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DYM Chapter 310

It was really the ghosts upstairs that had harmed him. Lok Hustle, who had long guessed that Ye Mo had been harmed by the ghosts, surprisingly had a faint feeling of intimidation and loss well up in her heart when she saw Ye Mo’s clothes again. Although she and Ye Mo had always been at odds, but inside this deadly silent building, having a neighbour was much better than living here alone.

Then her eyes chilled once again, and she no longer had the heart to stay on the roof of the building, and without hesitation, she carried her long sword and rushed downstairs.

She was wondering if the thing had already gone.

If she had seen a ghost, she would not have been afraid, she believed she could not defeat a ghost. Only the unseen is the most frightening, so she didn’t dare to stay on the ninth floor anymore.

But she had just reached the stairway to the ninth floor when she found that the lift had come up and opened automatically, but there was nothing inside it. This lift opened for a while and then closed again, and then went up automatically. The lift stopped again on the tenth floor, and only after a moment’s pause, it went up to the eleventh floor again.

Lok Hustle could no longer calm down, she felt her scalp tingling a little, she had just come down from the upper floor and had not found anything. Now this lift had gone up automatically, which made her unable to contain her panic, knowing that she was now the only one living in this building from the third floor upwards. Besides, she couldn’t see what the hell it was, knowing that her eyes could see anything in general.

There was a Mo Ying next door, but now it looked like Mo Ying had definitely been killed, so she restrained her panic and climbed down from the balcony. It was only then that she realised that even if that Mo Ying next door had done nothing, it would have given her courage, but now it didn’t.

Falling clamor to fall down, but found that the balcony down was where Mo Ying lived.

“Ah ……” Lok Hustle looked at Ye Mo who was standing not far away and screamed out in shock, Ye Mo appeared too abruptly. The fallen clamor felt his skin had risen to a burst of chestnut points hadn’t he already died? How come he was still here?

“You said not to follow me it wasn’t me who got you killed, you mustn’t come over.” Lok Hustle had already forgotten that she was someone who could catch ghosts, she was actually scared of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took a strange look at Lok Hustle, “What are you talking about? You’ve always had a lot of guts, haven’t you? You even went up to the ninth floor to catch a ghost. Why do you look like that? This house is where I live, you came to where I live and asked me not to go over there, you are really strange ah. Didn’t I tell you I was going on a retreat and you ran away for a thousand?”

“You’re not dead?” Lok Hustle had come back to his senses by now and looked at Ye Mo in amazement and uncertainty.

“You’re the one who’s dead.” Ye Mo said in a good mood, he had just broken through the middle stage of Qi cultivation and came back from a journey in the sky.

A look of surprise suddenly appeared on Lok Hustle’s face as she grabbed Ye Mo’s hand, “You’re not dead, you’re really not dead, that’s great. I thought you were dead, your hand is still warm, you’re really not dead oo ……”

The first thing you can do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

Ye Mo frowned, thinking that this girl is not right, huh? How could she be so scared? Her guts were known to herself that night she even fought with the ghosts on the ninth floor, and in the end she was pushed off the floor but her lightness saved her life. And she was also a middle Yellow ranked ancient martial arts practitioner, what was going on?

“What’s going on?” Ye Mo didn’t push away Falling Hustle, he didn’t know what had happened to her.

“Huh, your other ……” Ye Mo saw Lok Hustle’s eyes getting stranger and stranger, he reached out and grabbed Lok Hustle’s wrist. Sure enough there was a tainted Yin Qi in her body, she was already a Yellow level martial artist and could see things that others could not see, how could she have been possessed by this tainted Yin Qi?

Under the operation of Ye Mo’s true essence, he forced out the trace of tainted Yin Qi in Lu Hustle’s body, and a ball of fire burned it to the ground.

Only then did Lok Hustle come back to her senses, and she realized that she had already jumped into Ye Mo’s arms. She quickly moved out of the way and said, “What happened to me just now? And what’s wrong with you? I actually saw your clothes on the roof of the building?”

“You went upstairs?” Ye Mo said in his heart that she had gone upstairs, not to mention that there were no more ghosts upstairs now, even if there were, she wouldn’t be scared like this. Besides, since there were no ghostly creatures here, how did she get the tainted Yin Qi into her body?

“I left my clothes upstairs by myself, I went to stand on the roof of the building for a while after I closed down to cultivate for the past few days, and since I was sweating, I took off my clothes and left them on the roof.” Ye Mo then said.

Lok Hustle had completely calmed down by now and said with a relieved breath, “So that’s what happened, I was scared to death. I thought something had happened to you, so I went upstairs alone to kill that ghostly thing to avenge you. But I found the twelfth floor did not see, and finally saw your clothes at the top of the building, I was even more angry, and then again looked down, and still did not find anything.

