s time he had made a mark on her?

Go, go immediately. At this moment, she finally understood why Ye Mo had taken her sister to the car, it was because they had known her identity for a long time and were waiting for the end of the race to come and trouble her.

Although Dong Qin had not been in the a*sa*sin business for a long time, her talent had allowed her to successfully a*sa*sinate five times in a short period of time, one of which was an a*sa*sination of a mafia lord, which was very difficult. If she succeeded this time, she would immediately receive a second orange ‘sè’ medal.

For the a*sa*sins of the ‘Earth Fury’ organisation, any medal was an honour and a treasure, and once she had received all seven ‘s’ medals, she would soon be promoted to the rank of Earth a*sa*sin.

But today, in this small place in Tandu, she felt a chill. Dong Qin did not dare to stay for another minute, she had to leave Tandu at the first opportunity, then find a place to strip and burn all her clothes, change her clothes and leave again.

Although she didn’t know what Ye Mo had left on her, her sixth sense as a killer at this moment always felt dangerous.