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DYM Chapter 301

Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept up, only to find that the upper floors were completely empty, except for some dusty furniture, there was nothing left. Ye Mo carefully checked every corner, but still found nothing. His divine sense swept to the tenth floor at the same time, and even to the twelfth floor, but found nothing. Only that thumping sound had disappeared.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, he didn’t put his mind on these. Whatever it was upstairs, even if it didn’t provoke him, once it did, he would chase it to the ends of the earth, he would bruise it to dust.

The night pa*sed quickly, but Ye Mo was not interested in going upstairs to have a look, he was not interested in this. Even if there was a ghost cultivator living upstairs, as long as it didn’t involve him, it was none of his business.

Ye Mo had just opened them when he saw the landlady who had brought him in last time, bringing a guest again. When the landlord saw Ye Mo, she nodded happily, it had only been a week or so since Ye Mo had lived here, and her second house on the eighth floor had been rented out, and the price was twice as high as the price she had rented to Ye Mo.

There was actually someone else renting a house here besides himself? Ye Mo casually scanned this person who rented a room, and surprisingly, it was still a woman, even a young teenager under twenty.

The fact that such a young girl had come to rent a haunted house surprised Ye Mo greatly. However, this young girl was very clean looking, and even gave a feeling of spiritual rhythm. Together with her long hair, and a white autumn dress, she looked very eye-catching.

However, Ye Mo soon realized that although this girl was less than twenty, she was still a middle Yellow level martial artist, which was rare. Generally cultivating to the middle Yellow level even those with good qualifications were twenty-five or sixty. Most people were already in their early thirties, and this girl was already in the middle of the Yellow level when she was only in her teens.

No wonder she wasn’t afraid of the haunted house, so she was an ancient martial arts practitioner. Ye Mo suddenly became alert in his heart, there were very few ancient martial arts practitioners in the general city. The woman is not only living next door to him, but she is also living next door to him, so this woman is not coming for the Scarlet Coral, right? This is also not right ah they robbed the ‘Scarlet Coral, a killing spree, if it is for their own ‘Scarlet Coral, to come, should not just send a yellow level middle little, not point to or even a little loli.

The landlord, however, was very good at talking and said to Ye Mo, “Mo Ying ah from now on you and Lu Xuan will be neighbours, you should take care of this new neighbour of yours.”

Of course Ye Mo knew what the landlord meant when he said that the landlord had tricked this little beauty into coming here and collected the rent and didn’t care about anything else. He even asked himself to take care of this girl, so he could see that the landlord wasn’t bad to the bone but she was bad enough. If this girl was not an ancient martial arts practitioner and she lived here alone, she might have been scared by the thumping sound in the middle of the night, and if something ghostly really came out, she would not have a life.

However, Ye Mo knew that this girl was not simple, she had cultivated to the middle Yellow level at a young age, and was full of internal qi, so she knew at a glance that she was not a character to be messed with. She was definitely not tricked by the landlord to live here, and might have some other purpose.

This little woman, one should beware of some.

Ye Mo smiled faintly but did not say anything, said hello to the landlord and went straight downstairs.

As expected, when this girl heard the landlord’s words, a trace of disdain flashed in her eyes, but she didn’t say anything. Immediately after that hint of disdain flashed past, she frowned and sighed in her heart, her own heart nature was still not good. If her heart was really good, she shouldn’t have flashed disdain just now, but instead didn’t have the slightest fluctuation. What did it matter to her if this man could take care of himself, why should she look down on ordinary people?

The place where Ye Mo drank soya bean milk every morning was next to the Chunan University of Science and Technology, the soya bean milk here was genuine and Ye Mo liked it a lot. Every morning, he would have a few bean paste buns and a bowl of soya bean milk, then go back and continue his cultivation, this life made Ye Mo feel very meditative. If there weren’t so many trivial matters, he would rather stay like this, but Ye Mo knew that it was impossible.

Not to mention that he still had so many karmas to settle, even if he did, he still had to continue to look for spiritual objects and medicinal herbs that he could cultivate. To just live his life as a bland old si, he was really not willing to do so.

Ye Mo didn’t leave immediately after drinking the soy milk today, he sat for a little longer and ran his true qi a little, he felt good, maybe another week and he would be fully recovered.

Why is she here? Ye Mo looked up and saw the girl who had just moved next door to him walk into the soya bean milk shop.

She asked for a bowl of soy milk and two bean paste buns. She had just sat down when she saw Ye Mo opposite her. The girl smiled warmly, but didn’t say anything.

Ye Mo stood up, he was ready to leave. Just before he left, two youths entered this bean paste shop once again, and the one in front was, surprisingly, the gongzi wearing an earring. He was the one who brought Ye Mo out of Liangpu in the first place, and although he didn’t know what he had done, Ye Mo was feeling very ji in his heart.

This gung-ho was obviously not here for the soy milk, as he walked straight up to the girl, his two eyes glowing with awe out loud. It was only when the girl frowned that the gigolo sat down opposite her as if he was a pig, “Hello beautiful, my name is Wu Zhenjun, I saw you once yesterday at Science University, it was like seeing a heavenly being, I thought I would never see you again, but I never thought I would meet you again today, it’s really fate, and a blessing in three lives.”

