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DYM Chapter 315

Although Chunan University of Science is not the most famous university in China, it has a long history, and is said to be the oldest university in China. So there are many talented students and handsome and beautiful women at Jun’an University of Science and Technology.

Lok Hustle is undoubtedly the beautiful coordinates of Chun An Science University, but because this Lok Hustle has always been in the library, even the cla*sroom is rarely visited, let alone participate in the various activities of the school. So although Lok Hustle is the goddess in the hearts of many boys, the lover of their dreams, but helplessly she never says anything more to others.

It was not easy for girls to say a word to her, not to mention the boys. Zi Yun was an exception, but she was the only one. Although many people hoped to get to know Lu Hustle through Zi Yun, the result was disappointing for everyone.

Although many people persistently went to Lok Hustle every day, trying to impress her by their cheeky hou and perseverance. But they never saw her come down, and they never saw her go out with anyone. To everyone’s dismay, not only did she ignore the people who were looking for her, she had even moved out of school recently and no one knew where she was living.

Today, however, she walked into KU with a guy, laughing and talking, and almost all the guys’ jaws dropped to the ground. Although the guy walking with Lok Hustle was not bad looking, but he was not so handsome that he was shockingly handsome, how could he have captured the coordinates of the beautiful girls in Chunan?

Ye Mo felt strange as soon as he entered Chunan Science University, how come so many people were looking at him, and it seemed that their gazes were not quite friendly.

Falling Hustle smiled slightly, she understood what was going on in her heart, but there was no need to explain such things to Ye Mo. It was just that although there was not much difference in age between Ye Mo and these students from Chunan University of Science and Technology, but in her opinion, the connotation was too far and far apart.

She felt that she could not see through Ye Mo at all, she was confident that she was a beautiful woman, at least she did not see anyone prettier than her. But with Ye Mo, she surprisingly did not have the feeling of being a pretty woman, because this Ye Mo never looked at her with that kind of adoring eyes, never even said an ambiguous word, his eyes were as clear and free of distractions as ever.

Ye Mo was just about to ask where the library was when a shouting sound came from the entrance of the school.

“There’s a fight.” A few students called out and surged over together. For many students who were bored to death, more things were more fun for them than less things.

Ye Mo hadn’t wanted to go over to watch, but Lok Hustle said, “That one who is fighting is still an ancient martial cultivator.”

An ancient martial cultivator who would beat someone up in front of the school? Ye Mo also looked over, the one who beat up and the one who was beaten he surprisingly knew, he didn’t expect to meet Xu Ping here. Ye Mo didn’t even think about it and turned around and walked towards the entrance of the school. When Lok Hustle saw Ye Mo go over to see what was going on, he also followed him.

Wu Zhenjun was beaten on the ground and couldn’t get up, his two followers were beaten on the ground as well, but the big man who beat him still didn’t stop and was still kicking with his feet. The big man cursed in his heart for his bad luck, what kind of luck had he had recently, he was always being beaten up.

Ye Mo walked up and stopped the big man who continued kicking, “Brother Xu, I thought I would see you only after a year, but I didn’t expect to see you now, what a life.”

Ye Mo really did not expect to see Xu Ping here, which made him very happy. His flying sword could definitely do without this quality if it wasn’t Xu Ping’s Star Jade, and Xu Ping was a very nice person, last time because of his strength, Ye Mo had not told him the truth and had been feeling a bit guilty, now that he had met Xu Ping, he immediately wanted to catch up with him.

The man who was hitting stopped kicking and looked up but saw Ye Mo and immediately called out in surprise, “Brother Mo, it’s really you, last time I inquired about you, I heard that you were bi down the cliff by those gou day, I didn’t expect to see you here, how wonderful.”

“Brother it’s you, save me, this friend of yours is simply unreasonable …… I’m Wu Zhenjun who invited you to pick up girls last time.” Seeing that it was Ye Mo again, Wu Gongzi immediately begged for help in excitement.

Xu Ping looked at Ye Mo strangely and asked, “Brother Mo, you know this guy?” In his opinion Ye Mo would never know a gongzi brother like Xu Ping.

Ye Mo nodded somewhat helplessly, “Yes, please let him go for my sake, Brother Xu.”

Xu Ping didn’t ask Ye Mo what the reason was, he just barked at Wu Zhenjun, “Get lost, next time I see you being arrogant, I’ll beat you up once I see you.” Xu Ping also saw that Ye Mo and this Wu Zhenjun did not have much to do with each other.

Xu Ping did not hit hard, after all, Wu Zhenjun was an ordinary person. So after hearing Xu Ping’s words, Wu Zhenjun immediately climbed up, rubbed his arm and walked up to Ye Mo and said, “Friend, thanks a lot, you are really something, to think that ……” Speaking here, Wu Zhenjun looked at Lok Hustle standing next to Ye Mo with some trepidation. In his opinion, even this girl could be picked up, which shows Ye Mo’s ability.

Ye Mo said in his heart that this Wu gongzi brother was really a living treasure, the first thing he was concerned about was even Lok Hustle. But he didn’t have the heart to pay attention to this Wu Gongzi brother, and was about to invite Xu Ping to go sit with him when a police car drove over quickly and stopped next to a few people.

