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DYM Chapter 292

Ye Mo let out a cold laugh, “This kind of insect also dares to be called a compulsion, don’t laugh off my teeth.”

In his heart, he was thinking of the Bug Monk who had been a rampant force in the cultivation world back then, he was covered in all kinds of bugs, and the parasites he raised were all a couple of meters long, and the largest parasite king was even more than ten meters long. Such a small thing was not even a fly in the cultivation world.

Chen Qing also stared in awe at the parasite in Ye Mo’s hand, his heart was just as shocked, it was the first time he had seen a parasite inside his body. Although he knew that every person who joined the ‘Earth Fury, must accept the next compulsion from the ‘Earth Fury, the compulsion king, once betrayed or escaped, this compulsion would be triggered. The triggered parasite will go straight to devour the heart of the person who has been struck by the parasite, and there is no salvation at all.

He had also heard from the older generation that as long as the ‘Earth Fury’ compulsion was placed in the body, the person would remain an ‘Earth Fury’ for life, except for the ‘Earth Fury’ organization’s compulsion king, no one could take the compulsion out of the body. But today he actually saw Ye Mo remove the compulsion from Dong Qin’s body in a second or two, and even squeezed it in his hand without fear of repercussions, he was actually so powerful.

Chen Qing, who had originally planned to make a move against Ye Mo, had now completely lost his mind to make a move, he felt that he didn’t have the slightest chance in this young man who had boarded the ship. Although his premonition was not as strong as Dong Qin’s, yet he could vaguely feel that once he made a move, he would immediately be killed by this man in front of him.

Huh, Ye Mo suddenly felt something was wrong, although this compulsion was like a fly to him, but there was a strong essence of life, while the life on Dong Qin’s body looked extraordinarily shriveled because the compulsion was taken away by himself, and even his face was a bit waxy, what was going on?

“Seniors …… Ye seniors, you can dispel the compulsion power in your body? I, my…six Chen Qing, after being shocked, immediately understood that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he also had a compulsion inside his body, if it was taken out, wouldn’t the sky be high and the sea be at his disposal? He didn’t have any family to be retaliated by the ‘Earth Furies.

Of course Ye Mo understood what he meant and said with a light glance at Chen Qing, “It doesn’t matter if you want to exorcise the compulsion in your body, but you have to answer the questions I’m going to ask honestly. If you have anything to hide, I can still kill you to search your soul.”

Of course the last sentence was a lie to Chen Qing, Ye Mo didn’t even have a foundation building right now, if he searched his soul, he could only control Chen Qing’s mind and make him just say it himself, but the downside of that was that the information he got wasn’t very complete.

“I am willing, as long as senior helps me to remove the compulsion, I am willing to answer any questions senior has.” Unlike the hesitant Dong Qin, Chen Qing did not have any hesitation.

“Good.” After Ye Mo finished speaking, he reached out his hand and slashed the top of Chen Qing’s arm, and although it took a little longer, it didn’t take more than five seconds to remove a yellow compulsion from Chen Qing’s arm.

Ye Mo squeezed the yellow compulsion in his hand and found that the essence blood on it was even more vibrant, while Chen Qing was even more depressed than Dong Qin was just now, practically weakened to the point of collapsing to the ground, and only got better when he held onto the seat and sat down.

The colour of the parasite was not right and the essence blood contained within was different, could this have something to do with it?

As soon as Ye Mo used his hand, the red compulsion was immediately crushed, and a light yellow flame emerged from his fingertips, burning the compulsion cleanly. But the yellow parasite he didn’t squeeze si, still grasping it in his hand.

Dong Qin and Chen Qing were already dumbfounded, they had seen many powerful talents inside the organization, and even some with supernormal capabilities, but they had never seen someone as powerful as Ye Mo, not to mention taking out other people’s compulsions with his hands, but also ignoring such powerful compulsions, and even crushing the fingertip and having fire automatically burn this compulsion. It was like magic, if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they would never have believed it.

Ye Mo, however, was silent, he felt that this compulsion was somewhat bizarre, not only was it the wrong colour, but it also contained essence and blood vitality, what was going on?

“Do you know why the pre-colour of the compulsion in your bodies is not right?” Ye Mo thought for half a day and felt that it was somewhat the same as the ‘corpse-eating compulsion that he had once seen in the cultivation world, but it didn’t seem to be quite the same. Because he was not sure, he had to open his mouth and ask.

Dong Qin and Chen Qing looked at each other and shook their heads, “I don’t know, but the colour of the parasite you took out is similar to our status. Now I am still a human red character killer, while Chen Qing is a human yellow character killer. I see that the colour of the compulsion you just took out is matching our rank, so I feel that it might have something to do with that.”

“There are still so many Human Character Slayers?” Ye Mo muttered to himself, but still didn’t understand. Then he asked, “Since you yourselves can’t even see the appearance and colour of the companions, how did you advance through the ranks?”

Chen Qing, however, said, “Every person who has just joined the ‘Earth Fury,****, will be placed under a compulsion by the compulsion king of the ‘Earth Fury. Usually when you first enter the door is the human red character, behind the human red killer is the human orange character killer, I have just been promoted to human yellow character killer now, and the highest level of human character killer is the human purple character. This is tested by a special person at our ‘Earth Fury, and after the test is completed, if the requirements are met, this medal will be issued.”

After saying that, Chen Qing took out a yellow medal, the colour was yellow and the style was a pattern of sharp knives on both sides, this pattern of knives was placed on top of a human head, which looked a bit bizarre.

