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DYM Chapter 302

Ye Mo returned to his residence and immediately began to run his true qi to heal his injuries. Ye Mo didn’t know what this girl next door called Lu Xuan was doing here, but the arrival of this girl gave Ye Mo a nervous feeling. He had to recover his strength as soon as possible, and he had a hunch that this girl was definitely not alone, maybe she had accomplices. She might have come here because of a certain thing.

After a few large circumferences and dozens of small circumferences were run down, Ye Mo opened his eyes and he felt that his injuries were once again much better. Ye Mo nodded his head and stood up with great satisfaction, looking up and looking outside, it was already dark.

The sound of the door opening came from next door, and Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out, knowing that the girl called Lu Xuan had returned. Ye Mo was curious about where Lu Xuan came from, and his divine sense swept straight to Lu Xuan’s room.

With his current cultivation level, it was somewhat difficult for Lu Xuan to discover his divine sense. Once he advanced to the middle stage of Qi cultivation, it would be difficult for even an ordinary earth level martial artist to discover his divine sense.

Ye Mo quickly froze as he discovered that Lok Xuan was actually a Daoist nun, and when she opened the box, there were even several sets of Daoist nun’s clothing inside the box.

Why were there so many Daoist nuns these days? Even there were Daoist nuns inside the city? However, Ye Mo was even more certain that Lok Xuan should be a disciple of one of the sects, most likely one of the hidden sects.

Ye Mo became more and more cautious, once this Lok Xuan was a disciple of a hidden sect, was it too dangerous for him to be here? But changing places now, Ye Mo was a bit reluctant, he had found this place with great difficulty and it was very suitable for him to cultivate and refine pills.

After thinking about it for half a day, Ye Mo was sure that this Lok Xuan did not come here because of him, she must have come here because of something else. There was still a week left for him to recover from his injuries and by then, if anything happened, he could escape immediately.

In the process of packing up Lu Xuan’s things, Ye Mo unexpectedly found a large stack of books, it looked like this Lu Xuan was still studying at Chunan Science University. Ye Mo’s divine sense kept an eye on Lu Xuan he found that after Lu Xuan finished packing his things, he took some underwear and entered the bathroom looking like he went to take a shower. Ye Mo’s divine sense did not continue to follow him in, for peeking at a loli’s bath, Ye Mo did not have such interest yet.

Ye Mo withdrew his divine sense and started to meditate and cultivate. A few hours later, Ye Mo once again heard a ‘dong dong’ sound coming from upstairs. He stood up and his divine sense swept over to Lu Xuan who was next door.

She did not have Ye Mo’s calmness but stood up haughtily, it seemed that she was also meditating just now.

However, Ye Mo noticed that her face was a bit white, it could be seen that although she was already a middle Yellow level ancient martial cultivator but she was still a bit scared when faced with such uncertainty.

Ye Mo secretly laughed, aren’t all Daoist monks ghost hunters, and they were still scared when they heard the ‘dong dong’ sound. Ye Mo saw her walking to the side of the balcony and reckoned that she should have closed the door and windows.

However, to Ye Mo’s surprise, Lok Xuan actually held onto the balcony and climbed from the top of the balcony to the ninth floor. What did she want? However, Ye Mo was somewhat impressed by her courage, a person who dared to go to the ninth floor of a haunted house in the middle of the night to catch a ghost, this girl was indeed as talented as she could be as a Taoist nun.

“Who the hell is pretending to be a ghost here? Stand out for me.”

Fei Xuan drew out a long sword from her waist and stood on the balcony of the ninth floor and chided.

Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately followed her, he also wanted to see who this ‘dong dong, voice was, whether it was a human or a ghost. But it was unlikely to be a human, as last night Ye Mo’s divine sense did not find anything.

The ninth floor was silent, there was no sound, and that ‘dong dong, sound also became lost as Lok Xuan came up.

As she walked into the living room step by step, grabbing her long sword, Ye Mo only had to use his divine sense to check her face to know how nervous she was in her heart.

Suddenly Ye Mo saw that Lok Xuan’s longsword swept out without warning, while her body quickly retreated several steps. Soon she retreated to the top of the balcony again, but still did not stop. It was as if she had been knocked back by something.

Ye Mo was shocked in his heart, what was it could his divine sense not see it? Immediately, Ye Mo knew that his internal injuries had affected the strength of his divine sense, thinking of this Ye Mo even condensed his divine sense and swept it out. Although the range was greatly reduced, Ye Mo really found a faint black shadow lunging at Fei Xuan.

There was really a Yin Soul, huh? How was this possible? If this was a Yin Soul, then it would be quite a bit more powerful than the one in the Divine Dragon Frame.

However, Ye Mo quickly knew that that kind of attack would not do much damage to Lu Xuan, at best it would only make Lu Xuan’s heart more frightened.

As expected, Lu Xuan fell straight down from the balcony on the ninth floor, and while Ye Mo was wondering if he should give her a hand, Lu Xuan had already nodded off the balcony on the eighth floor and scurried straight into her room. Her body was still athletic, and it seemed that her lightning skills were not bad either.

