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DYM Chapter 318

“Oh, you people from the Hop School are so bullish? But that speaks to my heart, even if the King of Heaven comes, I, Ye Mo, will destroy the Hop School.” An even colder voice came from.

“Brother ……” Ye Ling was the first to react and immediately rushed over and jumped into Ye Mo’s arms.

“Who did that?” Ye Mo then saw the red and swollen half of Ye Ling’s face, and his anger immediately rushed up. At the same time, he placed his hand on Ye Ling’s face, and with his true qi running, all the bruises and blood on Ye Ling’s face were gone, and in the blink of an eye, it was already back to being shiny and clean.

As soon as the four saw Ye Mo, a trace of surprise flashed in their eyes, as they were equally unaware of when Ye Mo had entered. However, the four of them quickly reacted and immediately divided into four corners to surround Ye Mo. In their opinion, Ye Mo should be in Chun’an by now, how could he have appeared in Yanjing? But since he was here, he wouldn’t be able to leave.

“It was Laozi who beat him up, and he even knocked off two teeth, so what can you do? Oh, I forgot to tell you, I also broke that Ye Zifeng’s leg. Of course that’s not the end of it, you saw the ten coffins outside, they are all filled with people I killed, I wanted to go to Chun’an to kill you, but I didn’t expect you to come to Yanjing on your own initiative, good, very good.” One of the four men, a short man, sneered and said.

Ye Mo’s eyes were icy cold, although he had learned that Ye Ling was not his real sister, in Ye Mo’s heart Ye Ling was still his sister and was not any different from Tang Beiwei. Now that someone was bullying Ye Ling like that, he could no longer restrain the anger inside him.

“It’s very good.” As soon as Ye Mo’s words left his mouth, he had already arrived in front of the short man, grabbed him by the chest and raised his hand to deliver countless slaps. The short man was caught by Ye Mo, but he couldn’t struggle at all, he could only watch as Ye Mo kept slapping him.

When the three people around him reacted, Ye Mo had already returned to Ye Ling’s side again. The short man that he had beaten so severely was now casually thrown on the ground, curled up and squirming in place, and anyone with a discerning eye could tell that all the meridians in his body had been burned.

The short man curled up on the ground had been beaten without any flesh and blood on his face, not to mention his teeth, and had even turned into a skeleton with no flesh on his face. And Ye Mo’s palm was still without the slightest trace of blood, clean as if nothing had been done.

“You’re looking for death ……” The other man also reacted and stabbed at Ye Mo with his long sword, without warning and as fast as lightning.

“Clink” a crisp sound, the long sword that stabbed at Ye Mo, had been chopped off by Ye Mo with something and fell to the ground.

Then with a flash in Ye Mo’s hand, the man had already lost his head, and blood spurted out at once, even a few meters away from Ye Mo. No one saw what means Ye Mo used to cut the long sword, nor did anyone see what Ye Mo used to kill. All that could be seen was a flash of purple light and after a ‘clink’ sound, the man from the Hop Sing school was already dead and gone.

Looking at a corpse lying on the ground and a dwarf who had been beaten by Ye Mo with only a skeleton head, the remaining two men of the Hopeful School turned pale all of a sudden. How could Ye Mo be so terrifying? Could it be that he had already surpa*sed the Innate? It was that even the Innate did not necessarily kill as sharply as he did. It was definitely a second kill. For a moment, the two men from the Combined School were surprisingly dumbfounded.

Ye Mo sneered, “Even a mere four Earth Grade martial artists dare to come here to cause trouble, your Hop School thinks too highly of itself.”

Ye Bei Rong looked at Ye Mo dumbfounded, he simply couldn’t believe that Ye Mo was someone out of the Ye Clan, a mere four Earth Grade Martial Artists? God, it would be easy for one Earth Grade Martial Artist to annihilate the Five Great Clans of China, and he even said a mere four Earth Grade Martial Artists. What kind of person was this grandson of his?

Ye Bei Rong winced, he looked at the Ye family’s children inside the hall who had already vomited a little, and immediately ordered, “All Ye family’s children all exit, there is no more business for you here, Bei Guang you go out and explain to them to deal with the aftermath of my Ye family’s dead. Ye Tui stays behind.”

After saying that, Ye Bei Rong looked at the two pale faced martial artists of the Hopeful School, and a ji surprisingly welled up in his heart. He seemed to have gone back to the smoky war days, and his hot blood surged up at once. The earth-rank martial artists, ah, were actually standing in the Ye Family’s meeting hall trembling. Seeing these two Earth Grade martial artists trembling, Ye Bei Rong just wanted to laugh out loud, he had a pleasure to vent out, but when he thought of the Ye Clan’s sons and daughters who had died in suffocation last night, his heart felt a pang of gloom.

“What do you want?” The older man said with a shudder of shock.

