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DYM Chapter 293

Ye Mo, however, frowned in silence, if this was really the case, then the strength of this guy who raised the parasite was definitely not to be underestimated. The Earth Fury had been established for so many years, this person still didn’t know how much essence and vitality he had devoured, the next time he went to destroy the Earth Fury, he should pay attention to this guy.

However, right now he was not in the mood to care about this, thinking of this, he waved his hand and said, “Put this matter aside for now, you tell me where the ‘Scarlet Coral’ is first.”

The two of them came back to their senses and when they saw that Ye Mo was asking about the ‘Scarlet Coral’ again, Dong Qin hurriedly said, “After I left from the racing place, I arrived here with the idea of running as far away as possible. Since I didn’t dare betray the top yet, I contacted that side. They immediately gave me a new a*signment, which was to return to the Cha family immediately, saying that the ‘Scarlet Coral’ was no longer in the Qiao family. I guessed then that the ‘Scarlet Coral’ was most likely already at the Cha family. I was hesitating when Chen Qing came to find me.”

Chen Qing hurriedly nodded and said, “Yes, the above sent me over saying that I was a*sisting Dong Qin, but I knew that it should mean surveillance because Dong Qin did not report it when she left the lake, she only made up for it later. I don’t think the top knew that Dong Qin and I knew each other, I was raised by Dong Qin’s parents for a while when I was a child. We only found out later that we were inside a **** and just continued to pretend that we didn’t know each other very well. This is because our organization does not allow personal friendships, let alone ones that are on good terms.”

Ye Mo nodded, Dong Qin’s subconsciousness was good, her sixth sense was accurate, it looked like the Earth Fury had indeed had the intention of making her cannon fodder by asking her to go to the Cha family. The purpose was of course to lure him, Ye Mo, to the Cha family, and another purpose was probably to fear that Dong Qin would fall into his hands first and give up some information about the ‘Earth Fiend’.

It was just that what puzzled Ye Mo was how did the people of the Earth Fury know that they had done something to Dong Qin? And how did they know that they would follow Dong Qin? Could it be that they were guessing?

Ye Mo looked at Dong Qin and said, “It’s good that you were able to guess that the above told you to be cannon fodder, let me ask you again, have the Cha family’s people seen Chen Qing? Do they know Chen Qing?”

But Chen Qing replied, “Definitely not, I’ve never been to the Cha family, and most of the missions I’ve carried out have been around Hong Kong and Macau.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “That’s good, and where is your lair?”

“The a*sa*sins from the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macau gather once a year at the ‘Sunset Private Club’ in Temple Poo, Hong Kong, as for the ones from other countries I don’t know. But I know that the ‘Earth Furies’ have at least three other lairs besides the one in Hong Kong, I don’t know the exact location.” Chen Qing immediately replied.

Hong Kong Temple Pu? Ye Mo thought of his last trip to Hong Kong and even wandered around Temple Poo for half a day, and ended up exterminating Tai Tong there as well, not realising that the ‘Earth Fiend’ organisation was in such a messy place.

“Good, in that case Chen Qing you will leave first, tomorrow I will pretend to be you and Dong Qin and go to the Cha family together.” Ye Mo immediately came up with a plan of what he wanted to do, going to the Cha family with Dong Qin would be the most suitable. This way, he could get the ‘Scarlet Coral’ quite simply.

“You’re going to impersonate someone from the ‘Earth Fury’?” Chen Qing looked at Ye Mo in amazement for a long time before continuing, , “The Earth Fury’ has a lot of experts, I’m sure that if they really let Dong Qin go as cannon fodder, there must be powerful people waiting for you to go over, you really go over?”

“Cannon fodder?” Ye Mo let out a cold laugh, “I’ll see who exactly is the cannon fodder.”

“Senior Ye, may I ask you, why did you take out the compulsion in Dong Qin’s body and destroy it, and squeeze the compulsion in my body in your hand? I always feel a bit alarmed.” Chen Qing kept staring at the yellow compulsion in Ye Mo’s hand, as long as this compulsion had not been destroyed, he felt unsafe.

Ye Mo, however, did not reply, he certainly knew that this ‘corpse-eating compulsion’ was not easy to breed. In addition to what he just said to Dong Qin Chen Qing two corpse-eating compulsion’ also has an important characteristic, is that after the parasite body si, it can still fly back to the side of the breeder, continue to be used by the breeder, and the essence blood in the body will not disappear.

The purpose of Ye Mo keeping this parasite is, of course, that he will make some divine sense marks on the parasite later. Then let the parasite fly back and leave a trail. He had already made up his mind to get the ‘Scarlet Coral’ and immediately find a place with good spiritual energy to break through. Once he advanced, the first thing he would do would be to find the ‘Earth Fury’ field.

Of course he would not tell Chen Qing this kind of talk, in case Chen Qing was captured by the ‘Earth Fury’ people again, wouldn’t knowing this give away his purpose.

Dong Qin wanted to ask Ye Mo if he had placed a mark inside her body, but when she saw that Ye Mo had not answered Chen Qing’s question, she did not dare to ask either.

Ye Mo turned to Dong Qin and said, “Dong Qin, if you are willing to take me to the Cha family, I can pretend that the grudge of a*sa*sinating me in the past is not there, and at the same time, I will also pa*s on an ancient martial art to you to ensure that you have the ability to protect yourself.”

