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DYM Chapter 319

Seeing Ye Mo’s face as sullen as water and not saying a word, Si Hong’s heart was even more apprehensive. He could only hesitate for a moment and said again: “Today we received a message from Liang Qisheng in Pingjiang, saying …… that senior was in Chun’an, so we prepared to exterminate the Yanjing Ye family at noon, lest the Tam Feng duo know to come out and stop them. Originally, after we exterminated the Yanjing Ye family, and the people invited by Liang Qisheng to ambush the seniors in Chun’an. Unexpectedly, unexpectedly ……”

“Liang Qisheng? Isn’t it someone from Huo Go Ming?” Ye Mo thought of the middle-aged man he met in the Huo family.

Si Hong hurriedly nodded his head and said, “Yes, he is Huo Baoming’s senior brother and is from the Pengjiang Sect. The Pingjiang Sect is now in decline, and only Huo Baoming and Liang Qisheng are left.”

“And what are the Tam Fung duo?” Ye Mo thought to himself that since the people from the Hop School were going to kill the Ye family’s people, who else could stop them? Since they were going to stop them, why didn’t anyone bother to stop them when they killed ten people from the Ye family yesterday?

“Tam Fung is referring to Tam Kok and Luan Qingfeng, both of them came from the Hidden Sect, but now they are no longer part of the Hidden Sect, but in the ‘Heavenly Group’.” When Si Hong said this and looked at Ye Mo, he knew that Ye Mo did not understand what the ‘Heavenly Group’ was, and hastily explained again:, “The ‘Heavenly Group’ is the ancient martial cultivators whose cultivation level exceeded the peak of the Earth level, but could not advance to the Ascendant, and chose to enter the mortal world to seek to break through to the Ascendant.

However, all ancient martial arts practitioners of the ‘Heavenly Group’ must contribute to the country by coordinating matters between the Hidden Sect and the country. And step in to resolve matters that ordinary people in the country cannot resolve, but such things have never come up. So they generally just have to just focus on their cultivation, because the people in the ‘Heavenly Group’ all need a lot of cultivation resources, which are provided by the state.”

It turned out to be guys who hung their heads to sell dog meat, Ye Mo understood as soon as he heard it, some guys who enjoyed the state for nothing but didn’t do anything. They called it the ‘Heavenly Group’, how shameful. When he thought of himself running around in search of various spiritual items, and even almost being surrounded and killed in Liangpu for a ‘Scarlet Coral’, compared to that, these ‘Heavenly Group’ guys were simply too comfortable.

Seeing that Ye Mo’s face was a little upset, Si Hong hurriedly said,,, “The ‘Heavenly Group’ is not doing nothing, they have to look for some better qualified descendants and train reserve talents for the country. And they also have to deter the Hidden Sect from doing things that are harmful to the country, it’s just that people in the Hidden Sect are generally not allowed to enter the world, so this deterrence is also basically a false one.”

“There are many such people?” Beyond the peak of the earth level, that is to say half a step to the innate.

Si Hong shook his head, “Not many, that is, people who are half-step Innate can be counted on one hand, it is said that the highest cultivation level is that of Senior Wudao, and the Tam Feng duo’s cultivation level is straight after Senior Wudao, so they are also experts at the peak of this world.”

Ye Mo snorted coldly, “Since there is Tam Feng around, how dare you come to Yanjing Ye Family to exterminate the family.”

Si Hong hurriedly said, “Because the Hop School is stronger than the Tam Fung duo, moreover, it is said that Elder Gong Zizai of the Hop School is a friend of Senior Tam Horn. So, so ……”

Ye Mo immediately understood what was going on, but his previous guesses were correct, Han Zaixin was really hiding something from him. The country’s strength was far from these shown by the Flying Word Special Forces, it turned out that there was a ‘Heavenly Group’ behind it, but it didn’t like to do anything. He also understood why Han Zaixin didn’t stop the people from the Hopeful School from committing murder at the Ye family, it was because he couldn’t move the guys from the ‘Heavenly Group’. Moreover, Tam Jiao was also friends with Gong Zizhi, and when Gong Zizhi was killed by him, Tam Jiao was certainly not comfortable.

“Where is the Hopewell School?” Ye Mo knew the cause and effect, and his heart immediately moved to kill Tam Jiao.

When Si Hong sensed Ye Mo’s killing intent, his heart trembled and he hurriedly replied, “It’s in the Shadow Cliff Valley of Qi Yang Mountain.”

“Bring the initiation stuff.” Ye Mo now knew that all these hidden sects had to have a key or something if they wanted to get in, without which they would not be able to enter.

“It’s in Elder Yu’s possession, Elder Yu has already gone to Jun’an to ambush the senior.” Si Hong did not dare to hide anything.

Ye Mo coldly glanced at Si Hong and said indifferently, “Are you going to do it yourself now or let me do it.”

Si Hong did not expect that after all that he had said, Ye Mo still wanted him dead, and a hint of despair flashed in his eyes. In his heart, he really regretted coming to meddle in this matter of the Yanjing Ye family, but on second thought, even if he didn’t come here, Ye Mo would still find the Hop School sooner or later, it was the same whether he came or not.

He had once obtained an ancient martial arts cultivation technique, and after reaching the yellow level, he had left his wife and children behind and searched hard for ten years, finally finding the school and entering it with good qualifications. He had even advanced to the Earth level after decades of hard work, but he never thought that he would still die here today. Even if he knelt down and begged for mercy and told all the news, it would be useless.