The two men who were still standing at this moment were trembling, they now realised how terrifying Ye Mo was, no wonder he could easily kill several people from the Hopeful School. With this kind of strength it would be easy for him to wipe out the entire Hop School. It was ridiculous that when they came, they were still mocking how Ye Mo was trembling and begging for forgiveness with the Ye family’s corpses all over the place.

But it wasn’t Ye Mo who begged for forgiveness, it was their school.

The Hop School was finished, they had messed with the wrong person, they were also finished, they had met this kind of expert that they had never met before, they were unlucky to meet a ruthless person like Ye Mo.

If they hadn’t come before, someone would have said that Ye Mo of the Ye Clan killed an Earth-level expert as if he was chopping up gra*s, they would have thought that person was stupid, or that person was crazy. But now that the truth was placed in front of their eyes, they realised that there really were such experts in this world.

The era of the Hidden Sects that originally stood at the top of this world was no more, because with a demon like Ye Mo, unless a heavenly expert from the Inner Hidden Sect came out, no one in the entire Outer Hidden Sect would be Ye Mo’s opponent, and it would simply be a breeze for him to overthrow a sect. He was definitely not scaring them when he said he would destroy the Hopeful School, because what he said was true.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “What do I want? You guys came to Yanjing to kill my brother and sister, and you’re asking me what I want? You guys just said that the Yanjing Ye family would disappear in this way, why are you asking me instead?”

“How can you spare us? As long as you mention the conditions, I can do it for you.” The two remaining people who could still speak had ugly faces, and the one who exited and begged for mercy was the older man from earlier.

As soon as Ye Mo reached out, two fireballs flew out, and the corpse on the ground and the Earth-ranked martial artist who was still struggling were immediately turned into flying ashes.

“Inner Qi condensing fire?” The older man’s face turned paler and paler, he had tried to overestimate Ye Mo as much as possible, but now realized that he didn’t know Ye Mo far enough. It was rumoured that even the Innate could not do it, but this young man had done it, so it was time for the Hop School to perish. Now he was no longer thinking about the Hop School, but about his own safety and security.

“Senior Ye, as long as senior can spare my life, Si Hong, I am willing to tell senior where the mountain gate of the Hopeful School is.” When the older man saw the fireball Ye Mo sent out, he could no longer restrain his inner panic and actually knelt down. At the point of death, he was surprisingly unwilling to die, he still had his heart’s desire unfulfilled, how could he die just like that?

The ancient martial practitioners of the Hidden Sect were arrogant, but even if they were arrogant, they were still afraid of death, because in this world, apart from dying of old age, there was no one who could kill them. Only now did he understand that it was originally an earth-level expert of the Hidden Sect, and death was a simple matter.

“Spare you? You killed so many people and asked me to spare you?” Ye Mo said with a cold smile.

“I didn’t kill the Ye family’s people, senior, I really didn’t kill them.”

Si Hong suddenly thought that he hadn’t killed a single person, so maybe he could really escape with his life, and his desire to live became urgent once again.

“I killed the man, take your life.” The man who had not said anything suddenly leapt up and his long sword turned into a long rainbow, directly covering Ye Mo’s head.

If Ye Mo was still at the third level of Qi cultivation, he could only dodge this sword in a mess and then sacrifice his flying sword to cut down the other party. But Ye Mo knew that this sword was far from old, and even if he dodged it, there would still be a change of moves behind him, and he might have to suffer a loss before he could sacrifice his flying sword.

But now Ye Mo would no longer give him the chance, his flying sword was sacrificed far faster than the man’s sword, before his long rainbow reached Ye Mo’s body, Ye Mo’s flying sword had already cut his wrist, and at the same time, he kicked the man in his dantian. From the time the man shot out his sword to the time Ye Mo kicked him through his dantian, the whole process was only one breath, one breath, and it was over.

The man was kicked by Ye Mo and flew as far as the man fell to the ground, spitting out a few mouthfuls of blood, he looked at Ye Mo with two eyes without a soul, and suddenly shouted, “Gong Qiu Nian, you beast ……”

Before he could finish screaming these words, he fell to the ground and died.

Still kneeling on the ground, Si Hong glanced grimly at the man who had already had his dantian shattered by Ye Mo’s kick, his heart was even more terrified, for the second time, the second time he still didn’t see Ye Mo cut his companion’s arm with something, he just saw a lavender light flicker. What impressed him a little more was Ye Mo’s kick, which shattered his companion’s dantian with a single kick.

Ye Mo faintly glanced at Si Hong who was kneeling on the ground and didn’t say anything.

Si Hong couldn’t stand the death-like suffocation and said in a trembling voice: “This time my Hop School came out to grab the ‘Scarlet Coral’ was the intention of Elder Gong Zizai, Elder Gong was at the late Earth level and he wanted to use the ‘Scarlet Coral’ to advance in rank. I didn’t expect …… to die in the hands of the seniors. Gong Qiu Nian is elder Gong Zizai’s clan brother, he wants to avenge elder Gong, so, so ……”