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DYM Chapter 289

“Good, then you should stop hanging around here.” Ye Mo really wasn’t in the mood to mess with these punks, but so many things popped up on the wrong side of a meal, he walked up and gave a few more slaps.

The man, who was rasping and growling just now, didn’t react much before he was similarly beaten by Ye Mo and flopped down on top of the youth who had just spat out several teeth.

“Good, good, you are the first one who dares to be so arrogant when you come to Luwanjiao, you are very capable of fighting, wait for my boss to come if you are capable.” After saying that Rate Six picked up his mobile phone and was about to dial the phone.

“You don’t need to dial the phone, I’ll go and meet your boss. To be honest, there are too many of your bosses.” Ye Mo shook his head, if it wasn’t for Wang Yanmin, he would have left immediately after beating the man, but now that he was gone, Wang Yanmin’s three people would be finished, so this kind of thing still had to be done cleanly.

The man with the hoarse voice looked at Ye Mo in surprise when he heard his words, and only after a long time did he let out a fierce laugh and said, “Good, you really have guts.” After saying that, he immediately struggled to get up and said to the two junior brothers behind him, “Take the bald head back first.”

Because of the fight here, all the people eating around had left, so Ye Mo turned back to Wang Yanmin and said to the three of them, “You guys go back, I’ll just take care of this matter.”

Although Liu Jia was alarmed, but now that Ye Mo said this, she immediately said, “Ye Mo, you can’t go with them, these people are desperate people, let’s hurry up and go.”

“No need, I have a plan, you guys go, that’s it for today, oh yes Wang Yanmin, do you know about Shi Xiu’s news?” Ye Mo thought of what he was going to ask just now.

Wang Yanmin froze for a moment, she couldn’t figure out that Ye Mo was still in the mood to ask Shi Xiu in this situation now, she really couldn’t understand it. But still answered, “It seems that something happened to Shi Xiu’s family, and he came to take a make-up exam until after graduation, and then there was no news. But he’ll most likely be there for our first anniversary graduation party, so if you want to find him, you can go to the school on the first anniversary of graduation and look for him.”

Something happened at home? Ye Mo was a bit worried about Shi Xiu, it looked like he would have to go back to see for himself at the graduation anniversary party.

“Hurry up and go drive and lead the way, look at me again and I’ll give you a kick.” Ye Mo was in a bit of a bad mood when he learned the news of Shi Xiu’s family’s accident, and now he was even more upset when he looked at the husky man waiting for him next to him.

Rate Six almost choked, listening to Ye Mo’s tone, it was as if he was the punk and he was the one being bullied. He had just thought this in a depressed manner when he was kicked in the back by Ye Mo and at the same time Ye Mo’s voice saying hurry up and drive came. Rate Six was really depressed, wasn’t he the one who was being bullied? This guy called Ye Mo was so arrogant, when he got to the hall, he would have a hard time. If he didn’t get back these kicks and lose half of his life, he would be wasting all his years.

“Ye Mo, do you really want to go over with these people?” Wang Yanmin asked with some worry, she was not a fool, of course she knew what Ye Mo meant by going, it was because he was afraid that after he left, a few of his own people would be retaliated against. Wang Yanmin looked at Ye Mo again and realised that she had been cla*smates with him for four years and didn’t seem to know this cla*smate at all.

Liu Jia walked over, “Yanmin, you and Yu Tao should go back first, I caused this matter, I will go over with Ye Mo.”

“No, if you want to go over, go over together.” Wang Yanmin immediately refuted Liu Jia’s proposal.

Seeing that these few people all still had some righteousness, Ye Mo had to say, “Then let’s go together, we’ll go for a few cups of tea and come back anyway.”

“Still going or not.” Rate Six was very upset by the few kicks Ye Mo had given him, and now that several people were hesitant, he was secretly relieved and determined that even if these few people did not go together, he would not let them go.

Ye Mo once again kicked Rate Six in the back, directly kicking him gou eating sh*t, before he coldly said, “When is it your turn to talk like a gra*shopper, go and drive.”


The lair that Rate Six said “Ming’er provided with no wrong words” is just a simple clubhouse, and it looks like this power is still just getting started. Ye Mo a few people just entered, there are a few people blocked the retreat, and will be the clubhouse door closed tightly.

Liu Jia and Yu Tao had never seen such a situation before, so their hearts were immediately tightened and they followed Ye Mo even more closely. Ye Mo’s performance just now showed that he was at least very capable of fighting.

“A few youngsters have a lot of guts, although I ‘Xisha’ have just ventured into this place, it is not something that can be bullied by small fish and shrimps.” Ye Mo had just walked to the entrance of the main hall when a faint voice came out.

“Big brother, this is the man who was so arrogant that he knocked half of Bald Head’s teeth off, and even said he would come to the hall to settle the score with you.” Rate Six hurried over to add fuel to the fire.

Xisha? Ye Mo knew that there was a Northern Sand, and ‘Xisha’ he also knew. But it was much smaller than the ‘North Sand’, and he had even met the boss of the ‘West Sand’, Jiao Bian Yi. I don’t know if this ‘West Sand’ is the one from Hong Kong, if so, this Jiao Bian Yi’s power is growing fast.

