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DYM Chapter 31-32

Chapter 31

“What is it, say it, I’m in a good mood today.” Ye Mo was really in a good mood today as he collected the gra*s seeds and also turned the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ into a bowl of soup and medicine.

“You borrow a two thousand dollars for me.” Ning Qingxue said calmly, for her to take two thousand dollars from Ye Mo, Ye Mo shouldn’t refuse because all of Ye Mo’s money was originally hers.

“No money.” Ye Mo’s original good mood was made to look bad by Ning Qingxue’s sentence of borrowing money, to know that now he only had more than three thousand yuan in his pocket combined, Ning Qingxue was good, she wanted to borrow two thousand at once.

“You ……” Ning Qingxue was infuriated by Ye Mo, this man was actually so miserly, after taking half a million from her, he was not even willing to borrow two thousand from him, how could this man be like this?

“The little interest you squeeze out of the half a million is enough for this two thousand, you are a man, you still have a lot to do in the future, how can you be like this?” Ning Qingxue didn’t expect that what she had in mind, she actually said it and it seemed to be justified.

When Ye Mo saw Ning Qingxue start to talk sense, he hurriedly raised his hand and said, “Stop, stop, stop ……” After he finished, he fished out a roll of banknotes from inside his pocket and counted twenty of them and handed them to Ning Qingxue, “For this once, next time don’t ask me to borrow money, my money is also not easy to come by.”

Ning Qingxue brushed aside her mouth and did not refute Ye Mo after all, but in her heart she was thinking that if his money did not come easily, then no one else’s money would come easily. All he had to do was borrow a place for himself to stay and that would be half a million.

The reason why Ning Qingxue borrowed two thousand dollars was because she didn’t have a penny on her and was out of phone bills, plus she had to buy some things for women, which made it very inconvenient.


That night, after waiting for Xu Wei and Ning Qingxue to fall asleep, Ye Mo walked to the backyard under the big tree, finished the bowl of soup and medicine in one gulp, and began to cultivate.

The surging medicinal power spread out in Ye Mo’s chest with a “boom”, rapidly changing the width and strength of the meridians in his body along with the direction of Ye Mo’s true qi operation. Ye Mo’s heart was overjoyed, he didn’t expect the medicinal effect of a mere ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ to be so good, it looked like there was hope for him to advance to the second level of Qi training.

After four hours had pa*sed, the true essence in Ye Mo’s body increased dramatically, but Ye Mo soon felt that something was wrong.

The true essence in his body actually stopped increasing after it reached a certain level and started burning his meridians instead. Ye Mo’s heart was shocked, if this continued, would he not become a true invalid?

What was going on? The fire in Ye Mo’s meridians was getting stronger and stronger, and his meridians were getting more and more painful. In anxiety, Ye Mo bit through his wrist.

“Ye Mo was relieved, fortunately, he was able to make sense out of his anxiety, otherwise he would have been in trouble, it looked like he shouldn’t have finished a big bowl in one go, the soup was missing a few of the original spiritual herbs, he just used ordinary herbs instead, it looked like there were side effects.

When the burning in Ye Mo’s body calmed down, Ye Mo immediately used his energy to stop the wound.

Although a lot of blood had flowed out at once, Ye Mo had already advanced to the late first layer, his first time cultivating with such a big breakthrough, and Ye Mo felt that the medicinal power in his body was not exhausted, as long as he continued to cultivate he might be able to advance to the second layer of Qi cultivation completely.

However, the next day, when Ye Mo had just eaten breakfast and was about to go to school, he once again found the sizzling heat in his internal meridians. In his heart, he was secretly depressed, did he have to drain all of Laozi’s blood before he could, and it hurt his heart to let go of Saffron’s blood.

However, this was not difficult for Ye Mo, he went straight to the hospital to sell his blood. He didn’t know how many CCs of blood had been taken away, but Ye Mo finally felt the true qi in his body calming down, breathed a sigh of relief, and didn’t go to the library when he arrived at the school, he directly found a place to start cultivating.

These few days were critical time, he had to refine all the medicinal liquid before he wasted this ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’.


In the next few days, Ning Qingxue contacted Li Mumei every day, and she no longer dared to think about the Ning family that was in an uproar. Although Ning Hai also posted the news of her and Ye Mo’s marriage, the level of fire was nowhere near that of Yanjing.

But the only comfort Ning Qingxue felt was that since her news appeared on websites and newspapers, the Song family really seemed to have caved in and stopped mentioning her and Song Shaowen.

Ye Mo was living a painful and happy life these days, making constant progress in his daily cultivation while having to go to the hospital every day to donate blood. The good thing was that the money from blood donation was not much, but it was an income after all.

On the sixth night of the day he drank the soup, Ye Mo only felt a few soft sounds inside his body while he was cultivating, as if something had opened up and pa*sed through. His body began to soothe, and the residual medicinal liquid that had been left in his body all dissipated at this moment, his true essence increased several times, and his divine sense also began to radiate out.

