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DYM Chapter 317

At this moment, in the compound of the Ye family, there were surprisingly ten coffins parked, containing all the Ye family members in the direct line. However, Ye Bei Rong’s face was as sullen as water as he sat in the council hall, not saying a word.

His ears still echoed with the arrogant words of the group when they came over, “Ye Bei Rong, ten people on the first day, the second day will be fifty people, if we haven’t seen Ye Mo on the third day, the Ye family will disappear from Yanjing.”

Today was already the second day, and although numerous ** came over to help, no one dared to shoot. Or rather no one could know when the killer would come and where he would appear. It could also be said that they had only been ordered to protect the Ye family, but had not received the order to kill the murderer.

Of course Ye Bei Rong knew what was going on, because the agreement between the State and the Hidden Sect was that both sides must not take the initiative to provoke each other. If the state took the initiative to provoke the Hidden Sect, or even killed someone in the Hidden Sect, the Hidden Sect could kill the provocateur without amnesty, and the state was not allowed to intervene.

If a person or sect of the Hidden Sect makes a move against the interests of the state, the state may pluck that person or sect out of existence at any cost, and the rest shall not make a move.

But the state tolerates the existence of the Hidden Sect, one of the reasons is that there are indeed some powerful people in the Hidden Sect, who can even destroy a place at any time, but more importantly, the Hidden Sect is an important part of the state. Even in the midst of international battles, the main power of the state still came from the Hidden Sect.

Now it was Ye Mo who had taken the initiative to provoke the Hopeful School of the Hidden Sect, and even killed seven people, so the people of the Hopeful School came to the door. If Han Zaixin had not stepped in, the Ye family might have been destroyed on the first day. But even if Han Zaixin had stepped in, it would have only delayed it for two days, still at the cost of several lives of the Ye family.

The ordinary people would not even know that there were still hidden sects in this world, let alone that the Ye family was now facing life and death.


“This time, the people from the Hopeful School are really arrogant, do they still think we are really afraid of them?” Zhang Stubborn was furious, when something happened to the Ye Family, he was the first to go over there. But yesterday he had been injured by someone and his internal injuries had not yet healed. If it wasn’t for his status, he might have been killed yesterday, just like some of the Ye family members.

Han Zaixin shook his head, ”Of course we won’t be afraid, but we won’t be able to exterminate them all either. If they really want to kill all of the Ye family, even if we send more **over**, we won’t be able to stop them. You can kill one or two, can’t you still kill everyone in the Hidden Sect? When the country treats the Hidden Sect, it won’t work just by killing.”

“Elder Tam should already be an Innate, right? It’s not easy to deal with a mere Hopewell School that doesn’t have an Innate.” After a moment of hesitation, Zhang Stubborn still said, he had a good relationship with Ye Mo, now that the people of the Hop School were going to kill all the people of Ye Mo’s family, he would definitely not stand by and watch, but he was no match. Moreover, they couldn’t see the people from the Hopeful School going in and out of the Ye family compound, so they could say that they had nowhere to turn. He also knew that Han Lao’s words were right, if others really wanted to kill all the Ye family, it would be useless for them to keep watch every day.

Han Zaixin did not answer Zhang Stubborn’s words positively, but only said, “Old Tan is also from the Hidden Sect, and Old Feng is also from the Hidden Sect. Besides, the Hidden Sect has a lot of experts, so who knows that they don’t have any Innate Masters? Besides, the Hidden Sect has always contributed to the country. If we were to take the Ye family’s point of view completely because of this matter, I’m afraid it would be inappropriate.

But the Ye family is different from the Ou family, Tam Lao shouldn’t have ignored it, and should still end up persuading the Hopewell School to give up against the Ye family, it’s just that it’s not good to talk now that Ye Mo hasn’t come out.”

“Hmph, the Ye family is too arrogant, that Ye Mo’s name even dared to kill several people from the Hop School. I heard that the Broken Fist Hall was also exterminated because of him, this time if Ye Mo doesn’t come out and give an explanation, I won’t interfere in the Ye family’s affairs.” An indifferent voice came out, and Zhang Stubborn and Han Zaixin were immediately startled.

Zhang stubborn immediately ran inside the courtyard to check, then came back and said, “It was Tam Lao just now, he should have come and left again.”

Han Zaixin frowned, and only after a long time did he sigh and say, “Ye Mo was a bit too fierce in his killing this time, and has angered Elder Tan. Zhang stubborn, you should stop contacting him, Ye Mo’s return will just be a death sentence. Ye family, Ye family, alas ……”

“But what I heard from Tam Lao just now is that as long as Instructor Ye comes out, he will come out and say something.” Zhang Stubborn immediately said.

Han Zaixin shook his head and did not say anything. Zhang stubborn didn’t know Tan Jiao, but he knew very well. Tan Jiao was loyal to his country, but just as loyal to the Hidden Sect. Such a person, asking him to let go of Ye Mo who had killed several people from one of the Six Great Hidden Sects, the Hopeful School, was absolutely impossible. Moreover, hearing him say that the Broken Fist Hall was also destroyed by Ye Mo’s hand, it was evident that Tanjiao’s prejudice against Ye Mo had long been there. This time, it was probably to destroy Ye Mo with the help of the Hop School.

At this time, inside a bamboo building by the ‘Mi Yang Lake’, which was known as a rich lake in Yanjing, two old men who looked to be only in their fifties were sitting opposite each other. Beside them stood a woman of about twenty-five or twenty-six years old, who stood to one side, looking serene and elegant, secluded and profound.

