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DYM Chapter 305

However, Ye Mo knew that the woman in front of him was not a dead person, but a living person, just with an aura of death in her body because she stayed with ghosts all year round.

“Who are you? Why do you want to come and spoil my business? I know you are not to be messed with, I have never messed with you, how dare you mess with my head, Jie Jie ……” The woman spoke with a voice as sharp as a needle, making people uncomfortable all over.

The woman’s voice was as thin as a needle, making people uncomfortable. I chose this place to cultivate because I don’t want any ghosts to disturb me. But you dared to make noise upstairs, and you even went to the fifth floor to kill someone last night. I have said that even if you don’t mess with me, since you have messed with me, even if you run to the ends of the earth, I will still bruise you to death.”

The woman in red stretched out her long, thin, chicken-clawed hands with fingernails several inches long, and she shouted shrilly, “You are too domineering, aren’t you? I didn’t kill you, you are so domineering. What does this have to do with you? That woman next door to you, if it wasn’t for the fear of you, I would have killed her last night, what more do you want?”

Ye Mo was stunned, this woman could even tell how powerful she was? No, Ye Mo immediately knew that she was lying. This woman didn’t kill Lok Hustle last night definitely not because of herself, there must be another reason, but Ye Mo didn’t break her down, instead he said coldly, “I’m that domineering, what about you? I’ve killed all the ghosts downstairs from you, not convinced? You keep so many ghost creatures, so you can see how many people you have to kill every day. It’s your bad luck that you’ve met me and provoked me.”

“Is it big to know how to send fireballs? Don’t blame me for not warning you, offend me and you’re done for, your whole clan will be finished.” The woman immediately shouted shrilly.

How dare she treat a fireball as nothing great? It was the first time on Earth that Ye Mo had met such a person, it was the people in the Hidden Sect he saw who were shocked when they saw him sending out fireballs, but he never expected to find a woman who did not care about his fireball technique today. Could it be that she could also send out fireball techniques? Or was she also a cultivator?

The woman saw Ye Mo hesitate a little and gave a sharp cold laugh, extending her long thin hand her fingers surprisingly appeared above a pale yellow flame. It was small but very clear.

Ye Mo was almost dumbfounded, this woman was really funny, he thought his fireball and her were generally chemically reacted out, but for this woman can collect such a low ignition point of phosphorus fire Ye Mo still admire. It was just that this kind of phosphorus fire could only scare people at all unable to hurt anyone, it was estimated that she had stayed inside the graveyard for too long and that was why she had collected so many years of phosphorus fire.

“I count you cruel, now I’ll give up this building as long as you don’t look for trouble with me.” The woman in red seemed to know that Ye Mo was not a person to be messed with and did not intend to fight Ye Mo to the death.

Ye Mo sneered, “Since I came up here to let you go so casually, you think too highly of yourself.”

And Ye Mo simply knew that this woman would definitely not just give up, with a woman like her who raises harsh spirits and sees that she is good at what she does, she would definitely not let go. To her her own soul alone could probably be worth thousands of ordinary ghosts.

Sure enough, just as Ye Mo finished speaking, the ghostly figure behind him suddenly pounced on Ye Mo as if he was a ghost as fast as lightning. Ye Mo didn’t even need to turn around, several fireballs had already surrounded the ghostly shadow.

An extremely disgusting fishy smell came out, and after a burst of shrill screams the ghostly shadow behind Ye Mo was burned cleanly by Ye Mo’s fireballs. In the end nothing was left behind.

“How dare you kill my little ghost ……” The woman in red screamed as if her lifeblood had been killed by Ye Mo and immediately lunged towards Ye Mo.

Ye Mo said in a light voice, “You are only a late Yellow level ancient martial cultivator, and you dare to be arrogant in front of me.”

The woman in red suddenly stopped her form and stared at Ye Mo in astonishment for a while before she ate and said, “You, can actually tell my cultivation level?”

“This is not something you should know, take your life, you have killed so many people, go die yourself.” After saying that, Ye Mo simultaneously sacrificed a dozen fireballs to surround the woman in red.

The woman in red let out a scream and immediately screamed in a shrill voice, “Don’t you kill me, I am a disciple of the September View in Sichuan, if you kill me you will be surrounded by the experts of the September View.”

Ye Mo sneered and said, “Is the September View very impressive? Not long ago I killed a guy called Nie Wu Bian, I don’t know if he was from your Guan. But there’s no need to hunt him down, I’ll make a trip to the September View some time later. There’s no use keeping such a filthy place.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, the woman in red screamed shrilly, “You actually killed Senior Brother Wu Bian, ah …… let me go, I am willing to do anything for you ……”

Before her words were completely finished, she was burned cleanly by Ye Mo’s fire ball, with only some fine ash floating around. Ye Mo looked at the thing that could shield his divine sense, it was a very strange kind of wood, but Ye Mo was unable to recognize it, but the wood had already been burnt to a crisp by his fireball. Ye Mo then once again a few fireballs sorta burned it to a crisp.

