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DYM Chapter 313

Ye Mo laughed coldly in his heart, now he finally understood why Lok Hustle had asked him to come over and even took the initiative to say that he was her boyfriend. It turned out that it wasn’t just Huo Qiao who was hitting on her, but this old man Huo Zaogou was even hitting on her as well. Otherwise, hearing the introduction of Lok Hustle, why would he have this shā intention?

Seeing that Ye Mo only smiled lightly and didn’t show any courtesy, Lok Hustle hurriedly pulled Ye Mo back a little and said, “Huo yéyé, Mo Ying doesn’t like to talk much, you don’t mind.”

“Haha, it’s alright, young people? It’s normal to be a bit shy. Come, I’ll take you to the study.” Huo Daoming led the two to the study and said, “You guys read first, we’ll have lunch together later.”

Ye Mo’s divine sense however stared at Huo Daoming, only to find that after he left the study, his face immediately turned gloomy and instructed someone to say, “Immediately inform Questionable to come back, and ……”

Although Ye Mo did not hear the words that followed, he knew that this old fellow was not as nice as he appeared to be.

“What are you looking at? Today I temporarily said that you are my boyfriend, you don’t mind ah. You don’t know how annoying that Huo Questionable is, and how he yéyé always likes to pull me and Huo Questionable together too, I really don’t want to come if I can.” Lok Hustle said somewhat apologetically, her face sè a little flushed.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Of course I won’t mind, you need to hurry up if you want to find the book, that Huo Questionable will probably be back soon. How long do you reckon it will take?”

“So soon, huh? I did hear Zi Yun say that Huo Questionable was going out today, he shouldn’t be back so soon, I reckon it will take me a day to read, do you see how many books there are in this study?” Lok Hustle looked at the room full of books somewhat helplessly, although these books were well preserved, they also gave off a hint of an ancient smell because of their age.

“It’s going to take so long?” Ye Mo frowned and said after a while, “What is it that you are looking for? I’ll help you look for it.”

Lok Hustle, however, did not hide and immediately replied, “My master asked me to look for a copy of the Our Luo Sutra, I’ve been looking for it in the school library and the Chunan City Library for over a year, but I couldn’t find it.”

“You don’t need to look for it, I’ll help you find it.” Ye Mo finished speaking and his divine sense immediately started sweeping over the books.

Lok Hustle looked at Ye Mo in amazement and asked, “How are you going to find so many books? Why don’t we look for them together?”

Ye Mo waved his hand, “Don’t move, I’m calculating where exactly this book is placed?”

Lok Hustle looked at Ye Mo even more in amazement, could he still be a Zhou Yi master? Even if he was a Zhou Yi master, among so many books, there was no fǎ to calculate where the “Our Luo Sutra” was placed.

This Mo Ying was too surprising, could it be that he was not only a master of alchemy, a disciple of Maoshan, but also a master of Zhou Yi? It was nothing for a disciple of Maoshan, but a master of alchemy and a master of Zhou Yi were very impressive.

Although she was doubtful about Ye Mo’s words, Lu Hustle still did not bother Ye Mo, she actually chose to believe him. She felt that the more familiar she became with this Mo Ying, the less she understood Mo Ying. When she first met him the first time, she thought she had seen through this person, but now she could not see through him more and more.

Ye Mo’s divine sense quickly swept through the books here, but found nothing, could it be that the “Our Luo Sutra” was not here? His divine sense swept carefully again for a second time and soon discovered that something was wrong.

One of the flying books, the Tao Te Ching, had two pages in the middle that were surprisingly blank, and one of the pages also had two words faintly written on it, namely ‘伲羅’. While the other blank page was nothing, there was something strange about this book. The two vague words would never have been visible if he didn’t have divine sense and was observing carefully.

Ye Mo then walked over and took down this copy of the Tao Te Ching.

Seeing Ye Mo take down a flying copy of the Tao Te Ching, Lok Hustle immediately asked curiously, “Brother Mo, this is a flying copy of the Tao Te Ching.

Ye Mo smiled lightly and said, “Don’t be in a hurry.” After saying that, Ye Mo turned the book to two blank pages in it, only because of the age, these two blank pages were already yellowing badly.

“It’s nothing, usually such ancient books have some blank pages, these papers are for the readers to record their insights.” Lok Hustle asked somewhat strangely.

Ye Mo turned the blank page of the book over and held it up separately and said, “Look at it more carefully.”

“We Luo?” Lok Hustle almost shouted out in shock, but quickly ji took the book in Ye Mo’s hand and said in surprise, “It’s really the words ‘Our Luo’, this is definitely the ‘Our Luo Sutra’, eh, this is the lower part, there should be an upper part.”

Lok Hustle quickly saw the word ‘lower’ underneath ‘Our Luo’ and immediately said.

Ye Mo swept his divine sense once more, but said, “The upper part shouldn’t be here, I don’t see it.”

“See, didn’t you count it? Brother Mo, you are really talented, you can even calculate this.” There was admiration in Lok Hustle’s eyes, she hadn’t had much hope, and the task given to her by her master was just to try and see, but to think that she had actually found it was a surprise among surprises.

