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DYM Chapter 281

The fat and vain police officer was no fool, he saw that Ye Mo dared to openly shoot and kill someone, although it was after taking evidence, but this thing was also very incredible.

After all, even someone from the special department could not do this, but this young man in front of him had done so. This could only mean that he was either coming from a scary place or had a scary special status.

The few police officers and the policeman quickly left, and even Dou Lin, who was killed by a shot from Ye Mo, was also taken away. This really came and went quickly.

Not only did Zang Jiayan know that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person, but also the people inside the carriage knew that Ye Mo was unusual, and the carriage was much quieter for a while.

However, Zang Jiayan was not a person without insight, he put away his things and said to Ye Mo with a cupped fist: “Brother Ye is really fastidious, it is really my luck to know you, Zang Jiayan. I thought that Brother Ye was a businessman, so I really have no eyes.”

Obviously, Zang Jia Yan was not as ignorant as ordinary people, he knew that there were very few people who had a licence to kill. Undoubtedly Ye Mo was one of these very few people. But he also knew that even if he had a licence to kill, he could not kill in such a public place, which was why he said that Ye Mo was quick to kill. That’s why he said that Ye Mo was quick to kill. Those who had a license to kill were among the elite of the country, and it was even more unlikely that they would go into business.

The fact is that I admire Brother Zang’s cynical and vengeful character, but I’m not lying about going to the border to do business. I am really going to do business, and although my gun is formally owned, it is also a cooperative relationship.”

Ye Mo’s simple statement, but it dropped a powerful bomb in Zang Jia Yan’s heart. A cooperative relationship? What kind of person had the ability to cooperate with the state? If what Ye Mo said was true, then his ability was absolutely unbelievable.

Yuan’s Daji had not yet reacted and was still in shock and disbelief that such an arrogant person as Dou Lin had been easily killed by this young man in front of him, and even this young man was now talking and laughing inside the carriage.

At this moment, an even fatter man had already taken Ye Mo’s documents and hurried over, followed by the fat pa*senger police officer. The fatter police officer came in front of Ye Mo and saluted him before handing Ye Mo’s ID to him with both hands, “I am Wan Youtian, the conductor of the v bandage knife train, Instructor Ye, here are your IDs.”

Ye Mo took the document and asked Zang Jia Yan to take the memory card and handed it to this fat pa*senger police officer, “This is Dou Lin’s testimony clear as day. You pa*s it on to the police station in Yanjing and say that I gave the explanation, as for the matter of Tsunkou, I will still ask about it the next time I come to Yanjing.”

“Yes, Instructor Ye.” This fat conductor’s salute was very standard.

“Well there is no more business for you here, I’ll take the Yuan siblings away, their confessions have been heard by the three police officers on the train just now.” Ye Mo nodded his head and said indifferently.

Watching the conductor leave with a few pa*senger police officers Ye Mo sighed, his heart longed even more for the increase in power. This is the benefit of power, if there are no documents, that is, he is no longer capable, but can only kill people and leave, but can not still sit here peacefully, but also do not follow the rules posting Qihang  Although it is clear that he took Yuan’s siblings, seriously does not comply with the rules, but no one said anything.

The fact that Yuan Meixiang only reacted at this time, she didn’t expect things to turn around is to dream that she would still be able to leave unscathed. She was so excited that she was about to kneel down to thank Ye Mo, but Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “It’s nothing to worry about. I heard you say that you are a finance graduate?”

“Yes, I was going to work in Jinkou after graduating from the University of Finance, and that’s how I met that brute.” Yuan Meixiang said with a look of panic still showing in her eyes.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “I’m going to do some business if you don’t have a good place to go] just go and help me with the finances, of course if you have a good place to go, or if you want to go back, that’s fine too. I’m sure those people won’t dare come back to you.”

“I would go over to the business with you, except that my brother has to go to school and he has been delayed for three years trying to find me.” Yuan Meixiang’s tone was simple, and she was obviously grateful to Ye Mo.

“Good, from now on, you will follow Brother Zang, and when I meet Fang Nan, I will consider how we should go about the sound behind us. As for your brother, it’s fine to stay in Guilin and go to school.” Ye Mo was in a good mood even though he had pulled together a few people in one train ride. Although he didn’t know what Yuan Meixiang’s skills were like, he admired Zang Jia Yan.

Inside a dark private room in Guilin, Fang Nan was still lying on the chuáng, but now he only had three little brothers left around him.

Apart from Stone and Little Iron, who were loyal to him, it was that Little Fire. It was Little Fire who had met Ye Mo in Yanjing in the beginning, and Ye Mo had told him he would make a trip to the Flowing Serpent.

“Brother Nan, it’s been a few months and Brother Ye hasn’t come yet, should we change the place?” Little Iron asked with some hesitation.

