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DYM Chapter 308

Hearing this from Lok Hustle, Ye Mo could only say with a somewhat ugly face, “It’s fine to go, but it has to be a week later, these few days are definitely not possible.”

It was to be exposed, and Ye Mo had to wait until he had refined the pills and advanced to the fourth level of Qi cultivation. Otherwise, he would rather not have the ‘Qi Return Pill’ but listening to this nee-san’s words, he guessed that he was already a bit suspicious of him.

Lok Hustle smiled sweetly, “That senior’s big birthday is still a few days away, so you don’t need to worry.”

Looking at the way Lok Hustle turned and left, Ye Mo suspected more and more that she had guessed her little mind. Maybe she had already known that her ‘Qi Return Pill, was in her possession, how could the little, girl nowadays be so shrewd?

The fallen clamor stared at Ye Mo’s back as he went downstairs, before muttering, “My ‘Qi Return Pill, must have been taken by him, I didn’t expect this person to be so bad. Not only is he a bad person, he also likes to cheat people out of things. A good young man is so bad that he is not only good at food and lazy, but also goes out for prostitution and even cheats me out of my things.

Senior Sister is really right, the hearts out there are so bad. I just don’t know where he put the ‘Qi Return Pill, where did he put it, this time I’ll let you meet Huo Questionable of Chunan University of Science and Technology, who let you cheat me out of my ‘Qi Return Pill’ I’ll see what you do when you offend Huo Questionable then? When you beg me, return the ‘Qi Return Pill’ to me.”

Ye Mo came back but found that someone had already come to change the door, and Lok Hustle was watching from the side. When she saw Ye Mo return, she nodded and didn’t say anything.

The door was quickly replaced, but the money was given by Lok Hustle. Ye Mo himself didn’t have much money, and as she had kicked the door, he didn’t take the initiative to pay for it.

As she watched Ye Mo close the door and never opened it again, Ti Hustle looked at Ye Mo’s door with discomfort, but in her heart she thought, this man is not only bad, but also stingy. Even if I had kicked his door and you took the initiative to pay, I wouldn’t have let you pay, but he didn’t even say a word.

However, after thinking about it, Lok Hustle still took out his own peach wood sword and hung it above the top of Ye Mo’s door. Ye Mo’s divine sense could of course see clearly, he swept his divine sense and this time what Lok Hustle hung was indeed a peach wood sword, not something from last time, it seemed that this Lok Hustle still had some conscience.

When Ye Mo saw that Lok Hustle had gone to bed, he also withdrew his divine sense, knowing that she had not slept last night.

Originally, Ye Mo planned to refine a few other pills to try, but looking at the herbs inside the ring, there were already very few, if they were all finished, he might not even be able to refine the ‘Qi cultivation pills.

After thinking about it, Ye Mo decided to refine the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’ first. “Now that he had the ‘Qi Return Pill’ from the fallen clamor,” although he was still not completely sure about refining the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’, he was not as sure as yesterday. He was not as sure as yesterday.

After making sure that Lok Hustle was asleep next door, Ye Mo cut half of the ‘Scarlet Coral’ again, then took out the ‘Shen Nong Dan Furnace’, threw in the herbs and started to refine the medicinal liquid just like yesterday.

Two hours later, Ye Mo once again felt a lack of true qi, he immediately took out the ‘Qi Return Pill’ and then threw one into his mouth, although his true qi had recovered! Although his true qi had recovered a bit, it was still too far off. Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart, this kind of ‘Qi Return Pill’ is really not very effective, thanks to the fallen noise is still considered a treasure.

Ye Mo once again poured out five ‘Qi Return Pills’ and threw them all into his mouth. After taking six ‘Qi Return Pills’ in a row, Ye Mo’s true essence was finally restored by half again. After another hour, Ye Mo swallowed two more ‘Qi Return Pills’ and the medicinal liquid inside the furnace had started to coalesce.

Ye Mo’s mind was fully focused on the inside of the dan furnace, he only had this one hope, if the refinement failed, although he still had a furnace of ingredients, he would not have the ‘Qi Return Pills’. If he was in the cultivation world, he could still use spirit stones to set up a spirit gathering formation, but now he had nothing.

The medicinal liquid inside the furnace was becoming more and more cohesive, and although Ye Mo had the intention to take two ‘Qi Return Pills’ again, he could not distract himself and could only focus all his mind on the furnace.

The sweat on Ye Mo’s body was increasing and even white air was coming out from the top of his head. But the fragrance inside the furnace also became more and more prevalent, and finally the liquid had completely coalesced into a pill, and Ye Mo gave a clear cry, and the furnace emitted a slight brittle sound. Several light red pills flew out of the furnace together, and Ye Mo quickly took out a jade bottle and filled them all up.

The rate of output for a furnace of ‘qi cultivation pills’ was originally eighteen pills, but he had made nine pills, which was beyond Ye Mo’s expectation.

Ye Mo put away the pottery furnace, only to find that his body was already drenched in sweat, a burst of weakness came from him, this furnace ‘Qi Return Pill, really made him greatly injured. He felt a little ji up to fall noisy, if he hadn’t run into this girl, even if he adjusted to his best state again, he wouldn’t have been able to refine a ‘Accompanying Qi Pill”

Ye Mo had just stood up when the door to his room was kicked open.

