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DYM Chapter 300

“The list of rooms has been transferred, you can come and take a look.” It was at this moment that the woman reacted and began to be in awe of Ye Mo. What they feared most in their line of work was the police checking the rooms, and now this young man in front of them had even chided the police away, so it was clear that he was definitely not an ordinary person.

Ye Mo walked over to the computer and really saw that there were a large number of listings among the open tables, he then clicked on one of them and found that around these listings, there were some supporting pictures.

Most of these listings were relatively cheap and were even concentrated in somewhat crowded areas. Ye Mo frowned, he was not satisfied with any of these listings.

But fortunately, there were still more listings in here, so Ye Mo searched down one by one and soon found a house that was very suitable for him to live in.

Hush House Villa, which was very large and seemed to have not been fully constructed, all the surrounding area was open space, surprisingly there were only two isolated buildings, and they were still quite far apart. Apart from these two houses, the rest of the area was open space and even had a lot of weeds growing out of it.

In a place that is equivalent to a downtown area, it is surprising that such a large area is empty. Looking at the pictures above, it is clear that this empty space has not been empty for a day or two.

Since it was not completely built, there should be some construction equipment around it, but there was no construction machinery inside this vacant lot either, which made Ye Mo very strange.

The two buildings were both twelve storeys high, and one of the practice buildings seemed to have stopped there before it was fully completed, and it was the building on the left that was finally fully completed and fully renovated. Moreover, there was an artificial lake in the middle of the open space in front of this building, so it was obvious that this place was not only quiet but also suitable for meditation.

What’s more, Ye Mo found that the rent of this building is very cheap, the whole Lou repair more than a hundred square meters only 2,000 yuan a month or less. Now only the first to eighth floors were renovated, and Ye Mo also found that there were still a lot of empty rooms, even most of them were vacant.

“This is the one. Since the ninth floor is not open, I’ll stay on the eighth floor. 802 This one by the side.” Ye Mo pointed at the room he had his eye on in this building and said to the woman. It was marked as closed above the ninth floor.

“Ah …… you want to stay at Lakehouse Villa?” The woman looked at Ye Mo with some difficulty.

Ye Mo immediately asked, “What’s wrong? Could it be that this house has already been rented out? It clearly states that there are so many rooms not rented out what’s so difficult about it?”

“No.” The woman quickly waved her hand and said, “Because this house in the first phase of Lakeside Villa is not clean, that is, it is often haunted after several owners moved in, several families have si people so later all moved out. So it simply could not be sold, which resulted in the second phase not being able to start construction. Now the house is inhabited by foreigners, some of whom do not know that the house is not clean. Others figure it’s cheap however many people who live in it have all kinds of problems over time and now fewer and fewer people are living in it.”

“Haunted?” Ye Mo repeated, but quickly said, “I’m staying here, if you can help me out tonight, this thousand yuan is yours.”

After saying that, Ye Mo took out a thousand yuan and put it on top of the table. To him ghost cultivators weren’t even afraid, they were still afraid of haunting. Yin spirits Ye Mo originally thought there were none here, but he had met one once at the Divine Dragon Shelf, and although he wasn’t sure if it was a Yin spirit, that kind of naturally formed spirit was too weak for him. He could even extinguish countless of them with a single fireball, and he had divine sense, so he wasn’t afraid of not being able to see them at all.

Since it was haunted, it meant that fewer people came here, and since fewer people came, it must be even quieter.

“Ah.” The woman stared at the thousand yuan on top of the table and was immediately tempted. For her to take a client for one night was only a hundred to two hundred, she originally wanted to provide Ye Mo with a room information and charge a couple of hundred, but she didn’t expect Ye Mo to take out a thousand at once. It was evident that this person was not really broke, but a bit of a big spender.

“Okay, I’ll contact right away.” The woman nodded her head in agreement without hesitation, she had already said what she needed to say, since the person was willing to live in it of their own accord, there would be no more business for her.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “What I have to remind you is that I like peace and quiet, if I know that you go around saying that I am staying here, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

The woman hurriedly came to nod her head, she was not willing to offend someone like Ye Mo.

I have to say that this woman was very effective, in just over an hour, she had already contacted her sisters to bring Ye Mo to the accommodation and charged four months’ rent, paying three to one. It was evident that the person who rented out the house could not wait to rent it out sooner, fearing that if it was a day late, others would not rent it. Nevertheless, Ye Mo was still somewhat grateful to the woman who helped him find a house.

Hush House Villa was indeed just like the pictures Ye Mo had seen, a huge open space with an artificial lake. Although all the surroundings were relatively busy, this place was indeed very quiet and perfect for meditation and alchemy.

