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DYM Chapter 304

Inside a dilapidated Daoist temple in the outskirts of Chun’an, three women and a man were gathering here in knots. If Ye Mo had been there, he would have recognised one of them as the one next door to him in the Lok Hustle(Lu Xuan).

“We originally had six months to go, but I just reckon I can’t wait another six months, so the two senior sisters and I are going to go back first. I wonder if Senior Brother Qi is also going back together?” The one who spoke was the slightly older looking Daoist nun. However, her skin was fair and her aura revealed a nobility and inviolability, with a vague taste of being out of the ordinary in it.

Before the man known as Senior Brother Qi could reply, an extremely beautiful woman next to him interjected, “But Senior Sister Lu Yue, I haven’t found what I want yet, and Senior Brother Yulin hasn’t been out for long. Senior Brother Yulin said that coming out for training would be good for his cultivation, and besides, you only get this chance once in fifty years, so if we go back before the time is up, isn’t it too bad? Maybe we can wait a little longer ……”

“No, recently the ‘Scarlet Coral’ appeared in Liangpu, this is a very precious medicinal material even in our place, so the secular world is now filled with people from the Hidden Sect. If we continue to stay here, we are likely to be discovered. Senior Brother Yu Lin is not in the same sect as us, so of course we won’t say anything more if he stays willing to stay.” The female Daoist nun who was called Senior Sister Lu Yue spoke in a very crisp manner, clearly disagreeing with the words of the pretty woman from earlier.

The man called Senior Brother Qi hesitated for a moment before saying, “Senior Sister Lok Yue, I can’t go back yet, I still have things to finish. Senior sister Lok Li’s words have a point, besides, I will take care of her after all, it’s not easy to come out for a trip.”

Lu Yue frowned as she watched Senior Brother Qi and Senior Sister Lu Fei’s frowning. She felt that since Senior Sister Lok Fay had chosen to purify herself, even someone like Qi Yulin should not be approached.

Besides, she did not have the slightest good feeling towards this Qi Yulin.

But instead of saying anything, Lok Yue turned her head to the youngest, girl and said, “What do you mean, Lok Hustle?”

Instead, Lok Hustle immediately replied, “Eldest Sister I feel that I have learnt a lot in these two months outside, and I have a feeling that if I am given two or three more months, I will be able to find all the libraries of Chunan Science University. I am sure that if there is something we need, I can find it. But if Eldest Sister thinks we should go back I’ll listen to Eldest Sister.”

Qi Yulin smiled slightly and said, “Senior Sister Lu Yue, what Lu Hustle said is not true sometimes it is so much better to experience in the red dust for a while and then go back to meditate than to keep meditating. I will take care of the two senior sisters, don’t worry about it, Senior Sister Lu Yue.”

She didn’t need to be taken care of by this senior brother Yulin.

She didn’t need to be taken care of by this brother Yu Lin. Lu Yue sighed, “Alright, we’ll go back together when the training is over. Although you are fast in your training, you still have to be careful. Although the people outside are low in strength, they are full of tricks, so if you are not careful, you will fall for them, so take care of yourself.”

“I know, Eldest Sister.” Said Lok Hustle, sticking out her tongue.

While watching Senior Brother Qi and Senior Sister Lok Li quickly leave, Lok Hustle looked at Eldest Sister with some confusion and asked, “Senior Sister, with your temper since you said to go back, how come you suddenly changed your mind?”

Lok Yue sighed and looked at Senior Sister Lok Needy, who had disappeared far away, before saying half a day, “Senior Sister Lok Hustle, have you noticed the difference in your Senior Sister Lok Needy?”

“Didn’t notice? What’s wrong, Senior Sister?” Lok Hustle asked in surprise.

Lok Yue frowned and said, “I only saw it later, too, and Lok Li has already **. If we go back now, she definitely won’t be able to escape the harsh sect rules, so I don’t know what should be done.”

“Ah”…” Lok Hustle cried out in shock, and said only half-heartedly, “Is it Senior Brother Qi? How can he be like this?”

Lu Yue sighed again and said, “It should be him, this Qi Yulin person is elegant on the surface, but I always feel that he is not real and somewhat unreliable. If he really likes senior sister Lu Su, he shouldn’t let Lu Li** now. Alas, Luo needs to be a little too unloving.”

After a pause, Lu Yue said again, “Enough about that, Lu Hustle, you must remember not to trust just anyone, especially the men out there, all of them are bad to the core. Now you just need to look all over the library of Chunan University of Science and Technology. If anything happens, always remember to contact me.”

“Well, I know, senior sister, in fact, I don’t need you to tell me, I also know how bad people are out there. I recently met a …… oops, not good ……,” Lok Hustle seemed to remember something and exclaimed, looking unusually anxious.

“What’s wrong? Lok Hustle.” Lok Yue asked as she looked at Lok Hustle in surprise.

The fall clamor hastily said, “Chai… nothing, I have some urgent matters, I’ll leave first senior sister, I’ll come back to you when I have time.” After saying that, Lok Hustle had already turned around and left quickly.