The faint shadow, however, did not follow her down, still disappearing on the ninth floor, and when Ye Mo tried to search again, there was no way to find it again. Ye Mo, however, was in no hurry, as soon as his injuries healed, his divine sense swept up, whatever it was would have nowhere to hide.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept back and landed on Lu Xuan’s body, seeing her sitting inside her room with a slightly pale face, but she took out a jade bottle and didn’t know what kind of pill she took and ate it, her face started to look better.

Next, Ye Mo found her taking out a peach wood sword and hanging it above the door of her room, then began to meditate to recover.

Although this girl’s cultivation level was only at the middle yellow level, she was indeed not too bold. How dare she enter the ninth floor in the middle of the night to check on the situation, she had a few moves. It just made Ye Mo wonder how she saw the ghosts, Ye Mo definitely did not believe that this girl also had divine sense.

There was no talk all night.

The next morning Ye Mo had just got up and washed up when there was a knock on his door. Ye Mo was stunned in his heart, he had been living here for almost two weeks now, not to mention knocking on the door, not even a single idle person had come over. Who was this knocking on his door? Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out and immediately spotted Lok Xuan standing at the door.

Ye Mo opened the door and looked up and down at Lu Xuan, she was still looking good, but she was still a bit tired because of last night’s incident.

Seemingly realising that Ye Mo was fine, a hint of undetectable relief flashed in Shui Xuan’s eyes before she looked at Ye Mo who was blocking the door and said, “We are neighbours, and the landlord also said that you should take care of me a little, can’t you invite me in for a seat?

Ye Mo couldn’t figure out what she meant, but since she said so, she had no choice but to open the door and said, “Then please come in and have a seat.”

As she smiled faintly, Ye Mo sighed in his heart, this girl had a look that was almost not inferior to that of Light Snow, so it was no wonder that Mr. Wu saw her as if she was a pig. Thinking of Light Snow, a trace of gloom flashed in Ye Mo’s eyes, he really didn’t want to think of her again, but sometimes he always thought of her without thinking about it. Ye Mo thought of Luo Ying again, now he didn’t know if she was still okay. Maybe when he was at the fourth level of Qi training, he would be able to step onto a flying sword and go looking around.

Seeming to see the hint of despondency in Ye Mo’s eyes, a hint of surprise appeared in Lu Xuan’s eyes, but she quickly returned to normal. She sat down and casually looked at Ye Mo’s house before she said, “My name is Luoxuan and I study at the University of Science. We’re neighbours now, I don’t know your name yet?”

“My name is Mo Ying, I’m a hobo, oh, maybe I’ll go out and look for a job after a while.” Ye Mo had just said hobo when he saw that strange expression in Lok Xuan’s eyes, and was so uncomfortable in his heart that he immediately added a finishing touch. I am going to look for a job in person, just not now.

Seemingly seeing Ye Mo’s thoughts, Fei Xuan did not strike Ye Mo again, obviously she thought she knew exactly what kind of person Ye Mo was. To put it bluntly, he was a triple-evil youth who was good at eating and lazy, and also liked to go out for prostitution. She smiled lightly, not interested in talking east and west with Ye Mo, but said directly, “I heard that this place is not very clean, have you been living here for a long time?”

Coming to inquire about news, Ye Mo smiled lightly and immediately understood the purpose of Lok Xuan’s visit, but he didn’t have any news to be inquired about, so he then said, “I haven’t lived here for long, it’s only been less than a month,”

Ye Mo wasn’t sure if this girl was here to investigate him, and he made the time somewhat uncertain. This girl looked somewhat shrewd, so maybe she could tell from the time she had stayed here what had happened two weeks ago.

However, while Ye Mo was obviously paranoid, Fei Xuan immediately asked again, “Did you find anything or hear any strange noises when you stayed for such a long time?”

Ye Mo shook his head blankly and said, “I don’t know about that, I just fall asleep every day, so how could I care about so much.”

“Haven’t you heard that this is a haunted house? I heard that this building can’t be sold and rented out because si a few people.” Falling pleasantly seemed to be displeased with Ye Mo’s attitude, and she immediately brought out the haunted house to scare people.

Ye Mo stretched and said indifferently, “I am poor and lazy, even if there are ghosts, they won’t come to me. Besides, my teacher has been teaching me not to be superstitious since I was young, and I know that even for someone who hasn’t graduated from university, you’re still so superstitious after going to university. I say little sister, it’s not easy for our country to train a college student, you must not be so superstitious in the future.”

“You”… “Lok Xuan stood up in anger, but soon her anger disappeared without a trace. Looking at Ye Mo, she laughed, “You befriended a gongzi yesterday, you won’t be poor in the future. Although you are not superstitious, but then, the customs and habits of our old family have the saying of ghosts and gods. You should hang this peach wood sword in your bedroom, it might be of some benefit to you.”

Ye Mo frowned, why did he feel that there was something wrong with this little girl, he was not very friendly to her, she even took out the peach wood sword, what was the meaning of this?