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DYM Chapter 273

If he hadn’t been careful, it might have been his own car that made the loud bang. If he hadn’t been careful, it might have been his own car that made the loud bang. With this explosion, even if he didn’t die, he would have to shed his skin. Not to mention that there was his sister in the car.

“Brother, was the car that just exploded that belonged to that killer?” Tang Beiwei had of course heard the explosion.

Ye Mo nodded, “Not bad, it turns out that that killer placed the bomb under our car, and I found it and I put it back. Later they detonated the bomb themselves, it’s called self-inflicted.”

Tang Beiwei subconsciously clenched her palm and said after a long time, “These people are actually so bad, they deserve to die, it’s so dangerous.”

After saying that, a worried look appeared on her face, although this time it was dodged, what about next time? What about the next time?

“Brother, I feel that this society is really different from what I saw, before I only saw some things on the surface, a lot of which I could not see. Alas! Only when you have experienced it yourself, do you know how scary it is.” Tang Beiwei said with emotion.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, he never thought this place was much safer, although it was better than the cultivation world, the dangers were still everywhere.

A few people who wanted to kill him had already been taken out, and Ye Mo’s car speed was completely up, on top of the winding mountain road, Ye Mo’s car speed was surprisingly getting faster and faster, only a few minutes less, he saw the fourth ranked car again, it was the Yun family’s.

At a spacious spot, Ye Mo overtook this Yun family driver like a gust of wind before he could react.

In third place was Qiao Gang, who had been overtaken by another Yun family driver. Now he was behind in third place, but in fourth place was the Yun family’s rider, and it was impossible to overtake Qiao Gang.

Qiao Gang was wondering why Ye Mo hadn’t come up by now, when he immediately saw Ye Mo’s car rolling over as if it was the wind. Of course Qiao Gang would not fight with Ye Mo. Immediately, he gave way to let Ye Mo pa*s.

“Just keep this ranking.” Before Ye Mo went over, he didn’t forget to remind Qiao Gang.

In Ye Mo’s mind, as long as he could overtake that Yun family’s rider in front of him, the Qiao family would be number one. This was because although that black rider was now number one, Zhang He no longer had any points left.

In second place was the rider hired by the Yun family, who indeed had good skills, and still had no tendency to slow down on top of such a seven-turn mountain road.

Although there was only one car in front to pa*s, if Ye Mo wanted to overtake him, it would be easy. However, Ye Mo did not want to do that outrageous again, with only two wheeled cars not falling off the cliff this thing was a bit out of the norm. Even though this rider’s speed was fast, it was just that he was still too far from Ye Mo who had divine sense control.

The speed of the car was already fast compared to an ordinary person, but in Ye Mo’s opinion, the speed of the car was not sure how much slower than his flying sword, and it was not much of an exaggeration to say that it was equivalent to a snail.

At a slightly wider section of the road, Ye Mo pushed the accelerator of his Mercedes to the bottom and pa*sed the Yun family’s driver in front of him in one go.

“Crazy.” This driver from the Yun family was a very famous Japanese dangerous racer, but he was confronted with Ye Mo’s lack of speed in the slightest to even turn a corner. He thought it was simply unbelievable.

Ye Mo released his flying sword and let it help push once there was a loss of control in the turn.

With one-sixth of the road to go, Ye Mo had already caught up with the black rider. The remaining one-sixth of the road was spacious, but there were no turns. It could be said that this section of road was entirely dependent on the car’s xìng performance, as long as the throttle was pushed to the bottom.

This black racer obviously knew that his car’s xìng performance was better than Ye Mo’s, and he was driving a modified Ferrari racing car. Moreover, Ye Mo had a man inside his car. The disadvantage was even more obvious in comparison. He didn’t even need to block Ye Mo, instead he could win the race by just pushing the accelerator to the floor.

Ye Mo himself was one car length behind his and couldn’t stop this black man’s Ferrari if he wanted to, besides, Ye Mo didn’t want to win by blocking others in this way.

He continued to step on the accelerator and at the same time, he sacrificed his flying sword. Then let the flying sword push behind the car, thus speeding it up again.

The black man did not expect his Ferrari to be slowly overtaken by Ye Mo, he stepped on the accelerator tightly while looking at Ye Mo’s Mercedes with suspicion, a mere modified Mercedes could overtake his Ferrari, this was impossible, absolutely impossible.

He was a racing expert. He only had to listen to the sound of Ye Mo’s Mercedes to know which engine was used. It was definitely not as good as his own Ferrari, but how could this Mercedes be faster than his car?

But no matter how hard he stepped on the accelerator, he could even feel the feeling that the car was going to float up. But Ye Mo’s car still overtook his car without hesitation, and when he tried to use other means. Only then did he realise that Ye Mo’s car had already reached the end of the line.

Ye Mo collected his flying sword without getting out of the car, and the first thing he did after getting out was to see if Dong Qin was there. As expected by Ye Mo, Dong Qin had indeed left.

However, Ye Mo was not worried, as long as there was his divine sense marker, he would find her sooner or later. Besides, if she was still here, Ye Mo would be surprised. What kind of killer would a killer be if he didn’t even have this kind of alertness.

