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DYM Chapter 298

The speed and strength of an Earth-level martial artist’s attack was far greater than that of a Xuan-level martial artist. Ye Mo could easily kill a Xuan-level martial artist, but he was not able to do so against a siege of Earth-level martial artists.

Now, apart from the old man surnamed Gong who was killed by Ye Mo, there were two Earth-level martial artists among the five people surrounding Ye Mo, and they were even both in the middle stage. Although Ye Mo had quickly recalled his flying sword, he was still a step too slow. The flying sword blocked three martial artists, while the attacks of two others could not be blocked.

Ye Mo slashed a wind blade at the Xuan level martial artist who didn’t block it, and at the same time punched the Earth level martial artist on the back of his long blade, all in just a flash. The Earth-level martial artist who was hit by Ye Mo’s long blade took several steps back, and coincidentally saw Ye Mo kill the Xuan-level martial artist with his wind blade, although he didn’t know what kind of concealed weapon Ye Mo was using, it was obviously a very powerful one.

Ye Mo, who had caught his breath, did not hesitate any longer and slashed several wind blades with almost no reservation, while his flying sword stabbed sharply at the Earth-level martial artist he had knocked back.

That Earth-ranked martial artist could feel that Ye Mo’s internal qi was not much more powerful than his when he was knocked back by Ye Mo’s punch, but his flying sword and that kind of invisible concealed weapon were really powerful.

Looking at Ye Mo’s flying sword coming over again, although he already knew how flying swords killed people, a hint of fear still arose deep inside him and he hurriedly shouted, “Stop, do you want to kill all of them? We are from the Hop School, one of the Six Great Hidden Sects, offend us and you won’t have any place to escape to, or even si no place to be buried ……”

As he spoke, he had already dodged the flying sword attack once again. It could be seen that Ye Mo had guessed well, once he learned the characteristics of the flying sword, with Ye Mo’s cultivation at the third level of Qi training and having consumed so much time, it would still take some time to kill a mid-earth level martial artist.

“Poof …….” With a few sounds, Ye Mo’s wind blade killed two more people, and the remaining one was still an earth level martial artist.

The two earth level martial artists obviously knew the characteristics of Ye Mo’s flying slash and started to close together to deal with Ye Mo’s flying swords. The true essence consumption was too great and Ye Mo’s speed of controlling the flying swords slowed down significantly, surprisingly, he could not help the two for a while.

At this moment, however, Ye Mo’s heart was burning with anxiety, he had to kill these two people as fast as possible and then escape. Otherwise, if more and more people came later, his chances would just become less and less. Right now, if the deterrent effect of the Hidden Sect was not too strong, maybe the police outside would have rushed in.

But his true essence was rapidly depleting, if he hadn’t tossed around for two hours underground, he might have been able to hold on for a while, but now he was already too depleted, plus the two earth level martial artists had already mastered the laws of flying swords, and although they were being beeen in trouble by his flying swords, they couldn’t kill but for a while, which made him a little anxious.

“Stop, take back your sword, if you continue, I, Hopeful School, swear to exterminate your clan …….” The other earth level martial artist of course did not know that Ye Mo was now already in enough true essence, he only knew that if he continued like this, the two would have to be killed by Ye Mo’s flying sword.

Although his face was a bit pale and his true essence was not good enough, Ye Mo still sneered and said, “I’m just not afraid of threats, go si.”

After saying that, Ye Mo spurted out a mouthful of essence blood for the first time, his flying sword suddenly accelerated and made a sharp turn, slashing past the two men’s necks, bringing up two puffs of blood. The two Earth Grade martial artists fell to the ground and died, but Ye Mo staggered a little, he had killed these two at the cost of burning his essence blood, but he was at the end of his own strength.

Although the after-effects of burning his essence blood were too great, if he did not kill these two at the cost of burning his essence blood, it might be his turn to die soon. Ye Mo staggered a few steps knowing that if he didn’t leave, he wouldn’t be able to get away. His divine sense had swept a hundred metres away and once again a few cars came, and the people who came out of the cars knew at first glance that they were not mediocre.

Ye Mo quickly collected the weapons on the ground, forcing himself to endure the pain in his meridians and throwing a few fireballs, wanting to destroy the bodies, even if it was better to delay for a while before letting the Hopeful School know that their people si. But a dangerous feeling came from the back of his heart, Ye Mo’s heart was shocked, and his withered true essence prevented him from making a proper evasion.

“Ye Mo spurted out a mouthful of blood again, but he turned around and saw that the one who had attacked him was the old man he had killed first, and at that moment a fierce smile flashed across the corner of his mouth.

