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DYM Chapter 314

This Senior Brother Liang sneered and said, ”Senior Brother Huo, you underestimate this man too much. Do you know about the Hop School? It is said that all seven people sent by the Hop School were killed by his hands, even including Gong Zizai of the Hop School. You think with the two of us we can stop him?”

“He’s actually that powerful.” Huo Daoming sucked in a cold breath as a wave of fear welled up in his heart, if he had moved Ye Mo just now, perhaps his Huo Clan would have been finished by now.

However, Senior Brother Liang said with a grim smile, “Senior Brother, there is no need to worry, it is true that the two of us are no match for him, but we contacted the people of the Hop School and some other fellow daoists, are we still afraid that he will run away? After the seven experts of the Hop School si, the Hop School was very shaken and sent a large number of experts this time. To them the ‘Scarlet Coral’ has been put on the back burner, killing Ye Mo to avenge the disciples under their school is the most important thing.”

Huo went to Ming and nodded, “Good, Senior Brother Liang, you go and contact the Daoists of the Hop School, I will go and investigate where he is currently living. But that wench has to stay a life, Questionable is obsessed with her, yes senior brother, do you know where that wench comes from? I asked Old Zhu, and he also said that he was introduced by a friend.”

Master Liang shook his head and said, “This girl must have trained in ancient martial arts, but I can’t tell her sect. But I reckon it’s also a disciple of a small sect, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to hang out with someone like Ye Mo.”


“Hustle, wait for me, I had a hard time getting back.” Huo Questionable kept calling after Ye Mo and Lu Hustle, he had really had a hard time rushing back. He was prepared to make it happen tonight, he had prepared the ecstasy long time ago, so that when it was time to eat, he could charm Lu Hustle, and then after the rice was cooked, Lu Hustle would have to follow him even if she didn’t follow him.



“Mo Ying, your face doesn’t seem to look very good? Did you find out what’s going on?” It wasn’t until the two of them had walked a good distance away that Lok Hustle turned back and asked.

Ye Mo nodded, “Not bad, the guy who entered Old Man Huo’s house just now should have recognized me, and if I’m not wrong, he’s going to invite someone to deal with me tonight.”

Ye Mo was observing very carefully, when he came out of Huo Baoming’s house just now, he saw the guy who came with Huo Baoming’s face change when he saw him, and there was even a slight tremor in his body. From this, Ye Mo judged that he must have been recognised.

“An ordinary person, he dares to deal with you? Don’t worry, if he invites a lot of people, I’ll help you out, now I’m already a Xuan level expert. It’s no problem to deal with dozens like him.” Lok Hustle immediately rea*sured, she now felt her strength had skyrocketed and her confidence had more than doubled.

Ye Mo looked at Lok Hustle strangely and said with deliberate hesitation, “Are you sure that you can deal with him?”

Immediately, Lok Hustle said, “It looks like you’re confused about alchemy, although alchemy and Zhou Yi are good, strength is the most important thing. It was me you met, if you had met someone else, just by virtue of having that powerful elixir on you, you wouldn’t have been free yourself, and you might have been captured to refine pills. But then again, you are really powerful, to find this book so quickly among so many books, I really admire you somewhat.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “That old man Huo is at the peak of late Xuan level cultivation, and that person who came in with him later is at early Earth level cultivation. If they invited helpers, they must be at least at earth level cultivation, are you sure you can deal with them?”

“Ah ……” Lok Hustle looked at Ye Mo in some disbelief, and asked hesitantly only after a long time, “You can see their cultivation level?”

“Of course, do you think I refine pills for nothing? You’re an early Xuan level girl, it’s not that I don’t trust you, in case you can’t beat them, I could be dragged down by you.” Ye Mo said as if nothing was wrong.

Lok Hustle’s face rose a little red, looking at Ye Mo who had a bland expression, she suddenly lifted her foot and stomped on the back of Ye Mo’s foot, “Did you just deliberately amuse me, since you know that people are earth level experts, why are you still staying here, why don’t you hurry up and run away?”

She blushed, half because she was thought by Ye Mo to be bragging, and half because she was really a bit anxious. If these people were really as powerful as Ye Mo said, even if she called her senior sister over, she would not be a match for these people.

Ye Mo saw Lok Hustle stepping on his foot, but didn’t care, and didn’t even bother to dodge. Somewhat blandly, he said, “Because I’m not afraid of them at all, if I was afraid of them, I wouldn’t have accompanied you to the Huo family today.”

