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DYM Chapter 291

After a moment’s pause, Dong Qin continued: “At that time when he was talking to me, I had a feeling that my heart was pounding. Sure enough when Wu Feng pressed the button later, the car that exploded was his own, and I’m sure I would have been in his hands by now if I hadn’t left then. And, and ……”

“And what?” Chen Qing immediately asked.

Dong Qin hesitated for a moment before saying, “I suspected that I had a mark on me, but I repeatedly showered and changed my clothes a few times, but that feeling of being marked was still there, and I wondered if I was being too paranoid. But my sixth sense has always been correct, if it wasn’t for my sixth sense, I wouldn’t have been alive on that last mission in Hong Kong.”

As Ye Mo listened next to him, he secretly praised in his heart, this Dong Qin was really a natural born killer, his divine sense mark made on the earth level expert’s static rest was not even detected, but he never thought that this Dong Qin had guessed it. Although she could not be sure, this kind of intuition was really remarkable. If one knew that this Dong Qin did not even have an ancient martial entry level, she was just an a*sa*sin.

Chen Qing froze for a long time before saying, “You’re too careless, there’s no such mark in the world. Besides, he only shook your hand for a moment, although it was longer, but who knows that this Ye Mo is not a lustful man. He might have just wanted to grab your hand, there is no way he could have marked you by shaking hands. If that’s really the case, he’s too godly.”

Dong Qin, however, shook her head and said, “No, he shouldn’t be trying to grab my hand, Tang Beiwei is much prettier than me, right? He’s not grabbing hers yet.”

“Tang Beiwei is his sister, of course he can’t have any thoughts about her.” Chen Qing immediately retorted.

“Sister? How do you know that Tang Beiwei is his sister? Has there been a blood test? Besides, one of their surnames is Tang and one is Ye, I am not sure. When I was investigating him in Ninghai, I personally saw him and Tang Beiwei spend the night inside a room. Moreover, this person Ye Mo doesn’t look like a lecher at all.” Dong Qin immediately shook her head again and said.

Seemingly to add to her point, Dong Qin added, “If he really wanted to be horny, with the information I got, which one of Yun Bing, who he had crossed paths with, and his fiancee, Ning Qingxue, is not too much prettier than me. And how could he have made a move on me?”

Chen Qing nodded, “You’re right, but if we can’t afford to sin against Ye Mo, can we sin against the higher-ups? If we escape, it will still be a death all the same, and a miserable one at that.”

Dong Qin sighed, “If I had to choose, I’d rather offend the top and kill myself, that Ye Mo is too scary. I’ve investigated him, the two main organisations, Nan Qing and Tie Jiang, although they weren’t exterminated, they both went down in flames because of him, it’s the Song family, one of the five great families of China, I suspect he did it too. The recent demise of the Amphibian Gang, I also suspect he had something to do with it. It’s because the ‘Scarlet Coral’ was obtained at Cape Tsim Sha Tsui.”

“What about the Qiao family? Was it Ye Mo’s doing as well?” Chen Qing immediately asked.

Dong Qin was silent for a while before saying, “Originally, I also thought that the Qiao family was his doing, but after I received a new mission, I thought carefully that the ‘Scarlet Coral’ shouldn’t have been robbed by him. The person who killed the Qiao family was most likely the Cha family, which is why I was in a hurry to leave. I have a feeling that my life won’t be my own as long as I’m with the Cha family.”

“The Cha family? How is that possible. The Cha Family never said they wanted any ‘Scarlet Coral’ when they were working with us, didn’t they say that all they had to do was kill Ye Mo?” Chen Qing asked in amazement.

Dong Qin shook her head and said, “I don’t understand either, if the one who hired us to kill Qiao Gang was the Cha family, it would be very well explained. But the one who hired us to kill Qiao Gang was the Yun family, and in the end the Cha family even took the initiative to seek our cooperation to kill Ye Mo, I don’t understand what they meant. This time, I didn’t listen to the top’s wishes to stay with the Cha family after I escaped, so I guess I was already suspected by the top.

Because I suspect that the ‘Scarlet Coral’ was originally done by the above in collaboration with the Cha family, and the purpose of the above was to lure Ye Mo into the bait, and I was just there to be the bait. Although I didn’t know what was behind it, I knew that as long as I went to the Cha family, I would definitely not have a life. Maybe the top even knew that Ye Mo had marked me before letting me go to the Cha family.

So even if I knew the whereabouts of the ‘Scarlet Coral’, I would not take up the mission. Although I haven’t figured out many things, I am sure that no matter if the ‘Scarlet Coral’ is related to Ye Mo or not, as long as I go, I will be dead.”

When Ye Mo heard this, his heart was happy, this Dong Qin really knew the whereabouts of the ‘Scarlet Coral’. However, to his surprise, the one who hired the a*sa*sin to kill Qiao Gang was not the Cha family but the Yun family. And the ‘Earth Furies’ had focused their main force on themselves because they had taken out one of their a*sa*sins. But the ‘Earth Fury’ had an excuse for dealing with him, why would the Cha family take the initiative to deal with him, Ye Mo? Before the race, he and the Cha family did not have any grudges.

