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DYM Chapter 280

When the young fù and the skinny youth who had just come up saw the police officer coming over, their faces immediately turned pale and they even started to shiver all over.

“Yuan Meixiang, Yuan Gong, you two are very good at escaping, but now someone suspects that you two are related to a deliberate murder case in Fanghe Town in Jinkou, you must now go back and be investigated.” The police officer in charge was a bit fat, but he spoke in a harsh tone, without the slightest room for rebuttal.

She looked up at the people around her and then at the three police officers before saying, “You don’t have to do anything, I’ll go with you myself. But I know that as soon as I go in, there is no hope of me ever coming out. So I’m going to tell the others what happened here, and I’m going to let all the people know what this Langkang is really hiding.”

“Take it away, Yuan Meixiang, if you have anything to say go and talk to your lawyer” the fat and vain police officer chided the young fù without waiting for him to finish.

“Haha my lawyer, as soon as I enter your hands, I will not be eaten to the bone crumbs, also lawyer.” The woman named Yuan Meixiang suddenly let out a loud laugh, but the look on her face became more and more miserable.

At this moment, the two police officers behind the fat police officer had already come forward to take her, and the two younger ones had already grabbed Yuan Meixiang’s hand and were about to take out handcuffs to help her.

“Let her go, let her talk, what is it that can’t be heard by others?” Zang Jia Yan suddenly stood up and pointed at the few stewardesses and said loudly.

The fat policeman’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Zang Jiayan and said coldly, “What, are you going to help the murderer resist arrest?”

Zang Jiayan slapped the coffee table in front of him, “Resisting arrest? You, don’t put gold on your face.

You are just a small police officer, who are you to say that I am helping people to resist arrest? I’ve seen a lot of big scenes. Just now you were calling someone a suspect, but now you’re the direct killer. I admire you, I admire you. This girl, go ahead and tell us your grievances, there are many people listening here, I’ll see who won’t give you the benefit of the doubt.”

As soon as Zang Jia Yan’s words left his mouth, a chattering sound came from inside the carriage. It was clear that many people thought that Zang Jia Yan was right and that Yuan Meixiang should be given a chance to speak.

“How old are you, who are you to teach the pa*senger police, believe it or not, you will be taken away together.”

A young pa*senger policeman behind the fat pa*senger policeman said with some impatience.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Can’t I ask for a few words?”

The fat and vain police officer swept his eyes and saw that it was a military certificate from some unknown army, a bit like a veteran’s certificate, but not quite, and even the medals next to it were two second-cla*s merit medals, and one seemed to be a third-cla*s merit.

Having made so many merits, this fat 〖police〗in his heart is also secretly surprised, but he is a smart person, but did not Feng to take those medals over to see, because not to see what things can still be shrugged off as not knowing, a look at it can not be shrugged off.

When Yuan Meixiang saw that the policemen did not continue to say anything and did not ask for her to be handcuffed again, she knew that she had a rare opportunity and immediately said in tears, “Three years ago, I had just graduated from the University of Finance and was pa*sing through Fanghe Town in Jinkou when I was captured by Dou Sen and then forced to marry him by Dou Sen. During this period, whenever the slightest thing didn’t go to his liking, he kept beating me severely.” After saying that Yuan Meixiang lifted up some of her body, and arms, which were covered with scars that were shocking to the eyes.

“Lawlessness.” Zang Jia Yan slapped down the table with one hand, furious. It was even the pa*sengers inside the carriage who were moved with compa*sion when they saw Yuan Meixiang’s appearance.

Yuan Meixiang, however, wiped her eyes and continued, “Six months later, I seized the opportunity to escape and I went to Fanghe Town Police Station to report to the police, but instead of being sent away, I was beaten up and taken back by Dou Sen again. When Dawson took me back, he beat me even more severely.

Then I resigned myself to my fate and stopped escaping. That was until I had a child, only to be sold by the good-for-nothing Dawson. I tried to escape again, but was watched over by Dawson and tortured twice as hard.

But that was not all, this animal ran out of money and wanted me to go and keep his friends company, even asking me to go out and sell myself to provide him with money. I vowed not to comply, and then my brother Yuan Gong found me.

My brother had been looking for me for three years and when he found me, the first thing he did was to go to the police and I pulled him back. That was it, and even Dou Sen, the brute, found out, and he led the men to tie my brother up, and I begged him to let my brother go.”

The skinny young man with the eyes, wiped his eyes and came over to hold Yuan Meixiang who was swaying.

Yuan Meixiang, however, still sobbed, “Dou Sen, the brute, agreed to my request, and I was still happy in my heart when one of his friends, unable to see Dou Sen’s wolfish heart, told me Dou Sen’s real intention, that Dou Sen, the brute, actually intended to sell one of my brother’s kidneys.

That night I stole Dawson’s key while he was drunk and released my brother.

But when we were about to escape, we were still discovered by Dawson and I accidentally cut him with a knife while fighting with him.

