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DYM Chapter 312

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “I think you’d better go and take a bath before coming out.”

Only then did Lok Hustle realise that her body was already covered in dirt, and with a startled cry, she hurriedly rushed into the room.

An hour later, Lok Hustle, whose spiritual charm aura was even stronger, still wearing a white autumn dress, walked out, looking more and more beautiful and clear. Surprisingly, she had matured quite a bit compared to just now, and if an ordinary person stood with her, there was even a hint of being ashamed of herself.

Ye Mo was certainly not an ordinary person, he saw the spirit rhyme implying some ethereal Lok Hustle, nodded and said, “The technique you cultivate is not bad, cultivating to the back actually has some immortal rhyme in it, it is much better than the normal ancient martial arts techniques.”

By this time, Lok Hustle already knew that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person at all, she walked up to Ye Mo and bent down and saluted, “Brother Mo, thank you, I now know that you are not an ordinary person, forgive my ignorance. The technique I cultivate is indeed a top level technique, but I can’t tell you about it due to the sect rules, I’m sorry. Also, I misunderstood you before, please turn out too”

If someone told Lok Hustle now that someone like Ye Mo would go to the streets**, she would be the first to not believe it.

Ye Mo smiled lightly and said, “For misunderstanding or whatever, don’t put it on your heart. It doesn’t matter at all what kind of person I am to you. And I’m not afraid that you’ll feel sad in your heart, although your gongfu is good, it’s nothing in my eyes. At best, your gong method can only have a kind of immortalized flavor in it after cultivation, and that’s all, one cannot live forever, and the other cannot ascend. This kind of gong method, you think a high ranking person like me would look at it?”

“Brother Mo?” Although she knew that Mo Ying was a high ranking person, she was still struck by his words, their sect’s gong methods were extremely precious, not to mention their own sect, even in the entire small world. How many people would dream of getting it.

If you are willing to tell me where your place is, or where to get in, I will also give you a ‘Face Preservation Pill’ and a ‘Lotus Life Pill’. Do you know what a ‘Pill of Beauty’ is? If you eat it, your face will never age, and the Lotus Life Pill can cure any injury. How about it, this deal is good enough, right?”

Lok Hustle’s face changed and immediately shook his head and said, “I don’t want your pills, you must not try to enter the small world, even if you have innate cultivation, you will be killed ……”

Suddenly Lok Hustle picked up the Huo machine and said in some panic, “My senior sister called me, I have to go, remember the heavenly pivot position of the transverse seven stars must not go.” After saying that, Lok Hustle hurriedly ran into the house to pick up her bag and left as if she was a thief.

Ye Mo secretly laughed in his heart, this Lok Hustle was really interesting, to tell himself through this method, but after all, he did tell. The heavenly pivot position of the transverse seven stars, could this be the place to enter the small world? If that was really the case, he really would not be able to find it without being told, unless he cultivated his cultivation to the point where his divine sense could cover a country, or even a planet, before he could find this place.

But for divine sense to be cultivated to cover a planet, not to mention Ye Mo, not many people in the original cultivation world could cultivate to such a level.

Ye Mo originally intended to give two pills to Lok Hustle, but since she had already left, forget it.

He decided to go and extinguish that thing upstairs and leave Chunan tomorrow.

Ye Mo stood next to the lift and pressed the button for the lift. The lift slowly came up from the ground floor, but before it reached the eighth floor, Lok Hustle hurriedly ran back.

“You don’t want to go upstairs, do you?” Lok Hustle looked at Ye Mo who was standing at the lift door and asked with some surprise.

Ye Mo nodded, “I am going upstairs, didn’t your senior sister call you? Why did you run back again?”

At this time, the lift had already stopped at the eighth floor, and Lok Hustle hastily pulled a hand on Ye Mo and said, “That thing is really powerful, even I can’t see it, I think you’d better not go up there. My senior sister called me again and asked me to go at night, can you accompany me to that senior’s house during the day?”

“Alright, but I’m leaving tomorrow, aren’t you afraid to live here alone from now on?” Ye Mo asked casually.

Lok Hustle shook his head, “I might have to leave tonight, my senior sister called me because something must have happened and asked us to leave at night.”

“In that case, these two pills are still for you. Your ‘Qi Return Pill, although it is not worth much, without your ‘Qi Return Pill, I would not be able to refine this elixir. So I am really somewhat grateful to you.” What Ye Mo said was indeed true, not only was he thankful for the ‘Qi Return Pill’ but he was even more thankful to Lok Hustle for risking her life to tell him about the entrance to the Hidden Sect, once this kind of thing was discovered, she would be finished.

“It’s too expensive, I don’t dare to take it.” Although Lok Hustle really wanted that ‘Face Preserving Pill’, she didn’t dare to just carry this kind of precious medicine around with her.

