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DYM Chapter 296

After looking at Dong Qin who was still vomiting, Ye Mo casually a wind blade will Cha Ru Long killed, threw in the rest of the Cha family together, a dozen fireballs pa*sed, the room full of blood has turned into flying ash.

“Ah …… you ……” Dong Qin happened to turn her head at this time and saw the fireballs sent by Ye Mo, she was truly dumbfounded, if Ye Mo unknowingly appeared in the sea last night on the boat she If she was shocked, and she was even more frightened when Ye Mo killed more than twenty people in a row just now, now when Ye Mo flew out the fireball and turned everything in front of her into flying ashes, it was completely beyond her mind’s feeling, Dong Qin was even dumbstruck.

What the hell is he? Dong Qin looked at Ye Mo dumbfounded, she finally believed that there was still this kind of high level person in this world that she didn’t even dare to imagine before.

Ye Mo looked at Dong Qin who was still dumbfounded, took out an ancient martial book and a porcelain vase and handed it to Dong Qin, “I snatched this ancient martial book from a peak Xuan level expert, and this medicinal pill is an aid to cultivation, now I am giving it to you as a favor for leading the way.

Without the pill, cultivating this ancient martial art at your age, even if it took decades, would not necessarily be effective. But with this bottle of pills, it would be different. This pill is far from being comparable to a pill, but it will still allow you to advance to the Xuan level martial artist within five years.

Another thing is that right now we are all in danger, I think as a killer you should have this awareness, you better go as fast as you can.”

After saying that Ye Mo thought about it and took out two more fireball talismans and handed them to Dong Qin, “These two are talismans that can save your life, throw them at the enemy in times of danger and say the word ‘Lin,’ and you’ll be fine. As for the rest, I can’t help you, you should go first, whether you can escape from the ‘Earth Evil, it all depends on you. I think that organization of yours should have started to suspect you long ago, and you should know this in your own heart. As for your relationship with Chen Qing, I guess that organization of yours has also known about it for a long time.”

Dong Qin finally reacted and hurriedly took the things and bowed to Ye Mo, “Thank you for saving my life, if Dong Qin doesn’t die, I will repay you.”

Ye Mo waved his hand, “There is no need to repay you, besides whether you can escape from the ‘Earth Fury’ now is still unknown, I reckon the ‘Earth Fury’ will soon be in full pursuit of us, whether you can escape or not is entirely up to your own destiny. Now hurry up and go, I still have some things to do.”

After bending down once again, Dong Qin turned around and quickly exited the Cha family, quickly disappearing.

Ye Mo looked at Dong Qin’s disappearing back, he knew that someone as smart as Dong Qin, coupled with such a sensitive sixth sense, had a high chance of escaping the ‘Earth Fury, chasing her. If she was still unable to escape from the ‘Earth Fury’, there was nothing he could do to help her, he had already helped all he could.

The reason why Ye Mo knew that he was in danger was because he knew that the Cha family had given the Jade Maiden Disc to the Earth Fury, and as a trade, the Earth Fury might not leak the news that the Cha family had obtained the Scarlet Coral. But it would be different if he got it himself. Perhaps by this time, the Earth Fury already knew that something had happened to the Cha family, and might have sent a large number of a*sa*sins to spread the news of the Scarlet Coral widely at the same time.

Although the Earth Fury is an international organization, it has ties with the Hidden Sect, so they could have informed the Hidden Sect of the ‘Scarlet Coral’ news. ‘Blood-coloured Coral, in the eyes of the Hidden Sect’s ancient martial cultivators was far more valuable than the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s,’ which Ye Mo had obtained last time, because ‘Blood-coloured Coral, legend has it that it could be refined into a tonic that would allow an Earth-level martial artist to advance to the Ascendant level.

It was just that the Qiao family and a few other families simply didn’t know the preciousness of it, or they just took the ‘Blood-coloured Coral, to promote a Yellow-ranked martial artist, which was really an outrage. The Cha family might have known, but they shouldn’t have offended Ye Mo, and even tried to kill him.

If it was just some ancient martial cultivators from the Hidden Sect coming to grab it, Ye Mo would be fine with it, but the ‘Scarlet Coral, this item was too involved.

Once more people came, Ye Mo wouldn’t dare to guarantee that he could escape.

His flying sword was not invincible, once others learned of his fighting style, as long as two to three earth level martial artists took control of his flying sword, and then two more earth level martial artists surrounded him, he would more than likely die. Moreover, even if the others did not control his flying sword, his true essence would not be able to withstand a crowded siege if there were many experts attacking him together. Once his true essence was consumed too much, it was also the time for him to fall.

Ye Mo knew that without the flying sword, his true strength would only be similar to an early Earth-level ancient martial artist. He could easily strangle Earth-level martial artists and suppress Zhang Zhihui solely because he had the flying sword and had divine sense, something that ancient martial arts didn’t even know about.

The difference between Cultivation and Ancient Martial Arts was that the further one cultivated, the greater the gap became, and in the end, an Ancient Martial Arts practitioner was nothing more than a molehill in the eyes of a Cultivator. But in the early stages, a cultivator of truth was no match for a cultivator of ancient martial arts. And Ye Mo was at this early stage, and hadn’t even really turned into a complete cultivator yet.

Or if Ye Mo hadn’t dabbled in martial arts and had a decent cultivation level, he would have died at the hands of others long ago.