“Senior, junior has offended senior, it is only right for senior to kill, please allow senior to return to see his wife and children whom he has not seen for decades. With a last wish, Si Hong will return to claim his death as soon as he has fulfilled this last wish. Before that, junior is willing to destroy his own dantian.” After saying that, Si Hong raised his hand and slapped his palm on top of his dantian, followed by a mouthful of blood spitting out.

With Ye Mo’s vision, he could of course see that Si Hong’s dantian had indeed been destroyed.

“Brother, this man is quite pitiful too, so let’s spare him. And he wasn’t among the people who killed yesterday.” Although Ye Mo’s mind to kill Si Hong had not changed in the slightest, Ye Ling’s heart softened and took the initiative to ask Ye Mo to spare Si Hong.

For an ancient martial cultivator who had already ruined his dantian, it didn’t matter if he was killed or not, because he was not even as good as an ordinary person. But because he once had this cultivation, once he fought with an ordinary person, the ordinary person was still just not his match.

“In that case, you can go.” For Si Hong who was already a ruined person, killing or not was indeed irrelevant.

Surprise appeared in Si Hong’s eyes as he hurriedly stood up and thanked him, “Thank you for your kindness in sparing my life, junior will come to die when I return to see my wife and son.”

Ye Mo waved his hand, “Since he has released you, coming to suffer death is not necessary.”

Seeing the opportunity, Ye Bei Rong immediately said to Ye Tui, “Ye Tui, you escort this Si Hong out.”

Ye Tui hastily agreed and led S’hon-shi out of the hall, and when he pa*sed by Ye Mo, he looked at Ye Mo with a surprising amount of fear.

“Ye Mo ……” Ye Bei Rong felt his tone was a little dry, he surprisingly did not know how he should face this nominal grandson.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “I am me, although my surname is also Ye, but I have nothing to do with the Yanjing Ye family, you don’t need to care about me.”

Ye Bei Rong opened his mouth, intending to say something, but for half a day he could not utter a single word. Of course he knew that it was the Ye Family that had wronged Ye Mo, not he, Ye Mo, who had wronged the Ye Family. Or if Ye Mo hadn’t relied on himself, he would have died in Ninghai a long time ago, where would he be today. Therefore, no matter if Ye Mo was a member of the Ye family or not, he, Ye Bei Rong, was not qualified to speak about Ye Mo.

Besides, putting Ye Zifeng in the position of family head was clearly to use Ye Mo, and it was already remarkable that Ye Mo did not take the opportunity to have a fit.

Although Ye Zifeng was not bad, but to be the head of the Ye family in his twenties was clearly not qualified. But this was because of what, it wasn’t because of Ye Mo.

“Brother, grandfather he actually ……” Ye Ling wanted to say something else, but was stopped by Ye Mo.

“Take me to see Zifeng, I have to leave here later to run some errands.” Ye Mo stopped Ye Ling and said. Ye Ling was from the Ye family, he didn’t want to say anything or change anything, but he, Ye Mo, had his own principles. Just because he cared about Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng did not mean that he had to pay attention to the Ye family.

Ye Ling was just about to leave when Ye Mo suddenly pulled her back and said, “Wait.” After saying that a fireball burnt the already dead martial artist on the ground into flying ashes.

Ye Mo had just finished dealing with the corpse on the ground when Han Zai Xin walked in hurriedly with Zhang Stubborn.

“Ye Mo, you’ve actually come back? How can you come back at this time? You hurry up and leave, take your brother Ye Zifeng and sister Ye Ling with you, leave now, leave Yanjing and go as far away as you can.” The moment he saw Ye Mo, Han Zai Xin froze for a moment and immediately eagerly told Ye Mo to hurry up and leave Yanjing.

Some emotions welled up in Ye Mo’s heart, although Old Han was a bit snobbish, he was still righteous enough, but his snobbery was also for the sake of the country after all.

When Zhang Stubborn saw Ye Mo, his heart was equally ji moved and he immediately came up as well and said, “The people from the Hopeful School are coming over at night, you really need to hurry up and leave. They are all earth level experts, just a casual slap would slap me out of how far. And ……”

“You’re injured?” As soon as Ye Mo grabbed Zhang Stubborn’s hand, he knew that Zhang Stubborn had already suffered internal injuries.

Han Zai Xin sighed and said, “Yes, yesterday Zhang Stubborn came over to help, but the people from the Hop School were too powerful, and Zhang Stubborn was no match at all. Old Tam has sent word that Zi Feng and Ye Ling are to be given to the Hop School to calm their anger, so you’d better hurry up and leave ……”

Ye Mo’s anger came up again, the matter was his own doing, why should Zi Feng and Ye Ling be given to the Hop School? This Tam surname didn’t want to live.

“Hmph ……” A muffled grunt came out and the rest of the people except Ye Mo felt their hearts and minds shake, Ye Mo casually slapped on his sister Ye Ling, who immediately recovered.

A white clothed man who could not tell his age suddenly appeared in the Ye family meeting hall, “Since you have returned, there is no need to leave. I’ll take the three of you siblings to the Hopeful School, Old Han, I’ll forget about it this time, next time don’t blame me for being ungracious.”

Hearing the white-clothed man’s words, Han Zaixin’s heart sank, he immediately knew that he was too late and that Ye Mo was now unable to walk away.

Zhang stubborn was even more heartbroken, he knew that it was him who wanted to do something, but in front of Tam Lao, it was as ridiculous as if he was learning to speak through his teeth.