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DYM Chapter 307

Sure enough, Lok Hustle stopped, and after hesitating for a long time, she said, “By the way, Mo Ying, give me the ‘Returning Qi Pill’ that I gave you. Give it back to me. This pill is very important to me.”

She was telling the truth, at night if she had the ‘qi-returning pills’ maybe she wouldn’t have gone downstairs and continued to look for the tenth floor, but without the ‘qi-returning pills’ she didn’t dare to go up. If she hadn’t gone out on this adventure, she would never have been able to get this bottle of ‘Qi Return Pills’. Not to mention her, even her master’s ‘Qi Return Pill’ is not that easy to obtain.

Because she was the youngest, she had only received a bottle of ‘Qi Return Pills’, which was only twelve pills. And her two sisters only had six pills each. Because Ye Mo was going to die and needed the ‘Qi Return Pills, it was a dying wish, so although Lok Hustle was reluctant, she didn’t think that much about it at that time. For someone who was dying, and who had died by his own hand, to ask for a bottle of ‘Qi Return Pills'” she could not refuse.

Now that Ye Mo had come back to life” the Qi Return Pill, so precious, she definitely wanted it back. So no matter how Ye Mo interrupted, Lok Hustle remembered that there was a bottle of ‘Qi Return Pill, in Ye Mo’s possession.

Ye Mo almost vomited blood when he heard what Lok Hustle said, he didn’t expect that he had deflected for half a day and ended up asking for it. It was absolutely impossible to get him to hand over the ‘Qi Return Pill, he didn’t have any pills to restore his true qi now. It wasn’t that he couldn’t refine it, but that he didn’t have such a medicinal material. Therefore, this bottle of ‘Qi Return Pill’ was very important to Ye Mo, without this ‘Qi Return Pill’ he would not be able to refine the ‘Peiyuan Dan”

Looking at Ye Mo who did not say anything for a long time, but Lok Hustle got a little anxious, she was about to ask next when Ye Mo sighed and said, “Alas, I thought I died at the hands of the ‘Qi Return Pill, so I asked for your ‘Qi Return Pill, and threw it all away. Now you’re asking for them, and I can’t get them.”

“Ah ……” Lok Hustle’s eyes began to tear up inside her eyes after hearing Ye Mo’s words, such a precious bottle of ‘Qi Return Pills, was actually thrown away. After being dumbfounded for a long time, she wiped her eyes and asked, “What did you …… throw it away to?”

Ye Mo looked at this little girl who was actually made to cry by himself, his heart was also a bit uncomfortable, so he had to say forcefully, “I casually threw it out the window who knows where it went maybe it all spilled out and was eaten up by ants.”

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, Lok Hustle surprisingly stopped asking questions, but turned around and went out.

Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief, he had finally muddled off. Staying any longer would really be unbearable for him. It was just a mere bottle of ‘Qi Return Pill’, making it seem like he felt so guilty.

Ye Mo took a look at the broken door, but didn’t bother to care about it. He went back to his room and prepared to rest for the night, and when Lok Hustle went to school tomorrow, he would refine a few more ordinary pills, and when he was familiar with them, he would then go all out to refine the ‘qi cultivation pill”

But before Ye Mo even went to bed his divine sense had swept up to see Lu Hustle, the girl was actually carrying a mining lamp and looking for something downstairs.

This woman is really troublesome, I even said to throw it away, she is still carrying a mining lamp at night to look for it, how can she embarra*s herself?

I don’t think she’ll be able to find it again if she can’t. If only I had known to throw it down the toilet, I would have flushed it. Ye Mo was ruthless and did not care about the girl sleeping with her head covered.

In the morning, Ye Mo woke up fresh, washed up and was ready to go downstairs to drink soy milk. But from the balcony, he found Lok Hustle still looking downstairs. Ye Mo was shocked in his heart, this stupid girl couldn’t have been searching all night, could she?

Looking at Lok Hustle’s careful look, Ye Mo was silent, he sighed, forget it, it was better to give it back to her. Without the ‘Qi Return Pill, think of something else for yourself, this simply makes him feel a sense of guilt ah.

Ye Mo was just about to ask Lu Hustle to come up and return the ‘Qi Return Pill’ to her. However, he saw Lu Hustle look back again in disappointment and unexpectedly turned around and went into the building.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept her eyes were a bit dark and swollen, and knew that she should have been sad all night last night for this bottle of ‘Qi Return Pill’. However, since she had already given up, there was no need to return it to her.

It was just that Ye Mo didn’t dare to go down to drink the soy milk for a while, he wanted to go down later. He wanted to go down later so as not to crash with Lok Hustle when he drank the soy milk, after all, there were still some ghosts in his heart, weren’t there?

When he returned to his room, Ye Mo took out the ‘Yin Destruction Pearl and played with it for a while, estimating that by this time Lok Hustle should have left, before he slowly prepared to open the door and go out.

“Why haven’t you left yet?” Ye Mo opened the door to his room, but saw Lok Hustle sitting in the living room, thinking that it was really inconvenient without a door.

However, looking at Lok Hustle who looked tired and somewhat depressed, the words that Ye Mo wanted to say about not coming to other people’s homes casually, surprisingly did not come out.

Lu Hustle was about to speak, but after seeing Ye Mo open the door, she immediately rushed into Ye Mo’s room. She carefully looked at Ye Mo’s room again and again before finally shaking her head.