Staring at Ye Mo for a long time, Lok Hustle only said, “I also feel like you seem to have changed a lot today, last time you said it would be a few days before you could accompany me to the Huo family, was it because you hadn’t broken through yet? Then you used my ‘Qi Return Pill’ to refine that kind of elixir, and then you broke through and only accompanied me today? Even the pills I took this morning were also refined by you together?”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Not bad, I came over with you because of my breakthrough. I gave you the three pills, as well as accompanying you here, in order to repay you for those eight ‘Qi Return Pills’.” He said this, but in his heart, he also secretly praised Lok Hustle’s carefulness, even remembering what she had said a few days ago.

“So that’s how it is.” Lok Hustle breathed out. Suddenly she was stunned and looked at Ye Mo with a shocked face and asked, “You said you broke through to the Innate Heaven, it can’t be true too, right? Could it be that you are really an Innate expert?”

“Is an innate expert amazing?” Ye Mo asked somewhat speechlessly.

“Of course it’s remarkable, not in little ……, in our place there are very few innate experts, even our sect only has one innate expert. Wouldn’t you say that Innate is remarkable?” Lok Hustle said very solemnly.

Ye Mo was tempted to ask her what her sect was, but in the end he didn’t ask, so he had to say, “I’m not an innate, exactly what realm it is, I’m not quite sure now, but ……”

Ye Mo wanted to say that when he met an innate he should be able to kill it, but thought better of it and held back, after all he had never met an innate expert. But the huge gap between the Xuan level and the Earth level he still knew, and if the gap between the Innate and Earth levels was even greater, he really didn’t have much control over it.

“Can an innate expert fly?” After thinking about it for half a day, Ye Mo didn’t find out any particular way of comparison and could only ask this question.

Lok Hustle looked at Ye Mo in amazement, and only after half a day did she say somewhat speechlessly, “Are you really a practitioner of ancient martial arts? I am very skeptical. I’ve never heard of anyone cultivating to the point of being able to fly. Now I don’t even know which of your statements is true and which is not.”

To say that Ye Mo liked to deceive people, the pills he gave were real and true, the ones that could allow her to advance a few levels were definitely extremely good, and also from the fact that he could find the “Our Laws Sutra”, it could also show that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person. But there were times when his words were so unreliable.

Ye Mo, however, nodded and said, “If you can’t fly, an Innate expert shouldn’t be a match for me, it shouldn’t be very difficult for me to kill.”

Lok Hustle gave Ye Mo a blank look, “You talk as if you can fly, I won’t talk nonsense with you now, let’s hurry to the school and find the upper part of the Our Luo Sutra, then I’ll take you to my senior sister’s place, those people shouldn’t be able to find us.”

Ye Mo was speechless for a while, thinking that I can really fly. But there was no need to tell this to Lok Hustle, after all, she was not from the same world as himself. But the small world she was in should have some spirit herbs and such, so when he finished the outside matters and went to the small world to look for Taiyi’s trouble, he would get some spirit items by the way.

After the two of them got off the bus at Chunan Science University, Lok Hustle suddenly stopped in her tracks as she remembered a crucial question. Ye Mo saw that Lok Hustle was looking at herself with a strange gaze and couldn’t help but ask, “What are you looking at me for?”

“No, just now you said that they recognized you, could it be that your name is a fake? And why were those people after you?” Lok Hustle was already very attentive, just now because of Ye Mo’s interruption, she had forgotten to ask, now that she remembered, she immediately asked.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “It doesn’t matter if I tell you now, my original name was Ye Mo. Because there was a ‘Scarlet Coral’ that I got over, so those people wanted to catch me to snatch this ‘Scarlet Coral’ from me.”

“There really is a ‘Scarlet Coral’? It’s still in your possession?” Lok Hustle had heard Senior Sister talk about the ‘Scarlet Coral’ a few days ago, and now that Ye Mo said it again, she immediately uttered in surprise.

However, she immediately understood what kind of elixir Ye Mo had given her, and that it was actually an elixir made from ‘blood-colored coral’. Ye Mo could actually refine ‘Scarlet Coral’ into a pill, so he wasn’t lying when he said he was an alchemist.

As soon as Ye Mo looked at Lok Hustle’s expression, he knew that she had guessed it and nodded his head, “You guessed it well, the elixir I gave you was refined from ‘Scarlet Coral’.”

“Surprisingly, it’s such a precious elixir, no wonder I can advance one after another.” With a gasp of amazement, Lok Hustle immediately said once again, “Big Brother Ye, thank you for actually giving such a precious elixir to me.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Theoretically I couldn’t have refined the ‘Accompanying Qi Pill’ if it wasn’t for your ‘Returning Qi Pill’, so you don’t have to be polite. Originally, I was taking a bit of a loss, but now I’m making a big profit, so it should be me thanking you.”

Lok Hustle knew that Ye Mo was talking about the golden piece of paper, and she smiled lightly, surprisingly not feeling that Ye Mo had taken much advantage.