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DYM Chapter 299

Ye Mo stood at the entrance of the somewhat noisy dance hall and checked his ring, which still had more than ten thousand yuan in cash. Now he only had one thought, to find a safe place, recover his body and then start refining pills.

Originally, if he was not to be exposed, that small courtyard in Ninghai was the best choice, but now Ye Mo did not dare to go there at all, going there was the same as throwing himself into the net. Even he could only find a place where no one knew about it and prepare for the alchemy in anonymity.

The ‘Scarlet Coral’ in his hand would allow Ye Mo to refine three pills, but Ye Mo did not dare to be careless in the slightest, his current level of refining would most likely nullify all three pills. So he had to find a place that was very quiet and where the spiritual energy had to be slightly abundant, and he even had to completely nurture his body before he could do so.

But right now he only had this much money on him, and looking at some of the shop signs, this city called Chun’an was a city he had never even been to before. After losing his power, in this unfamiliar place, Ye Mo was surprisingly a bit confused.

“Brother, do you need help?” A woman with half of her mouth captive outside asked as she walked up to Ye Mo and hugged her chest graciously. Her eyes were all charming, and although she was average looking, the smell of cheap perfume emanating from the dim light was somewhat seductive.

Ye Mo reluctantly smiled and shook his head and said, “No need.” After saying that, he turned around and was about to leave.

The woman, however, still did not si to stop Ye Mo and even said with some trepidation, “Big brother, I am really clean and do not have any disease. If you don’t believe me, you can wear something.”

Ye Mo frowned and looked at the woman in front of him who was wearing thick makeup hou and said again, “I know but I really don’t want to I have things to do, goodbye.”

The woman looked at Ye Mo’s fading back, a hint of gloom flashed in her eyes, although she had to work in this industry but if she could, she would like to choose some customers who looked good to her. The clothes on that young man just now were ordinary but his aura of calmness made her want to do his business, and she could even lower the price a little. But although this young man didn’t have much money, he couldn’t look at her.

Ye Mo, however, secretly sighed at the fact that there were such women at all times and in all places. Unlike Luo Yue’s green house, they just ran out to pimp their clients. He did not look down on such women if he could, he believed that no one originally intended to work in this industry.

The woman suddenly bit her lip and ran up again to stop Ye Mo, “Big brother, I see that you don’t seem to be very familiar with this place, right? Just now I saw you looking around. I can do you a favour and meet any of your demands, I don’t want a lot of money.”

Ye Mo stared at the dusty woman in front of him in a daze, suddenly he thought yes, he needed to find a quiet place to stay, looking for an agent would also cost money, so he might as well let this woman earn some, it would be a small favour to her. Besides, finding an agent would have to wait until tomorrow, and he might even be exposed.

Thinking of this Ye Mo nodded and said, “Alright, I don’t have a place to stay now, I want to find a quiet and clean environment to live in, if you can help me find such a house, I am willing to pay you. But I’m poor too, I don’t have much money right now. If you can, I’ll come here tomorrow morning and wait for you.”

Ye Mo really didn’t have much money, he only had more than ten thousand yuan, usually to live in a clean and quiet place in a city like this, it was estimated to be at least three thousand a month, he still had to eat and recuperate, this amount of money was very little indeed.

The woman shook her head and said, “Brother, it doesn’t matter, I want very little money, if you don’t have enough money, you can give it to me later when you have stayed. You can go over with me tonight and check out the property, if you agree, you can move in tomorrow morning, I live very close, it’s only two minutes away.”

Ye Mo immediately had some good feelings towards this woman, people say that b*tches are heartless and playboys have no righteousness, the fact that this woman of the wind and moon could say this meant that she aspired to that kind of trust and friendship. Besides, he somewhat agreed with what this woman said. For Ye Mo, the sooner he could live in a quiet environment, the better for him.

If he could find a place to stay in the morning, he could do his own thing sooner. Besides, Ye Mo didn’t want to go to a public place in broad daylight to find a house to live in, so it could be said that this woman’s proposal spoke to his heart. As for the crooks, he didn’t care yet, although he couldn’t make a move now, if he met one that cheated him, he wouldn’t mind spreading a fireball charm.

On top of an ordinary Santana car not far from the ballroom, there were two policemen staring at Ye Mo and the woman, seeing the two leaving the ballroom square, the two policemen hurriedly drove up and followed them.

“This mission is over and my mission for this month is done. I really don’t want to spend next month catching these people, it’s disgusting to look at. As soon as we meet, it’s all about money and money, it’s totally one of those disgusting deals of money and meat.” A young female policeman on top of the mulberry said to the male policeman next to her.

The male policeman laughed and said, “You’ll understand later. Besides, we all like it

“Don’t be disgusting… The policewoman interrupted the man’s words, although she had not been in the police station for long, she knew very well what kind of nasty thoughts were in the minds of those male colleagues in the bureau, not even much better than the john just now. After a while, she said, seemingly to herself, “I want to go to the Serious Crime Unit.”