Ye Mo was a bit surprised as he looked at Lok Hustle, thinking that even if I were to put away the ‘Qi Return Pill’, it would be impossible for you to find out, right? The first thing you need to do is to look at your own room and search it.

After looking at the room for half a day, he turned around and said, “Mo Ying, I just noticed that your room has a sinister aura, maybe something unclean came to your room last night. Did you notice anything different last night?”

Ye Mo was stunned, there were unclean things in his room? A ghost dared to come to his Ye Mo’s room, coming over to look for death. But Ye Mo quickly understood what Lok Hustle meant, he had just taken out the ‘Yin Stain Pearl’ and that Yin Stain aura was detected by Lok Hustle. This girl’s senses were really sensitive, so Ye Mo subconsciously asked, “How did you know?”

But Lok Hustle said with a straight face, “My eyes can see things that others can’t. I seem to have seen some Yin Fury Qi in your room just now, but it was very faint and now it’s gone. But this Yin Fury Qi must have appeared somewhat unusual, I suggest that you should not live here.”

Ye Mo secretly sighed in admiration, but said, “Lok Hustle, it’s simply a waste for you not to become a Daoist nun.” After saying that, it suddenly occurred to him in his heart, isn’t this Lok Hustle a Daoist nun? It’s a pity that such a young girl has gone to become a Taoist nun.

As expected, a hint of unnaturalness flashed across Lok Hustle’s face and she muttered a little, but did not say anything.

“That, you’re not going to school today ……” Ye Mo is now most afraid of being with this Lok Hustle, once he’s with her, he can’t help but think of that bottle of ‘Qi Return Pill”

The fall hustle shook his head and said, “Sorry about that, last night because I was not at home and forgot that there was no gate where you live. I almost got hurt by something not thousand clean, so, I called for you as soon as I came back in the morning, someone will come over to fix the door later.”

Ye Mo opened his mouth and said, “Why does it feel like this fallen noise is not quite the same as the other day? Is it because of the loss of the ‘Qi Return Pill, that this is why the character has changed so much? You should show the aura of kicking the big male brother of Wu, so that brother won’t feel guilty.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m fine living over here, it’s fine… …” Ye Mo hurriedly waved his hand and looked at the impa*sive Lok Hustle, so he had to say again, “I’m going down to drink soy milk, bye bye.”

After saying that, Ye Mo turned around and left. He said in his heart that if you don’t leave, I’ll let you still.

“Wait …….” Lok Hustle suddenly called out to Ye Mo.

“What else is going on?” Ye Mo looked at Lok Hustle somewhat strangely and asked.

Falling Hustle hesitated for a moment, but finally said, “I have something that I want to ask you for a favor.”

Ye Mo secretly wondered in his heart, there was no way that Lok Hustle was the kind of person who needed his help. What’s more, with her unbearable status in her heart, she wouldn’t come to herself even if she wanted to help, was she going to play some kind of trick again? Ye Mo’s heart was not moved in the slightest, if she didn’t play tricks, he would help out with small things. Even if she played any tricks, he himself would not be counted on by a little girl like her.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo haha smiled, “No problem, we are neighbours, you are enthusiastic and warm-hearted, I should help you once in a while, say, what is the matter?”

“I have an elder in Chun’an, and since it’s his 100th birthday, I’d like to pay him a visit. I wonder if you can accompany me on the trip?” After hesitating for half a day, Lok Hustle still spoke up.

Ye Mo asked somewhat strangely, “Since it’s your elder, you can just go and pay a visit, why are you calling me? Could people still eat you?”

Falling Hustle hastily explained, “No, it’s like this, this elder once spent some time in Chunan Science University, which is the oldest university in China, and even its predecessor can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. Sixty years ago, the Chunan University of Science had a big incident, so many books in the library were lost. But most of these lost books were collected by this senior, and what I like most is reading books, so my family also asked me to visit this elder and take a look at those old books by the way.”

“Then go and read them, I think this elder of yours has lived for a hundred years, he wouldn’t be so stingy as to not let you read them. Besides, if he’s so petty, it’s still a waste for you to call me up.” Ye Mo said casually, he didn’t want to go to a public place to mouth other things even if it was on, to go to a hundred year old man’s birthday, but Ye Mo didn’t want to go because there must be a lot of people, what he was most afraid of now was the crowd.

“But, but because that elder’s family has a heavy grandson studying at Chunan Science University, he is very pestering, I really don’t want to go, but because I have to go again.” Lok Hustle said with some difficulty.

Ye Mo sneered, “So you dragged me to be a shield right, sorry, I don’t like to be a shield.”

However, Lok Hustle said with a straight face, “It’s not that I’m asking you to be a shield, I really want you to help.

Didn’t you just say that we were neighbours and that you would help? And it won’t take long to go this time, so while I’m reading, you just need to keep that

person stalled and you’ll be fine. And, and the ‘Qi Return Pill, it’s something that my family gave me that’s very important right, I’ve already lost it, if I can’t even get this done again, I don’t know what I should say when I go back.”

Ye Mo froze, that’s not right, there was something in this fallen clamor. Could it be that she already suspected that she had put the ‘Qi Return Pill, away? But taking the ‘Qi Return Pill, out to talk?