“The first time I saw the book, I was able to find it.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Besides, if he finds out the problems inside this book, he will be even less likely to let you take it away.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Lok Hustle really frowned, it was obvious that she had also thought of this problem.

“Don’t worry, I have a way to help you bring it out, eh ……” Ye Mo said but stopped here, looking at the book in Lok Hustle’s hand and thinking once again.

“What’s wrong?” Lok Hustle immediately asked.

“Give me the book to look at.” Ye Mo took the book in Lok Hustle’s hand and pulled the second blank page, not expecting that as soon as he exerted his force, the piece of paper fell down, surprisingly it was only laminated inside and not the book itself.

Ye Mo took the yellowish paper, looked at it for half a day, and tore it again, the yellowish paper, surprisingly, was not torn.

“Ah ……” Lok Hustle obviously saw Ye Mo’s action as well, surprisingly not even a single piece of paper was torn, and his heart was just as amazed.

Instead, Ye Mo clamped the paper in his palm, and with the true fire running, the paper was immediately burned to ashes. A piece of golden paper about the size of the paper appeared in Ye Mo’s hand.

“What is this?” Lok Hustle asked in amazement once again, although she didn’t know what it was, she understood that this unbelievably thin golden piece of paper was not something simple and must be very precious.

Ye Mo, however, was greatly alarmed in his heart, this golden piece of paper was too frightening as his divine sense swept in and immediately disappeared without a trace, as if it was mud into the sea, this was definitely a very remarkable item.

The magic weapon Ye Mo could refine himself, the spirit weapon Ye Mo had also seen a lot, and he had also seen his master’s magic treasure. And now the golden piece of paper in his hand gave him an impenetrable feeling, this thing was definitely worth more than all the spirit weapons. Ye Mo even thought it was a spiritual treasure, but this was a little too appalling.

Spiritual treasures, even in the cultivation world, were only legendary existences, how could they appear on Earth? And there were no cultivators heard of on Earth, either.

“This thing is precious, so precious that I don’t dare to imagine it.” Ye Mo was silent for a long time before he replied.

Lok Hustle also understood, she looked at Ye Mo hesitantly and said, “Is this thing very useful to you?”

Ye Mo nodded, “Yes, it’s very useful.” He wanted this golden piece of paper badly, but he knew that since Lok Hustle was looking for this book, it meant that it was also something that her sect was looking for.

Lok Hustle bit her lips for a moment before saying, “Since you have a use for it, just put it away, I don’t know anything about it, I’ll just take this book back with me. Anything else I bring back, my division won’t be able to see it, so maybe it will still be put away like this.”

Ye Mo looked at Lok Hustle in amazement, she actually said that this golden piece of paper was for herself.

Looking at Ye Mo looking at himself in amazement, Lok Hustle suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, “In fact, without your help, I wouldn’t have been able to find this thing, maybe my division just wanted this book, and your piece of paper was just stuck in the middle of this book. You found it, so of course I’ll give it to you. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Besides, this thing is just not much use even if I give it to me.”

Suddenly Ye Mo’s expression moved, the golden piece of paper and the book in his hand had disappeared, he looked at the strange Lok Hustle and said, “Lok Hustle, let’s go, Huo Questionable is back.”

“Good, the stuff has already been found anyway.” Just as Lok Hustle and Ye Mo walked out of the study, Huo Questionable’s voice came over, “Hustle, you didn’t even say anything to me when you came over, I’m back.”

Lok Hustle frowned, but didn’t say anything.

Huo went to Ming accompanied by a middle-aged man and when he saw that Lu Hustle had unexpectedly left the study, a trace of wonder appeared in his eyes before he said, “Lu Hustle, why aren’t you reading?”

However, Lok Hustle smiled and said, “Grandpa Huo, my sister just called me and said she was looking for me for something, I want to go over first and come back to see in a few days.”

“Ah …… Hustle, why do you have to leave after you’ve just arrived? Don’t be in a hurry, I’ll accompany you to find your sister later, let’s have lunch together later.” Huo questionable but anxiously said, next to the fallen clamor Ye Mo, was automatically filtered out by him.

“No, I’m leaving, see you later, Grandpa Huo. Let’s go, Mo Ying.” Said Lok Hustle as soon as he pulled Ye Mo’s hand, and walked straight out without waiting for Huo Go Ming to reply.

Huo Daoming, however, carefully looked over and over Ye Mo’s body and did not find any books clipped on him. Only then did he stare at Lok Hustle with a grim face, he was just about to say something when he was pulled by the man next to him.

By the time he reacted, Lok Hustle and Ye Mo had already walked out a good distance away. Huo went to Ming and hurriedly gave a wink to Huo Questionable, who immediately followed, constantly calling after Fei Hustle.

“Senior Brother Liang, what are you doing pulling me into the backdrop?” Huo Go Ming asked as he looked at the man next to him.

The middle-aged man said with a gloomy face, “Senior brother, do you know who the man who went out just now is? He is Ye Mo, the one who took the ‘Scarlet Coral’.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s hurry and stop him?” Huo went to Ming and said eagerly.