“Old Tan, your temper seems to have grown since you came out of your year-long retreat, are you really going to let the people of the Hopeful School destroy the Ye family?” One of the men in a grey cloth robe asked with some concern.

Another lean man in a white blouse snorted coldly and said, “This Ye Mo is too arrogant and ruthless, Yuan Yi probably died by his hand. I even suspect that the Qiao family was wiped out by him, but Han Zaixin helped him out and said that the Qiao family had nothing to do with him. This time, he not only destroyed the Broken Fist Hall, but also killed several people from the Hop School, if we still have to keep him like this, then how can I face my fellow members of the Hidden Sect at Tam Kok?”

The man in grey said with a sigh, “The chief has spoken, the Ye family’s situation is different from the Song family and the Ou family, these two are suspected of selling out the country. But the Ye family is not, if it is exterminated, but it is not good to talk, and my great China, a family is inexplicably exterminated, this kind of thing the chief will not allow to happen no matter what. Even the Song family is still living a good life in other provinces and cities now. Besides, the chief is very fond of that Ye Mo.”

Tan Jiao said with a sullen face, “I owe Song Yuanyi a favour, so I’ll treat it as returning it to him this time. I never thought that such a demon would come out during our retreat. I will talk to the chief, the Ye family is not all exterminated, right? If we kill to pay for our lives, let the people of the Hopeful School kill some of them to relieve their anger, but Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng must die. Why should only he, Ye Mo, kill people and no one else can touch him?”

The man in grey said after a long time of silence, “I know you are like this because Song Yuanyi and Gong Zifeng died at Ye Mo’s hands. However, I think the country has its laws, if every thing is done according to the Jianghu, the country will not allow it. Although the Hidden Sect is powerful, if our national army and the Hidden Sect’s ancient martial arts experts killed each other. Then those ambitious wolf dogs in the surrounding area will take advantage of the opportunity to drop stones, then what is the meaning of our martial arts training, and what face do we have to meet our ancestors?”

Looking at the gloomy-looking Tanjiao, the man in grey said again, “Besides, this time the two of us are on retreat together, and you have broken through to Xiantian, so you can say that you are standing at the peak of this world. The higher your cultivation level is the more cautious you have to be in doing things, one mistake and all will be lost.”

“Let’s wait for another day, if Ye Mo doesn’t come back today, Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng must die, as for the rest of them, let’s see what the Hop School has to say. The people from the Hop School are just going to come, and they won’t come now, at least not until the evening.” Tanjiao replied after a long time.

The man in grey said silently, “I heard Old Han say that this Ye Mo is a good talent, but his killing heart is just a bit too strong. Alas, it’s time for him to learn some lessons. Young people, ah, have too much heart.”


“Second uncle, why don’t we let Ye Ling and Zi Feng leave first.” The atmosphere in the Ye family’s conference room was somewhat suffocating as Ye Tui took the initiative to speak up.

Ye Bei Rong shook his head, “It’s useless, not to mention that now Zifeng’s legs have been broken by the people of the Hopeful School, and I’m sure that as soon as the Ye Family people go out now, they will immediately be killed by the people of the Hopeful School. Although no one has seen where they are, as soon as our people go out, they will immediately have someone come out.”

“I won’t go out, my brother knows the news and he will definitely come back.” Ye Ling said rubbing her red and swollen eyes, there was still a clear slap on her face. Yesterday had been a disaster for the Ye family, if it wasn’t for Han Lao coming over, there was no telling how many people those people would have killed.

The second brother was the one who came out and said something and had both his legs broken. The reason why they didn’t kill the second brother was that they were waiting for the return of the elder brother, Ye Mo. It was the same with her, Ye Ling, although she was not killed because they knew that no one from the Ye family could get away, they had said that they would kill themselves and second brother in front of big brother, so that big brother would know the consequences of offending the Hidden Sect.

As soon as Ye Ling’s words left her mouth, there were already people showing unfriendly glances at her. This was because this incident was completely caused by Ye Mo, if it wasn’t for Ye Mo, the Ye family wouldn’t have suffered such a big disaster. And the one who caused the trouble, Ye Mo, didn’t even come back, if it wasn’t for fear of Ye Mo’s retaliation in the future, someone would have already cursed out.

Ye Bei Rong looked around at the Ye family members, knowing what these people were thinking, and immediately said indifferently, “Now is the time for my Ye family to live and die, not the time to blame the heavens. If there was no Ye Mo, perhaps my Ye family would have been eaten to the bone by the Song family long ago, it’s just a different way, but the result is not much different.”

“Grandpa, why didn’t anyone come to take care of us?” Because someone spoke, breaking this suffocating dullness, a young Ye family’s son said.

Ye Tui swept a glance at him and said, “Right now, Fei Xue’s people are protecting our Ye family, and there is also protection from the **troops on the periphery. But is that useful? Did anyone catch a murderer while they were gone? And I’m sure that when they come today, there still won’t be a single person to find out.”

“You’re right, we’ve been here, but it’s true that no one has found out. If I, Hopewell School, were to destroy your Ye family, it wouldn’t matter if the King of Heaven came.” A gloomy voice however followed Ye Tui’s words, and as soon as his words fell, four men had suddenly appeared inside the Ye Family’s conference room, and no one even saw how they had entered.