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DYM Chapter 290

It was not until Wang Yanmin and the others left in disbelief that Ye Mo asked, “Tell me, what was the news you heard about the ‘Scarlet Coral,’?”

Rate Snake was surprised for a moment, his original intention was just to please Ye Mo, he didn’t expect senior Ye to really be so interested in this news, where else would he take it, he quickly said, “Yesterday one of my men was at the ‘Luwan Bar, drinking, and overheard two people talking.”

As Rate Snake said this and looked at Ye Mo, he found that Ye Mo was listening intently and made up his mind that he would praise the henchman who heard the news later.

The rate snake, who was in a ji mood, continued, “One of these two people was a woman, and what she and the other person said at the time meant that that person was too powerful, and if the ‘Scarlet Coral,’ had anything to do with that person, she would definitely not interfere. And she said she didn’t want to continue this mission, even if this mission was completed and she could go straight to the word earth, she didn’t want to do it because she said that person was not even something she could kill. The man, however, said that if she quit in the middle of a mission, the organisation would immediately hunt her down, and then the woman was silent for a long time and didn’t say anything else.

The word “earth”? Ye Mo thought of the woman called Dong Qin that he had marked with his divine sense, who was supposed to be the human character killer of the ‘Earth Fury,’. Could that woman be her? But how did she come to this place, and also if it was really Dong Qin, how could she, a human character a*sa*sin of the ‘Earth Fury,’ reveal such a big footprint? Let a small punk spy out the news?

When Ye Mo thought about this, his brow immediately furrowed, and when Rate Snake took a look, his heart, which had been somewhat complacent, once again seized up. Not knowing why Ye Mo was still frowning at this news, just as he was apprehensive, Ye Mo asked, “How did your men hear this news?”

So this was the matter, Rate Snake hurriedly said, “Wang Conggui only said that he heard the news but didn’t say how he heard it, I will call him over right away.”

When Rate Snake finished speaking and saw that Ye Mo didn’t respond, he immediately called out from outside, “Get Wang Conggui to come over right away.”

Wang Conggui came quickly and arrived in the hall in just a few minutes, and when he saw Rate Snake, he quickly called out in a charming manner, “Big brother, you called me for something?”

Rate Snake nodded and said, “This is senior Ye, he has something to ask you. You have to answer carefully and clearly, if there is anything unclear, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

Looking at the boss’s serious eyes, Wang Conggui hurriedly nodded his head and said, “Yes, Senior Ye, please ask.”

“You heard about the ‘Scarlet Coral,’ at the Luwan Bar?” Ye Mo immediately asked.

Wang Conggui breathed a sigh of relief, he thought it was something, he hurriedly said, “Yes, senior, I did hear the news of ‘Scarlet Coral,’ at the Lvwan Bar, I was drinking at the time, there were two people talking in the compartment behind me, I heard them very clearly…”

Ye Mo coldly snorted and knocked on the table and said, “You lie, if you say lie again don’t blame me for not being polite ……”

Rate Snake stood up and gave Wang Conggui a slap, “You don’t want to live, how dare you lie to senior Ye.”

“Ah”… “Wang Conggui was slapped out of the way by Rate Snake, but he didn’t dare to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, he simply couldn’t figure out how this Elder Ye knew that he was lying.

But this is no longer important, the important thing is that if he continues to lie, he may really be destroyed by the boss. Wang Conggui hurriedly kneeled down and said, “Boss, spare my life, everything I said is true, just not what I heard in the cubicle. The last time the bar was renovated, I installed two extremely concealed wall cameras in two of the private rooms.

I thought something would happen when a man and a woman entered one of the private rooms yesterday, but after they checked inside the room for half a day and found nothing unusual, they started saying the original words.

Big brother, senior, everything I said is true, not a single false word.”

Ye Mo nodded, it looked like this Wang Conggui still had some skills, but as capable as he was, the fact that the installed camera Dong Qin didn’t find it still made Ye Mo somewhat suspicious. If this was all Dong Qin was capable of, then the ‘Earth Fury, the a*sa*sin was just that.

“How did it go afterwards?” Ye Mo however continued to ask.

Wang Conggui didn’t dare to hide and hastily replied, “Afterwards for over an hour the two but didn’t speak, they just drew something on paper and left without even touching each other’s hands, and I didn’t get anything of value.”

Ye Mo cried and laughed, dare to say that this Wang Conggui regarded sleeping together as valuable, once not sleeping together was all of no value, this guy was also an extremely good.