This woman in red must have had a magic weapon to control ghosts on her body, but Ye Mo didn’t like such filthy things at all and burned it straight to ashes without even asking. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept down and indeed found that after he killed the woman, all the ghosts downstairs drifted out and dissipated into nature.

“Finally, it’s clear.” Ye Mo breathed out, he could go back to refining pills. But this Sichuan September View, how come none of the disciples that came out were good? All of them were disgusting to the core.

Ye Mo returned to the eighth floor, but remembered that he had just forgotten to ask the woman in red if she was the one who had made the lift rise to the twelfth floor. But I thought it should be her, who else but her was so boring.

Ye Mo went back to his room and took out the ‘Scarlet Coral’ and carefully cut a third of it. He had no intention of succeeding in the first stove, he intended to refine one stove first, then find out where the difficulty in refining the ‘Qi cultivation pills’ lay, then prepare himself to refine the second stove wholeheartedly.

The one next door had not returned yet, so I guess she would not be back tonight. This was the best, Ye Mo didn’t want anyone to disturb him while he was refining his pills.

Taking out the Shennong Dan Furnace, he then struck out a ball of true fire, Ye Mo took out a few auxiliary herbs and threw them into the furnace and started melting the herbs. There could be many kinds of auxiliary herbs for ‘Qi cultivation pills’, the ones Ye Mo was using were the ones he had found inside the divine Dragon Shelf, although they were not as precious as those in the cultivation world, they were still useful for the harmonizing effect of the pills.

Half an hour later, Ye Mo ingested the residue and then threw the cut off ‘Scarlet Coral, in, another hour later the ‘Scarlet Coral, medicinal liquid began to coalesce. Ye Mo became more and more nervous, if he could refine the ‘Qi cultivation pills’ in the first furnace, of course it would be the best, if he couldn’t, it would be a waste of a furnace of medicinal materials.

But after half an hour had pa*sed, Ye Mo’s forehead began to ooze with sweat. “The Qi cultivation pills consumed too much true essence and were not something he could refine now, but he had no choice. When he first obtained the ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Gra*s, it was fortunate that he did not take the risk of refining the ‘Peiyuan Dan,’ the refining of the ‘Peiyuan Dan,’ was more than twice as difficult as the ‘Peiqi Dan.

The refining process Ye Mo had gone from rusty at the beginning to mellow, but the ‘Peipqi Dan, still showed no signs of becoming a pellet. Although Ye Mo was anxious in his heart, he knew that this potion was definitely going to be scrapped. It was not that there was a mistake in his refining method, but that he did not have enough true essence. If he had a pill to restore his true essence now, he was sure that this furnace ‘Qi Cultivation Dan, could be completed.

He knew that his true essence was not enough, but Ye Mo could not give up and still held on. He was taking his chances, maybe if he wasn’t careful, the pills would be finished.

“With a loud bang, the medicinal liquid inside the dan furnace that hadn’t fully coalesced exploded, setting off a wave of Qi that pushed Ye Mo out as high as he could.

Ye Mo’s shirt was completely burst away and his hair was directly burst as if it was a mess of gra*s. His body was red and swollen everywhere from the medicinal liquid, and Ye Mo felt a tightness of breath, with some blood spilling out of the corner of his mouth, but fortunately there were no serious internal injuries.

His cultivation level was still too low. Ye Mo sighed and was about to get up and clean up when suddenly his door was kicked open.

Ye Mo didn’t have time to use his divine sense to sweep out, and without thinking, he first put his dan furnace away. At the same time, his divine sense locked onto his flying sword, how dare he kick his door, he was impatient to live.

“Mo Ying …… are you okay, I’m sorry, I forgot about this because of something. I’m really sorry ……” The one who rushed in was surprisingly Lok Hustle, her eyes were indeed filled with anxiety and worry.

Now seeing Ye Mo’s wretched and bruised appearance, the apology in her eyes became even deeper. But then said, “Fortunately, you are fine, if something really happened to you, I will never have peace of mind for the rest of my life, although you are a bad person, but I can’t kill someone ……”

What’s the mess? Ye Mo frowned, thinking that his own alchemy has nothing to do with her, why is he in such a hurry to himself?

However, Ye Mo immediately reacted, it looks like he was confused by the explosion of the elixir just now, this woman left a sword of black smeared wood here, obviously trying to use him. The woman’s reaction was not that she wanted him dead, but that she had been delayed by something during the night and had forgotten to leave a black wood sword here.

Although he knew that Lok Hustle was not intentionally trying to harm him, Ye Mo felt no better about her. After all, she was trying to use herself, and it was a matter of human life that she had forgotten about. It was evident that this woman still didn’t have much regard for other people’s lives, but her anxiety was real. For the sake of your little sissy’s concern, brother will spare you once today.

Ye Mo was just struggling to get up when Lok Hustle took out a jade bottle, poured out a pill and handed it to Ye Mo, “This is for healing, you should take it first.”

Ye Mo nodded his head, he also wanted to see how effective this woman’s pill was. However, just as Ye Mo swallowed it, his face immediately changed.

“Oops, not good, I took the wrong medicine.” Lok Hustle seemed to realize that he had taken the wrong medicine and also shouted as his face changed drastically.