What the policewoman said was what was in her heart. Generally, it was the male police who did the sweeping, and there were very few female police officers who did the sweeping. But she wanted to be in the Serious Crimes Unit, but she didn’t have any experience in handling cases, so she was not qualified to get in. So she forced herself to come to the vice squad, just to gild the lily and at the end of this month her gilding is over.

But her colleagues were right about one thing: pornography enforcement is indeed a high-performing and safe task. There is a saying going around the bureau that ‘if you are diligent in catching prostitutes, you will get a bonus; if you sweep up pornography, you will not be able to get a toehold. The meaning of the phrase “not to be a pest” is not directly stated, but it means that you will be promoted quickly, and you will not have no performance inside the police station, and you will be a pest until you are old.

If it was before Ye Mo was injured, his divine sense must have found someone following him long ago, but now he is too injured, his true essence is almost dried up, but his divine sense does not dare to sweep at will. Besides, he had just arrived in an unfamiliar city, yet he didn’t believe that anyone else would follow him.

“I have a sister who does housing rental information in Chun’an City, and I can get a lot of rental housing information. So don’t worry, I can definitely help you find a place to stay that you like.” The woman was afraid that Ye Mo wouldn’t quite believe her, and kept explaining to Ye Mo all the way along.

Ye Mo, however, didn’t quite want to speak, to him, as long as he found the right place, he didn’t care as to where this woman got her property information from.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t say anything, the woman thought that Ye Mo had something else in mind and quickly said to herself, “We need the property information often because we also have to change places often.”

Ye Mo froze for a moment, what did they need to change places so often in this l line of work?

But before Ye Mo could say anything, the woman continued, “It’s already here, me and a few sisters are staying in this private house, there’s internet access inside, I’ll go in and take a look for you.”

Ye Mo followed the woman to a room on the first floor, the woman casually closed the door and first ran to turn on the computer. And said as she did so, “Sit down for a while, I can immediately pull out the listing information for you to see.”

Ye Mo was satisfied with the woman’s attitude of doing things as soon as she came in, finding a house was the faster the better for Ye Mo, preferably one that he could move into tonight.

“Found it, come over and see which set suits you.” The woman was fast, once her computer was opened, the first shortcut on her desktop was the property listing.

Ye Mo stood up, but instead of walking over to the computer, he suddenly opened the door and said with a sneer to the two policemen at the door, “You are really servants of the people, to stand guard for us for free.”

The young policewoman blushed slightly and immediately changed her expression to one of utter disgust and said with a sneer, “Stop pretending to be serious, I now suspect you of being a prostitute.”

“f*ck off, if you say one more word, I’ll file a complaint right away. Which one of your eyes saw me whoring, oh, did you send me to your door for a prostitute? Too bad, I’m not interested in you. I’ll count to three, if you still stay here, I’ll file a complaint right away, try it if you don’t believe me.” Ye Mo secretly screamed in his heart, these people had nothing to do when they had enough to eat, doing these boring things all day long. If he wasn’t afraid of making a big deal out of it, he would have kicked it over.

“You,” Six the female cop turned white with anger and immediately wanted to make a move.

Ye Mo waited for her to make a move, if she did, he was immediately ready to teach her a lesson, although he didn’t have true qi, he didn’t have much problem dealing with two policemen.

“Zhang Lan, let’s go.” The male policeman gave Ye Mo a look, but pulled the female policeman. But as he was leaving, he said to Ye Mo, “Next time, don’t fall into my hands.”

“Very well, next time you really don’t fall into my hands.” Ye Mo replied with a cold smile.

The policewoman was furious with Ye Mo, but she also knew that she was the one who was in the wrong now that she had not caught any evidence. She was very puzzled about today’s incident, based on past experience, the first thing a normal john would do when he entered the house was to undress and go to bed, how could he come back to open the door after a while.

“Even if we didn’t catch the stolen goods, there’s no need to be afraid of him, why should we leave?” The female police officer called Zhang Lan was still indignant.

The male police officer, who was obviously more experienced than Zhang Lan, said helplessly, “It’s our fault if we don’t catch the stolen goods and stand in front of someone’s house, and we’ll be the ones to lose if we complain. I wouldn’t let you go even if you were a normal person. Did you see that man? His eyes were not only cold, but he wasn’t the least bit scared, which means he must have a backstage. We are just a small police officer and an ordinary small backstage can make us eat our words. It’s just abominable that this man has come to prostitute a street girl when he has a backstage, what a lack of taste.”

The woman who was checking the room list immediately turned a little pale with fear when she saw the two policemen, but she didn’t expect that Ye Mo had scared the two policemen back.

“Hurry up and look for a house, preferably one that you can stay in tonight.” Ye Mo looked at the woman who was a bit dazed, so he urged.