Stone and Little Fire were both away, and only Little, Tie was left inside the house to look after Fang Nan.

Fang Nan understood Xiao Tie’s words, because Fang Nan did not dare to stay in Guilin and did not even dare to go to the hospital. Besides, there was no money to go to the hospital. Xiao Tie’s words obviously meant that Ye Mo would not come and wanted Fang Nan not to wait any longer.

However, Fang Nan shook his head, “Little Fire goes around the airport every day, he can definitely wait for Brother Ye. I believe in Brother Ye, he’s not an ordinary person, he said he would come here to help me once and he would come over, now he hasn’t come over just because he’s busy.”

“Brother Nan…Chuan,” Xiao Tie was about to say something else, but he was blocked by Fang Nan.

Fang Nan waved his hand and said, “Xiao Tie, I know what you mean, but I still believe in Brother Ye, only Brother Ye can cure my tuǐ, and only by following Brother Ye will I have a future. There’s no need to say more words, I’ve seen too many people in my time, only Brother Ye is worthy for me to follow, he’s a true hero.”

“Good, since you, Fang Nan, think so highly of me, Ye Mo, I will give you a stage.” Ye Mo’s voice however rang out from the doorway.

“Brother Ye ……,” Fang Nan struggled to sit up, and Xiao Tie hurriedly went to hold Fang Nan.

A young man behind Ye Mo, however, squeezed in excitedly and said, “Brother Nan, I finally waited for Brother Ye today, I say Brother Ye come back.”

“Thank you, Little Fire.” The excitement in Fang Nan’s eyes was as uncontainable as Little Fire’s.

Zang Jia Yan and Yuan’s siblings did not expect Ye Mo’s friend to be living under such a difficult environment, and the small, room still emitted a gusty stench inside. This was very different from what they thought Fang Nan was just having some difficulties with his business. However, both of them did not ask anything, although they had spent very little time with Ye Mo, they knew that Ye Mo would not lie to them.

“Brother Ye, you’re here.” Shi Tou walked in with a large parcel in his hand and was sweating profusely. Seeing Ye Mo, he was also surprised in his heart, they had been hiding here with difficulty for most of the year, just to wait for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo nodded, took out a card and handed it to Zang Jiayan, “There is some money in here, go get some and rent a better house, let’s change the place.”

When he saw the balance, he was really shocked, honestly, he had never thought that he could still pa*s through so much money in his hands.

He also did not think that Ye Mo would trust him so much to hand over a few random millions to him without any fear of him getting any ideas. Ye Mo was really a person worth befriending, and Zang Jia Yan secretly resolved in his heart that he would make good friends with Ye Mo.

With money, things were done quickly. After changing to a new place, Ye Mo immediately helped Fang Nan to treat his tuǐ injury. Although Fang Nan was badly injured, it even dragged on for a long time again. But in Ye Mo’s hands, it was only a matter of a week, and a week later, Fang Nan could already walk off the ground.

Ye Mo, however, found Zang Jia Yan alone. In Ye Mo’s opinion, Zang Jia Yan had more advantages than both Fang Nan and Yu Erhu.

Fang Nan could not change his Jianghu atmosphere and although he could dominate the border, he was not as careful as Zang Jiayan when it came to doing big things in the future. And Erhu was much worse than even Fang Nan.

“Zang’er…” Ye Mo had just said, when Zang Jia Yan waved his hand and said, “Brother Ye, I am now truly admiring you, you are the most capable one I have ever seen. Fang Nan was seriously injured, but you could make him walk in a week, honestly, if I had heard that, I would not have believed it. In the future, if you look up to me, call my family Yan.”

“Good, I won’t be pretentious. You have seen Fang Nan, he was originally the head of a gang in the border stream snake, but now I plan to let him help me do some serious business at the border, and of course I need your help.” Ye Mo saw that Zang Jia Yan was dry and decisive, so he no longer hid it.

Zang Jiayan immediately stood up and said, “That’s how it should be, since I can come with you, I just want to do something with you. Now that I’ve been discharged from the army, I can still do some of the strength work.”

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “I need a lot of money right now for some reason, so what I want to build is an absolutely huge business empire, and an absolutely huge power group, and I’m only just starting out now. Although you have good skills, you are still far from being compared to someone who is really powerful. I have an ancient martial arts technique here, take a look if you are interested, you can learn it, or you can learn it together with Fang Nan and the others.”

What Ye Mo took out was an ancient martial cultivation that he got on Zheng Chengfa after killing him back then, although it was of no use to Ye Mo, it was of great use to Zang Jia Yan and Fang Nan.

“It’s actually a legendary ancient martial arts secret book?” Zang Jiayan was obviously not as ignorant as Fang Nan, as soon as Ye Mo took it out, he immediately understood how important it was to him!