She was really in a hurry, she had left the blackthorn wood for that abomination next door, ready to lure the ghosts down tonight, but because of Senior Sister’s summons, she had unexpectedly forgotten about it.

Looking at the time, it was already two or three in the morning, so maybe that Mo Ying next door had already si through and through. If that was really the case, then she had done him a disservice. Although this person was abominable, she was guilty if she was si because of herself.

Ye Mo had just stepped onto the ninth floor when that sound of feet on the floor surprisingly disappeared, and Ye Mo’s divine sense did not find anything on the ninth floor. Just when Ye Mo was about to continue checking, it seemed that two shadows pa*sed by the stairs and went up to the tenth floor. A moment later, that walking sound of feet on the floor appeared on the tenth floor. Without even thinking, Ye Mo immediately leapt to the tenth floor.

The tenth floor was very quiet, but Ye Mo’s divine sense swept up a few faint figures. If he didn’t have divine sense, he would never be able to discover that there were such figures on this tenth floor.

However, these faint figures were like puppets, standing in the middle of the living room on the tenth floor, not moving.

Ye Mo knew that people have souls, and after si, the soul then dissipates in nature, as to whether there is reincarnation Ye Mo did not know. However, he knew that the soul of a si man could not survive in broad daylight, unless it was a ghost cultivator. Ghost cultivators have cultivation techniques that simply cannot be measured against normal people.

And it was impossible to have cultivation techniques here, and since it was impossible to have ghost cultivation techniques, how could these souls that had not yet dissipated stand still here?

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out again, the Ministry did not find anything else, he believed that this Xie ordinary ghosts were not yet able to push the falling noise down to the ninth floor, which meant that there was still something upstairs, Ye Mo once again came to the eleventh floor.

However, just as Ye Mo left the tenth floor, his divine sense found that the few ghostly creatures on the tenth floor that were not moving earlier had once again started walking back and forth. And the sound of their footsteps was still loud. It was probably the head of the household who lived on the tenth floor when he was alive, and after being killed, he was surprised that even his soul was imprisoned.

On the eleventh floor Ye Mo also saw several ghosts, but the ghosts on the eleventh floor seemed to be more vicious than the ones on the tenth floor, and when they saw Ye Mo coming, they actually pounced on him, looking like they wanted to devour Ye Mo in general. Before they could pounce on Ye Mo, that cold, gloomy wind was already seeping over.

Ye Mo coldly snorted and casually a few fireballs went out, a sharp twittering sound rang out and several ghosts disappeared without a trace. Although these few ghosts were burned by Ye Mo, but Ye Mo knew that these few ghosts were much worse than the one he met last night at the Fallen Hustle.

After destroying the ghosts, Ye Mo came to the twelfth floor again. He already knew that these ghosts should not be born and grown, but were probably deliberately raised by someone. The person who was able to raise the ghosts could be seen to be quite capable. Originally, a person’s si was like a lamp going out, when a person’s si was gone, it would simply dissipate in the nature and eventually there would be nothing left.

But here Ye Mo actually found that someone could control the soul of a person after si, not allowing it to dissipate, and even condense it, which was very strange.

On the twelfth floor, Ye Mo’s divine sense really found the black shadow standing in the middle of the hall, the same black shadow that fought with Lok Hustle last night.

This black shadow seemed to be unresponsive to Ye Mo’s arrival, and Ye Mo did not rush to attack it, but swept his divine sense out in all directions. He soon found a difference in a corner of the master bedroom, there was a corner of the wardrobe that his divine sense could not even sweep into.

Without thinking, Ye Mo walked over to this corner and just threw a fireball at it. He didn’t bother with this black shadow in the middle of the living room, although this black shadow was powerful, it was nothing in front of Ye Mo. Others could not see it, but it could not hide under Ye Mo’s divine sense.

Moreover, Ye Mo knew that this black shadow was a stern ghost that someone had coalesced with ghosts. As for the ghosts on the following floors, they should all just be food for this Liege shadow to make it grow as quickly as possible. Or a ghostly creature that could make the falling shadow, which was already a Yellow-ranked martial artist, suffer, could no longer be described as a harsh ghost.

Although he threw the fireball out, Ye Mo couldn’t help but secretly sigh, China is a vast country, there are all kinds of people. Jianghu magicians and all kinds of folk methods of raising ghosts are endless. It was just that people living in the city rarely encountered them, but he never expected to find someone openly raising ghosts in the city today, and even raising quite powerful ghosts.

One could imagine how many ghosts it would take for a ghost creature to grow to the point where it could defeat a middle Yellow-ranked martial artist.

Ghosts, on the other hand, are not so easy to obtain, and even if one has the magic tools and means to collect them, they must be executed immediately. But when a person si, the soul immediately dissipates, so these needed ghosts have to be killed and taken now.

From this, it was clear that this guy who was raising the ghosts was a ruthless person with a ruthless heart. Ye Mo’s killing intent rose steeply, and after the first fireball went down, he immediately went down several fireballs again.

“Boom boom ……” After several loud sounds, the small cabinet that shielded his divine sense was completely shattered and cracked. A woman dressed in a large red costume stood up, her face pale and her lips bright red, just like a si person.