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DYM Chapter 294

Originally, Liangpu was just a small county town, but it has developed rapidly in the last decade or so, and is now a county-level city, with even room for upgrading.

Although the Cha family in Jiangnan is known to many people who study ancient martial arts, and even to some people in the Hidden Sect, it is not well known in Liangpu at all.

This old house of the Cha family was not worth much in the original county, but after Liangpu became a city, the light rail line to Luocang was built directly. So the value of the land has risen sharply, and it is said that the old mansion of the Cha family has doubled countless times. Moreover, the Cha family’s old mansion is located in a prime location in Liangpu, so its value has gone up even more.

Because the value of the land in Liangpu has risen and the large area of the Cha family’s old mansion is located in a prime location, it has attracted the attention of many developers. There are many developers who are interested in this land, but the one who can really afford to get it is the Hong Hua Group. Therefore, when Hong Hua Group was interested in the Cha family’s old residence, many people were waiting for the Cha family to move.

But to everyone’s surprise, it was only half a month after the matter had been raised that the Hong Hua Group backed off the idea. The main reason was that all the top management of the Hong Hua Group disappeared overnight, and even some of their family members had disappeared.

The incident caused a great stir and after an official investigation it was revealed that the people of the Hong Hua Group had all secretly left the country overnight for fear of tax evasion, bribery and corruption, regardless of whether this was true or not, but no one ever bothered with the Cha family’s old residence again.

When Dong Qin and Ye Mo arrived at the Cha family, they were warmly received, at least superficially, by Cha Rulong, the head of the Cha family.

Ye Mo had just stepped into the Cha family compound when he felt a strong Yin Qi. Or rather, it was an Earth Yin Fury Qi. It was definitely not a good idea to live inside such an old mansion with an extremely heavy Fury Qi. However, what was even more strange to Ye Mo was that although the Cha family compound was large, he did not see many family members in it, only a few helpers. Moreover, all of these helpers were yellow and thin, obviously affected by the fierce Qi.

It looks like the Cha family doesn’t live here, and the Jiangnan Cha family’s old mansion is at best a place for the Cha family to cultivate. To put it plainly, it is the Cha family that does not shed the earth-defying Qi here. The ancient martial arts practised by the Cha family had something to do with the Earth Siren, and it didn’t look like it was something friendly either.

The backyard of the Cha family was blocked by something, obviously not allowing outsiders to enter, but a sweep of Ye Mo’s divine sense told him that there were no family members inside the backyard, except for some of the Cha family’s children who practiced ancient martial arts.

“Miss Dong, last time you left without saying goodbye, I really didn’t know your identity, so Cha Rulong is here to apologise first.” Cha Rulong said with a face full of apologies, but his apologies went away in a flash and he turned to Ye Mo and said, “This is Mr. Chen Qing, please, please come inside.”

After saying this, Cha Rulong’s smile became more and more enthusiastic. Cha Rulong only looked to be in his fifties, his face was white and beardless, his cultivation level was already around the middle Yellow level, he still looked to have some heritage.

When Ye Mo saw the expression on Cha Rulong’s face, although he returned to his normal enthusiasm in a flash, he still saw the moment of surprise when Cha Rulong saw him. Although he had slightly disguised himself, he was not special, and this disguise Ye Mo was sure that Cha Rulong would not be able to see it.

Since Cha Ru Long could not see that he had disguised himself, and he was so surprised to see him, the only explanation was that he recognised that he was not Chen Qing. That means he had seen Chen Qing, or he had seen Chen Qing’s photo.

Ye Mo thought to himself, I didn’t expect this ‘Earth Fury, to be so careful in his work, to even pa*s over Chen Qing’s photo for Cha Ru Long to see. The only two possibilities for a **** person to casually show the photos of their own a*sa*sins to their employers, or to casually allow their organization’s a*sa*sins to meet with their employers, are that the a*sa*sin has been abandoned by the organization or that the employer has an extremely close relationship with ****.

It seemed that Chen Qing and Dong Qin’s relationship had simply been seen clearly by their organisation, and poorly these two still thought that their organisation did not know about their relationship.

“Not bad, I am Chen Qing.

“Even if they are recognized by Cha Ru Long, but since they are here, do a full set of drama, wait until Cha Ru Long does not take out the ‘blood coral, then it is not too late to rob.

Cha Rulong is full of smiles, “I Cha Rulong, the two of you can personally visit my Cha family, is my Cha family’s honor.” As Cha Ru Long said that he had already let Dong Qin and Chen Qing into the living room.

As soon as Ye Mo entered his divine sense had completely swept the living room, when he and Dong Qin had just entered, the doorway had been blocked by two people and there were only three people inside the living room. Apart from Cha Ru Long, there were two ordinary martial artists. Ye Mo noticed for a moment that these two were not killers.