Three people got down from the top of the police car, apart from the two policemen Ye Mo had met last time, there was also a middle-aged policeman.

“What’s going on?” The middle-aged policeman glanced at Wu Zhenjun and asked mildly, then immediately looked at Xu Ping and Ye Mo sternly.

The female police officer named Zhang Lan stared at Ye Mo even more sternly, the impression Ye Mo gave her was too bad. However, she quickly saw Lok Hustle and a hint of surprise flashed in her eyes. Although she didn’t ask for specifics, she could roughly guess as soon as she came to the scene that this Mr. Wu must have been molesting a beautiful woman again, and then Ye Mo went to help Mr. Wu. It should be that this strong man saw injustice in the road, and as a result, Wu Zhenjun’s few people were unable to beat this strong man, so he called the police.

When he saw the middle-aged policeman about to sternly question Xu Ping, Wu Zhenjun hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Team Wang, let’s forget about this matter, it was a misunderstanding just now.”

Not only did the middle-aged policeman freeze at Wu Zhenjun’s words, but Ye Mo also froze, this Wu Zhenjun was actually willing to let Xu Ping go, which was a surprise. In his opinion, this kind of gentry, generally arrogant to the end, would never just let others go, even if Xu Ping had a measured hand.

The middle-aged policeman, who was originally very stern, listened to Wu Zhenjun’s words and looked at Ye Mo a few times in a very strange way. But since Wu Zhenjun, the sufferer plus the gongzi, had said to forget it, he would definitely not be nosy anymore.

Ye Mo looked at Wu Zhenjun and smiled faintly, “You’re not bad, it’s not in vain that I helped you twice.” Although this Wu Zhenjun was a bit of a dude, he was still not bad, at least he was still so righteous. When he said forget it, it was definitely not because Ye Mo knew that he wasn’t afraid of the police, but because Ye Mo had helped him twice and this Xu Ping was Ye Mo’s friend, that’s why he let it go. That’s why Ye Mo said he was good.

When Ye Mo finished, he looked back at Xu Ping, “Brother Xu, let’s find a place to go and talk for a few minutes.”

“Good.” After Xu Ping and Ye Mo fell noisy the three of them left, Wu Zhenjun still called after them, “Brother, next time I’ll treat you to dinner, ah, my name is Wu Zhenjun.”

His name was Wu Zhenjun, this was the third time he said it to Ye Mo, Ye Mo was also a bit amused in his heart, this Wu Gongzi brother was really interesting.

“This kid isn’t that annoying, I was in front of the restaurant and saw this guy insist on dragging a little girl I didn’t know to drink, I got angry in my heart and beat him up. Brother Mo, how do you know him?” Xu Ping asked casually.

Ye Mo shook his head, “I don’t know him, but not long ago, he sort of saved my life unintentionally.”

Xu Ping froze for a moment and was just about to ask who else could hurt Ye Mo in the middle of the city when the female police officer named Zhang Lan came after him.

“What else do you have going on?” Ye Mo frowned and looked at the policewoman and asked.

Zhang Lan didn’t even look at Ye Mo, she just said to Lok Hustle, “That man has some bad behavior, you’d better not follow him, he must have said a lot of sweet words to you, don’t believe a single one of them, you just have to think that everything he says is the opposite.”

Lok Hustle also frowned a little, although he had the intention to say a few words, but this Zhang Lan also had good intentions. In the end, he just had to smile faintly and said, “Thank you for your concern, I know.”

Zhang Lan watched as finally Lok Hustle still left with Ye Mo and couldn’t help but shake his head and sighed. Muttering, she said, “How come such a pretty girl doesn’t know how to love herself and has to hang out with a john.

Xu Ping didn’t know the situation but didn’t jack in and kept walking far away before asking, “Brother Mo, what’s up with that policewoman?”

Ye Mo had to rub his chin and said, “She went to catch me with a prostitute and blocked me inside the house.”

Xu Ping immediately interjected and said, “That’s all? What’s wrong with whoring, it’s a matter of mutual consent, this woman is really nosy. ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

He was so close to saying, “There is no silver in this place.

Ye Mo hurriedly interjected, “Brother Xu, don’t talk nonsense, me and Lok Hustle are just next door neighbours, there is no other relationship in it, don’t misunderstand.”

Lok Hustle’s face was expressionless, and he didn’t say yes or no.

The three of them casually found a private room in a teahouse before Ye Mo asked, “Brother Xu how did you end up in Chun’an?”

Xu Ping sighed, “Originally, I was planning to go back to cultivate again, but I was afraid that the crazy gou from Broken Fist Hall would find where I was staying. So I’ve been hanging out in the city because after hearing about you, I planned to take revenge for you. But my strength was too low again. Recently I heard that a ‘blood coral’ had appeared in Liangpu, so I rushed to Liangpu. My original intention was that if I could obtain the ‘Scarlet Coral’, I might even be able to advance to the Earth level, in which case I would have a greater chance of revenge.”

“Then how did you come to Chun’an again?” Ye Mo asked curiously.