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DYM Chapter 316

Xu Ping continued, “I knew immediately upon arriving at Liangpu that this ‘Blood Coral’ was simply not something I could get my hands on, as there were too many ancient martial practitioners who went to Liangpu. By chance, I crashed into something and ended up being chased, so I hid all the way to Chunan. Luckily those people didn’t follow me over, I was going to stay in Chun’an for a day to go to the Hundred Thousand Mountains, but I didn’t expect to meet you, and I’m really happy that you haven’t si yet.”

Ye Mo laughed, “Brother Xu, that person who took the ‘Scarlet Coral’ is me, these people went to Liangpu just to rob my ‘Scarlet Coral’. Sorry, Brother Xu, because I had so many enemies in the past, I didn’t say my real name, I’m actually not called Mo Ying, I’m called Ye Mo.”

Xu Ping froze and looked at Ye Mo for half a day before he said in awe, “Mo, Brother Ye, it’s really you, I didn’t expect the ‘Scarlet Coral’ to be in your possession, what a surprise. Good, good, it’s really great.”

Xu Ping unexpectedly laughed out loud, his eyes were indeed happy. ‘Scarlet Coral’ was a good thing for ancient martial cultivation, although he had never seen it, but he had heard many legends, to him this kind of good thing was certainly better in Ye Mo’s hands than in someone else’s.

Ye Mo took out a porcelain bottle and poured two ‘Qi cultivation pills’ and handed them to Xu Ping and said, “Brother Xu, this is the pills made from the ‘blood-coloured coral’, here are two for you, you are now at the late Yellow level. When you go back, find a quiet place and start taking one first, then take another one in half a year, these two pills will guarantee your promotion to the Earth level.”

Xu Ping froze holding the porcelain vase handed over by Ye Mo, and only after a long time did he react and hastily pushed the vase back to Ye Mo, “No, Brother Ye, this is just too valuable for me to take.”

Although he pushed it back to Ye Mo, Xu Ping’s heart was in shock, it could allow a Yellow level martial artist to advance to Earth level, this was simply going against the sky. If this was put outside and people knew about it, there would be shouts of murder. But he, Xu Ping, had his principles of being a man, and although he longed for this kind of elixir deep down in his heart, he knew that with his friendship with Ye Mo, this kind of thing was simply too valuable.

However, Ye Mo pushed the porcelain bottle over again and said solemnly, “Brother Xu, if you look down on me Ye Mo you don’t want it, you Xu Ping can avenge me Ye Mo after you heard that I Ye Mo si, what is it for me Ye Mo to pay for two pills. Not to mention these two ‘Qi cultivation pills’, even the ‘accompanying yuan pills’ for future advancement to Xiantian I can get them for you. Besides, if it wasn’t for that piece of material from you, Brother Xu, I wouldn’t have been able to finish refining my flying sword, so if I were to say that I owe, it would be me who owes you.”

Lok Hustle looked at both Ye Mo and Xu Ping in a dumbfounded manner, a pill for advancing to the earth level, two of them were given at once. She actually knew the value of this elixir because she had eaten one. And these two people actually wanted to give one and one didn’t want it, what was a flying sword again? This Ye Mo also said that he could refine the ‘Peiyuan Dan’ that would advance to the Heavenly level, if this got out, it would turn the whole small world upside down.

“Good, Brother Ye, it would be pretentious if I, Xu Ping, had to push back. If Brother Ye doesn’t mind, we will follow the example of the ancients and form an oath as brothers with different surnames.” Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Xu Ping stopped pushing back and put the pill away. Regardless of the authenticity of the pills, but Ye Mo was a person that he could befriend and was very much enough of a friend in his opinion.

Ye Mo stood up long, “Of course you can, today we will be brothers with different surnames here.”

“I also have a big brother called Xiao Changdong, although big brother Xiao didn’t come over today, but let’s form a bond together.” Xu Ping also immediately stood up and said.

“Good, a person who can have Brother Xu called his big brother must be a man.” The two of them then exchanged tea for wine and formed a three-brother bond with Xiao Changdong, who was not present.

Lok Hustle watched with some envy from the side, but she was not a man, and if she were a man too, perhaps she would have risen up with pride and formed a brotherhood with someone like Ye Mo Xu Ping.

“Third brother.”

“Second brother,”

The two men stood up after they had finished tying the knot, looked at each other and laughed.

“If there was a peach garden here, you could renew the beautiful story of the three knotted brothers in the peach garden.” Lok Hustle said with a smile, she really admired Ye Mo from the bottom of her heart, no matter if he could refine the ‘Accompanying Yuan Dan’ for advancing to the heavenly level, but the fact that he could casually give the ‘Qi Cultivation Dan’ to Xu Ping showed that he was not an ordinary person at all. Coupled with his own perception of him, Ye Mo was indeed a bewildering person, yet he seemed generous.

Ye Mo took out a scimitar that he had made for himself back then and handed it to Xu Ping, and took out another ‘Lotus Life Dan’ and said, “Second brother, I made this knife for you, use it, and this dan, no matter how heavy the injury is, as long as it is not si, it will save your life, you can also put it away. ”

Xu Ping picked up the scimitar handed over by Ye Mo and slightly touched it on the corner of the table, which immediately fell down, he stared at the knife in his hand in amazement and said in awe, “Good knife, good knife, I didn’t expect that third brother could still refine weapons.”

