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DYM Chapter 295

However, this also made Ye Mo wary, although he was a cultivator and had an innate advantage, if he faced a large number of people surrounding him, although his flying sword was powerful, it could not withstand a large number of people. Once his true essence ran out, that was the time to fall into a desperate situation.

Ye Mo also knew that the powerful use of his true essence today also had something to do with the position of these four killers, if these four killers were just standing opposite him, he might not be able to use so much true essence, but that was no excuse.

The four a*sa*sins were not only in the same position, but also in the same position.

Originally, in the secret code, if Cha Rulong had said these four Yu, he would have waited for the killer to make his move next, and he would have a*sisted from the side. However, after he said this code word for pouring tea, he did not do anything.

For a moment, Cha Ru Long’s face turned a little ugly, what was going on? Could it be that this person was really from the ‘Earth Fury,’? No, the person impersonating Chen Qing among them was very much like Ye Mo.

Of course Ye Mo knew what was on Cha Rulong’s mind, but his divine sense was fixed on the guy who went out to get the ‘Scarlet Coral,’. Sure enough, after he entered the backyard, he also kept walking towards the front and soon disappeared beyond the range of his divine sense.

Cha Ru Long was fidgeting, and when he saw Ye Mo watching him, he was even more anxious.

Just when Ye Mo thought that the ‘Scarlet Coral’ was no longer with the Cha family, or had even been taken away by the ‘Earth Destroyer’, the man who had gone to fetch the ‘Scarlet Coral’ appeared inside his divine sense, and he was followed by two ancient martial practitioners, the tallest of whom was surprisingly of mid Xuan level cultivation.

Ye Mo saw the large jade box that the man was holding in his arms, and his heart was overjoyed, he didn’t expect that the ‘Scarlet Coral’ was really in the Cha family. Fortunately, he didn’t rob it hard as soon as he came. Once he came hard, he would have scared the snake, and maybe the ‘Scarlet Coral, once again, was transferred away.

Soon, the three have come to the living room Ye Mo did not wait for the man holding the ‘Scarlet Shan book, will be handing things to Cha Ru Long, stood up in the middle to take over.

Ye Mo opened the jade box and there was indeed a blood-red ‘blood-coloured coral’ that was still well preserved. He finally breathed a sigh of relief, although it was not very smooth but the blood-coloured coral finally fell into his hands.

Seeing that the ‘Scarlet Coral’ was really in Ye Mo’s hand, Cha Ru Long’s face became even more ugly. He even suspected that the ‘Earth Fury’ had played a trick on him.

Ye Mo then put the ‘Scarlet Coral, away, he wouldn’t take it out again when the item was in his hand.

“You, received the ‘Scarlet Coral, to what place?” The jade box was missing, it was impossible for such a large jade box to be invisible. Without the jade box, Cha Ru Long immediately became alarmed.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “We are here to get the ‘Scarlet Coral’, since it has been given to me, it means that you have done a good job. I’m leaving, farewell.”

After saying that, he stood up and was about to walk out. Seeing this, Dong Qin hurriedly followed.

“Stand still.” Cha Ru Long was anxious and immediately drank.

Ye Mo turned back and looked at Cha Ru Long coldly, “Mr. Cha, what else is going on? Although you sent someone to a*sa*sinate me, but for the sake of the ‘Scarlet Coral,’ I will let it go. If you still want to be obsessed, don’t blame me for helping Qiao Gang to take revenge.”

“You, you know.” Only then did Cha Ru Long realise that from the beginning to the end, Ye Mo simply knew that he had recognised him. The people of the Earth Fury had not made a move until now, and Cha Ru Long was already suspecting that he had been shaded.

As soon as he thought of this, Cha Rulong pressed the secret bell on top of the table, and it was only a few minutes before Ye Mo’s divine sense had swept the open and hidden sentries inside the Cha family compound into the living room.

