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DYM Chapter 309

Looking at Lok Hustle who went out the door, Ye Mo realised that he had been ridiculed. She must have thought that she was imitating the high achievers on RTHK TV who were in seclusion at every turn. But what she suspected was also true, after all, although there were retreats for cultivating ancient martial arts, they were all at least peak Xuan level experts. And none of their retreats could open up their stomachs, they also had to eat to cultivate.

Ye Mo didn’t bother to explain, now that the conditions were fully met, he was ready to advance to the fourth level of Qi cultivation. That night Ye Mo took a bath and cleaned up, but with a Royal Wind Technique, he leapt to the roof of the twelfth floor.

He was really afraid of the falling noise, maybe if he didn’t come out in two days, this woman would kick his door again. He didn’t have so many doors to be kicked by him, moreover, in case he met with any accidents on his way to seclusion, he might have his true qi backfire, and that would be the end.

Ye Mo stood on the roof of the twelfth floor and did not immediately cultivate, but gazed at the lights from afar. Ever since he had arrived here, he had never thought properly about the path he should take.

When he first came here, he had wondered if he could cultivate to the point of crossing the stars and then go back to look for Luo Ying. But then he found that this place was not suitable for cultivation at all, and he could only keep his thoughts of Luo Ying in his heart.

But to spend his life in such an uneventful manner, his own head was not willing to do so. Luckily, he found the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s,’ which gave him hope and the motivation to cultivate.

In the following days, he discovered that although this place was not suitable for cultivation, there were many heaven and earth spiritual objects. As long as he found enough heaven and earth spiritual objects, he might be able to cultivate to the Great Dao Tongtian Mouth Heaven and Earth spiritual objects not only required chance, but also all kinds of financial and material resources and manpower. He organised the ‘Luo Yue’, a group of people who wanted to collect money and spiritual objects from all over the world.

In the midst of this he met Light Snow, a girl who loved and hated things. When she arrived at the Divine Dragon Shelf, he realised that he had fallen in love with her. Without realising it, in his heart, Light Snow was surprisingly the same as Luo Ying, and there was no longer any order of priority. If he could not return to Luo Yue to look for Luo Ying, he would like to live his life with Light Snow in such an uneventful manner.

But then Luo Ying appeared, and she delighted him beyond words. It was only fate that he and Xinsu had only spent one night together and she had left him. Although he had killed Jingxiu, he was unable to find Luo Ying.

In his heart there was one thing he didn’t say, but in his heart he vaguely thought of taking Luo Ying and Light Snow to travel the world in the future. But Luo Ying was gone, and surprisingly, Qing Xue did not remember him either. He ended up alone. Ye Mo did not dare to think about Light Snow, he was afraid that if he thought too much, he would not be able to resist going back to her. Sometimes, it is only after loss that one understands how precious it is. He did not want to upset Qingxue and he did not dare to go to her.

Yet he himself would not let go of the youth who had caused Light Snow’s memory loss. No matter that Taiyi of his was something of a shue, he would kill the fellow who had made Light Snow hurt.

And Luo Ying, even if he found the ends of the earth, he would find her. The good thing was that he had already founded ‘Luo Yue’ Later, when ‘Luo Yue, had enough strength, he would collect all the spiritual things in the world.

In fact, by naming his company ‘Luo Yue’, Ye Mo had another thought in mind, he always hoped that when Luo Ying regained her memory, she would come over to him when she heard the name.

Ye Mo let out a long breath and murmured, “Susu, wait for me, I will soon enter the fourth level of Qi training, I can step onto the flying sword, even if I search every place, I will find you. I said I won’t let you suffer in this life, I won’t let you be bullied, wait for me …… and Light Snow, I want to go see you…””

Ye Mo gathered his emotions and sat down. Taking out a ‘Accompanying Qi Dan, he threw it into his mouth and immediately gathered his mind and began to control his true qi for the circumference of the sky.

Ye Mo, who was used to the thin spiritual qi cultivation, was suddenly under the impact of the ‘Accompanying Qi Dan,’s medicinal power, and surprisingly, he was not quite used to it. The powerful spiritual energy began to continuously impact the layer of barriers that Ye Mo had not yet opened, again and again.

Even though Ye Mo was now at the peak cultivation of the third Qi cultivation layer, it was still not that easy to impact the fourth Qi cultivation layer in this place where spiritual energy was thin, without the ‘Qi Accompaniment Dan, he might not be able to impact the fourth Qi cultivation layer in his lifetime.

He didn’t know how long had pa*sed, but when the medicinal power was about to disappear, Ye Mo felt that he was still a little bit short of breaking through the barrier. Without thinking, Ye Mo immediately threw in three ‘Qi cultivation pills’ into his mouth at once.

The three pills melted in his mouth and turned into even more ma*sive spiritual energy that began to impact the meridians in Ye Mo’s body once again. Ye Mo only felt a burst of pain coming from his meridians, he knew that this was an omen before the breakthrough, he even clenched his teeth and did not let up at all as he continued to run his spiritual energy to break through the closed meridians.