Ye Mo asked curiously, “Since you didn’t find anything, why are you so scared?” One thing that hasn’t been said yet is how did you still get the tainted Yin Qi into your body? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

I thought I was not afraid of ghosts, but I saw the lift go up automatically when I was on the ninth floor, and it opened up a bit on the ninth floor, but there was nothing inside. I didn’t see anything either, but the lift went on to the tenth floor. Then I got a bit scared and then came downstairs immediately, ready to leave immediately, only to meet you.”

Ye Mo frowned and muttered to himself, “So the lift went up and down automatically, but it had nothing to do with that woman, what the hell is going on?”

“With which woman?” Lok Hustle immediately asked.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Irrelevant stuff, but it’s lucky that you came down early today, if you had come down later, I guess you wouldn’t have been able to get down. So impressive, I can’t believe even I didn’t notice.”

“Mo Ying, tell me, you live here and you are not afraid of ghosts, and just now you said that even you didn’t find out, are you a disciple of Maoshan?” Lok Hustle also knew at this point that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person, living in this place even he was almost harmed, it was definitely not normal for Ye Mo to live so freely as an ordinary person.

Ye Mo nodded cautiously, “I am an immortal, ghosts are just ants in my eyes. Normal ghost creatures will run as far as they can when they see a high person like me.”

“Che ……” Falling Hustle listened to Ye Mo’s bull, surprisingly, he felt a lot better.

Ye Mo also felt not very good after finishing, that night he went upstairs to exterminate the ghosts, that lift was also automatically up and down, but he did not find anything, now saying that ghosts see him how far away they run this statement is obviously blowing cowboys.

“Well, you go back to bed.

I’ll go upstairs and take a look.” Ye Mo then said, he really didn’t believe that anything could hide under his nose.

“Don’t.” Although the Tainted Yin Qi in her body had already been forced out and burned by Ye Mo, the lesson given to her tonight was too powerful. It made her understand that although she was a Yellow Grade Martial Artist, many things were not under her control. She hadn’t completely let go yet, and in her opinion, although Ye Mo had some small skills, he was still too far behind herself. Even she almost couldn’t get down upstairs, Ye Mo would definitely be serving food up there.

Ye Mo looked helplessly at this girl who was so ambitious to catch ghosts a few days ago and said helplessly, “Alright then, just go up there in a few days, but if you are so afraid of ghosts, why are you still living here? Don’t you know that this is a haunted building?”

Lok Hustle shook his head and said, “I knew that, that’s why I lived here. I originally lived in the school, one of the things that affected my training, and another was that many people kept bothering me. Now that I live in the ghost building, I feel much more comfortable as no one has bothered me for so many days recently. And I’m not afraid of ghosts, ghosts are the ones who are afraid of me.”

Ye Mo looked at Lok Hustle with surprise, “Are you sure you’re not afraid of ghosts?”

The fallen clamor hesitated for a moment, “Most of the time I’m not afraid, but the one I met tonight was too powerful. I feel like I can’t see it, so ……”

“So, you’re scared, right.” Ye Mo said it nonchalantly.

Falling Hustle nodded unexpectedly, “Yes.”

After saying that, Lok Hustle looked at Ye Mo’s room again, and only after a long time did he squirm and say, “That, Mo Ying, the door to your room is already broken, why don’t you stay on my side, okay? I still have empty rooms over there.”

Ye Mo pointed to his two empty rooms and said, “There are empty rooms on my side too, why should I stay on your side?”

“Because …… because ……,” Lok Hustle squirmed for half a day, but couldn’t say anything.

Ye Mo was in a good mood and said with a faint smile, “Because you’re afraid of ghosts right, forget it, for the sake of your ‘Qi Return Pill, which made me a Xiantian expert, I’ll help you once. But I can tell you, I only have a week at most before I have to leave here. You’ll still be living alone by then.”

“Bragging, still an Innate ……,” Lok Hustle gave Ye Mo a white look, she would not believe Ye Mo’s bullsh*t. But after hearing Ye Mo’s words, she also said, “Maybe after I go to that elder’s house next week and read the collection, I can also leave.”

Ye Mo didn’t know if an Innate expert could fly, but he felt that he was much stronger now that he had advanced to the fourth level of Qi training than he had originally expected. He thought that he wouldn’t care if he met an Innate expert, not to mention that he heard Zhang Zhihui say that there were almost no Innate experts now, so what was he afraid of.

“By the way, since you are a disciple of Maoshan Mountain, you should not be afraid of ghosts. A few days ago your house banged and you were injured what happened?” Lok Hustle remembered what happened a few days ago and immediately asked.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “When did I say I was a disciple of Maoshan Mountain, I am a master alchemist, last time I borrowed a few of your ‘Qi Return Pills and refined a few pills, this pill will immediately advance when eaten. When you’re rested tomorrow, I’ll give you one to eat and you’ll know.”

Lok Hustle stared at Ye Mo in amazement for half a day before saying, “You are really a capable person, not only an innate expert, but also a great dan master. But the matter of pills, forget about it. I suggest that you should go and find a job tomorrow, otherwise you’ll be prone to thinking nonsense when you stay at home all day long.”