Lok Hustle stared at the drenched and tired Ye Mo with a stunned face, and froze for a long time without saying a word.

“You ……” For a long time, she only emerged with a word.

The woman had kicked him twice in a row, the first time at the door and the second time at the room door. Luckily, he had just finished making his pills, otherwise he really wouldn’t have been able to cry.

“I say Lok Hustle ah, can you stop kicking my door next time, a little bit of my s**t has all been seen by you.

” Ye Mo sighed and said to Lok Hustle at the door.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Lok Hustle had provided the ‘Qi Return Pill’ and the fact that he had just finished refining a ‘Qi Accompaniment Pill’ Ye Mo was now in a good mood, he might have kicked this woman out.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know what you were doing. Luckily I left a key for the front door, I called you for a long time and you didn’t open the door even after ringing the doorbell, I thought something had happened to you again so ……” said Lok Hustle somewhat embarra*sed.

The woman’s control is also really wide.

“Can’t I just go out, I’m not your husband, you don’t have to keep an eye on me every second like this. In the future, please don’t kick my door, also, don’t be sorry at every turn.” Ye Mo sighed and said to himself that it was good that he had finished practicing his pills, he would move out in a few days, count on you.

Of course Lok Hustle couldn’t say that she had left a mark outside his gate, he would know when he went out himself, or she would know if someone and ghosts came in. But how could she say this out loud, even though she had good intentions to see if any ghosts had entered Ye Mo’s house? However, her eyes immediately fell on top of a jade bottle next to Ye Mo, that was clearly her ‘Qi Return Pill”

Ye Mo quickly sent ink stone to Lok Hustle’s gaze, and he could no longer find the words to lecture Lok Hustle. What do you mean by catching a thief and taking the spoils, this is ah.

Ye Mo said with an embarra*sed laugh, “Aiya, look, I’ve found the ‘Qi Return Pill’ for you, take it back, but there seems to be only three of them inside, the rest I guess were eaten by the ants, these ants are too hateful, don’t they know that you can’t just eat this stuff.” After saying that, Ye Mo shoved the bottle of ‘Qi Return Pill, into Lok Hustle’s hand.

The tears in his eyes were again welling up as he took the bottle and opened it to see that there were only three ‘Qi Return Pills’ inside.

Ye Mo stood there in disgrace for a long time before saying: “Sorry, I used your ‘Qi Return Pills’, I also cultivate a martial art, so these ‘Qi Return Pills’ are of a little use to me… … “The original words were a lie to you.”

Looking at Lok Hustle’s sad appearance, Ye Mo was really embarra*sed to deceive this girl again and told the truth. This ‘Qi Return Pill, which was originally used by him, luckily there were three left.

Lok Hustle wiped her eyes and held the jade bottle in her hand tightly, but didn’t say anything.

Ye Mo sighed and said, “Alright, when you go to that elder’s house to pay your respects, I’ll definitely go and help, and I’ll definitely go and offend that Huo Questionable to get him to come after me, that’s always alright, right?”

Lok Hustle carefully put away the ‘Qi Return Pill’, her face returned to normal, she raised her head and looked at Ye Mo: “Actually, I know that the ‘Qi Return Pill, you took it, you ate the ‘Qi Return Pill, nothing happened, and then thinking about it, I knew that you must also be cultivating internal qi. I originally wanted you to return a few of them to me, only because of me, you almost got si by a ghost, so I didn’t say anything.”

Ye Mo was stunned that this neezi knew about it and that he was still performing, this was really embarra*sing. It looked like treating others as fools, he himself was the fool.

Looking at Ye Mo’s embarra*sed and helpless look, Lok Hustle was suddenly in a better mood, but she continued, “Originally, I was going to let that Huo surnamed disgust you, but since you returned my ‘Qi Return Pill’ I’ll let you off the hook. If you accompany me there, I will definitely not let that Huo find you in trouble in the future, so don’t worry. Only, only the key…,”

“Just what? If you have something to say, just say it directly, swallowing and stammering is choking si people.” Ye Mo’s face would not be that thin, since he had already been embarra*sed, he immediately returned to his normal state.

Lok Hustle looked at Ye Mo and said hesitantly, “Since you are also a martial arts practitioner, I have to tell you that the most taboo thing about martial arts practice is distraction and **. I see that you are not bad to the bone, so I will remind you, it is up to you whether you listen or not.”

Ye Mo was thunderstruck by this Lok Hustle, of course he knew what kind of person he was in Lok Hustle’s eyes, that female police officer said he was a john.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “I know, you go back first, I’m going to be in seclusion for the next few days, don’t come and kick my door. When I get out of seclusion I’m going to look for you.”

Although he had the intention to give two ‘Accompanying Qi Pills, to Lok Hustle, to compensate for her ‘Qi Return Pills’ but he would not take out the ‘Qi Cultivation Pills’ until he had advanced to the next level.

“Puff ……” It was the first time that Ye Mo saw such a smile from Lok Hustle, he was just stunned for a moment when Lok Hustle said somewhat speechlessly, “Alas, I suggest that you should not go into seclusion, you should have watched too many RTHK dramas and You’ve been watching too many RTHK dramas and you’re still in seclusion. Forget it, don’t forget to eat, I’ll leave first.”