After holding the medallion out to Ye Mo and looking at it, Chen Qing continued, “The Earth Word Killer is also seven colours, but instead of a human head as the base, their medallion pattern is a piece of land.”

Ye Mo took the medallion and looked at it for half a day but didn’t see anything, it seemed to be a very ordinary medal-like piece. Seeing Ye Mo observing the medallion, Dong Qin also took out his own medallion and handed it to Ye Mo. Apart from the different colours, the rest was exactly the same.

Ye Mo cupped the medallion and asked, “So does the Heavenly Medallion have a two-headed sword under a piece of sky?”

Chen Qing, however, shook his head and said, “I don’t know about that, I haven’t seen the medallion of the Heavenly Character Killer. I have an elder brother called Yuan Peng, who was an Earth-letter a*sa*sin and missed his last mission when he was about to be promoted to a Heaven-letter a*sa*sin. However, I heard that when you reach the Heavenly Word Killer, you will be taken out of the compulsion and become an elder of the ‘Earthly Furies,’ and you can also choose to leave the ‘Earthly Furies’ to live your own free life, so every one of us wants to become a Heavenly Word Killer quickly.”

Ye Mo’s heart moved and he immediately asked, “Has anyone become a Heavenly Character Killer?”

Chen Qing nodded and said, “I heard that every year someone would become a Heavenly Word Killer, and after becoming a Heavenly Word Killer, these people basically chose to quit the ‘Heavenly Furies’ to live in a different identity. If I were to advance to the Heavenly Word, I would also choose to quit the **** one.”

Ye Mo already fully understood, he coldly laughed, “Change a life? Who are you fooling. Although I originally didn’t know what this kind of compulsion was all about, I now know some of it, and I’ve seen this kind of thing too many times. This kind of compulsion is somewhat like a ‘corpse-eating compulsion’ I’ve seen before, but of course this kind of compulsion is inferior to the ‘corpse-eating compulsion’, I don’t know how much worse it is.”

, “Corpse-eating parasite,?” Dong Qin repeated, her face turned pale, she actually had a ‘corpse-eating compulsion’ in her body.

Ye Mo still sneered and said, “Good, this is somewhat the same as the ‘Corpse Eating Compulsion’, it is parasitic in a person’s body and devours the parasite’s essence blood, moreover, it can also devour vitality. So once a person with the ‘Corpse Eating Compulsion’ in their body kills someone, the living energy of the murdered person will be completely devoured by the ‘Corpse Eating Compulsion’ and then warmed up with the parasite’s internal essence blood. So the more people it kills, the more alive and vital it becomes.”

“Senior, you mean that we are using our own essence blood to warm up the ‘Corpse Eating Compulsion’ and after we kill someone, si person’s vitality is also eaten by the ‘Corpse Eating Compulsion’?” Chen Qing’s face turned as white as ever, this kind of thing was too much for him to accept.

“Not bad.” Ye Mo nodded and continued, “I guess this person who planted the parasite on you guys didn’t have good intentions, on one hand of course it was to prevent you guys from betraying, but the main thing was to let the ‘Corpse Eating Compulsion, get more essence blood and vitality. You should know that the more focused you are when you kill, the greater the benefits to the ‘Corpse Eating Compulsion,’ will be.”

Ye Mo looked at the two people who were already pale, but said indifferently, “This ‘Corpse Eating Compulsion, has only just started in your bodies, and when I took it out, you were so depleted. Moreover, this ‘corpse-eating compulsion, in my hands, was still struggling and wanted to eat your essence blood. It is evident that your claim that the killers of the ‘Earth Fury’ can opt out of the ‘Earth Fury’ when they reach the Heavenly level is simply a lie.

If my prediction is correct, the ‘Corpse Eating Compulsion’ inside the body of a killer who has reached the Heavenly Rank is already mature. Once removed, the parasite’s body is immediately weakened beyond measure, and this ‘Corpse Eating Compulsion, will immediately turn against the parasite, devouring the parasite’s essence and vitality to the bone.”

Dong Qin and Chen Qing’s faces became more and more stuck white, and it was only after a long time that Dong Qin said with a trembling voice, “Why should this be done? You have to know that a every Heavenly Character Killer is a genius among killers. Why would you kill your own people?”

Although they already believed that what Ye Mo said was true, this matter was too outrageous.

Ye Mo sneered and said, “Of course it’s because the ‘Corpse Eating Compulsion, has matured and can be harvested for the person who planted it. The person who gave you the parasite should be using the abundant vitality and essence blood of this mature ‘corpse-eating parasite, to cultivate a certain technique. This person is really powerful.”

After Ye Mo finished speaking, he could not help but admire the long term plan and scheming of this person who had placed the compulsions. This was tantamount to raising a batch of elixirs that could be cultivated, and one would want them when they wanted them. However, although this compulsion is not quite a ‘corpse-eating compulsion’, it is basically the same as a ‘corpse-eating compulsion,’ in terms of symptoms. The fact that this kind of compulsion could be found on Earth and could be controlled freely showed that the guy who raised the compulsion was also a person of ability.

“So that’s how it is.” Chen Qing took a long breath, it was obvious that he already believed what Ye Mo said.

“Chen Qing, do you know anything?” Dong Qin immediately inquired.

Chen Qing’s face was somewhat ugly as he said, “I finally understand how Brother Yuanpeng si, the last time he went on a mission, he was already a killer of the Earth Violet character, and that mission wasn’t particularly difficult, yet he didn’t complete it. Now I already know that he was pitted by the Compulsion King.”