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DYM Chapter 306

“I actually took the ‘Qi Return Pill’ to you, what can I do?” After all, Lok Hustle was only nineteen years old, and she certainly knew what kind of tragedy would happen if she let an ordinary person take the ‘Qi Return Pill.

‘Qi return pills, are used by people who practice ancient martial arts, at least yellow level martial artists or above to return proper internal qi, if an ordinary person accidentally eats this kind of pills, then there is only one result, that is to explode and die.

In her haste, she actually took the ‘Qi Return Pill’ as a healing pill and gave it to Ye Mo, an ‘ordinary’ person, so it would be strange if she was not in a hurry.

Ye Mo was also shocked in his heart, but not because the pill that Lok Hustle had just given him was a ‘Qi Return Pill’, but because the pill that Lok Hustle had just given him could actually restore his true essence, although it wasn’t much, but he didn’t have any pills that could restore his true essence. Where had this girl gotten it from? This elixir was filled with many precious herbs that he couldn’t even find if he wanted to. Just the fact that these precious herbs were refined into a pill that simply returned Qi was simply an outrageous treasure.

If there were enough of these ‘Qi return pills’, Ye Mo could imagine that he could even refine a ‘Qi cultivation pills’ with the ‘Qi return pills’, how could he ask this chick to bring the ‘ Qi Return Pills, to get them? And he must get his hands on it.

Ye Mo’s face changed, he wanted to knock down Lok Hustle and search his body, but this kind of thing, Ye Mo really couldn’t do it. If originally this woman really wanted to harm him secretly, he would not have any psychological burden to do it, but the truth was that Lok Hustle was not trying to harm him, should he do such a thing?

Looking at Ye Mo’s face, Lu Hustle became even more anxious. Even the tears came out in a hurry, she looked at Ye Mo but there was no good way to save his life eating ‘back to the air pills, is sent to the hospital is also a si word, and besides, it does not stick to the hospital. She only knew murmuring, “I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean it sorry.”

“Is there something wrong with me? Why does my stomach feel uncomfortable?” Ye Mo thought for half a day before he opened his mouth to ask.

“Hmm,” Lok Hustle wiped his eyes and nodded his head and hmmed, but then continued, , “The Qi Return Pill’ can only be eaten by ancient martial cultivators, you will explode after eating it sorry, I ……

Ye Mo in his heart but laughing so hard his stomach hurt but his face became more and more gloomy and frightening, “I’m going to si is caused by your ‘Qi Return Pill’. So I si become a ghost and also follow you, I have no grudge with you in the past and you actually harmed si me. This haunted house has one more ghost, so I can’t let you go…know

I’m not afraid of ghosts, in fact I’m not afraid of ghosts, I’ve even gone up to catch the ghosts on the ninth floor…”

“No matter if you are afraid or not, I am si in your hands, so I will follow you day and night, once I have the chance, I will eat you ……” Ye Mo said viciously.

Lok Hustle even more anxiously said, “I really didn’t mean to harm you, if the ghosts will all dissipate after a person si,.” Huh, how come your stomach didn’t get bigger? The stomach of an ordinary person who has taken the ‘Qi Return Pill, will slowly grow bigger and eventually explode ……”

Ye Mo’s heart was shocked, he must not let her see the horse’s foot, what he was going to cheat was the ‘Qi Return Pill’ once she saw something, it would be the end. Thinking of this, his stomach had slowly grown bigger.

“Ah, your stomach ……” Lok Hustle hated to smack herself in the mouth, she had just talked about Ye Mo’s stomach and Ye Mo’s stomach started to grow bigger.

“What should I do?” Lok Hustle was getting more and more anxious, luckily she saw that Mo Ying’s stomach was getting bigger, but it was slow.

Ye Mo, however, said with some strain, “I’m going to si, you go out, I don’t want you to watch me si.”

“Ke Ru…” Lok Hustle looked at Ye Mo anxiously, and only after a while did he say, “I’m sorry, I’m the one who caused si to you.”

Ye Mo’s heart was so angry, I have already said this, you just say sorry what’s the point, the next sentence, you should say you have any wish, I will help you to fulfill it.

Just as Ye Mo was about to remind Lok Hustle, Lok Hustle wiped his eyes and said, “If you still have any unfulfilled wishes, I will definitely help you to fulfill them.”

Ye Mo’s face became increasingly gloomy as he said, “I don’t want to hate you, but I hate your ‘Qi Return Pills’ You give me all the ‘Qi Return Pills, I want revenge on these ‘Qi Return Pills’ before I si. This is my only wish.”

However, Lok Hustle did not think of anything else, but took out the ‘Qi Return Pills pitifully and said, “Actually, it’s not about the ‘Qi Return Pills, the matter, it’s entirely my …… fault.”

When Ye Mo saw that she didn’t even give him the ‘Qi Return Pill, his heart was anxious and he immediately said, “Even if you don’t want to fulfill my wish, I will turn into a ghost and follow you day and night after si. Even if you are not afraid of ghosts, but I will look for fellow ghosts to come together and follow you.”

Lok Hustle blushed a little, although she was not afraid of ghosts, there were prerequisites, if she really wasn’t afraid, she wouldn’t have needed to put the sword of Blackthorn Wood on Ye Mo’s side. In the end, she was still a bit scared and wanted to use Ye Mo to strengthen her courage.