At this moment, Ye Mo almost wanted to stand up and roar loudly, but he knew that it was the middle of the night, so if he roared, he might be taken as a madman. But the joy he felt inside was beyond words.

The next day, Ye Mo bought some breakfast for Ning Qingxue and prepared to go to school. He wanted to leave some pills for Shi Xiu, since he was already at the second level of Qi training, that meant he would be leaving soon. Shi Xiu was his friend, and before he left Ninghai, he gave him a few pills he had made in case of emergency.

Originally, Ye Mo thought that after getting married to Ning Qingxue and taking some pictures, there would definitely be some trouble, but it had been almost half a month and he hadn’t encountered any trouble, which made him gradually relax.

“Ye Mo.” It was the first time that Ning Qingxue called out to Ye Mo as he was leaving the house.

As soon as Ye Mo heard it, he secretly screamed that it was not good, last time she called out to him, he was short of two thousand yuan, what was the matter this time? But Ning Qingxue called him, he couldn’t just pretend he didn’t know.

When he looked back at Ning Qingxue, Ye Mo cried and laughed, Ning Qingxue was still as beautiful as a fairy, the only difference was that her body was a bit fuller. It looked like she couldn’t take credit for cooking all this time, people who didn’t know would think she was here for a holiday and not for refuge.

“What is it?” Ye Mo was a little helpless.

Looking at Ye Mo’s helpless look, Ning Qingxue was upset in her heart, was she not worthy of him? Even if you fake a marriage, you can still be worthy of someone like you, right? But it was good that she was indifferent in nature, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to stay here alone for half a month in silence with Ye Mo.

“One of my cla*smates is coming over today, she is a journalist and the purpose of her visit should be known to you. Although I really don’t want to go to dinner with her, but now that I am still under the eyes of others, I thought if you could accompany my cla*smate to have dinner with me in the evening?” Ning Qingxue resumed her bland and unperturbed look.

“I can cook dinner, so why bother going out to eat?” Ye Mo’s first reaction was to cook his own food to save some money.

“You ……” Ning Qingxue was almost choked by Ye Mo’s anger, it wasn’t that she loved to save face, but she wanted to be a little more realistic in other people’s eyes about her and Ye Mo’s life as a couple.

“Okay, I’ll go tonight ……” Ye Mo finished breathlessly, turned around and left.


Chapter 32

Yun Bing hadn’t been to school for a while, she only remembered that after coming out of school that night, she had wanted to go to the supermarket to buy something, but on the way she met one of her former seniors. It seemed that the senior had bought two bottles of drinks and handed her one. Although she did not want to talk to the senior, he was too kind and even opened the drink for her.

Then later, she took a few sips of that bottle of drink, answered a few words casually and was about to say goodbye, who knew then that her head would be a bit dizzy. But Yun Bing was not a rookie anymore, she had been living independently in society for many years, and when this situation arose, she immediately knew that there was something wrong with the drink this senior had given her.

Immediately, Yun Bing wanted to scream, but she found that her head was getting dizzy and she couldn’t even scream anymore. She didn’t know what happened after that. How come when she woke up that night she actually saw Ye Mo? Could it be that he was in cahoots with that senior of hers?

Yun Bing’s first reaction was to call the police and have the police arrest Ye Mo. But later on, the examination revealed that she did not seem to have been sexually… The only thing that had been damaged was the door of the room that had been kicked down.

Thinking that Ye Mo was still so young, Yun Bing sighed and let him go. But in her heart, she was already disgusted with him to the core, she just didn’t know how Ye Mo knew that senior of hers.

But when Yun Bing got up to check, she realised that there seemed to be a fight in her room, and there was even a digital camera that had been smashed to pieces. Could it be that the two of them had fought over who would f*ck themselves first? Yun Bing was even more ashamed and angry at the thought.

She had already decided to go to the school the next day to ask Ye Mo for clarification. However, the news the next day made her stop asking Ye Mo completely. She saw on the news the next day that two men who had been stripped naked in Century Square had been beaten up and left in a car as idiots.

Yun Bing then went online to check the news, and she saw clearly on some small websites that the two men whose clothes had been stripped off, one was actually Zheng Wen Qiao, and the other was the senior who had framed her.

Yun Bing then thought of Ye Mo, and she even suspected that this incident was done by Ye Mo. No matter what, that senior was beaten into an idiot, and it greatly took out a bite of her anger. She would not expose Ye Mo even if she was sure that Ye Mo had done this kind of thing, not to mention that she was not sure. But the fact that Ye Mo tried to take advantage of her made her hate it.

As for why Ye Mo didn’t have sex with her in the end, Yun Bing knew very well in her heart that it was because he simply didn’t have that ability. But how did Ye Mo appear in her room and how did that senior of hers get beaten into an idiot, she couldn’t figure it out and simply didn’t think about it.

So Yun Bing took a leave of absence that day and stayed off work for half a month before she returned to school. But to her surprise, the first person she met when she returned to school was Ye Mo.

