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DYM Chapter 287

“Oh my god, I didn’t see it wrong, I actually saw a man standing on the back of a shark swimming on the sea, oh god, China is really an amazing country ……” a blonde girl with blue eyes let out a gasp of awe with her binoculars.

A tall white man behind this blonde girl laughed, “lùni, you like China so much, last time you said you had a Chinese cla*smate who knew an immortal doctor, and this time you saw people standing on top of sharks.”

The white man even spread his hands a little when he finished and said jokingly, “Well, come back and tell me to look later when you see that man flying.”

“Uncle Jack, I did see a man standing on top of a shark and coming our way.” The girl called lùni, however, did not take the binoculars down, but said in awe as she watched.

“Could it be true? It’s not April Fool’s Day.” The white man called Uncle Jack was somewhat skeptical as he picked up a telescope and looked through it.

If he didn’t look, Jack almost dropped the binoculars in his hand when he saw a man standing on the back of a shark darting across the sea.

“Oh my God, there is really such a thing, Huaxia is so amazing. Mr Mo, your China is amazing, I’ve come to the right place this time, even if I can’t work together, but seeing this amazing scene is just incredible.” Jack was also like lùni, holding the binoculars in his hand and no longer willing to put them down the man Jack called Mr. Mo, walked over somewhat strangely and said, “lùni, what are you talking about, why don’t I understand ……”

The words of the man surnamed Mo came to an abrupt end because he didn’t need binoculars and already saw a man standing on the back of a shark a few hundred meters away and was coming over quickly.

Ye Mo saw the pa*senger ship from afar and thought that he couldn’t get to shore with the shark at his feet, so he didn’t even think about coming over for a cheap boat ride.

“I can’t believe it’s true… The man with the surname Mo looked at the shark coming rapidly with shock, he remembered Zhou Botong among the novels written by Jin Yong, if this young man wasn’t only in his twenties, he would have thought that Zhou Botong was resurrected.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Mo was already close to the pa*senger ship, and with a leap he had flown from the shark’s back to the top of the pa*senger ship.

“Oh my god, it actually flew ……” Jack could no longer grab the binoculars in his hand and they fell to the deck.

Two sailors had already come over quickly with their weapons, they hadn’t seen how Ye Mo got on board, but immediately after a stranger came on board, they saw it and reported it to the captain immediately.

Lùni came to Ye Mo in amazement, jabbered a lot and had a pink face that was already jī red, but Ye Mo didn’t understand a word of it. Jack saw Ye Mo frowning straight away and hastily pulled lùni to the side.

Ye Mo looked at the two black sailors, but said to the man surnamed Mo, “My boat has capsized in the sea, I’ll borrow your boat for a while.”

The man surnamed Mo immediately said with surprise, “Yes, well no problem, I’ll just go and tell the captain.” He thought that Ye Mo was a pirate, even a pirate wouldn’t do it in this place, but Ye Mo’s words put his mind completely at ease. He quickly turned around and gave the two sailors a jabber.

The two sailors listened to the man surnamed Mo and looked at Ye Mo, but did not say anything else and hurriedly ran into the cabin. Ye Mo walked to a corner of the bow and sat down, closed his eyes and began to adjust his breath.

Soon he opened his eyes and looked at the man surnamed Mo and asked, “What else is going on?”

“Hello, sorry to interrupt, my name is Mo Hai, the mainland head of the Mo Group in Hong Kong. Just now the captain asked you to show your 冇 identity card, he heart Mo Hai said somewhat hesitantly, he somewhat wanted to get to know Ye Mo, so he did not hide his origins.

Ye Mo nodded, there were many foreigners inside this ship, he did not want to talk too much, took out his identity card and handed it to Mo Hai and said: “Please. Where does this ship disembark?”

“It docks at the Hong Kong and Macau Ferry Terminal, are you also going to Hong Kong?” Mo Hai was very polite to Ye Mo, he had seen Ye Mo’s ability with his own eyes.

However, lùni ran over, pulled Mo Hai’s sleeve and said, “Uncle Mo, do you know this person? Can you introduce me to him, I want to learn his magic too.”

Mo Hai smiled bitterly and said helplessly, “Lùni, I don’t know him, people of such high calibre don’t accept disciples.”

However, Ye Mo looked at Mo Hai in amazement, thinking, just now there were three people who saw themselves standing on top of the shark’s back in the sea, apart from this Mo Hai, there were also those two foreigners. But those two foreigners acted in amazement and disbelief, but although Mo Hai also acted in amazement, he was not as shocked as those two foreigners, did he often meet people like himself?

Thinking of this Ye Mo however said, “Brother Mo, have you seen someone like me before?”

Mo Hai hurriedly shook his head and said, “No, I just heard from my uncle, he said that we have many hidden families in China. And those people are all very capable, so I know that there are high level people like you who exist.” Mo Hai’s tone was very respectful, afraid of upsetting Ye Mo.

So that’s how it is, Ye Mo nodded, having heard of the Hidden World Family, it looks like this Mo Hai’s uncle is not simple. Huh Mo Hai? It’s from Hong Kong again, I wonder if it’s related to Mo Kang? If so, that’s too much of a coincidence.