Several consecutive booms were interspersed, and apart from Ye Mo, who was the first to arrive, the rest of the few people had arrived.

Eight people had entered the race, and in the end only five had finished, the three who hadn’t had their cars destroyed. It was cruel, but such things do not get out.

Two riders from the Yun family finished third and fifth, with a total of 10 points, one rider from the Zhang family died and another finished second, with a total of 7 points. The Cha family scored 0 points and the Qiao family finished first and fourth for a total of 13 points, a well-deserved first place.

In addition to the one million dollar prize money, the ‘Bloodshed Coral’ went to the Qiao family. Of course, the one million dollar prize was just a pretense, no one would take this money seriously, the real prize for first place was just the ‘blood stained coral’.

“Brother Ye, it’s lucky for you this time, I really didn’t misjudge you. I can’t believe you got the first place, haha, let’s go, my grandfather is eager to meet you, let’s go to my house together.” When Qiao Gang heard that the first place was really obtained by the Qiao family, he rushed up excitedly and grabbed Ye Mo’s hand.

Ye Mo nodded, “Good, let’s go to your house.”

If he didn’t have the ‘blood sè coral’, Ye Mo would never go to the Qiao family, he had a lot of things on his mind right now. But he wanted to make sure if this ‘blood sè coral’ was something like the cultivation world, if it was really the ‘blood sè coral’ in his imagination, he would take the initiative to ask the Qiao family for it.


The first thing you need to do is to ask for it.

Although Qiao Zhen did not come out to greet him personally, he did come out when the banquet was being set up.

“Mr. Ye, thanks to you this time, if it wasn’t for you, this ‘blood sè coral’ wouldn’t have fallen to my Qiao family, Xiao Gang has met a valuable person this time, come, Mr. Ye, I’ll drink to you.” Qiao Shengbao seemed to be most attached to the ‘blood sè coral’, the excitement in his eyes was real and could not be concealed.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “A few small things, not enough to worry about, I wonder if I can take this ‘blood sè coral’ out and look at it?”

Ye Mo was somewhat uncomfortable with this Qiao Shengpao, his expression was too snobbish, so when he spoke, he didn’t even address him. If he confirmed that the ‘blood sè coral’ was not what he was looking for, he did not hesitate to leave the Qiao family. This Qiao family, apart from Qiao Gang who he was a little more agreeable to, the rest he really didn’t care about.

“Uh, this ……” Qiao Shengbao was obviously a little hesitant, in his opinion, although Ye Mo was famous, this ‘blood sè coral’ was a matter of great importance.

“Fourth uncle, it’s just a look, it doesn’t matter, right?” Qiao Gang immediately jumped in and said.

Qiao Zhen laughed, “Go and bring out the ‘blood sè coral’, everyone will take a look at it.”

The head of the family, Elder Qiao, had spoken, and at once Qiao Shengbao had nothing to say. Although he did not want to take out the ‘blood sè coral’, he could only go in and bring it out.

As soon as the ‘blood sè coral’ was moved out, there was a faint aura surrounding it. Although it was not thick, Ye Mo immediately knew that his original guess was wrong. This ‘blood sè coral’ was the kind of spiritual herb found in the cultivation world, and surprisingly, it was also found on Earth, even with the same name. If this ‘Bloodshed Coral’ was given to him, he might be able to advance to the fourth level of Qi cultivation immediately.

Qiao Zhen was no less than an old fox, and as soon as he saw Ye Mo’s vision, he immediately knew that Ye Mo also had his eye on this ‘blood sè coral’.

Without waiting for Ye Mo to say anything, Qiao Zhen hurriedly said, “If this ‘Blood-Shaped Coral’ was not related to the future of my Qiao family, it would be fine to give it to little friend Ye Mo. However, this ‘Bloodshed Coral’ can allow three members of my Qiao Family to advance to the Yellow Grade Martial Artist, so apart from this ‘Bloodshed Coral’, feel free to mention the rest of the conditions to little friend Ye.”

Ye Mo didn’t expect Qiao Zhen to talk like this, he hadn’t even opened his mouth yet. However, he immediately said, “Mr. Qiao, this ‘blood sè coral’ is very useful to me, but if the Qiao family just needs the chance to advance to the yellow level. I can help, I can provide pills that will allow five Qiao family’s children to advance to the yellow level and one to advance to the Xuan level. In exchange for this ‘blood stained coral’.”

“Big talk ……,” a cold voice rang out untimely.

Qiao Gang immediately stood up, “George Jun, what do you mean? It’s okay if Brother Ye says it’s okay.”

Qiao Shengbao, however, smiled coldly and chided towards George Jun, “Cure Jun, Ye Mo is an honoured guest of our Qiao family, don’t speak nonsense.” After saying that, he once again turned back to Ye Mo and said, “Sorry ah, the ‘blood sè coral’ is of great importance to my Qiao family, we cannot grant your request, here is a bank card to show some of my Qiao family’s feelings.”

As he took out a bank card and gave it to Ye Mo, Qiao Shengbao sneered in his heart, this Ye Mo was really shameless, he wanted to cheat my Qiao family’s ‘blood sage coral’ so easily. Just dreaming, taking out pills that can advance to the yellow and xuan levels, I guess he still thinks that everyone in the world is as stupid as he is.