Ye Mo closed the door behind him and took a look at the house he was living in. The living room was huge, with 50 to 60 square feet, and there were three bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. And it was all decorated, and even had a bed, just no quilt. There was some dust in the room, which was due to the fact that no one had lived there for a long time.

Ye Mo casually used a dust removal technique, and the whole house immediately became clean and clear.

When he came to the master bedroom, Ye Mo stood in front of the balcony, outside there were a lot of lights, so he could see that the view of the place was quite open. It was surprising that such a good house could not be sold because it was haunted, Ye Mo secretly shook his head. However, since I heard that the haunted one was the ninth floor, all the floors above the ninth floor were now closed.

Before he sat down to rest, Ye Mo’s divine sense scanned out at the same time. The building was not inhabited by him alone either, the first two floors were inhabited by widows and orphans, so it could be seen that the first two floors should have been converted into a home for the elderly. The third floor was a canteen, presumably for the old people’s home.

On the fourth floor, there are two families living in the home, which, by the look of the home, should be businesses. On the fifth floor, there was only a small office, but there was no one inside. Ye Mo guessed that the office workers should not live here at night. The sixth and seventh floors were both empty now. The eighth floor was the one where he had lived in today, and no one should have lived there before himself.

On this floor, each floor could house two families, so with the sixth and seventh floors, there were indeed many empty houses. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept through, but he didn’t see anything unclean.

After taking a few recovery pills, Ye Mo meditated all night and did recover some. It was just that because that old man from the Hopeful School had punched too hard, to fully recover, Ye Mo estimated that it would take nearly a month. He had paid the rent for three months, so according to the budget, it should be just right.

The first month was for hemorrhoids, the second month was for refining pills, and the third month was for starting to hit the middle stage of Qi cultivation.

As the night pa*sed, Ye Mo stood up refreshed, although he had internal injuries that affected his true qi, but his body was not much of a problem anymore. It was only a matter of time before he recovered the rest.

Ye Mo checked his wallet, there was still about two thousand yuan. But it was enough for him, now he didn’t dare to call back casually, he wouldn’t trust anyone until he had the ability to protect himself. Who knew if Han Zaixin would be listening to his phone calls, besides, the request he had promised Han Zaixin hadn’t even gone through with it.

Ye Mo walked down the stairs and when he pa*sed by the fourth floor, two men on the fourth floor were dragging a huge canvas bag, Ye Mo scanned the bag, it was full of clothing and other things, it looked like they were in the clothing business.

The two men were pulling the bag when Ye Mo suddenly came down from the upper floor, which scared them and they didn’t even dare to speak as they stared at Ye Mo. Ye Mo had no choice but to smile and said, “Don’t worry, I am a customer who lived upstairs last night, you didn’t know last night because you used the lift, from now on we are neighbours.”

He naturally knew what these two were afraid of, after all, there were too many legends about this building, no one had been living upstairs, a person suddenly came down from upstairs, it would be strange for them not to be afraid.

However, after hearing Ye Mo’s words, these two immediately revealed their surprise, to them of course the more people living here the better.

After a brief conversation, Ye Mo knew that these two men were both in the garment business, in fact they were two families. The chubby man was called Han Sicai and the thinner one was called Cai Jinyou. The two families had come from Zhejiang and were in the garment business here. Originally, when they lived in, they didn’t know about the place, but when they found out later, they found that it was nothing to live here for a few months, because they coveted the good environment and low prices, so they didn’t move out.

Ye Mo went to the street to eat something and buy a little more daily necessities, then continued back to his residence, his main task now was to heal his injuries and recover his cultivation.

Living in this place was really quiet, no one ever came up from downstairs, even the two people from the purse company on the fifth floor never came upstairs, and they were on time from work, never worked overtime, and usually finished work straight away at 5pm.

The people downstairs also gradually knew that there was a young man living on the eighth floor, although they didn’t know why he was so bold, but no one came forward to say anything to him. All that was known was that the young man would come out every morning for a little exercise outside, then go for breakfast and come back again. All the way to the next day, he came out again, very regularly.

Ye Mo, however, was very fond of this environment, and after a week, his injuries had greatly improved, and at this level, perhaps he would be able to fully recover in less than a month.

This day was already the ninth day that Ye Mo had lived in the house. Ye Mo had just finished his training and was about to go sit on the balcony when he suddenly heard a thumping sound coming down from the floor upstairs. The sound was very regular, a few consecutive thumps, then it stopped again, then a few more thumps.

Ye Mo immediately stood up, of course he knew that there was no one living upstairs, not only was there no one living upstairs, but the stairs leading upstairs were closed, and the lift only went up to the eighth floor. Since that was the case, where did the sound come from?