I accidentally cut his artery with a knife while fighting with him. I know that if I go in, I will never get out, but I ask you to let my brother go, he is innocent.

The “animal” Zang Jia Yan was even more furious “Is there no more king’s law, Dou Sen, this animal deserved to die, if I had killed him a hundred times. Why can’t you get out once you’re inside, you [police officers], is this how you’re going to ruin the mountains that the old men have fought for with all their blood?”

Several police officers frowned and wanted to arrest the young lady, but they were afraid of causing public anger.

The train had already arrived at the new platform, but Yuan Meixiang said somewhat ruefully, “Because Dou Sen’s younger brother Dou Lin is a captain of the Fanghe Town 〖Police〗Bureau, and I once heard that his previous one was harmed by Dou Lin because of his straightforward xìng. So it’s definitely a dead end for me to go in there, and making a move against Dou Sen is something that I alone do, it has nothing to do with my brother, I just want you to let my brother go.”

“Well, you have finished, now someone will come to take you away immediately, if you have any grievances go to the police station and talk.” The fat and vain police officer glanced at Zang Jiayan with some hesitation before he said to Yuan Meixiang.

Zang Jiayan held his breath, he knew that he could not influence the end of Yuan’s siblings being taken away, but his xìng feeling made him have to stop this matter.

“Killing my brother, well, you jiānfù, to think you got away here.” The two 〖police〗inspectors hurriedly entered the Feng compartment, the 〖police〗inspector walking in front was a triangle-eyed, he saw the Yuan sisters standing as soon as he entered the compartment, a violent look appeared in his eyes.Obviously, in his eyes, the Yuan siblings were already dead people.

“Dou Lin,” Yuan Meixiang saw this triangle-eyed man and finally could not control her trembling body and trembled again.

Ye Mo patted Zang Jia Yan, who was about to come out and speak, and said, “When that Dou Lin makes a move on me later, and when he confesses, you help to film it.” Zang Jiayan froze for a moment, although he still didn’t understand what Ye Mo meant, but he still took out his mobile phone and nodded.

“Old Fat, how come you haven’t cuffed him by now? Han Dan, take these two murderers away.” Dou Lin swept his cold eyes at Yuan’s siblings and immediately said in a cold voice.

“Are you Dou Lin, Dou Sen’s younger brother? Your brother forcibly robbed a fù girl, humiliated people’s character and sold human organs, I guess you helped a lot, scum.” Ye Mo walked out, stopped the triangle-eyed man and said coldly. He only had to take one look at Yuan Meixiang’s speaking eyes and heart qi bō to know that she was not lying, and even avoided extreme words.

Dou Lin, who had originally listened to Ye Mo’s words and was ready to tell Ye Mo to get lost, could no longer contain the fire in his heart when he heard the last two words scum, and lifted his foot and kicked Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sneered and kicked Dou Lin’s ankle before raising his hand again and tapped him on the brow before continuing to ask: “What bad things have you done in the past few years as a police officer, and what other people have you harmed, tell us all.” The bad things he had done would come out on his own? Just when all the people thought that Ye Mo was stupid, Dou Lin’s eyes became dull for a moment, listening to Ye Mo’s words, he muttered, “Captain Hu was killed by me, because he knew that I jiān killed Du She’s daughter, he wanted to do me Jin Kou Yiniang entertainment inside the girls are provided by me, all are working girls who came from abroad, I agreed with Ti Boss, the proceeds are one Half ……”

Dou Lin said every thing is bloody and naked, in the whole carriage inside so many people, listening to all heart some seeping panic, the world still have this kind of no human xìng guy.

Ye Mo looked back at Zang Jia Yan and asked, “Brother Zang has already recorded the sub, right?” “Yes, I didn’t expect these two brothers to be such b*****ds, they are simply worse than animals. I really want to kill him right now.” Zang Jia Yan stared at Dou Lin who was kneeling on the ground, his eyes were practically about to burst into flames.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and took out a pistol from somewhere, aiming a shot at Dou Lin’s brow, he actually killed Dou Lin in front of so many people.

Silence, the entire carriage inside was silent, even if Dou Lin could be sentenced to death 10,000 times, but he couldn’t be killed here. And this man had a gun on him, for a moment, the whole carriage was once again silent.

“You have a gun?” It was only after a long time that the fat and vain pa*senger policeman stared at Ye Mo and spoke, taking a few steps back, obviously worried that Ye Mo would make a move on him.

Ye Mo looked at Han Dan, who had come up with Dou Lin, and said in a cold voice, “Originally, I wanted to shoot you down as well, but there is still some use in keeping you, if you can’t will provide a useful clue, I will still come back and kill you.”

Although Han Dan also had a gun, he was now shivering a little and actually nodded subconsciously.

Only then did Ye Mo turn back to the false fat pa*senger police and said, “Good, I have a gun, I killed the man, take my documents to your conductor.” After saying that, Ye Mo took out his own blue sè book and threw it to the vapid pa*senger police!