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DYM Chapter 297

To these ancient martial cultivators who flocked to him at an extremely fast pace, Ye Mo had no idea. Although he knew that the moment the ‘Scarlet Coral’ was released, it would definitely cause the Hidden Sects to go crazy, but he did not expect it to be this crazy. Almost all the hidden sects that learned about the ‘Scarlet Coral,’ flocked to the place without any hesitation.

Treasures to advance to the Ascendant were not to be found. Ascended Heaven meant a great increase in longevity. If one did not advance to the Ascendant, even if one was at the peak of the earth level, one’s life span would not increase. Once you have reached Ascension, you will be the only one to be respected by the whole world.

Rumour has it that there are many Ascended Masters in the real Inner Hidden Sect, but these are all legends, and no one has ever seen an Ascended Master from the Inner Hidden Sect come out to show off his power. Or rather, those who wanted to show off their power simply didn’t have the means to achieve Ascendancy, while those who could achieve Ascendancy didn’t have the time to show off their power, they had to pursue a higher level.

Ye Mo was already dozens of metres underground in the backyard of the Cha family, he was only at the third level of Qi training. He was not yet able to fully control the Earth Transport Technique, which needed to reach the late Qi Practitioner stage before he could cast it. However, although Ye Mo could not perform the earth transport technique, he had another way to save time. There was a deep well in the backyard of the Cha family, so Ye Mo entered the deep well directly and then started digging again.

The backyard of the Cha family was already miserable with a gloomy wind, and the well was even more gloomy. If it was an ordinary person, there was definitely no way to enter. Even if Ye Mo was a cultivator, he still felt a bit seepy under the well.

The well was very deep, nearly 40 to 50 metres. The water at the bottom of the well but not much, Ye Mo stopped at the top of the well water, inside the well water is only five or six meters deep, Ye Mo divine sense swept in the small, small a well inside there are actually several dead bones. Basically, they were all women who were dead bones. Thinking about what Cha Rulong had said, Ye Mo couldn’t help but feel sad for these women who had entered the Cha family. They had entered the Cha family for the purpose of pa*sing on the family name, and as long as they raised children then their mission would be complete.

One could imagine that the bones in this well were all those who jumped in and committed suicide when they couldn’t escape the Cha family’s final life as if they were worse than si, or they were pushed in directly by the Cha family’s people. This is truly an unimaginable family.

Ye Mo chose a place in the deep well wall and started digging up. The earth dug out soon buried the bones at the bottom of the well.

Although Ye Mo could not fully perform the earth transport technique yet but after an hour or so of constantly digging while half-earth transporting, Ye Mo had entered a depth of one hundred meters underground.

After reaching a depth of one hundred metres Ye Mo felt the Yin Fury Qi getting heavier and heavier. Ye Mo knew that he was getting closer and closer to the Yin Fury pearl, and at this point Ye Mo dug the earth even faster.

An hour later, Ye Mo suddenly felt a sense of relief that he had arrived in a space that was like a basement. He knew that this was definitely the location of the Yin Fury Pearl.

The reason was that after the Yin Fury Pearl grew out of the Yin Fury Land, it would continuously push away the surrounding soil, eventually forming a space, and this space was the Yin Fury Pearl’s turf.

The larger this space is, the higher the quality of the Yin Fiend Pearl. The space in front of him was several cubic metres in size, which meant that the pearl was definitely of the highest quality.

As soon as Ye Mo entered the territory of the Yin Fury Pearl, this Yin Fury Pearl already sensed it and it immediately flew up, as if it wanted to escape from where Ye Mo came from. However, Ye Mo knew the characteristics of the Yin Fury Pearl, so how could he let something that had arrived leave.

He quickly wrapped the Yin Fury Pearl with his true essence and an ink-black bead the size of a ping-pong ball landed in Ye Mo’s palm.

A dense Yin Fury Qi came from it, and Ye Mo secretly praised it in his heart. Was this the Yin Fury Pearl? Although he had seen the introduction of the Yin Fury Pearl before, this was the first time he held it in his hand.

This harvest was really huge, and Ye Mo knew that he had already delayed for a few hours because of this bead, and now he had to leave as soon as possible.

He casually took out a jade box and filled it up with the Yin Destruction Pearl, then engraved a few prohibitions to preserve the Yin Destruction Pearl, before storing it inside his ring. As soon as the Yin Fury Pearl was put away by Ye Mo, the dense Yin Fury Qi around it immediately began to dissipate.

Ye Mo cast the Royal Wind Technique and quickly scurried towards the entrance.

At this time, a dozen figures had already landed inside the Cha family’s compound at a fast pace, and at this time, the Cha family’s compound had already been sealed off.

Ye Mo had just scurried to the position of the well entrance when he had already discovered the situation outside and secretly cried out in his heart. He hadn’t delayed at all in getting the Yin Destruction Pearl, it had only been a little over two hours before and after, but these people were already here. It was evident that these people were really fast, even the officials were involved, and had blocked off the entire Cha family compound.

“Hehe, it’s surprisingly such a dense place of Yin and Fury, and since it’s a place of Yin and Fury, there must be Yin and Fury pearls. It’s really not a trip in vain.” An old man in his sixties standing in the backyard of the Cha family suddenly said, an expression of surprise already appearing on his face.