The gent tried to be civil, but the words he said were the opposite of what he was wearing, and the words were so incoherent that they seemed comical.

The girl frowned and said, “Sorry, I don’t know you, please get out of the way.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, once you’ve met someone, you’ve met them twice.” Wu Zhenjun hurriedly waved his hand and said.

The girl stood up and said in a cold voice, “If you don’t move away again, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

Wu Zhenjun hurriedly said, “You can be as rude as you like, it’s fine, I really want to get to know you. Let’s go out and talk, it’s crowded here ……,” he said, he was going to pull this girl’s hand. I don’t know if he was pretending or if it was unintentional.

Ye Mo secretly shook his head, thinking that this Wu gongzi brother was really a bit lustful and bold. But from this, we can also see that Wu Zhenjun has some courage otherwise he would not drag the girl like this in public.

The girl kicked Wu Zhenjun out of the room and he fell to the ground and wiped his nose, which was already bleeding.

However, the girl still didn’t stop, she even wanted to come up and stomp on him.

Ye Mo knew that if this foot was stepped on, this male Wu might have internal injuries for the rest of his life. These practitioners of ancient martial arts did not look at the life of ordinary people, even if this girl with some spiritual rhythm was still no exception.

However, Ye Mo immediately walked up to Wu Zhenjun and stopped the girl and said, “This person didn’t touch you either since you’ve already been kicked, forget it, why do you need to fight again.”

Ye Mo owed Wu Zhenjun a favour although Wu Zhende didn’t know, but it was still not okay to beat Wu Zhenjun in front of his eyes he stopped the girl, if she really wanted to continue to do it don’t blame him for being ungracious.

When Ye Mo stopped the girl, not only did all the people in the soybean milk shop freeze, but the girl also froze. Although she did not have any dealings with this neighbour but she was a girl and was still the one being molested, this man even helped this gigolo, did he still have a conscience. Or maybe this man has attached his face to the trend to the extreme, shameless in public.

Wu Zhenjun was kicked to the ground immediately knew that he had hit a nail, at this time and Wu Zhenjun came in together with the young man hastened to help Wu Zhenjun up, but did not dare to find fault with this pretty girl, they are mixed, but are not stupid, know that going up will certainly be at a disadvantage. Instead, they immediately picked up the phone and should be ready to call someone.

The girl stared coldly at Ye Mo, but did not continue to make a move. Just as she was about to leave, a police car stopped at the entrance of the soybean milk shop. It looked like someone was afraid that the girl would be at a disadvantage, someone had called the police as soon as Wu Zhenjun arrived, I didn’t expect this police to come out really fast.

Two policemen walked in hurriedly, Ye Mo immediately recognized one of them, the female policeman who was preparing to arrest the prostitute that night, he heard the male policeman call her by her name at that time, I think her name was Zhang Lan, I didn’t expect to meet her again today.

“It’s you again? You were the one who was whoring that night, and you are the one who is fighting today, I’ll see what you have to say today.” The policewoman looked at Ye Mo with a disgusted face.

Hearing the policewoman’s words, the pretty girl stared at Ye Mo even more disgustedly and actually turned around and left.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said to the policewoman, “Did I use your money for prostitution? You are so broad-minded, so what if I like whoring? Brawl, which of your eyes saw me brawl again today, just this level of you still become a police officer, don’t laugh off my big teeth.”

“You ……” Zhang Lan’s face turned white with anger at Ye Mo and he was about to get mad again.

But the male police officer who came with him stopped Zhang Lan and he gave Ye Mo a cold look, but before he could say anything, he immediately spotted Wu Zhenjun behind Ye Mo. The male policeman’s face immediately changed, only to immediately return to his smile and come to Wu Zhenjun and say, “Young Jun, don’t worry, is this the kid who made a move on you today, I will immediately take him away.”

“Shut up.” Wu Zhenjun waved his hand and interrupted the wanting police officer’s words, then said to Ye Mo, “Brother, thank you so much. I didn’t expect this hot girl to kick out so hard, if you hadn’t stopped it, this kick would really have been hard enough for me.”

The male policeman immediately froze, he didn’t expect Ye Mo to help Wu Zhenjun, but he immediately understood, and although he admired Ye Mo’s vision in his heart, he hated how far he could kick him out.

Zhang Lan even stared at Ye Mo with contempt, this person was simply bad, and now she had understood that the one who had just struck was the girl who had already gone out. I didn’t expect that this guy who loved whoring was also a guy who liked to kiss a*s.

Small matter.” Ye Mo said casually and immediately turned around and left the soybean milk shop. He was not interested in befriending a gentry like Wu Zhenjun, he helped him this time because he had helped himself once.

As he watched Ye Mo walk out of the soymilk shop, Wu Zhenjun gave a thumbs up and called after him, “Brother, next time you are looking for a woman, come to me, Wu Zhenjun, I promise to take you to a satisfactory place.”

The male police officer’s face was embarra*sed as he listened to Wu Zhenjun’s arrogant words, but there was nothing he could do.