Soon, Ye Mo and Dong Qin were surrounded by more than twenty people, five of whom were of Yellow level cultivation, and two of whom were of Xuan level cultivation. In a modern city, this force was indeed sweeping everything away.

Dong Qin was still amazed at where Ye Mo had received such a large ‘Scarlet Coral’, but now that she saw so many experts surrounding the two of them, her face immediately turned a little white. She was not a fool, any of these people were no match for her when they were not a*sa*sins. Not to mention that there were more than twenty people here.

“Bring out the ‘Scarlet Coral, and I can let you go.” Cha Ru Long was now wondering if it was the ‘Earth Fury, who had done the sneaking, and none of the four a*sa*sins had made a move by now. But each of these killers were masked, he didn’t recognize any of them. Although he was sure of killing Ye Mo, he did not know where Ye Mo had taken the ‘Scarlet Coral, to. Therefore, he would not make a move until he saw the ‘Scarlet Coral’.

Ye Mo looked at Cha Rulong and said, “One thing I’m wondering is why did the compulsion king of the Earth Fury, leave the ‘Scarlet Coral,’ to you? He even sent someone to help you out. Oh, you don’t have to wait for those four killers, I’ve already killed them.”

“When did you kill them?” Cha Ru Long subconsciously asked.

Ye Mo sneered but did not say anything.

Only now did Cha Ru Long know that his guess was wrong” The Earth Furies, did not collude with Ye Mo, it was just that Ye Mo did not know when he had killed the four killers.

“You take out the ‘Scarlet Coral, show it to me, or put it on top of the table, and I will tell you why right away.

” Cha Ru Long was furious and his face was very ugly.

After saying that, a hint of ruthlessness appeared on Cha Ru Long’s face, “If you don’t tell me, it means that you can escape from my Cha Family, but I will kill all your family members. If I can destroy the Qiao family, I can destroy your Ye family. There’s also a Ning Qingxue isn’t there, I promise to make her si very pleasant.”

Ye Mo’s eyes were cold, originally he did not intend to kill all of them, but Cha Ru Long had managed to provoke him. Cha Gulong had touched his scales of adversity.

Looking at Ye Mo’s icy cold eyes, Cha Rulong even felt a shiver run through his body, he seemed to feel like he had done something big and stupid. Sure enough, Ye Mo said icily, “Surnamed Cha, you have successfully angered me. Very well, today I will kill all these people from your Cha family.”

“Big talk.” At this moment, the Xuan level martial artist who was escorting the ‘Scarlet Coral, swept a glance at Ye Mo, then said to Cha Rulong again, “Family head, no matter where he hides the ‘Scarlet Coral, he will not leave this room. We just need to kill him, and we can find it even if we turn the ground upside down. Why bother talking to him much. Besides, I don’t believe that if I scrape his skin off one by one, he won’t say anything.” After saying that, he immediately stared at Ye Mo, the murderous intent in his eyes unconcealed.

Cha Ru Long’s gaze flashed, and in his heart, he also thought that the person who had just spoken had a point. No matter how powerful he, Ye Mo, just kill him today, then he nodded and said, “Come together, kill him for me, I don’t believe that ‘Scarlet Coral, can still escape from this house.”

The twenty or so people around them heard Cha Ru Long’s words and pounced together, these people were all practicing ancient martial arts that had a relationship with Yin Furies. Before they even got close, there was a feeling of gloomy wind and misery. Dong Qin was even so invaded by the fierce wind that she was shivering and could not even stand up, and her face even turned white.

However, Dong Qin immediately noticed that these people’s attacks were completely unable to reach her body, as if they were blocked by something invisible.

Ye Mo, however, took out the long knife he had taken from Bianpo, and red light flashed everywhere under the slash of the long knife. In just a few minutes, of the twenty-one people surrounding Ye Mo and Dong Qin, only the Xuan level martial artist who had started to speak remained, but one of his arms had already been cut off.

At this moment, he was already dumbfounded, he never thought that he, a Xuan level expert, and so many people besieging a young man with no internal qi fluctuation at all, would be almost completely wiped out after only a few minutes.