Now that Ye Mo said that, she hastily replied, “Never, I promise you, and said placing the ‘Qi Return Pill, carefully in front of Ye Mo’s face.” After a long time before adding, “If you si turned into a ghost, don’t follow me ah, even if you want to follow, don’t call too many ghosts together ……”

Ye Mo then put away the ‘back qi pill, where he still had the heart to pull the wool over the eyes with Lok Hustle, but even afraid to say, “Well, I will not follow you, you go out, I want to be alone and quiet. Remember to fix the gate for me, I’m closing the door.”

Saying that Ye Mo had gotten up and pushed Lok Hustle out, closing the door of the room as soon as he could. Ye Mo looked at the ‘Qi Return Pill’ in his hand and his face actually burned a little. It was as if he was an adult cheating a child out of something, but this woman could not be considered a child. Not only did she calculate herself, she also gave herself the wrong pill to take.

If he was really an ordinary person, he might have really burped. But Ye Mo also knew that this was an excuse he was making for himself, after all, this bottle of ‘Qi Return Pill’ was definitely very precious on Earth. Forget it, when he had refined the ‘Accompanying Qi Pill’, he would give her two of them. With two ‘Accompanying Qi Pills’, Lok Hustle might be able to advance to the early Xuan level, even if it was his way of compensating her.

After all, without the Qi Return Pill, it would be a bit difficult for Ye Mo to refine a Qi Accompanying Pill at the third Qi cultivation level.

As she stood outside the door of the room, she suddenly felt that something was not quite right. But what was wrong, she couldn’t say.

Ye Mo tidied up his room, then took a shower and swept his divine sense out, only to find that Lok Hustle had not yet left, but was just sitting inside his living room somewhat dazed.

Ye Mo had no choice but to open the door to his room, looked at Lok Hustle and asked, “Why haven’t you left yet?”

“Ah, you haven’t si? That’s great? I thought…know but she finally didn’t say the second half of her sentence. But the joy on her face was tangible when she saw that Ye Mo was really standing in front of her without a problem.

Seeing this expression on Lok Hustle’s face, Ye Mo’s heart became more and more ashamed. Only this shame flickered away, big deal, brother gave you the ‘Accompanying Qi Pill, just, that is much more precious than your ‘Returning Qi Pill.

Ye Mo had to say with some embarra*sment: “Yes, originally I felt my stomach was very uncomfortable, I don’t know what happened, but then it gradually got better, it was a bit strange. Well, you should go back too, it’s just that my door is broken and I need to fix it tomorrow.”

Ye Mo was afraid that Lok Hustle would remember the ‘Qi Return Pill,’ thing, and hurriedly interrupted, the purpose of saying so much was to make her leave early and not think about the ‘Qi Return Pill”

“Right, I forgot to ask you, just now when I came back I saw you injured, is it because of the things downstairs? You wait, I’ll go check it out.” After saying that, Lok Hustle surprisingly ran out in a hurry without waiting for Ye Mo to answer.

Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately followed him, only to find that she had actually gone up to the ninth floor from the balcony again. She was surprisingly not afraid today, which was really strange. But immediately after Falling Hustle arrived at the ninth floor, she took a closer look and finally her eyes fell on top of the footprints on the floor.

There was a line of footprints that she had left behind the day before, but next to hers she saw another set of footprints, also of a woman, but they just went to the window sill and disappeared. What surprised her most was that next to these two sets of footprints there was a pair of footprints, only this pair was much larger and appeared even more abruptly. Because there weren’t any other footprints around this pair of footprints, which meant that this pair of footprints had come out of nowhere.

Ye Mo looked at Lok Hustle, who was staring at the footprints with her face constantly changing, and secretly praised her for her carefulness. Although her experience was still pitifully small, she was very careful.

This string of footprints was of course left by Ye Mo, which he forgot to erase, only that after he left the footprints, he immediately leapt out of the balcony and went up to the tenth floor, so this string of footprints looked very abrupt.

Originally, Ye Mo thought that Lok Hustle would still have to go upstairs to check, but to his surprise, after she looked at the extra footprints, she turned over and went down to the balcony. Once again, she came to Ye Mo’s house.

“What are you still doing over here?” Ye Mo’s biggest fear now was facing Falling Hustle, she could never ask herself for the ‘Qi Return Pill, ah, this thing still had a great use for herself.

Falling Hustle stood in front of Ye Mo, squirming for half a day before stammering a bit and saying, “That, Mo Ying, I just ……”

“Aiya, my door hasn’t been repaired yet, I came to take a look. I heard that this building is not very safe, in case something gets into my house at night, I’ll be in trouble.” As soon as Ye Mo heard this, he knew she was going to ask for the ‘Qi Return Pill’ and without thinking, he immediately interrupted Lok Hustle and walked over to the door that Lok Hustle had kicked and started checking the door.

The door was broken and he started to check it.

“So, that’s not good, why don’t you go over first, I’ll ring your doorbell later when I want to come over.” Ye Mo immediately said.

“Okay, I’ll go over first, I’m a bit tired today, if you want to come over earlier, otherwise I’ll fall asleep.” Lok Hustle nodded, only she stopped once again just as she reached the door. Ye Mo’s heart just tightened, he wouldn’t remember, would he.