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DYM Chapter 303

Ye Mo frowned, why did he feel that this little ninny was not right? He was not very friendly to her, and she even took out the peach wood sword, what did this mean?

Seeing Ye Mo’s expression seemingly not quite believing him, Lok Hustle seemed to be furious as she dropped the peach wood sword, then turned around and went out. Ye Mo, however, secretly thought in his heart, could it be that he had really misjudged her? This girl was soft-hearted after all and wanted to protect herself?

Ye Mo casually picked up the peach wood sword and swept his divine sense up, then he laughed coldly, he immediately understood what was going on. This was not a peach wood sword, this was simply a wooden sword made from black smear wood.

Black forest wood was rarely seen, but Ye Mo happened to know that it was a kind of wood that attracted ghosts. This kind of wood usually grew in extremely Yin places and contained Yin and Evil Qi, and in the cultivation world low level ghost cultivators liked to use this material for cultivation.

Now this woman gave herself the sword made of black forest wood, her intention was self-evident, she wanted to attract the ghosts to her house, although she did not know what she had in mind, Ye Mo knew that this woman must have had bad intentions.

However, Ye Mo thought that she was not trying to harm herself, if she wanted to harm herself, according to her thoughts, it should be a simple matter to kill him Ye Mo, there was no need to use the black forest wood to lure the ghosts. However, Ye Mo wouldn’t be so kind as to think that she was trying to lure that thing down from upstairs and exterminate it, if that was the case, she wouldn’t need to leave the black forest wood at her place, just hang it in her own room.

Either way, being shaded by this woman for no reason, Ye Mo was definitely not willing to do so, and he took the black wiped wood and was tempted to hang the thing in her room. Even Ye Mo wanted to hang his own Yin Severing Pearl in her room, once there was a Yin Severing Pearl in her room what the hell would swarm away. But Ye Mo didn’t want to do that, not because he was afraid of scaring this woman, but because he couldn’t let go of the pearl.

What did she want? Ye Mo’s divine sense swept over. Lok Hustle sat in her room, poured a cup of water and took a sip, then said to herself instead: “Whoever let you be so bad will scare you once but it’s a favour to me. When the ghost comes down, I’ll go over and exterminate it. Otherwise I’m still a bit scared by myself.”

Although Ye Mo was concentrating, he couldn’t hear what she was saying, as if the last thing she said was something about being scared. Could it be that she wanted to exterminate the ghost and didn’t dare to do it alone, so she deliberately put the black forest wood here on her own and then waited for the ghost to come so that she could come over and help, so that one more person would be more daring for her? If that was the case, this was a bit too funny.

Ye Mo didn’t know that his guess was completely correct, Lok Hustle was indeed thinking this in her heart although she was a middle yellow level ancient martial cultivator. But after all, she was a girl, and last night she almost fell to her death because she faced that evil spirit alone, or if it wasn’t for her excellent light body kung fu, she might have died.

So the trick she thought of today was to have Ye Mo beside her to give her courage, and another was that Ye Mo was a man and had heavy resistance qi on his body, so that the ghosts would be much less powerful.

Ye Mo thought about it for half a day without coming up with a solution, casually left the black forest wood next to him and went out to have breakfast. Normally Ye Mo rarely took the lift, he liked to go down the stairs.

Usually when Ye Mo pa*sed by the fourth floor whenever he met Han Si Cai and Cai Jin You, they would chat for a few minutes. However, when Ye Mo pa*sed by the fourth floor today, he found Han Sicai and Cai Jinyou moving their things in a panic, with the help of two women and some children.

Is it time to move? Ye Mo thought about this and casually asked, “Are the two of you moving out?”

Only when Han Si, who was carrying things, saw that it was Ye Mo, he hurriedly came over and said, “Brother Mo Ying, did nothing happen to you upstairs last night?”

Ye Mo subconsciously shook his head and said, “What happened? Nothing.” But just as he finished speaking, he remembered what happened last night when Lok Hustle went upstairs, but Han Si Cai shouldn’t know about such things, right?

Han Si Cai looked around carefully before he whispered in Ye Mo’s ear, “Brother Mo, you need to move out quickly, that ghost came out again last night. There is a small office on the fifth floor, and the boss didn’t leave the first time he worked overtime, only to find him dead inside the office this morning. This building is very evil, Old Cai and I will leave today.”

Another death on the fifth floor? No wonder when he first came down from the fifth floor, there seemed to be quite a lot of people up there, and he thought it was something from the company, but it turned out that someone had died last night. Could it be that that thing even came down last night? Ye Mo frowned, he decided to go up tonight and take a look, if there was really something unclean, he was determined to exterminate it.

Because if people were dying a lot, then the police were coming over a lot and it was bound to affect his peaceful life.

After Ye Mo casually agreed, he was not in the mood to say anything more to Han Si Cai. He went to the soya milk shop and had just ordered a cup of soya milk when Lok Hustle came over.

This little Daoist nun, Lok Hustle, was from the Hidden Sect and was living next to Ye Mo, which already gave Ye Mo a lump in his heart. The fact that Lok Hustle was prepared to use a sword made of black smear wood to harm him this morning made Ye Mo even more disgusted.