When Ye Mo walked in and saw the middle-aged man sitting directly above him, he immediately knew that this ‘Xisha’ was Jiao Bian Yi’s power. This was because when he first broke into the meeting of the bigwigs in Hong Kong, this man was standing behind Jiao Bian Yi.

However, the one who gave Ye Mo the deepest impression of the whole ‘Xisha’ was Peng Yang, a good man, but he was following Jiao Bian Yi.

“I don’t care if I have big or small guts, but you are not qualified to talk to me yet. Even Jiao Bian Yi wouldn’t dare to sit and talk to me like this, I think you have more guts than me.” Ye Mo said coldly.

When this middle-aged man who was sitting heard Ye Mo talking about Jiao Bian Yi, he immediately stood up in panic, he was just a hitman beside Jiao Bian Yi, because recently ‘South Qing’ and Tie Jiang had declined one after another, that’s why they ‘Xisha’ had entered the mainland to make oil and water. I didn’t expect this young man in front of me to be able to say Jiao Bian Yi, which couldn’t make him be careful.

“You …… are senior Ye …… I …… am a junior rate snake who has been following Master Jiao’s side.” This middle-aged man finally recognized Ye Mo, when Ye Mo talked and killed people, and even took bullets with his bare hands, even the ‘Iron Rope Crossing River’ kind of people were careful to accompany him. Their ‘Xisha’ boss, Jiao Bian Yi, was even proud to be able to talk to Ye Mo.

How could he not know that Ye Mo was such a person, he didn’t even expect to mess with Ye Mo. His teeth had started chattering up and down, Rate Snake understood that it was simply a matter of a finger for Ye Mo to kill him.

No longer daring to sit high above, Rate Snake hurriedly ran down and bent down to salute Ye Mo. However, he immediately understood who the source of this trouble was. Rate Snake took a few steps and walked up to Rate Six and gave him a few big slaps on the face, while a kick sent Rate Six several meters away.

He had always been highly respected by his boss, how could he have punched and kicked him today without asking any questions? Was it because of this Ye Mo? The boss called him senior, what was going on here?

Wang Yanmin and the others were even more dumbfounded, they didn’t expect things to be so dramatic, they originally thought they would have to shed their skin if they didn’t come in si, but in the blink of an eye their boss was treating Ye Mo so respectfully.

Rate Snake hastily bent down and said to Ye Mo, “Senior Ye, please have a seat.”

It was only when Ye Mo took the top seat that Rate Snake sighed with relief and said politely to Wang Yanmin and the three of them, “You are honoured guests for coming, please have a seat.”

Again, they made seats and made tea, except for Ye Mo who remained old and calm, Liu Jia and the others were already confused. However, they also knew that Ye Mo was not a small person, and Wang Yanmin could not understand Ye Mo even more, how could he make these people so respectful.

Rate Snake arranged several people’s seats before giving a low yell to Rate Six, “Get out of here and break Bald Head’s legs. You go and face the wall on your knees, how dare you even do it to senior Ye, I think you don’t want to live anymore, you’ve eaten a bear’s heart and a leopard’s guts.”

When he came in just now, didn’t you also say that young people are not so bold now? Now they have changed in the blink of an eye. However, he thought so, but did not dare to say it.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said: ”Alright, this matter ends here, but I don’t want to see it next time. If there is such a thing again, I don’t mind stamping this hall of yours out with a single foot.”

“Yes, yes …… senior Ye don’t worry, we are here to do regular business as well.” Rate Snake hurriedly said. He felt his back was covered in cold sweat, what Ye Mo said, he didn’t think it was a lie. What Ye Mo said about exterminating their hall was exterminating this hall. Not to mention this hall, even if Ye Mo was going to exterminate ‘Xisha’ he wouldn’t dare to doubt it.

I heard that ‘Nan Qing’ and ‘Tie Jiang’ were both exterminated by Ye Mo, and although the current ‘Xisha’ was increasing in power very quickly, it was not yet to the point where it could compete with ‘ Nan Qing’ and ‘Iron River’ to the point where they could fight against each other.

Ye Mo wouldn’t care if these people were doing regular business or not, it had nothing to do with him, if it wasn’t for Wang Yanmin’s few people today, he wouldn’t have come over at all.

“Senior Ye, I have a message to report to senior ……,” Rate Snake knew that Ye Mo’s impression of him was already not very good, and now he hurried to please Ye Mo.

“Oh, what is it, just tell me.” Ye Mo knew what Rate Snake had in mind and didn’t care, he didn’t have the time to settle anything with such people. Since this matter was settled, he was already ready to go.

Rate Snake walked up to Ye Mo’s side with some pinch and said,,, “Senior should know about the ‘Scarlet Coral’, I heard that it can give great benefits to those who practice ancient martial arts, and the Qiao family perished because of it. However, not long ago, one of my junior brothers happened to hear about the ‘Scarlet Coral’ in a bar ……”

“What?” Ye Mo stood up on his feet, but he immediately interrupted Rate Snake’s words and turned to Wang Yanmin’s few people and said, “The few of you should go back first, there’s nothing more going on here and no one will dare to look for you in the future.”

“Right, right, don’t worry about it guys, I’ll send someone to drive you back.”

When Rate Snake heard Ye Mo’s words, he immediately said politely to Wang Yanmin and the three of them, his expression was very respectful.