“I agree.” Almost as soon as Ye Mo said it, Dong Qin gave her consent. One she had no room to resist at all in Ye Mo’s hands now, the second was that she knew about ancient martial arts, generally those who could advance to the Earth character within the organization were all ancient martial arts practitioners. But the ancient martial arts techniques were very precious, Ye Mo even said he could give her one, she would be a fool if she didn’t want to.

Chen Qing looked at Dong Qin blearily, he envied Dong Qin, but he knew that he could not replace Dong Qin and Ye Mo to go together.

Dong Qin, however, saw Chen Qing’s envy, she looked at Ye Mo and asked, “Senior, may I ask if I can teach this ancient martial art to Chen Qing if I get it?”

“Of course you can.” Ye Mo agreed without hesitation, this was not a problem for him at all. This ancient martial arts technique was all taken from him by killing people, it was precious to Dong Qin and the others, but in Ye Mo’s eyes, it was no different from rubbish.

Seeing that Dong Qin agreed, Ye Mo immediately said, “I will wait for you at the airport tomorrow morning, as for Chen Qing, I suggest that you throw away all the things that the ‘Earth Furies’ gave you after you leave, including your hair. I think you still have this awareness as a killer.”

Dong Qin was a woman, and Ye Mo did not examine her body, but he had examined Chen Qing’s body, and there was no other mark than the compulsion. From this it could be deduced that there should be no other marks on Dong Qin’s body as well, so he was just reminding Chen Qing that it didn’t matter for such a simple favor to do. But it is true, the person who put the compulsion down definitely did not expect his compulsion to be extinguished so easily.

After saying that, Ye Mo walked out of the cabin and already disappeared inside the sea.

Dong Qin and Chen Qing looked dumbfounded at the endless night sky and the deep black sea, as well as the disappearing Ye Mo, having been completely dumbfounded. If Ye Mo was hiding inside the cabin when he came without them noticing, then his silent departure was even more outrageous.

“So powerful ……” until Ye Mo walked out a good distance away, Chen Qing said with a palpitating heart, “No wonder you said he was a terrifying person, this is not even terrifying, it’s simply terrifying. I’ve never seen such a powerful person before, he simply can’t be judged by common sense.”

“Phew ……” Dong Qin also let out a long breath, “My sixth sense was indeed correct, he is not a person who can be sinned against. If I had listened to the organization, I guess I would be a corpse tomorrow. And we would never have known that we were being raised as food for worms. Compared to how scary Ye Mo is, our organisation is even scarier.”

Chen Qing nodded and said, “To have such a bloody cultivation method, that compulsion king is really a beast. But he offended Ye Mo, I think he has days of regret in store for him, Dong Qin, your sixth sense is also terrifying.”

Dong Qin was silent and didn’t say anything, before she said for a long time, “So I believe what he said is true, but don’t worry, I got the ancient martial arts technique, I will transcribe a copy for you. Also you should leave Sanya right away and get my sister and brother-in-law’s family to Jing City, then wait for me there, as soon as my side of things is over, I will return to Jing City. I have a hunch that Ye Mo will not let the ‘Earth Furies’ go “The Earth Furies’ deserve their bad luck for offending him. So we just need to stay incognito in Jing City, and when the ‘Earth Furies’ are extinct, we can live openly and honestly.”

Chen Qing nodded and said, “Good, but after I pick up your sister and brother-in-law, I will have to leave Jing City. I still have a few friends in ‘Earthquake’, and I want to tell them to beg for a life if they meet Ye Mo.”

“Your compulsion is going now, you must not go to Hong Kong.” Dong Qin immediately said.

Chen Qing immediately replied very solemnly, “This I know, you go to the Cha family tomorrow with senior Ye and be careful too.”


When Ye Mo arrived at Sanya airport, Dong Qin had been waiting for a long time, and when she saw Ye Mo coming, she hurriedly greeted him and took out the ticket and handed it to Ye Mo.

To go to the Cha family, one had to take a plane to Luo Cang first, and then transfer from Luo Cang to the Cha family in Liangpu City. Ye Mo had originally planned to rob it alone, but he was afraid that the stuff wouldn’t be there. Now that he was with Dong Qin, he might be able to get the ‘Scarlet Coral’ straight away, and then it would not be too late to start killing. Even if the item was not there, they would definitely tell Dong Qin where it was. If you want to backstab yourself, don’t blame yourself for making all these people spit it out.

Now he has a new view of the ‘Earth Fury’ Ye Mo. Originally, in Ye Mo’s opinion, he would not care about a mere ****, even if it was an international ****. Even he could prevent all a*sa*sinations as long as he wore a defensive magic weapon. But the appearance of someone who could cultivate with the ‘Corpse Eating Compulsion’ was different, what if this guy cultivated means beyond the earth level.

Besides, even if this guy was still at the earth level, the most taboo thing in the cultivation world was someone who raised insects. The Bug Monk’s reputation at the time was one that no one dared to mess with, and he was already invincible at the same level when he was at the Yuan Dan stage. There was no other reason, just because the bugs he kept were just too many.

Moreover, Ye Mo also suspected that this ‘Scarlet Coral’ was what that compulsion king wanted, since he could use the ‘Corpse Eating Compulsion’, he might be able to use the ‘Scarlet Coral’, such things could This kind of thing can’t be done carelessly. He was already powerful enough with the bug cultivation, plus the ‘Scarlet Coral’, Ye Mo was even a little worried.