Ye Mo still stuffed the two pills to her, and he could see the desire in Lok Hustle’s eyes. As for the magic weapon, Ye Mo didn’t give her any more, because the three pills Ye Mo had given him were already enough to repay Lu Hustle. “Lok Hustle, you’re not asking him to accompany you, are you?” Ye Mo and Lok Hustle had just walked to the entrance of Chun An Science University when they were stopped by a girl who Ye Mo knew, the girl who came to call Lok Hustle when he was drinking soy milk last time.

“Yes, thank you Zi Yun, this has lightened your task quite a bit.” Lok Hustle said graciously.

Zi Yun gave Ye Mo a strange look before whispering in Lok Hustle’s ear, “Lok Hustle, I feel like you’ve changed a lot today, you’ve become prettier, and you have an indescribable smell. You’re not sleeping with him, are you? Is that guy your boyfriend? I don’t feel he’s very reliable though.”

Lok Hustle’s face turned red as she slapped Zi Yun’s hand down and said, “Zi Yun, what are you talking about? Mo Ying and I are just neighbours, not as nasty as you think.”

“Are you sure he didn’t live with you last night?” Zi Yun asked, still a little skeptical.

Lu Hustle opened her mouth but couldn’t say anything, wasn’t Ye Mo staying at her house last night?

Seeing the expression on Lu Hustle’s face, Zi Yun’s face showed that this was indeed the case. However, she did not continue talking to Lu Hustle, but walked up to Ye Mo and looked at him again and again before finally saying, “I know you are not very reliable, and I don’t know what kind of luck you have had to get Lu Hustle to follow you. But Lok Hustle is really a good girl, very simple, since you did it, you have to be responsible for it.”

The girl’s name was “Ziyun”, “Don’t talk nonsense, we’re leaving, see you later, Ziyun.”

In the two years at Chunan Science University, Zi Yun was the one she talked to the most, she might have to leave with her sister tonight, which made her feel a little sorry for Zi Yun.

“Wait a little longer.” Zi Yun pulled down on Lok Hustle, then said, “Your big sister has a good eye, you can ask your big sister. When I approached this man just now, he smelled nice and refreshing, he shouldn’t be a messy person, bless you now, Lok Hustle.”

Although Ye Mo didn’t want to hear these words, but how strong his ears were now, it was inevitable that he would be heard even if he didn’t listen. However, he just smiled lightly and didn’t put a corner on his heart.

“Brother Mo, let’s go, Zi Yun is talking nonsense, don’t take it to heart.” Lok Hustle hurriedly pulled Ye Mo quickly into a taxi and soon left.

The Huo family, although it was not a big Chinese family, was very famous in Chun’an. The reason is that the people of the Huo family are all very long-lived, right now Huo Goou of the Huo family is already a hundred years old and is said to still be in very good health. Another thing is that the Huo family has a Huo Chemical Company, which is said to be one of the top 500 companies in the world.

So although the Huo family does not have any special figures in politics, it is still a family with nine words in Chun’an.

Ye Mo couldn’t believe that Huo was already a hundred years old when he saw him, because he only looked like he was in his sixties, if we go by the current situation, this Huo could still live for at least twenty years.

Surprisingly, he was still a peak Xuan level expert, Ye Mo really did not expect Huo Zhaogou to be an ancient martial cultivator. He didn’t know through what means Lok Hustle knew Huo Goou, but he thought of Zhang Zhihui of the Zhang family, which made him sigh secretly, it was true that all experts were among the people.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed that there were such experts in this ordinary city of Chun’an.

“Grandpa Huo, originally I wanted to wait for the day of your birthday and come with Teacher Zhu, but I’m leaving Chun’an in a few days, so I came to pay my respects to Grandpa Huo first. This painting is for Grandpa Huo, wishing you a long and prosperous life.” With that, Lok Hustle took out a pair of ancient paintings and handed them to Huo Goou with both hands.

Ye Mo secretly praised, this Lok Hustle still had such a well-behaved side, he really hadn’t seen it himself. However, from her tone of voice, Ye Mo had already heard that she knew Huo Zhaogou through a teacher surnamed Zhu.

As expected, Huo Zhaogou haha! Laughing, he took the painting of the falling clamour and said, “Not bad, not bad, what a watery daughter, and so thoughtful. Old Zhu said you want to see Grandpa Huo’s collection of books, no problem, come, I’ll take you to the study. After you’ve read the books, then you can accompany me, an old man, for a chat …… This one is?”

Huo Goou finished smiling and looked at Ye Mo, and Lok Hustle hastily explained with a red face, “Oh, Grandpa Huo, this is Mo Ying, my boyfriend, who accompanied me here.”

“It’s your boyfriend, ah, sigh, Huo questionable this child is not blessed.” Huo Goou casually swept a glance at Ye Mo, and there was a flash of brilliant light in his eyes.

Originally, Ye Mo intended to meet a salute, but seeing this look in Huo Goou’s eyes, he immediately dismissed the idea. This old thing had met him himself for the first time, and the way he looked at himself actually carried the slightest hint of killing intent.