This Dong Qin’s sixth sense was so strong. Ye Mo guessed that it was really likely that the ‘Earth Fury’ knew that he had marked Dong Qin and so was preparing to make Dong Qin cannon fodder just to kill him, Ye Mo. There must be some other reason in between besides the fact that he had killed the ‘Earth Furies’, otherwise the ‘Earth Furies’ wouldn’t let their own people be cannon fodder.

“Ugh, actually you should have continued to follow Ye Mo, you only had to follow him for a bit. You weren’t asked to do anything either.” Chen Qing said with a sigh.

Dong Qin shook her head, “I have a feeling that if I hadn’t left then, I might have been caught by him.”

It was only after a long time that Chen Qing said, “What about you? Even if Ye Mo is so powerful, do you really dare to break away from the organisation? That’s a very tragic way to die.”

“It’s better for one person to die than a family, Ye Mo will exterminate people’s families at every move, he’s too vicious. I’d rather find a place to die in secret by myself, than have people find the family and exterminate them.” Dong Qin said somewhat feebly.

However, Chen Qing sneered, “Dong Qin, I have been in the ‘Earth Fury’ for longer than you, and there are many things you don’t understand. I don’t know if Ye Mo will exterminate people’s families, but I am sure that if you betray the ‘Earth Fury’, you will definitely have your family exterminated, those people are all crazy, they are simply unbelievable.

Five years ago, when I first arrived at the ‘Earth Fury’, one of my predecessors, a human purple word a*sa*sin, was only one step away from the word earth, because he was trapped in a place on a mission and went back a few days late, his whole family was killed. It’s true that our above will exterminate people’s entire families, you just don’t know it.”

“Ah ……” Dong Qin had never heard that his **** would still exterminate people’s entire families, this was simply too horrible. Ye Mo would exterminate the door was after all her guess, and thinking about it, she was once again a little worried about her thoughts.

Ye Mo knew that if he listened any longer, he wouldn’t hear any meaningful news, he walked out and said indifferently, “If you cooperate with me, not only will I not let the ‘Earth Furies’ exterminate your whole family, I will also save your lives.”

“Ah ……” Both Dong Qin and Chen Qing suddenly stood up, Ye Mo came too suddenly, leaving them with no mental preparation at all. But both of them still reacted quickly despite this sudden situation, both of them simultaneously put their hands on their waist, it was obvious that their weapons were on their waist.

“Surprisingly, it’s you? Ye Mo? How did you get here?” Dong Qin immediately recognised who the person who came in was, and her hand on her waist dropped in dismay, knowing that her killer weapon was useless against Ye Mo.

Hearing Dong Qin’s words, Chen Qing’s heart burst with horror, he finally understood the terror of Ye Mo. In the depths of this sea, he didn’t see any boats approaching, Uncle Fu was on sentry duty and didn’t even notice anything, and a big living man suddenly appeared inside the cabin, and his clothes were all dry, as if he had just come from next door. Even the most powerful a*sa*sins of the ‘Earth Destroyer’ were probably not capable of this. No wonder Dong Qin was so scared of Ye Mo, he did have a reason to make people afraid.

Ye Mo sat down, picked up the teacup on top of the coffee table and poured himself a cup of water, before saying slowly: “Dong Qin, this is not the time for you to ask me how I came up here, I have my ways. You were tampering with the car underneath and wanted to kill me, it wouldn’t take any effort for me to kill you now. And there are a hundred reasons why I could kill you, I’m not killing you now, it’s just a matter of whether you know what you’re doing. If you are bent on asking for death, there is nothing I can do.”

Dong Qin let out a long breath, as if she had let go of something, and the nervous look on her face disappeared instead. Sometimes people were like this, always worrying when things didn’t happen to their heads, and only once things actually happened to them and they were faced with it did they feel that it was useless to worry, and that it was better to face it.

“Senior Ye, I know that you are very powerful, to kill us is like crushing an ant. The ‘Earth Fury’ organisation is not something I can betray just because I want to. To speak from the bottom of my heart, I don’t have any good feelings towards the ‘Earth Fury’, we were all forcibly taken for training in the first place. It was only because there was no other way out that we wanted to make a name for ourselves in the ‘Earth Fury’. Now that I’ve offended you, you can kill me, I just want to ask you not to touch my family.” Dong Qin finally relaxed, left and right was a death, it was better to die a quicker death.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and suddenly reached out and grabbed Dong Qin’s wrist, very quickly cutting a bloody slit on top of her wrist, by the time Dong Qin reacted, Ye Mo’s hand had already been removed. He cupped a crimson compulsion in his hand and said, “Did you say you didn’t dare to betray the ‘Earth Fury’ because of this? Now that I have taken it out of your body, well now you can speak.”

Dong Qin’s eyes widened, and only after a long time did she say in horror, “You, how did you know that there was a compulsion inside me? And how were you able to force the compulsion out? How dare you grab it with your hand, aren’t you afraid that the compulsion will backfire and burrow into your body?”

Ye Mo let out a cold laugh, “How dare you call this kind of worm a compulsion, don’t laugh off my teeth.”