Just when Wang Conggui was wondering what this senior Ye would do to him, Ye Mo said, “Okay, you take me to that bar and show me the video of that hour or so.”

“Yes, I will call my friend right away and ask him to bring the footage over.” Wang Conggui was very resourceful and now knew that what Senior Ye wanted to see was not the little adult movies he was talking about, but the content of the conversation between these two.

The Luwan Bar was considered one of the biggest bars in the area of Luwanjiao, and when Ye Mo came, he really found that this bar had just been renovated, no wonder Wang Conggui could install the camera inside.

Ye Mo, led by Wang Conggui, entered the room where the camera was installed, and after looking at the place where the camera was installed, he couldn’t help but scream in his heart at this Wang Conggui’s shrewdness. If there was no divine sense, the camera would be very difficult to discover.

Wang Conggui had installed the camera on top of the wallpaper, which was not only small, but the pinhole lens was also the pistil of a flower on top of the wallpaper. With so many stamens on the wallpaper, who has the time to compare them one by one, even if it takes half a day to look at them one by one. This guy was born to be an underground worker.

Wang Conggui’s friend, like Wang Conggui, is a bit lewd looking. However, this camera was not yet erased by the new camera because it was only available last night.

Ye Mo opened the camera through the computer, and a woman who appeared in it was indeed Dong Qin, and there was also a very handsome looking male youth with a medium build and short hair, only this youth looked a bit worried. The two men came in and really checked the whole room over, just through the camera you could see that both of them were preoccupied and the inspection was a bit sloppy.

He and Dong Qin both came in and said the same thing as the rate snake had said, but they didn’t say anything more after that, instead they drew something on it through a piece of paper, but the drawing was covered by Dong Qin’s back, so that Ye Mo couldn’t see it clearly. For most of the time until they left, the two men drew on the paper without saying anything else.

It was only when the two put away the white paper that Ye Mo saw a raised reef on the beach on top of the white paper. It seemed that he had seen this reef before, when he had come ashore from the sea not long ago, it seemed that he had seen this piece of reef.

Having gotten some clues, Ye Mo immediately stood up when Rate Snake said, “Good, thanks to you this time, you are very good, next time I run into Jiao Bian Yi I will say hello to him. I have something to do today, so I’ll leave first.”

The rate snake’s eyes showed surprise and he hurriedly said you wouldn’t dare to dare, all the time sending Ye Mo outside, all the time seeing Ye Mo’s back disappear, his expression was uncertain of surprise, with a look of disbelief.

He was able to come here to Sanya solely because Master Jiao had given him a chance on account of him following around for many years. But now it was different, he had actually inadvertently made friends with Senior Ye, so he would not be leveling up in front of Master Jiao in the future.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became, and he turned to the few young brothers who were following him and said, “In the future, those friends of Senior Ye must not be neglected, and if there are any more rude guys who dare to be rude to Senior Ye’s friends, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Although it was already after ten o’clock at night, Ye Mo was fast and had already arrived at the beach again after only twenty to thirty minutes. He had indeed found the reef. With a leap, Ye Mo was already standing on top of the reef.

There was nothing and no one on top of the reef, but Ye Mo revealed his joy, he had already sensed the divine sense mark he had left behind, when he had left it on Dong Qin’s body. With his current cultivation level, as long as Dong Qin was within ten miles, he could sense it.

However, the divine sense mark that Ye Mo sensed now was at sea, which was faint in Ye Mo’s senses.

Ye Mo dared not slow down, so he took out the wooden board, stood on top of it and quickly rushed in the direction of his divine sense mark.

Only a few minutes later, a civilian white boat appeared in front of Ye Mo’s eyes. Ye Mo quickly went over, only to find an old man in his fifties sitting at the bow of the boat, seemingly on sentry duty, and the boat was surprisingly parked in place, not driving away.

Ye Mo got on the boat and swept his divine sense in, there were only two people inside the cabin, the Dong Qin he saw on the video and the young man.

“Dong Qin, is there really such a powerful person? I have heard of some hidden sect masters, but to be as powerful as you say is a bit outrageous. This time, the top also sent Toulouse, who is a master of the Earth Yellow character, so perhaps, we can still let go of the game for once. Besides, how are you sure that it was Ye Mo who moved the car last time? Besides, do you think he can steal and swap bombs under your nose?” The young man seemed to think for a long time before hesitantly speaking out.

Dong Qin’s face turned a little pale, but he shook his head and said, “Chen Qing, you haven’t come into contact with him, you don’t understand how powerful he is. I have a pang of fear even now when I think about it, I’m sure he did it right under my nose, but I just didn’t see it.”