Ye Mo looked at Mo Hai and said with a faint smile, “Brother Mo, I have a friend called Mo Kang who lives at the Mid-Levels Villa in Clear Spring Bay, Hong Kong. I don’t know if you know him.”

“Ah, Mo Kang is my uncle.” Mo Hai looked at Ye Mo with a delighted face, he didn’t expect this person to know his uncle, to know his uncle, even he couldn’t just meet him if he wanted to.

“So Mo Kang is your uncle.” Ye Mo nodded and didn’t say anything. But he already understood why Mo Hai was not surprised to see him riding on top of a shark in the sea, it should be because Mo Kang had said something about being in the Hidden Sect, and he thought he was someone from the Hidden Sect. Besides, not to mention Mo Hai, didn’t Han Zai Xin also think that he was a member of the Hidden Sect.

At this moment, an obese white man came over, with two sailors behind him. Mo Hai, not caring about Ye Mo, hurriedly went up and talked to the white man, then took out Ye Mo’s identity card and showed it to the white man.

It was estimated that Mo Hai’s identity was not low, and the white man went in with two sailors after saying a few words, and did not come towards Ye Mo.

Mo Hai, however, hurriedly came over and handed Ye Mo’s identity card to him, saying, “So you are Mr. Ye, I heard my uncle say that you saved my uncle’s life. Seeing you today is really a blessing in three lives. Mr. Ye, please go to my room and have a seat.”

Ye Mo thought to himself that sitting at the bow of the boat was too conspicuous, so it would be good to go to Mo Hai’s place and have a seat.

When he saw Ye Mo and Mo Hai walking in, Lùni hastily pulled Jack to follow him, Mo Hai looked at Jack helplessly, but Jack could only show his hands.

Mo Hai said apologetically to Ye Mo, “Lù Ni is very naive, but he doesn’t understand Chinese. Jack is going to Hong Kong to talk business with our Hong Kong Mo’s group, he is the head of the Asia region of British Peerless Pharmaceuticals, he was specially invited to come to Hong Kong with me this time.”

Pharmaceutical group, Ye Mo thought about his own company, maybe he could also do business with this British guy in the future. However, Ye Mo was not worried about not being able to sell his products, in the future, only others would beg him, there was no such thing as him begging others.

A few people entered Mo Hai’s room, Mo Hai hurriedly poured a few gla*ses of water for Ye Mo. In his heart, although Jack was a golden master, Ye Mo’s identity was more important.

Mo Hai certainly knew how important Ye Mo was in his uncle Mo Kang’s heart, once he got Ye Mo’s approval, as long as Ye Mo said one word, he would be worth twice as much in front of his uncle.

“My uncle has been talking about you, senior Ye, are you free to go and sit at my uncle’s Mid-Levels villa in Hong Kong?” Mo Hai became more and more polite to Ye Mo, and even his address had not changed to senior.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “No need, I have things to do, by the way, you can just call me Ye Mo directly, I am not a senior.”

Mo Hai smiled sarcastically, but he quickly found a topic of conversation, “Senior Ye, you and my uncle are of the same generation, so of course you are also my senior. I don’t know if senior Ye has heard of two major events in the Mainland recently, although Mr Jack and I came over from Australia, we have heard about these two events.”

“Oh, what are the matters?” Ye Mo subconsciously asked.

“The biggest one is that the Amphibian Gang was wiped out overnight, and even the headquarters was burned down. Another thing is that Xuanjiang’s  Qiao family was also wiped out overnight, and it was said that it was because of a ‘blood sè coral'” Mo Hai’s intention was to draw closer to Ye Mo, so he found something big to talk about as a way to increase the cordiality between the two sides.

“What? The Qiao family has really been destroyed?” Ye Mo suddenly stood up, but his heart was unable to calm down. It wasn’t that he was sorry that the Qiao family had been destroyed, although Qiao Gang and he knew each other, but he had already reminded Qiao Gang that what he cared about was the ‘Bloodshed Coral’.

Ye Mo had made a trip to the sea and already knew that ‘blood sè coral, was difficult to find. Originally, the ‘blood sè coral, was in Qiao’s family, so he was unable to go and snatch it, but now that the ‘blood sè coral, had been snatched away, what was he hesitating for?

Moreover, in Ye Mo’s opinion ‘Blood sè Coral, ninety-nine percent was snatched by the Cha family, the Cha family and the ‘Earth Fury, organization Yuan Cave a gas, is simply his enemy, if in the Cha family he still did not go to snatch, he is white idiot.

“When did this happen?” Ye Mo immediately asked, he did not care Mo Hai to suspect him, once he and the ‘Earth Fury, fight, this matter will always be exposed l, now grab the ‘blood sè coral, improve cultivation is the right way.

When Ye Mo learned that there was news of the ‘Bloodshed Coral’ that could be grabbed, his heart immediately burst into flames. He couldn’t wait to rush to the Cha family to grab the blood coral and advance to the next level, and then go to the ground of the Earth Furies and tell them that they shouldn’t mess with him, Ye Mo.