Ye Mo knew that the ‘Earth Furies, were quick to do things, and it was likely that his affairs had been exposed now, and there were probably many experts from the Hidden Sect already swarming towards Liangpu.

But he couldn’t leave now, a Yin Fury land was too precious, a Yin Fury land like the Cha family definitely had Yin Fury pearls in existence. This kind of thing he would not let go, although he had no use for it now, the Yin Fury Pearl was very important for ghost cultivation and refining magic weapons. The Yin Fury Pearls were so valuable that there were not many of them in the Cultivation World, let alone on Earth. Or rather, in the real cultivation world, the value of the Yin Destruction Pearl is so much more than that of the ‘Scarlet Coral.

Besides, this kind of Yin Destruction Pearl was extremely harmful to ordinary people, and he took it for the benefit of others and himself, so of course he would not let such a thing go. If he didn’t take it now, there might be someone who knew this kind of thing, and when he came next time it would already be gone. Ye Mo believed that it would only take him an hour or two to take the Yin Destruction Pearl, and he just couldn’t believe that it would be surrounded by people in Liang Pu in that one or two hours.

Far away inside a private luxury villa in Hong Kong, a man in green pajamas with a gloomy face was sitting inside the spacious and luxurious living room, cupping a yellow bug in his hand.

If Chen Qing saw it, he would immediately understand that this worm was none other than the compulsion that Ye Mo had taken off his body, but somehow it had come to this place.

However, the parasite seemed to have flown a bit too far and appeared to be shrivelled up. An almost** servant girl carrying a plate of fruit a cup of milk walked over with light steps, she walked up to this man, knelt down and held the plate in her hand above her head Mann said, “Master please use the breakfast.”

The gloomy man took the fruit plate in this woman’s hand and put it aside. This kneeling woman looked at this man in amazement, this kind of thing was unprecedented, even when the master needed them to serve, it would not be at the time of breakfast.

The man in green dropped the parasite in his hand, which quickly burrowed into the woman’s body. The woman screamed and fell to the ground, and soon the blood on her face was completely gone, and in just a moment or three she was a pale corpse that could not be paler. But immediately a man came over and removed the corpse from the ground.

At that moment the parasite flew back to this man’s hand again, but it was no longer in that shrivelled state and became vibrant.

This man in green clothes stood up and said grimly: “Chen Qing was killed and no news has come back, the matter in Liangpu must have been beyond control, this Ye Mo is really out of my expectation, I wonder how the blood parasites fed by this kind of person will cultivate. Have Shakichi immediately contact the people of the Hidden Sect and tell them about the ‘Blood Coral,’ the Earth Fiend is fully a*sisting, we only want this man Ye Mo, no matter if he lives or dies.”

“Yes.” Someone at the corner immediately replied, and after finishing this person immediately left.

“Hmph, this Cha family is simply a waste, and they are still called a semi-hidden family. They can’t even preserve a mere ‘blood-coloured coral, I just asked them to preserve it for a week and they can’t even do so.” This man in green once again hummed a mat sound, it was obvious that he had already guessed that the ‘Scarlet Coral, was not in the Cha family.

If Cha Ru Long knew underground, he would probably be crawling up from the ground right now. This ‘Scarlet Coral, was snatched by his Cha family, and his Cha family had even sent the ‘Jade Lady Plate, to the Earth Fury to seal the deal in order to shut up the mouth of the Earth Fury. This is how the Earth Fury, the man in green, still said that this ‘Scarlet Coral, only temporarily kept in the Cha family, let Cha Rulong how embarra*sed ah.

Perhaps people like Cha Rulong simply did not think that if it was a hidden door it would have remained hidden, once out and competing with others for profit.

With this kind of experience and background of his Cha family and the ‘Earth Fury,’ this kind of organization hooked up, it would just be giving away meat for others to eat. Even if Ye Mo did not rob their ‘Scarlet Coral’, it would still be the ‘Earth Fury’s’ in the end, and definitely not the Cha family’s turn to enjoy it.

The reason why the Semi-Hidden Family is declining is because their brains have rusted while they prefer to live in the middle of the downtown. If the Cha family didn’t have a place of Yin Fury, they would probably have been exterminated long ago. Or if there were still people who knew the value of the Yin Fury pearl and that it was still in the Cha family, the Cha family would also have been swallowed up long ago.

The ‘Scarlet Coral’, which was originally deliberately hidden by the Cha Family, immediately spread among the Hidden Sect because of Ye Mo and the ‘Earth Fiend, who hated Ye Mo.

There are times when once something is spread within a circle, that kind of speed is very fast, and in a flash, countless experts from the Hidden Sect headed to the small city of Liangpu. If the auction held by the ‘Yu Society’ had not been able to attract many people to attend, then the introduction of the ‘Scarlet Coral’ had already alarmed almost all the hidden sects and hidden experts.

Nowadays, except for the true Inner Hidden Sects, those Outer Hidden Sects and Semi-Hidden Sects had not had anyone advance to the Ascendant level for almost several hundred years.

The true Inner Hidden Sects rarely have anyone out in the world, so people on the outside don’t know if there are any Ascended Masters, but the most recent Ascended Masters of the Outer Hidden Sects and the Semi-Hidden Sects all go back to the old Taoist Zhang Sanfeng in the late Yuan and early Ming dynasties.