Ye Mo was shocked in his heart, this place was all practicing ancient martial arts, surprisingly there was someone who knew about the Yin Destruction Pearl, it looked like there were high ranking people here as well. What could be done about this? Just now, although he didn’t dare to use his divine sense to sweep this old man who was speaking, he was sure that this man’s cultivation level was the highest he had ever seen, even quite a bit higher than Zhang Zhihui. Even if he wasn’t a Xiantian, it was probably not far off.

If he was stopped by this guy, as long as he blocked himself for a moment or three, then he would be in danger. During Ye Mo’s calculation, he immediately came to the conclusion that if he didn’t leave now, it would be more and more difficult to leave again. If more and more people came after a while, it would be more and more difficult for him to leave.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo did not hesitate anymore, he climbed out of the rising surface with a stealth spell, and in addition to the stealth spell, Ye Mo controlled his body’s true essence fluctuations and carefully moved towards the backyard.

However, Ye Mo still underestimated the peak earth level experts, he had only walked a few metres when the old man who had just spoken saw that something was wrong. The old man stared at the place where Ye Mo was standing and seemed to frown while raising the long sword in his hand.

Ye Mo knew that he had been discovered, at this moment he no longer concealed himself and quickly rushed towards the courtyard wall of the backyard.

“It should be this person, catch him. He actually has a concealment magic weapon ……” At this time, not only the old man, but also several other people found Ye Mo’s trail, and a man who was at Xuan level cultivation next to the courtyard wall in the backyard, without hesitation, drew his sword and slashed at Ye Mo.

At this moment, Ye Mo did not hold back any longer and took out his flying sword, which was two swords. The first sword cut off the man’s long knife, and the second sword pierced the throat of the Xuan level martial artist who intercepted him.

This was not the time to talk about showing mercy, Ye Mo believed that once he was stopped, no one would show him mercy. By killing one now, his hope of escape would be a little greater.

Although it was a short span of two breaths, Ye Mo was stopped again. Seeing that Ye Mo had already killed one person, the old man with the highest cultivation level grunted, “Kill him for me, this beast has become demonized, to strike is to kill.”

After saying that the long sword in his own hand was already left towards Ye Mo, and the tip of the sword actually brought up a sword mane that was more than an inch long.

“It’s a sword awning …… Master Uncle Gong is actually able to gulp sword awnings, so powerful ……,” as soon as this old man’s sword awning came out, someone immediately marveled.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, although he knew that it was not easy for ancient martial cultivators to cultivate out a sword mane, but in Ye Mo’s eyes, this sword mane was no different from a child playing house.

Ye Mo’s flying sword had already been sacrificed, bringing up a purple mane to slash at this old man’s longsword, the longsword was hit by the flying sword with a ‘ding,’ a crisp sound, not only did the sword mane disappear, the front half-foot of the longsword had been directly cut off.

“How dare you break my falling rainbow sword? Good sword ……” The moment this old man’s longsword was cut off by Ye Mo’s flying sword, a look of disbelief appeared in his eyes, but instead of being shocked, he was delighted, his eyes quickly turned into searing heat. A sword that could cut through a falling rainbow, what kind of treasure should it be? Even the Fish Intestine Sword and the Ganshang Mo Xie are just like this, right?

I must get this treasure sword, the old man’s eyes became even hotter. He did not hide his love for Ye Mo’s flying sword. Although Ye Mo’s flying sword was attacking offhand, he thought that Ye Mo was throwing his sword to attack and did not even think that Ye Mo was imperial sword.

The old man actually dropped the short sword he was holding and put his hands together, surprisingly trying to clamp down on Ye Mo’s flying sword.

“Looking for si. “Ye Mo let out a cold laugh, this old thing actually wanted his flying sword and used his hands to clip it. A bumpkin, I guess he still didn’t know what sacrificing was. The flying sword that had been sacrificed by himself, unless his divine sense was several notches stronger than his, there was no way to control his flying sword.

“Poof” Ye Mo’s flying sword was like slicing tofu, slicing off one of the old man’s palms, but it did not stop stabbing into the old man’s chest in the slightest.

Ye Mo secretly breathed a sigh of relief, he knew that the reason he got it so easily was because this old man didn’t know the characteristics of the flying sword, after the people behind him had seen it, it wouldn’t be easy for him to kill so easily again.

“Senior Uncle Gong,” the few men around the awareness immediately noticed that something was wrong, their Senior Uncle Gong seemed to have been stabbed. And it was still a fatal wound.

“His sword is weird, it can attack automatically, don’t mind me, you guys hurry up and attack Xian…” the old man, in a ruthless manner, used the hand that was still intact and used all his strength to control Ye Mo’s flying sword.

As expected, not only did the old man notice the difference in Ye Mo’s flying sword, the other few ancient martial cultivators surrounding Ye Mo also noticed something different about Ye Mo’s flying sword, and they didn’t hesitate to take out their own weapons and slam them down on Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s flying sword would have immediately flown out to attack the others after killing this old man, but being grabbed by this old man really delayed him for a few seconds. These few seconds were enough for others to launch an attack on Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s heart sank, this really happened, he urged his divine sense and his flying sword pa*sed through the old man’s chest like a meteor and circled around, trying to stop the sword that was attacking him.