Ye Mo had just finished his training and was about to go find Shi Xiu when he saw Yun Bing walk into the school. As soon as he saw Yun Bing, Ye Mo couldn’t help but think of the way Yun Bing was naked** that night and her firm and huge breasts.

As soon as she saw Ye Mo, Yun Bing was on fire. And the fact that Ye Mo was actually staring at her with such a **naked gaze made her even more angry. The thought of her body being seen away by this guy without any reservations made her heart nestle in fire.

“Ye Mo, come here for a moment.” Although Yun Bing’s tone was calm, the fire beneath the calmness was already furious.

Ye Mo, of course, did not know that Yun Bing had already discovered him that night and calmly walked up to Yun Bing and said, “Teacher Yun, what is it?”

Yun Bing didn’t say anything either, she just walked towards a remote part of the school. Ye Mo followed for a while and felt that something was not quite right, could it be that Yun Bing had already found him out that night? It was impossible, Yun Bing had been unconscious, and he was still wearing a mask, how could Yun Bing know it was him?

Only when he saw that no one was around did Yun Bing look at Ye Mo with a blue face and say, “Very pretty, isn’t it?”

“What’s pretty? The scenery here is average, huh?” Ye Mo had some bad feeling and hurriedly looked to the left to say something else.

Yun Bing suddenly raised his hand without any warning and slapped at Ye Mo’s face, not to mention that Ye Mo was already defending himself against Yun Bing, even if Ye Mo was not defending himself against Yun Bing in the slightest, Yun Bing’s slap would not be able to hit him.

Ye Mo raised his hand and grabbed Yun Bing’s wrist, saying coldly, “Teacher Yun, since there is nothing else, I will leave. If you dare to put your hands on me again, don’t blame me for not being polite, I will make Ning University’s Ning Lake into a place for you to bathe.” After saying that, Ye Mo turned around and left.

“Ye Mo, you scoundrel and shameless person.” When Yun Bing saw Ye Mo turn around and leave without hesitation, she immediately blurted out a scolding, completely bearing no resemblance to her usual ice-cold calmness.

However, Ye Mo didn’t pay any attention to her and had already walked away without a trace. Although Yun Bing was known as Heartless Ice, she couldn’t help but cry out when she thought of how Ye Mo had treated her, and it took her a long time to rub her somewhat red and swollen eyes and leave alone.

After Yun Bing left, a girl came out again not far away, she looked at Yun Bing’s back in some disbelief and muttered, “I didn’t expect Ye Mo to actually bully even Teacher Yun, this person is really bad to the bone.”

Ye Mo was a little annoyed and was not in the mood to go back to the cla*sroom to look for Shi Xiu, instead he went straight out of the school. He really shouldn’t have done this more than once, he should have known to leave this woman alone, he saved her and she still looked like this.


“Ye Mo, you’re back.” As soon as Ye Mo opened the courtyard door, Ning Qingxue clung to him like a bird and wrapped her arms around him.

Ye Mo looked up to see behind Ning Qingxue, and there was indeed a slender woman, about the same age as Ning Qingxue, also with long hair, and with bright eyes, those two eyes seemed to be talking, turning around on Ye Mo, looking worldly and shrewd.

“Ye Mo, let me introduce to you, this is my cla*smate Zhou Lei, who came to Ninghai to see me on purpose. Zhou Lei, this is my husband Ye Mo.” Ning Qingxue said with great enthusiasm.

Only Ning Qingxue herself knew that if she didn’t want all the people to realize that she was already Ye Mo’s wife as soon as possible, she wouldn’t be willing to interact with others much at all. Zhou Lei was a journalist, so of course Ning Qingxue knew what she meant by coming to visit her on purpose.

“Oh, hello, Miss Zhou.” Ye Mo smiled and reached out to shake Zhou Lei’s hand.

“Hello, Mr. Ye, just call me Zhou Lei directly from now on, and I won’t be polite to just call you Ye Mo.” Zhou Lei’s smile was professional.

Zhou Lei was a bit strange in her heart, she had heard of Ye Mo, she also guessed like the outside world that this marriage of Ning Qingxue was actually to avoid the Song family, and after she saw Ning Qingxue’s residence, it reinforced her opinion. But now, seeing Ye Mo’s breezy and calm appearance, she had some doubts about her judgment for the first time.

“Qingxue, you’re really the same, since your cla*smate is here, you should have called me. Oh right, Zhou Lei hasn’t eaten since she arrived, right, let’s go and fill up our stomachs first. Zhou Lei, sorry for the humble accommodation, I’m sorry to make you laugh. Light Snow is also suffering a bit by following me, but this is only temporary, I definitely won’t let Light Snow suffer by following me all the time.” Ye Mo didn’t have time to be inquisitive with Ning Qingxue’s cla*smate, he wasn’t in a good mood, he just wanted to finish his meal early and send this woman who was probing for information away early.