This old man was pierced by the flying sword, but he still hadn’t penetrated, his life was really tough. Ye Mo thought nothing of it, and once again several fireballs went over, consuming almost all of his remaining true essence, not even daring to look back to see if the corpses had been burnt through, he struggled to climb over the wall.

Although Ye Mo’s invisibility could not be hidden in front of ancient martial arts experts, his invisibility was still undetectable in the face of some ordinary people who were blockading the Cha family compound.


“I smell a smell of blood.” One of the policemen blockading the Cha family compound said somewhat strangely.

Another person next to him, however, immediately made a hush gesture, “This time is very unusual, let’s just listen to the orders from above, and don’t say anything that we shouldn’t say later.”

Ye Mo was secretly shocked in his heart, although he was invisible, but that smell of blood on his body could not be hidden. But fortunately the two policemen did not intend to be nosy, and although he was exhausted, he still quickly disappeared into the distance.

Ye Mo had just left the Cha family compound when seven or eight more martial artists rushed into the backyard of the Cha family.

“Senior brother, the people from the Hop School should have come first, why can’t we see them?” A pretty-faced woman said with a frown after turning around the backyard of the Cha family.

“Did they already chase them out?” The middle-aged man who was called senior brother did not speak, but another youth interjected and replied.

The middle-aged man closed his eyes and didn’t answer, after a moment he opened them and said, “Most likely, but the outside has been sealed off by the government, if anyone went out there must have been news coming in, but no news is coming in which is very strange, do you guys smell a burnt smell?”

“Hmm, milk looks like it smells like that, and hey, there’s some blood here.” The young man was observant and soon found a few drops of blood on the ground.

After the middle-aged man squatted down and looked, he immediately said, “Search immediately, and this well, send someone down to check it out.”

Ye Mo wanted to run out of Liang Pu in one breath, but he knew that his current state might not even be as good as an ordinary person, trying to escape Liang Pu alone would be a dream.

In order to avoid the blood on his body, Ye Mo changed his clothes under a shopping mall and hid behind an SUV, not daring to move again.

This was because he had seen more and more experts pouring into this small place in Liangpu, and there were even helicopters coming overhead. Even around this shopping mall, there were constant ancient martial arts cultivators going past.

A young man wearing an earring walked out from inside the mall, carrying a case of Maotai in his hand.

He walked to the SUV where Ye Mo was hiding, pulled open the trunk and threw the Maotai in his hand, Ye Mo immediately hid into the trunk with a stealth spell.

As soon as Ye Mo entered the trunk, the youth closed the trunk with one hand. Ye Mo felt a wave of dizziness coming from him, and he couldn’t help but fall asleep.

As the car drove up, Ye Mo knew that he couldn’t sleep now. Although he was still groggy, he also knew that the car had been driving for some time and had now stopped at the toll booth at the highway junction, and it was obvious that there was someone at the toll booth to check. As for the inspection, Ye Mo did not take it to heart, although his true essence was almost drained now, he could still muddle through the inspection. He was afraid that these people would not only check, but also rummage around inside. His current stealth technique wouldn’t last for a few seconds.

However, Ye Mo soon found out that his fears were superfluous, this young man obviously had a knack for it, he just chided him a few times and this toll booth staff actually let him pa*s, not even opening the car to look inside.

Ye Mo panted, it looked like even if the Hidden Sect was stronger, in front of some rules, they still had no control. It was obvious that these checkpoint people thought that offending this youth was not a good thing. They would rather treat the words from above as a whisper than dare to offend these dude gentry who could restrain them at any time. If they offended the top, no one would know as long as they didn’t say anything, but if they offended this young man, they might have to lose their jobs tomorrow.

The car had already left Liangpu City and got onto the highway, but Ye Mo completely put his heart down.

In the hearts of these ancient martial arts cultivators, the blood-colored coral was much more precious than the green flower and green leaf gra*s, because the blood-colored coral could allow one to advance to the innate level. However, in Ye Mo’s heart, the Scarlet Coral was nowhere near as good as the matured Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s, but the Scarlet Coral could be used now, while his Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s was not yet matured. So at the current stage “Blood Coral, to Ye Mo, was still more precious than the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s.

He had not only suffered extremely heavy internal injuries, but his true essence was also depleted.

When he woke up again, he found that the car was already parked outside a dance hall, and it was already completely dark, so I guess he had slept for seven or eight hours this time.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept the surroundings and found no suspicious people, he put away the case of Maotai in the back seat. Although this kid had saved his life, he didn’t have much money now, this Maotai wine was good, so he borrowed it for a while.

Ye Mo pushed open the car door from the front without panic and stepped out, running his true qi, but still nothing reacted. If he hadn’t slept, he might have had trouble even getting up now, the last punch from that old guy was just too heavy.