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DYM Chapter 311

Ye Mo asked, seemingly unintentionally, “You’re an ancient martial arts practitioner, are you from the Hidden Sect?”

“Yes.” Lok Hustle did not realize Ye Mo’s question, or rather she also took Ye Mo for an ancient martial cultivator.

“Then do you know about Taiyi?” Ye Mo continued to ask as if nothing was wrong.

Lok Hustle nodded, “Of course I know, Taiyi is one of the three sects, how could I not know about it, besides …… Huh, no, how could you know about Taiyi? Who the hell are you?”

Lok Hustle suddenly woke up and stared at Ye Mo, his face all alert.

Ye Mo heard Lok Hustle say that he knew about Taiyi, his heart was as much as a little ji, surprisingly he had inquired about it so easily, although he might have also inquired about it by looking for Zhang Zhihui, but to know it now was still greatly beyond his expectations. Now when he saw that Lok Hustle asked about it, he immediately laughed casually, “I am from the Hidden Sect, of course I know about Taiyi, don’t you know that I practice ancient martial arts? I’m just asking if you’re from the Hidden Sect.”

“Where is your sect?” Lok Hustle didn’t relax in the slightest because of Ye Mo’s words, and even his expression became more serious.

“Of course it’s the Immeasurable Mountain, there’s no need to ask.” Ye Mo only knew that there was a hidden sect in Immeasurable Mountain, he didn’t know about any other places.

Lok Hustle suddenly pulled out the sword at his waist and stared at Ye Mo defensively, “You lied to me, you’re not even from the Hidden Sect, and you don’t know Taiyi either.”

Ye Mo looked at the long sword in Lok Hustle’s hand strangely, just now he was talking nicely, how could he turn his face up when he said so? He didn’t know what had been seen by Lok Hustle, he was right, he had been in the Hidden Sect of the Immeasurable Mountains, so why was this ninny going to say that he had lied to him?

Suddenly Ye Mo’s heart moved, he remembered what Daoist Idle had said, the Hidden Sect was divided into the Inner Hidden Sect, the Outer Hidden Sect and the Half Hidden Sect, only Daoist Idle said that the Inner Hidden Sect was a legendary existence and never entered the world. Could it be that this Fei Hustle was also a member of the Inner Hidden Sect? If so, then Taiyi was also a member of the Inner Hidden Sect. If his guess was true, even if he asked Zhang Zhihui, he might not be able to find out where Taiyi was.

“I don’t know how you know about Taiyi, but I am sure to tell you that no one in the Hidden Sect knows about the sect of Taiyi. All of us in the Hidden Sect have a sect rule that anyone who is not in the Hidden Sect and knows about what is going on in the Hidden Sect is to be killed without amnesty. Therefore, I will kill you.” When Lok Hustle finished speaking, the long sword in his hand was already raised and even trembled a little.

Ye Mo put his hand out, he knew somewhat of Lok Hustle’s character, she was just acting subconsciously, because from her even more, he could not see the killing aura, then he said, “If you want to kill me, it’s up to you, since you want to return the favor, I have nothing to say. But is it that the people of the Outer Hidden Sect know that you are from the Inner Hidden Sect and you want to kill them too?”

Lok Hustle’s hand trembled even more, “You really know that I am from the Inner Hidden Sect, how do you know that? We never enter the world, our people only come out once every fifty years and never cause trouble, where on earth did you learn that?”

“That lift went up again.” Ye Mo suddenly said an irrelevant word.

Falling Hustle’s hand really trembled, the sword in her hand hung down feebly, she wasn’t really trying to kill Ye Mo, it was just a subconscious act because no one could leak anything about the Inner Hidden Sect. If the Inner Hidden Sect knew that someone outside knew anything about the Inner Hidden Sect, they would kill the person outside at any cost.

“If you say anything more about the Inner Hidden Sect, you will be killed and your family will be dragged down with you. I don’t know how you know about Taiyi, but you must never mention it again, that is, not even about the Inner Hidden Sect.” Lok Hustle’s tone was a little shaky.

Ye Mo looked at Lok Hustle in surprise, “The most I can do is to kill me if I mention it, what are you afraid of?”

Lok Hustle shook his head feebly, “If I knew you mentioned these things and I didn’t kill you, I would have been killed by them and it would have dragged my division into it.”

“So domineering?” Ye Mo frowned, this was simply more bullying than Hitler.

“Let’s not talk about this matter, okay, and you shouldn’t mention it in the future.” Lok Hustle looked at Ye Mo weakly and said, asking her to kill Ye Mo, she really couldn’t lay her hands on him, this matter must not let senior sister know anymore, and it must not let senior brother Yulin know either.

Ye Mo wanted to ask her how many years she had been out, and he also wanted to ask her where the entrance to the Inner Concealment Sect was, but he swallowed the words as they came to his lips. Because he understood that Lu Hustle would definitely not tell.