When Lok Hustle saw that the knife in Xu Ping’s hand was so sharp, he was also astonished, this kind of knife could be called a divine weapon altogether, and Ye Mo had given it away again so easily.

Ye Mo saw Xu Ping put the things away before he asked, “Second brother, what exactly did you hear before you were biased to come to Chun’an.”

Xu Ping said with hatred, “It was the people from the Hopeful School, these b*****ds are simply too hateful, the day before yesterday, they said they wanted to go to Yanjing to kill all of the Ye family and take revenge. Originally, I was just pa*sing by, so of course I wouldn’t bother with such things ……”

“What?” Ye Mo suddenly stood up, his eyes filled with killing intent.

Although the Ye family didn’t have much to do with him, his sister Ye Ling was still alive and his younger brother Ye Zifeng was still in the Ye family. To have dragged the Ye family in Yanjing into this because of his own affairs, the people of the Hopeful School simply didn’t want to live.

“Third brother? You? Could it be that you are from the Ye family in Yanjing?” Xu Ping woke up with a start.

Ye Mo nodded with a face as deep as water and said, “Although I am not a member of the Ye family anymore, I still have a younger brother and a younger sister in the Yanjing Ye family, if anything happens to them, I will absolutely uproot the Hop School.”

“Third brother, let’s not talk anymore, let’s hurry to Yanjing, I’d risk my life to let these b*****ds from the Hop School have their way.” Xu Ping’s face also changed greatly, his heart was greatly regretful that he had not inquired that the Ye family in Yanjing was Third Brother’s own family. However, he did not think that it was none of his business at all.

Ye Mo shook his head, “Second brother, if they have already exterminated the Ye family it would be a waste to go now. If they haven’t exterminated it, I alone will be enough. Their combined schools were killed by me with a few earth level experts, so all of those going this time should be earth level, second brother you won’t be able to help me if you go now.”

Xu Ping nodded, he didn’t feel the least bit upset by what Ye Mo said in his heart. He had seen what Ye Mo was capable of, it was really powerful, he had even killed two peak Xuan level experts in seconds. Now Ye Mo said that he had killed a few earth level experts, which meant that his strength had soared even more, and that it was only right for him to go back and try to improve his strength himself.

Falling Hustle was listening in horror next to him, Ye Mo said he had killed a few earth level experts, could he really be a Xiantian expert?

“Does second brother have any place to go now? If there is no place to go, you can go to Flowing Snake first. I started a company called ‘Luo Yue’ in Flowing Snake, you should be able to meditate and cultivate there.” Ye Mo asked.

Xu Ping immediately said, “Okay, I’ll wait for you at Flowing Snake.”

Ye Mo nodded, “I started the company mainly to collect the world’s spirits and then refine pills. Second brother, don’t worry, I will definitely allow you to advance to Xiantian.”

After saying that Ye Mo turned back to Lok Hustle and said, “Sorry, Lok Hustle, I have to go to Yanjing immediately, if I come in time, I will still come back tonight to help you find the book, if not, you will have to find it yourself. This book is for you first,” Ye Mo took out the book, “Our Luo Sutra” and gave it back to Lok Hustle.

Lok Hustle took the book somewhat strangely, he didn’t know where Ye Mo had put this book, but still nodded and said, “Hmm, I know, it’s okay if you don’t help me find it now, I already know what book to look for now, maybe I can find it in just half a day. If I find it, I’ll leave that thing to you, if I’m not at my residence today, you should go to the ‘Ying Hua Guan’ thirty miles away on the eastern outskirts of Chun’an, I’ll wait for you there.”

Ye Mo didn’t hide anything from Xu Ping when he spoke to her, and Lok Hustle, perhaps affected, thought nothing of it and told her where he had landed.

After the three of them separated, Xu Ping went straight to the Flowing Serpent, and Lok Hustle went to the library, but Ye Mo found a place where no one was around, and directly stepped onto his flying sword, flying like lightning to Yanjing.


The Yanjing Ye family, although because of Ye Mo’s fuss, was on the surface far less imposing than it was at first. Even the arrogance of the Ye family’s grandson was no longer visible on the streets of Yanjing, but those in the know were far from thinking so.

Only those who can speak up in Yanjing know that although the Ye family is not as powerful on the surface as it was before, the real Ye family is much stronger than it was then.

No other family had the courage to hand over the head of the family to a young man in his twenties, but the Ye family had done so, and the current head of the Ye family, Ye Zifeng, was only twenty-three years old, which was unparalleled.

No one who knew the reason for this laughed at the Ye family, because this move by Ye Bei Rong was an absolutely good one. Since Ye Zifeng took over as the head of the Ye family, the Li and Qiao families in Yanjing have been vying for favours. Moreover, this time around, the number of people supporting the Ye family has increased substantially. This was not all, even Han Zaixin had visited Ye Bei Rong at the Ye family many times.

Because all people knew that Ye Zifeng had a brother called Ye Mo, and Ye Mo was an absolutely tough master.

But today, the compound of the Ye family was somewhat solemn, not only was the compound surrounded by **people, but there was a vague smell of blood coming from inside.

At this moment, the Ye family compound had been completely blocked off, and pa*sers-by were not allowed to approach at all.