“Come on ……”

Ye Mo felt a loud sound erupt from his body, and the meridians that were still blocked just a moment ago opened up through, and a trace of black dirt seeped out from his body surface.

A huge amount of true essence gushed into his dantian at once, and a wave of true essence that was more than twice as powerful as the original one exploded out, causing his meridians to beat even stronger.


Ye Mo tried to run his true qi for a bit, and the true yuan in his body immediately surged up. There was a time when he had experienced the fourth level of Qi training, but it was definitely not as strong as it was now. Could it be that breaking through in a place where there was a paucity of spiritual energy would make the strength even stronger?

Although he didn’t know if this guess was right or not, Ye Mo was sure that now his fourth level of Qi cultivation was no more powerful than the fourth level of Qi cultivation he once had.

He knew that there was a watershed between the early Qi cultivation stage and the middle Qi cultivation stage, but the fact that this watershed was so big was still beyond Ye Mo’s expectation. The Qi cultivation stage was divided into nine layers, with the first to the third layer being the early stage, the fourth to the sixth being the middle stage, and the seventh to the ninth being the late stage.

If this level of increase in true essence was followed, then wouldn’t one’s true essence double again when he fell to the seventh Qi cultivation layer? Ye Mo was so happy in his heart that he wanted to stand up and let off some steam, but he knew that his realm had not yet been consolidated. He must not slacken off, it would be a tragedy if he fell down to the third level of Qi training again because of his complacency and forgetfulness.

Ye Mo dared not think any more and began to control his true essence to perform a circumlocution to consolidate his realm.

Lok Hustle stood in front of Ye Mo’s door, turning around and around, she had not seen Ye Mo for two days. This made her worry once again, although she had hung the peach wood sword on Ye Mo’s front door, but who could say whether that kind of ghost would come in or not?

After turning around for half a day, Lok Hustle finally could not hold back her inner worry and she opened Ye Mo’s gate again. But to her disappointment, the door to Ye Mo’s room was still broken, and the doors to the other two rooms were not closed at all.

She guessed that it was very likely that the guy next door had been killed. Although this guy was a bit hateful, after spending more than a week together, she felt that Ye Mo was not that hateful. Although he was a bit fond of flattering people, such people were everywhere, and it wasn’t like he cared about one more. She should have persuaded him to leave the place earlier, she had still been careless.

Besides, he lived next door to himself, which didn’t help much, but it would have added a bit of popularity. This building was a bit too silent.

Thinking of this, Lok Hustle looked at the ninth floor and a chill flashed in her eyes, “I’ll go up there tonight and finish you off, otherwise it’s a pest to stay here.”

She had already made up her mind to go upstairs tonight and put an end to that ghostly creature. Although that ghostly creature was very powerful, she now had three ‘Qi Return Pills’ and should not be afraid of it.

The moon was in the middle of the sky, and Ye Mo suddenly stood up, his realm had been completely consolidated. At this moment, he felt that even if there were earth level experts in front of him now, they would be as ridiculous as ants.

After trying to run his surging true essence for a while, Ye Mo had an urgent urge to do so.

He took off his already dirty clothes and hit his body with several clear water decisions, his body was already as clean and clear as a baby.

Ye Mo took out a clean set of clothes from inside his ring and put them on, then let out a long breath. However, he sacrificed his flying sword, which had turned into a giant sword several meters long and more than one meter wide under the control of his mid-stage Qi cultivation true essence.

Ye Mo stepped onto the flying sword and with a long whistle, the flying sword shot up into the sky and straight to the ninth heaven.

That surge of ji filled Ye Mo’s chest, and he felt a soothing release, as if the prison was free from its trap.

Ye Mo stepped on top of the flying sword and kept rushing towards the clouds, the wind in his face drove his clothes and long hair, but he didn’t want to put up his shield, he liked this feeling, there was a sense of grandeur, there was a desire.

Suddenly, Ye Mo let out a long whistle, a long whistle that spilled into the long sky of the ninth heaven, accompanying the trajectory of his flight all the way.

The fallen clamour that had just reached the ninth floor suddenly stopped, why did it seem that he heard Ye Mo’s whistle? Was it an illusion? Yes, it was on the roof. In her eagerness, Lok Hustle had forgotten to look for the ghostly creature on the ninth floor, and she hurriedly ran along the stairs to the tenth floor, and then from the tenth floor to the first and twelfth floors of Feng.

Finally Lok Hustle climbed to the top of the building and stood there, and she suddenly felt a sense of relief. She looked at the lights far below and her mind was enlightened.

Right, I’m here to find Ye Mo, Lok Hustle suddenly remembered the purpose of her coming up here and looked around in a hurry. The roof of the building was quiet and there was no one there, making her look relaxed yet feel a sense of loneliness at the same time.

Suddenly she had the urge to leap up and soar through the sky. But then she sighed, she knew that this was a delusion, even her own master could not cultivate to the point where she could soar in the sky, flying, that was just a legend.

Ye Mo’s clothes? The falling clamour turned her head and surprisingly saw a set of clothes that had been taken off in the middle of the roof, and they were dirty, clearly the same set of clothes that Ye Mo had once worn on his body.