It would be better for him to follow her later when she returned. For his current cultivation level, it would be easy to track down an earth level martial artist.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo had to say, “Alright, I won’t ask or say anything, you …… forget it, I’ll go with you to your side, seeing as you spared my life, what a life.”

Back at Lok Hustle’s house, Lok Hustle was in a depressed mood and immediately went back to his room to sleep. Ye Mo took out the only auxiliary materials he had and refined a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ and then another ‘Face Preservation Pill’. After advancing to the fourth level of Qi cultivation, his success rate of pills rose sharply.

After making the pills, Ye Mo cleaned up a bit, and seeing that the time was still only around three in the morning, he was ready to go upstairs to see what was that thing that made the lift go up and down automatically. Surprisingly, it made his divine sense unable to sweep it, he swept it once more after the lift went up, and still didn’t sweep anything.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” Ye Mo had just walked to the balcony when Falling Hustle came out and asked.

Ye Mo looked up and down at Lok Hustle, putting her clothes on neatly, and asked somewhat strangely, “Aren’t you sleeping too? What are you going to do this late at night?”

“I slept for a while and was a bit worried, so I got up.” Lok Hustle hesitated for a moment, but still said it.

“I’ve told you that I won’t tell anyone, so what are you worried about. But I might have to leave tomorrow, I can’t stay here any longer.

When are you going to leave?” Ye Mo had now advanced to the fourth level of Qi cultivation and Ying Ran knew about Taiyi, but there was nothing he could do if Lok Hustle didn’t tell him, he could only make a divine sense mark on her body later.

Now he has to go and settle the score with the ‘Earth Fury’ first” The Earth Fury, who had provoked him, was not likely to let it go like that.

“It’s not because of that matter, such as” Forget it, it has nothing to do with you.” Lok Hustle said in a somewhat downcast manner.

Ye Mo, however, did not want to bother with this girl’s business, he took out a ‘Qi cultivation pill and handed it to Lok Hustle and said, “If you take this pill, I guarantee that your cultivation will rise by at least one notch. My pills are very expensive, this one is enough lower than your eight ‘Qi Return Pills’, mind you, I just used eight of your ‘Qi Return Pills’.”

The pills were not only expensive, but they were also lower than your eight ‘Qi Return Pills’. I won’t eat it now, I’ll take it when I go back.”

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “No, you must eat it now, one because my pills are too expensive, and the second because I am the one who refines pills, if you have any problems eating it, I can help.”

Lok Hustle frowned, looked at the light red elixir in his hand and hesitated, “You’re not going to harm me, are you?”

Ye Mo said speechlessly, “Well, since you think I harmed you, and since you won’t let me pay for your ‘Qi Return Pill, then give the elixir back to me, I’m leaving.”

“Don’t be so petty, I’ll eat it.” Seeing Ye Mo’s hand reaching out, Lok Hustle then dropped the pill into her mouth, she originally wanted to feel the taste of the pill, but when the pill entered her mouth, it immediately melted.

A hot wave of heat rushed into her meridians, surprisingly giving her a shivering sensation. She looked at Ye Mo in shock and uncertainty, he wouldn’t harm himself, right? Although she knew that Ye Mo had many flaws, she was still accurate in reading people, she did not see the intention to harm herself in Ye Mo’s eyes, what was going on?

“Don’t sit down and refine this elixir yet, after this village there won’t be that shop.” Ye Mo’s voice came in time.

In her anxiety, Lok Hustle immediately sat down according to Ye Mo’s words, and suddenly she felt that the heat transformed into internal qi, which was actually opening up her meridians as well as condensing her cultivation.

Could it really be such a precious elixir? Falling noisily did not dare to think any further and refined the medicinal power with all her might.

”Qi cultivation pills, although it would take four of them to allow Ye Mo to advance to the fourth level of Qi cultivation, one was enough for a girl with a yellow level cultivation like Lu Hustle.

Lok Hustle only felt her cultivation rise dramatically, her cultivation quickly advanced from the middle Yellow level to the late Yellow level, but the medicinal power was still surging, if she didn’t continue to refine them, she even felt like she was going to burn up.

After advancing to the late Yellow level, Lok Hustle’s cultivation level surged once again, to the peak of late Yellow level cultivation, early Xuan level, and peak early Xuan level. The medicinal power finally calmed down and was finally completely refined by Lok Hustle.

It was just a pill that actually allowed Lu Hustle to advance to the peak of early Xuan level, not to mention that Lu Hustle could not believe it at all, even Ye Mo did not guess that this ‘Accompanying Qi Pill, the effect on Lu Hustle would be so good. Although the ‘Accompanying Qi Pill’ was incredibly effective, it was also inseparable from Lu Hustle’s superb qualifications.

He held back his inner jitters and began to stabilise his mind and cultivation. When it was just after dawn, she finally opened her eyes and checked her cultivation level, which was already solidly at the peak of the early stage of Xuan level cultivation, only one step away from the middle stage.

“You’re actually a master alchemist? How could you refine such a precious elixir? Even we don’t have such pills there, for sure.” Lok Hustle stood up and asked in astonishment.