But to his surprise, this woman even sat opposite him and also asked for a cup of soy milk and two bean paste buns.

Ye Mo would love for that big male brother Wu to come over and disgust this little Taoist nun again, but he didn’t see the male brother Wu, it looks like this Lok Hustle has some skills, I don’t know by what means to make this male brother not come to her.

Seeing that Ye Mo was ignoring himself and just eating, Lok Hustle had to say, “Although I gave you the peach wood sword, if there is any movement at night, you must remember to call me to come and help. Do you know that a person died on the fifth floor today, I heard ……”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. I’m not sure if it’s your business whether I’m dead or alive. I don’t need you to care, let’s go!”

“You ……” Lok Hustle stood up somewhat angrily and stared at Ye Mo, she had endured her inner disgust to talk to this guy, and he still treated himself with such an attitude. If it wasn’t for that thing upstairs, she wouldn’t even be willing to say a word in front of Ye Mo if she was asked to. She immediately decided that she must go over later tonight, waiting for this guy to be almost scared before I go over is just too abominable.

“Lok Hustle ……” A girl ran in and saw Ye Mo standing across from Lok Hustle, a flash of surprise in her eyes. However, she quickly whispered a few words in Lok Hustle’s ear, and Lok Hustle immediately stood up and hurried out with this girl without even being able to drink the soy milk.

Ye Mo scanned the girl who should be an ordinary student, without any internal qi fluctuation on her body, and should not have studied ancient martial arts. He just didn’t know what kind of urgent news this Lok Hustle had heard, and he was so eager to leave.

Although Ye Mo did not want to care about this Lok Hustle, since she had messed with him and was living next door to him, Ye Mo wanted to investigate what this girl was up to.

Back at his place, Ye Mo meditated for a while. He took out the remaining snow lotus seeds, if only he had a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ now, his internal injuries would definitely heal immediately. It was a pity that the three ‘Lotus Life Pills’ had already been used up. Although he had the thousand-year-old snow lotus seeds, refining the ‘Lotus Life Pills’ was not that simple, and he had wasted almost half of the herbs last time. Now that he was injured, the success rate of the pills must be frighteningly low, if he wasted a few more snow lotus seeds, this kind of thing would not be easy to find in the future.

Ye Mo picked up a piece of lotus seeds and thought about it or put it in his mouth and chewed it a few times and swallowed it. This snow lotus seed’s rosette was extremely beneficial for alchemy, but there was still a large amount of impurities inside.

When Ye Mo was first injured, he did not dare to swallow it after all, he did not have that much true essence to refine the impurities at that time.

Now his injury would have been healed in two days, although he could now refine the impurities he did not want to waste a large petal of lotus seeds, after all, two days earlier and two days later would be the same.

But because of the uncertainty of the falling noise, Ye Mo didn’t even dare to delay for another day before he took out a flap of lotus seeds and swallowed it.

Although the healing effect of the lotus seeds from the snow lotus seeds was not as effective as the ‘Lotus Life Pill’, it was effective on Ye Mo’s injuries that were now almost healed. After only six hours or so, Ye Mo’s injuries were gone and his cultivation had once again progressed a bit, at least his divine sense had fully reached a range of one hundred and fifty meters.

Ye Mo’s true qi once again ran through a large circumference and twelve small circumferences, and stood up with a clear head. Now that his injuries were gone, he could immediately proceed with the alchemy of pills. But before he could make the pills, Ye Mo had one more thing to do, and that was that he had to extinguish that thing upstairs, because Ye Mo felt that it had affected him.

Originally, Ye Mo thought that since Lok Hustle had given the black smear wooden sword to himself, she would definitely come over at night to catch the ghosts, but Ye Mo waited until almost ten o’clock at night, but there was no movement next door, this Lok Hustle had not come back tonight.

Ye Mo’s face was cold, it looked like and woman really wanted to let himself die ah mouth if it was an ordinary person, with black forest wood in the room, and there are still ghosts in this house, where is there life in? This woman’s mind is really much more poisonous than she looks.

At ten o’clock in the evening, there were once again loud noises coming from upstairs, surprisingly it was no longer a thumping sound but the sound of footsteps walking.

Ye Mo’s myth swept out in all directions, and he surprisingly found that the lift that had been parked on the eighth floor was automatically heading upstairs, and it was also trending towards the top floor.

“That’s a bit interesting.” Ye Mo let out a cold laugh as he leapt out of the balcony and headed straight for the ninth floor. He wouldn’t have to climb up along the balcony like Falling Hustle normally did, with a Royal Wind Technique, he was already standing directly on top of the balcony on the ninth floor.

Under the grey moonlight, there were several clear footprints on the balcony on the ninth floor, and at a glance, Ye Mo thought that they were left by Lok Hustle last night.

However, Ye Mo soon noticed that something was wrong because there was another line of footprints next to Lok Hustle’s footprints, only that this line of footprints appeared abruptly and disappeared as soon as they reached the window. This footprint was bigger than Lok Hustle’s footprint, but it was still a woman’s footprint, whose was it?