Cha Ru Long looked at the room full of bloody corpses and his face was as pale as a sheet of white paper. He knew that Ye Mo was powerful, but he didn’t expect that he would be this powerful. He had heard that the Song family had been destroyed by Ye Mo because they threatened Ning Qingxue, but he could not believe that he could not bring up the pot. He thought that his Cha family was no match for the Song family, but the truth was that he had thought wrong. At this moment, he regretted it, but there was no regret to be had in this world.

“What exactly is your cultivation level? Could it be that you are already an earth level expert?” The Xuan-level martial artist whose arm was cut off by Ye Mo asked with some trembling as fear flashed across his eyes.

He and Cha Rulong had surprisingly not noticed in the slightest how Ye Mo’s long blade came to be, and it was only when Ye Mo put the long blade in his hand away that the two of them snapped out of it and realized where Ye Mo’s long blade had gone and where he had just taken it out from.

Dong Qin had been dazed until now, and looking at the corpses and blood all over the ground, she could no longer hold back her inner fear, ran to the side and started vomiting furiously. She also killed people, but they were all a*sa*sinations, when had she ever seen such scenes of bloody killings?

Ye Mo did not bother with Dong Qin, but coldly stared at Cha Rulong and said: “Answer me two questions, first, why did your Cha family want to a*sa*sinate me. Secondly” Earth Fury, why did you leave the ‘Scarlet Coral, in the Cha family? If you don’t tell me, I will find the rest of the Cha family and kill them all.”

After being frozen for a long time, Cha Ru Long suddenly laughed out loud, “Go ahead and kill, I’m waiting for you to kill the rest of my Cha Family, go ahead, hahaha ……”

Crazy? Ye Mo then struck Cha Ru Long’s eyebrow with a punch and turned around and killed the Xuan level a*sa*sin with a broken arm with another wind blade. Only then did he continue to ask the two questions he had just asked.

Cha Rulong’s expression was a little dull, but when faced with Ye Mo’s question, he quickly answered, “It was Ou Feng who wanted to kill you, he brought the Song family’s magic artifact ‘Jade Maiden Plate and defected to my Cha family, one of his two conditions was to kill Ye Mo, and the second was for me to introduce him to a hidden sect. I introduced him to the ‘Earth Fury’ and gave the ‘Jade Maiden Disc’ to the ‘Earth Fury’.

Ye Mo asked again, “Since the ‘Scarlet Coral, was snatched by your Cha Family” and the Jade Maiden Disc, was given to your Cha Family by Ou Feng. Why did you give it to the ‘Earth Fury, in exchange for the ‘Scarlet Coral,?”

“Because the Yun family, this is very stupid, they asked the ‘Earth Fiend, to deal with Qiao Gang, and let the ‘Scarlet Coral, matter be known to the ‘Earth Fiend,. The ‘Earth Fury, promised not to leak the news of the ‘Scarlet Coral, to the Hidden Sect, and also not to make a move to grab the ‘Scarlet Coral’ The reward was the ‘Jade Maiden Plate'” Cha Ru Long replied still woodenly.

So that was the case, Ye Mo immediately understood, as long as the Hidden Sect did not make a move, there was indeed no one who could snatch the ‘Scarlet Coral’ “If the Cha family did not sacrifice the ‘Jade Maiden Plate’ then there was no way for them to hold the ‘Scarlet Coral”

“Where are the people of your Cha Family hiding?” Although Ye Mo wouldn’t really go and exterminate the family, after all, he and the Cha family were now si enemies and had to find out.

However, Cha Ru Long replied, “My Cha family has no female family members because the Cha family is in a place of Yin Fury, the ancient martial arts of the Cha family can only be practiced by men, once an offspring is born. The mother would be even more infested with Yin Furies and would not be able to survive.”

Ye Mo was a bit speechless, to think that it was such a family.

No, Ye Mo suddenly thought of a crucial issue, he should be in danger now.