But when Ye Mo swept his divine sense to the ground, he immediately understood what was going on mouth this ground was actually empty underneath, there was one person ambushed underneath each of the chairs where the guests were sitting on the left and right side. Moreover, Ye Mo had already observed that these two people were simply two a*sa*sins, and even a*sa*sins of not low rank, both of them were Earth Word a*sa*sins.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out in all directions again, and soon found another hidden earth-word a*sa*sin on the roof, and an earth-word a*sa*sin underneath the entrance where he came in. Unfortunately, this was not the first time that Ye Mo had encountered this kind of thing, if this were to a*sa*sinate someone else, the chances of success were quite high, but to a*sa*sinate him, Ye Mo, was still a bit short.

To use so many a*sa*sins to deal with himself, this ‘Earth Fiend, really thinks highly of himself. Could it be that the people of the Earth Fury already knew about his disguise as Chen Qing? This was impossible. Even if it was Cha Ru Long, he probably only knew that he was not Chen Qing after meeting him. The only possibility was that he, Ye Mo, was sure that he would follow Dong Qin and come here to rob the ‘Scarlet Coral’, and these killers were waiting for him to appear before they made their move.

Now that Cha Ru Long found out that he was not Chen Qing, with a little thought he would know that he was Ye Mo, even if he had disguised himself, he would still be found out, and Ye Mo was sure that he had seen his picture.

But since Cha Ru Long had found out, he might have to do something about it soon. Ye Mo stopped in the middle of the living room and didn’t walk to the top of the seat to sit down, once he sat down, the killer would immediately move and he wouldn’t be able to see the ‘Scarlet Coral,’ anymore.

What Ye Mo couldn’t figure out was that he had only killed two a*sa*sins of the ‘Earth Fury,’ but why would the Earth Fury spend so much effort to kill him? Ye Mo thought for half a day, but he could not understand what was going on.

Dong Qin was quite alert and when she saw Ye Mo standing still, she also followed him and stopped walking forward.

“Please sit down, both of you.” Seeing that the two Ye Mo did not sit down, Cha Ru Long immediately invited again.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Mr. Cha, Dong Qin and I came over to be in charge of helping out with the ‘Scarlet Coral, although it is important to the Cha family, it is also important to us, now is this ‘Scarlet Coral, still here?”

Ye Mo knew that this should not be said by him, but since he was now seen, there was no need for him to hide, seeing the ‘blood-coloured coral, earlier was the right thing to do. Moreover, when he said this, he was sitting on the fact that the ‘Scarlet Coral, was brought by the Cha family, then the blood case of the Qiao family must also be related to the Cha family.

As soon as Ye Mo said it, Dong Qin immediately understood. Ye Mo’s words were clearly making the other party suspicious. They were in no position to ask about the ‘Scarlet Coral’, and Ye Mo had even asked about it. With Ye Mo’s shrewdness he would never ask such a question, the only possibility was that Ye Mo knew that his identity had been seen through.

Although Dong Qin didn’t know where he had been seen, she was now tied to Ye Mo, and immediately said, “Yes, I just received a notice from above, asking us to protect the ‘Scarlet Coral’, so I want to make sure the ‘Scarlet Coral’ is still there. is still there.”

Ye Mo secretly nodded his head, this Dong Qin was really smart to know what he meant when he spoke, it was more and more obvious to say it like this though. But it was also possible that he had really seen the ‘Scarlet Coral”

“Good. The two of you sit down, I will immediately have someone bring out the ‘Scarlet Coral, let the two of you examine it.” Immediately after Cha Ru Long finished speaking, he said to the person behind him, “You immediately bring the ‘Scarlet Coral, over.”

There was not the slightest fear that it would be known that the Cha family was the one responsible for the destruction of the Qiao family, and there was no tone of suspicion of Ye Mo in it.

“Please sit down, both of you.” Cha Ru Long once again said to both Ye Mo and Dong Qin.

Of course Ye Mo knew that there were killers ambushed under the seats on both sides, he smiled lightly and walked to the chairs and sat down directly.

When Cha Ru Long saw Ye Mo’s movement, a hint of surprise appeared in his eyes, Ye Mo seemed to not see it at all, as he sat down, his flying sword had already stabbed into the ground along the legs of the chair.

The a*sa*sin who ambushed Ye Mo was lorded over by Ye Mo’s flying sword before he had time to make a move, not even the parasite inside his body had a chance to escape.

While Ye Mo killed the a*sa*sin under his own seat, the flying sword was under his control and killed the a*sa*sin sitting directly under Dong Qin on the opposite side. The two killers were already killed by Ye Mo when he and Dong Qin happened to be seated.

Even so, Ye Mo’s flying sword still didn’t stop, he continued to control the flying sword to kill the a*sa*sin at the door with the speed of lightning, then the flying sword spilled out of the ground directly under Ye Mo’s control as if it was a white light, finishing off the a*sa*sin on the roof.

The four a*sa*sins were all killed by Ye Mo in a short period of time, without even having the time to grunt. Ye Mo sneered in his heart, in front of strength, all ambushes were vain.

However, Ye Mo’s face was a little pale when he retrieved his flying sword, after all, he killed four people in a row, and very quickly at that. The control of the flying sword was somewhat swift, causing his true essence to strain a little.