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DYM Chapter 288

The first pa*senger flight from Sanya Airport to Luocang was at 7am, so although Ye Mo arrived in Sanya, he had to stay overnight before he could move.

Although helpless, Ye Mo could only delay further! Night time. When he got up from the sea, although he had used his true essence to dry the clothes on his body and had used the Qing Shui trick to wash them, it was always a bit uncomfortable to be soaked inside the sea water for so long.

He found a hotel to stay in, took a bath, and then changed into a clean set of clothes. Now he was ready to go out for some food, his mouth was almost burst from eating dry food for the past few days.

It was the first time since then that he had walked down the street so leisurely, looking for a place to eat. If only Luo Ying was around, Ye Mo thought about Luo Ying and sighed in his heart, knowing that it was just a delusion.

Ye Mo walked to a lùtian dai pai dong, ordered a few random dishes and a few bottles of beer. He felt that the food cooked in this stall was not bad, and it had a different flavour than the food in the hotel.

Just as Ye Mo was about to finish his meal, a crisp female voice interrupted him, “Huh, you are Ye Mo? Ah, it’s really you. How come you’re here?” The girl immediately shouted in surprise when she saw Ye Mo raise his head.

As soon as the girl called out, Ye Mo immediately recognized her, although he didn’t know the girl’s name, he still had some impression that this girl and he were in the same cla*s. This melon-faced girl didn’t seem to talk much even when she was in the cla*s, although he usually went to the cla*s for very little time, he never heard her stammering about anything, he didn’t expect her to be so much more cheerful once she graduated.

“I’m Wang Yanmin ah, do not know la, we still cla*smates together for several years, honestly, you have changed so much ah.” This girl immediately said, but her tone was somewhat happy and jīng.

Ye Mo was speechless, he and this Wang Yanmin hadn’t said a few words at all, so he didn’t know what she was jīng about. But now that this girl said that, he could only smile and say, “Since we’re here, let’s eat something together, it’s my treat today.”

“Sure, I’ll be polite then.” Said Wang Yanmin, pulling a man and a woman next to her to sit down and said to Ye Mo, “This is Liu Jia, my colleague, and this is my boyfriend Yu Tao.”

“Yanmin, is this a cla*smate of yours from university? So it’s a handsome guy.” Liu Jia was very thin looking, not plump but her features were exquisite. She sized up Ye Mo somewhat strangely.

Ye Mo somewhat embarra*sedly mōd his chin, because of his cultivation, he now had an offbeat taste about him, and was simply handsome in the eyes of ordinary people. In fact, in the cultivation world, as long as they were not too ugly, every man was a handsome man and every woman was a beautiful woman.

“Hello, my name is Yu Tao, Yanmin’s boyfriend, nice to meet you.” Yu Tao was very mute and average looking, but looked like he cared a lot about Wang Yanmin.

Ye Mo nodded and shook hands with Yu Tao, and once again ordered a few dishes over.

“Ye Mo, you’ve really changed a lot, Yan Yan really has eyes and loves vanity.” Wang Yanmin of course knew about what happened to Ye Mo back then and was still upset about him now.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, this kind of thing, he had long forgotten about it, he just said, “I’ve already eaten quite a lot, you guys eat, are you working in Sanya?”

“Yes, I came to Sanya with Yu Tao after I graduated, it’s very nice here. By the way, don’t you know that after you left school, Miss Yun Bing even asked about you, like she was in a hurry to find you then.” Wang Yanmin, however, could not stop talking, it seemed that it had been a long time since she had met her cla*smates and there was a kind of elation in it after meeting them.

Although Ye Mo did not have Wang Yanmin’s kind of elation, he had some understanding of this mood of hers. Instead, Ye Mo thought of Shi Xiu, he hadn’t met Shi Xiu since he left Ning University last time, and this time when he met Wang Yanmin, it was the right time to ask her.

Liu Jia poured a gla*s of beer and was about to toast Ye Mo, but a small flying insect landed inside the gla*s. Liu Jia let out an ouch and hurriedly poured the beer from the cup onto the ground next to her.

“b*tch, you f*cking find a fierce voice rang out as a sturdy bald youth patted the drink on his clothes while slapping at Liu Jia.

Liu Jia’s face changed in fear and she hurriedly backed up, but the slap did not hit her, but the youth obviously had no intention to just let Liu Jia go, still ready to go forward to teach Liu Jia a lesson.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do it, I’ll pay for it ……” Liu Jia saw the tattoo on the male youth’s arm and was so scared that she couldn’t even finish her sentence and became stumbling.

Yu Tao just want to stand out, immediately by this youth behind the two sides of the punk pushed backwards mortal steps, also was kicked, was Wang Yanmin hold, the same face is all panic sè.

Ye Mo secretly sighed, even a meal can not be stable, he walked over and grabbed the youth’s palm that hit Liu Jia “Since you have already apologized, you just wet some clothes, there is no need for this.”

“Who the f*ck are you, I’ll let you know that today…” the fierce youth, seeing that Ye Mo had dared to step out and grab his wrist, was even more furious.

“Your mouth stinks.” Ye Mo raised his hand and slapped him, before this youth’s words left his mouth, his teeth had already been knocked away by this slap from Ye Mo, and he directly spun around in place a few times before he crashed into the two youths behind him.

The youth covered his mouth and his face immediately swelled up, slurring his words and pointing at Ye Mo, he shouted even more fiercely, “You dare to hit me, you don’t want to f*cking live.”

Ye Mo shook his head, he had seen stupid people, but he had never seen such a stupid person. He had been merciful with that slap, but he didn’t expect this guy to be so insensitive, it looked like he was used to being arrogant. Ye Mo walked forward and slowly lifted his foot, he was ready to give another kick.

“My friend is so ruthless, when did Luwanjiao get a ruthless character like you, how come I don’t know about Rate Six? If you have the guts, kick on.” Another hoarse voice rang out.

Hearing this voice, the youth who had just been knocked to the ground by Ye Mo immediately called out in surprise, “Sixth brother, help me take revenge*…”

However, just as both of their words fell, Ye Mo’s foot had already kicked down, and this youth who had been knocked off a few teeth by Ye Mo, once again spat out a few teeth, grunting and flopping on the ground unable to speak anymore.

“Good, you have enough guts, if I let you walk out of Luwanjiao today, I won’t hang around here anymore.” The man with the hoarse voice immediately snarled.!